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Exam 1 Study Guide

by: Michael McDonald

Exam 1 Study Guide PHI 171H

Michael McDonald
GPA 3.8
Ethics and Good Living
Morgan Rempel

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About this Document

Ethics and Good Living
Morgan Rempel
75 ?




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This 4 page Bundle was uploaded by Michael McDonald on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Bundle belongs to PHI 171H at University of Southern Mississippi taught by Morgan Rempel in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Ethics and Good Living in PHIL-Philosophy at University of Southern Mississippi.

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Date Created: 09/20/15
Reading Notes Hedonism Epicureanism GoodpleasureEvilpain Good 0 Simple but deep pleasure and the absence of pain 0 Attitude of emotional tranquility 0 Seek pleasure in conversation friendship diet Since only good and bad sensations should concern us and since death is not a sensation we should not fear death Seek the most pleasant time rather than amount Death is nothing to us One who lives life worrying over death is not living Pleasure innocence Better to be unfortunate in reasonable action than to be fortunate in unreasonable actions Myths of gods to avoid the natural philisophers destiny Blessed and immortal nature is only for the weak Limit of quantity of pleasures avoids pain To live pleasantly one must live with prudence honor and justice Some things bring small pleasure with hidden evils Infinite time bring no more pleasure than limited time Class Notes Epicurus 341271 BC 0 Atomism atomos 0 Everything is composed of atoms these tiny innumerable atoms 0 All things composed of atoms eventually has to come apart 0 The Garden 0 Where Epicurus taught 0 Epicurus known as the garden philosopher 0 Hedonism O Pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain 0 Shortterm Mardi Gras 0 Longterm Epicurus Ataraxia mental and physical undisturbedness 0 Pleasure O 0 Tranquility 0 Peace of mind 0 Serenity Common Fears 0 Death 0 The godsGod 0 Socrates 0 Plato 0 Aristotle It is not always the same for everyone but it is a good strategy to understand you can be content with that Socrates streets Plato Academy Aristotle Lyseum Stoics The Stoa Lucretius Wrote On the Nature of Things 0 Had access to Epicurus before it was burned Takes Epicurus philosophy and puts it in the form of a poem Epicurus Supplement Day 3 Letter written to his friend Menoeceus Common Fears 0 Death 0 Concerns neither the liVing nor the dead 0 Is not a sensation 0 The godsGod Which Desires 0 Natural and Necessary Food Water Shelter Friends Yes depend on it 0 Natural not Necessary Good Food Sex Yes but don t become dependent 0 Vain and empty Great Wealth Richness Great love affairs You can t get enough NO NO Neither Natural Nor Necessary Enough is enough A piece of cheese a few olives and a group of friends That is epicureanism Nietzche I Lucretius people spend a lot of time and anxiety determining whether to bury cremate etc It doesn t matter 0 Friendship O Prevents loneliness 0 Can protect you or help you out 0 Pleasurable 0 When choosing a friend I Likeminded people I Will they contribute to my ataraXia Week 3 PHI 171H Tolstoy P 392 0 For the man for whom enough is not enough nothing will ever be enough I Bashkirs simple living foragers Epicureanists 0 Wants more and more 0 A man who has little needs little while a man who has plenty needs more and more 0 All we need is enough land to be buried in Dominguez amp Robin 0 Voluntary simplicity 0 Americans are working more 0 Less time to pursue pleasure I Less happiness 0 If enough is enough then more must be better Week 4 Stoicism Stoicism I Wants to help us live better lives 0 Zeno 0 Greek Founder 0 Man conquers the world by conquering himself I Seneca Rome 0 Adviser to Nero 0 0 Epictetus Rome 0 Marcus Aurelius Rome 0 Meditations 0 Reason V Emotion Passion 0 What are the consequences if I indulge 0 What happens if I don t indulge 0 Life is short 0 We live for an instant only to be swallowed by complete forgetfulness and an infinite span of time Serilisis O 300 years V 3 days 0 Pg 416 Seneca 0 Suicide 0 If there is too much smoke bad I will go Epictetus Tolstoy 18281910 0 Famous and Celebrated 0 Rich Nobility 0 Huge Estate 0 First Truth Comfort 0 Perplexity O Confused O Oftener and oftener 0 Second Truth Death


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