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Past Exams with Answer Keys for Physics II

by: Inga McPhee

Past Exams with Answer Keys for Physics II PHYS232

Marketplace > St. Cloud State University > Physics 2 > PHYS232 > Past Exams with Answer Keys for Physics II
Inga McPhee
GPA 3.28
General Physics II
Kevin Haglin

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About this Document

Sometimes exam formats can assist one in preparing for an exam. Here are three of the old exams from Physics II with the answers. My advice would be to attempt the questions without looking at the ...
General Physics II
Kevin Haglin
75 ?




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This 18 page Bundle was uploaded by Inga McPhee on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Bundle belongs to PHYS232 at St. Cloud State University taught by Kevin Haglin in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 219 views. For similar materials see General Physics II in Physics 2 at St. Cloud State University.


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Date Created: 09/20/15
Physics 232 m U C Q gafu o39ns Dr Haglin Name EXAM 1 l mango July 3 2015 This is a closedbook examination which must he completed in 110 minutes Answer all questions remembering that full credit requires not only the correct answer but also a logical and compre hensible method of solution You must show your work for full credit Please put a box around each answer Each question will be given the same weight in grading Problems begin on the next page 1 A mass m m 153 kg is attached te a spring ef feree eenstant k and metres en a frietienless horizontal surface with a frequency ef 195 Hz and an amplitude ef 750 cm a Find the spring eenstant k infff ffXfff It amp a a an zisakjweg N r 9216973sz Kai m 93961 WW 1 a 5 e x U N 0 Find the greatest speed reached by the Inass a Q 1 Ewan1 like gt va QM1373 m Wal aaxli m E Vwix gwto 79 Law1 36 39 7 Vane grit 5 3 Um Kn aw 10 A VW x 0 a TchE anx 5Gm5 El 2 A persnn pulls with a force 850 N on a spring of length L 500 In which is attached to the wall on the ether end She drives the spring up and down with a frequency f 350 Hz and observes four loops in a standing wave yr La 3 Find the mass density of the spring 0 ii 1 m E N U39 a 00 U39 f F H F fa M 7 x39u Gav Ea ag LH RQQ 739 F quotif51 M o i i L rur 5190 9 355i 3 grind e Mab SH 1 I Ar m OOP E 3973 r or H tea l ig gt Dirm a i b What frequency shnuld she use to nd two loops in a standing wave m Vi fibnrg Mi gilt e Vip u m i kiy a ij 2 M1 1 0 f I quotquot3 h hgg ss W at OJIGZ E mm a He Egg 3 A student holding a 512 Hz tuning fork strikes the fork and then walks toward a perfectly re ecting wall at a rate 175 111139s Take the Speed of sound to be 343 mist j a Find the frequency of the gonad striking the wall jg 76 1 Sta 21 U 2 x as M U 5 Li 3 45 HMoV j muwmj W U 7 5raHa sawe quot r we 1 f 025 71 lt3q3W5L15 5 439 g HHHRRHHHH b Find the beat frequency observed by the person as she runs toward the wall 77 icm39g fW 74mm Q OLJC weldw aka W n e twvxafg wedf am rgt 334 ssz is a motm WVV L 459 m H 1 7C 4 ifSUB 5Ltm5gg 3U3H 393er 5laaeze z 5 W I f mjf 2 F quot2 525H8 39 591473 Y7 beoii 3 5 fw g 24w 7amp5 N5 5 3539 r anged 9 4 gashee W 55 h Qayej 4 The sound level in dB of one trombone doing a solo is 70 dB Next 75 more identical trombones join in for a total of 76 trombones ai Find the intensity in anl 2 for one trombone 391 3 IOJB 7ZJJ J2 7OdB39T 6amp8 K h 39r M II J quot a i quotd I i F I QViiroj give 03 i6 V to I a 40 oigi 2i b Find the sound level in dB when all 76 trombones are playing I 5 4 I It a Ural 10m W tillaer Wmz y