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WGS Lecture Notes

by: Lindsey Irizarry

WGS Lecture Notes 160

Lindsey Irizarry
GPA 4.0
Gender, Politics, and Citizenship
Leece M. Lee-Oliver

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About this Document

This is a bundle document which has weeks worth of notes from the 1st wave of Feminism all the way to all the different feminist movements. These notes will help you understand each concept, which ...
Gender, Politics, and Citizenship
Leece M. Lee-Oliver
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This 21 page Bundle was uploaded by Lindsey Irizarry on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Bundle belongs to 160 at San Francisco State University taught by Leece M. Lee-Oliver in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Gender, Politics, and Citizenship in Women and Gender studies at San Francisco State University.


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Date Created: 09/22/15
031715 Abolition gt Suffrage gt First Wave Feminism gt 2nd Wave Feminism amp Women of Color feminisms can39t be out after dark dress improperly act improperly because that isn39t what a civil women does freedom exist in the mind if you value yourself then no one can break that down women who branched off of suffrage fight for rights as a women they wanted liberty and full equality comparable to what men had referred to has for mothers 18201925 quot civil rights movement happens during this time 2nd Wave 1960 198039s drawing on the ideas from CRM women wanted be recognized as workers laborers intellectuals Gloria Steinem sexual revolution Kimberle Crenshaw O quotintersectionalityquot a human being is made of many things aspects of yourself 0 the recognition that human beings are highly complex identities with multiple characteristics 0 wants us to understand how complex we are for you define yourself with race ethnicity gender sexuality 0 court system cannot see intersectionality because it writes itself not to the other things become invisible 0 can39t discriminate against race color sex She is a professor of law at UCLA examined and looked over the law and saw that it left out people treats one piece of a person why do people make assumptions of me and my customs I39m just a human being treat me like a human abuse of authority being a victim because she is a black women class action suit group of people take legal action against person who has wronged them 1 women who identify as black women in America notice that others are being promoted doing the same work showing up on time having the same skill but getting paid less group of 20 black women a quotBut forquot based on making discrimination illegal but for the fact that you are black you would have access for those promotions b saying its racial discrimination but black men are being promoted so case over c women said it was racist sexism court has them just pick one d so they say sexism but court said white women got promoted so why don39t you learn from her work harder Evelvn Nakano Glenn citizenship amp labor people get limited and funneled into a job that doesn t how much of it is our choice employers only see one part of our self and focus on that 031915 Terms for next Exam suffrage involved both men and women once African American men got the right to vote men help men women felt betrayed declared race was not an issue for us Women 395 Movement 0 women suffragists to support women but it took out race racism embedded in the movement 0 around this time referred to the notion of white womanhood poorworkingsingle didn39t embody this civility everything that contrasted to their few of what a woman desired and wanted 0 wanted rights in marriage home after husband dies wanted equality but they still felt that women should be in the home and a good mother civilquot womanhood Weren39t in disbelief want the right as an adult individual many believed in separate schools segregation lst Wave Feminism 1800 s 0 Wanted equality every way of men want equality to function as an individual not have the husband supervise everything pushing off the last group what didn39t go far enough women39s movement had a lot of problems over reproductive rights because of the womanhood thought about morality they said no birth control is absolutely tied to controlling my body they didn39t have the authority whatever I want I should order for myself class difference birth of queer feminism started to get into labor right 2nd Wave Feminism 0 Wanted liberation I want full liberation in the society we were an industrial based country required a bunch of working class America suburban areas developed before it was all about the city 0 lntersectionality why would intersectionality make the feminism movement better 04215 Questions to think about on the exam 1 what goals did 2nd wave have that differs to lst wave trying to understand what made up 2nd wave feminism what were they interested in 1 Why is it even though expands in many ways doesn39t do quite enough but when 2nd wave comes down and critique 3 what inspires these other movements to grow out of it take 2 groups of feminist and tell me what makes them distinguishable from each other Universal Womanhood aka Universal Feminism 0 what does this have to do with early white womanhood Universalone subject can speak for all one women experience life as women we share a particular title and discriminated against because we are women actually I can take for granted even though I was born a women can I now represent all women but you can39t because you don39t know me Readings S Roesch Wagner Pateman Intersectionality played a role in feminism early on with the recognition of class differences wealth disparities differential power and forms of oppression faced by married versus unmarried women wealth disparities limited if you could even work in certain jobs Control over one39s body marriageparenting equality equality within the marriage labor access and equality property rights and educational access Sexual and reproductive rights are argued but take a back seat The notions of quotuniversal womanhoodquot and quotsisterhoodquot emerged as a