I Elia MB Q03 iOciB Qog Home W4 U quotquot quot39 LUKIQEQ39ViJgb mama Ea 254g 5 Two small charges 2 and q are located a distance d 200 cm apart The electric eld at the midpoint between the two charges is E 440gtlt103 NJC acting to the right 1 Us if 2c L P i i39 T 2 a Find the charge 3 ineladingits Sig d i 39 3 I I MP E13 was Em Momt xi232 G 39 Like I x I I Q 13f rHl 31 takesquot 2 a if 2 lt1 at a era0a 1 omoggg 5 late to W n L ngMO a quot aquot k h 5 C 9 5 as k g r 453 two c WWILP g 13 Find the force of attraction between the two charges a 2 r 9 51 7c he ran22 aaamo g gyrosmac CL Q d ma wf so 392 535739Kl0 M f as Physics 232 Dr Haglin Name Mcdek 30M hom EXAM 2 lt1 0 moo July 20 2015 39 I lr This is a closedbook examination which must be completed in 1 10 minutes Answer all questions remembering that full credit requires not only the correct answer but also a logical and comprer hensible method of solution You must show your work for full credit Please put a box around each answer Each question will be given the same weight in grading Problems begin on the next page 1 Two small charges 20 pic and 20 nC are xed in place a distance d 12 cm apart 191 20 1111 P a a Find the electric potential ie the 1waltage 9 4 i at paint P which is a distance d to the right of the pasitivc charge P 2 29 4 VZ 3 3104 4 magma ht I Lamp Dhc 0 ML 340 F a H Q3f m03 02 2 Biling 9L49prlbltloL M 53 b A third charge q 40 pic with mass m 10 grain is released frnrn rest at point P Haw fact is the charge moving when it is very far away my 621 MIMI gitV09 Ki 1 ml QeW tr m g f 0291M 91X t6lfwgt U LG x Ii 1 5111146 45 T 1quot wi i 2 2 Two uncharged capacitors C1 22 pl and C2 55 n F are connected in series to a 90 V battery as in the gure Co a Find the charge drawn up from the battery I I quotquotquot 1l Mie39ij f J 1 1 J alliv c a c2 ragaqu Qtaftc g cj qcL r 7 MC CV a5 5 HHWro C 13 whom 69 I Find the 1soltages across each capacitor V and V2 a g Q amp Z7 564i 5 1446 camf g mm 5 VI j x ll zd LQIWVIUC 39L d 30v vi 31 35 H I as 55 F arm VGII gia Wki 1 WHAMj 7Z3 910V 3 Vi39f Vii a e E31 3 The heating element in a typical oven operates on 2401 V and draws a max current of 300 amps when it is rst switched on with temperature 200 C The material comprising the heating element has a temperature coef cient of resistivity o 39Ux 10 3 per degree C a Find the resistance of the heating element when it is rst switched on M46 OImj tm V1214 7L 9 v Ef e 2 840LV 37004 W 1 2 310012 b When the oven has been operating for a while the heating element is glowing red Its resistance becomes 340 9 Find the temperature of the heating element when it is hot 2 QC M39 MCTr D r T 71 j quotquot 7 T2 3530C 4 a Of l 33903 I L rm acne t 39UK163L EC cr 3 333 4 7 4 A 12 V and a 60 V battery are connected to a 30 Q and a 60 Q resistor in the circuit below I E eo v T 60 quotIfu 00f 5ltCW 2510 b Find the current through the 60 V battery Indicate the direction as well For the direction there are only two choices either up or down 56 Lircjiwfi eweL Vace 39 Tiff1321b r I a i 4190 I39d545 thnghnFJis Wb i hc f oopltQ a A v MW I33o2 I o grovzrg a052 Lov J 1 3922 lag 3 204 Q pitjth Inf Iquot Ila 3913 2 04 3 0A 1 If I LOA awe 1 quotOWQ ionMWde 397 In k8 W451 13971qu egrff cj cim J 5 A capacitor C is charged up by an 30 V battery and then connected to a resistor R 50 Id and a tap switch At t U the tap switch is closed allowing the capacitor to discharge The voltage across the capacitor follows the voltagetime graph below Notice the horizontal scale is in milliseconds 1quot V so i a What is the time constant I for the circuit Ff m WPLI tm Eff 4 0 E i Irma ls DJD 43 a mm citation 2 7L 7amp9475 eye qug q lyeA m n a JarACE a L Lonts MW cm 81 W b What is the value of the capacitance C Nice 2 a quot39lI C HMS KK Q Flo lL 03 c 09539610 F ZC 02269st Physics 232 Dr Hagliri Name Mght SDlQ E WS EXAM 3 l 0 00 July 23 2015 This is a closedbook examination which must be completed in 1 10 minutes Answer all questions remembering that full credit requires not only the correct answer but also a comprehensible method of solution You must show your work for full credit Please put a box around your nal answer for each part of each problem Problems begin on the next page 1 Electrons in an exit physics experiment for PHYS 232 are moving in a uniform magnetic eld B 15 10 3 T pointing into the page See the picture below The radius of the circular path taken by the electrons is r 50 cm Recall that the chargeto mass ratio of electrons is 176x10 kag 4 x a Are the electrons movrng clockmse or t as 3 K r b 399 3 V G 393 counterclockwrse Explain 39 e x a To Sepfgmvtl xe image HQ ma nei lc an mamaj were We re rs are mums more 744 thoueh m quotI39D 5 M3 Okla 217 W51 mo VAL W39 hpww Fan FM LIIQquot Vxh7 f5mm VwK gaiica zfg J6 mmpas39rm cAW 5 UFWMJ th Idead va a 5mg enMms Me ne amg C ff i e We mat157454 7 MM Mme wee 7Lza MEL Vea g fanMao I I E 13 nd the speed v of the e ectrons P a QQ Maw d E W Sig I if wB deMLQ a it 39739 W 0 8 13 1 e39 Q9 v E91 o M W Es L 2 Two long straight wires carry steady parallel currents I 1 99 A and I 2 33 A Upwards as in the gure The two wires are separated by d 12 cm a Find the magnetic eld magnitude and direction at point P t It which is 80 cm from wire 1 40 cm from wire 2 P am act stew am aw i as paist h w Hana 1 LeTr m 39 l m frag i Page 0 Find the ferce per unit length acting en the wires Is it attractive er repulsive H HRH z 1 Marie Zara digyaaazgm m 7 astral QT 00 5 SHHSIXID N m 73 5 54 7L5 r N PAVEL ODLW EM Q 5 L 500 m afft am me amp AQV H I a 747 57L5 midim 3 in F 32 In ad Jr r pg 3 A capacitor C 250 n13 is connected to two long parallel conducting rails L 0333 m apart A conducting rod makes contact with the rails and is moving to the right at a speed v 0175 mfs A magnetic eld persists in the space B 0197 T pointing into the page a Which plate of the capacitor top or bottom L x has positive charge accumulating on it I twat Wdhh39it 1 emajh F5 Pasth and 77 capacitivrpz v Wig past a erg b Find the magnitude of the charge on the capacitor plates AV 21 8 u Uquot B L gut Git CAO 5390 QZCEZQ U BL 9 at z 3me examthXolw wssam 745 A POSIrTiQP CAWquot 2quot 7 1 WUVI ZV TI r 39 a up QEFOMEQ C F 7 g 1quot 9xto Ca 4 An RLC series circuit has R 466 Q L 105 H and C 0110 LLF The ac source has a frequency of f 266 Hz a Fmd the l dUCthB reactance XL 6111101 13115166 3XL05H r I 5 we lt3an 399 Z memes b Find the capacitive reactance l XL 1 1 1 15 9 JTJCC 371Ka gt0il0gtu0 3 3st G3 5 a s f Xe 5c f 7 XIOJL c Find the phase angle 45 f 93 1 m 31 Em r aver 3911 5439335 5 r me i5 139 fax 11166ng ch a 7amp3 r Fcamp1 s E5 1 gang 1 Is the current leading er lagging the voltage w 7215 40 39 g 144 746 1079 6 MHz0 if 475 E 5 mrfaf 615quot Me Lea7423 a 9 E91 5 A light ray is incident from helcw on a hemisphere of glass with index of refraction n 152 i and radius R 2 650 cm The glass is surrounded by air The light ray exits up top at an angle 6 481 from a radial line segment h l ali re qum all39 t a Find the angle of incidence at top surface in same 2 1009 L434quot X5 3 tl ngi 52 SW u mama 13 Find a in the gure locating the point cf entry at the bottom G5 513 gm 31n2 3lairlg Tn X Qt m 9 T X K Range E 5C 3 lgclg Cmquot quotC Ecm B I M adjem


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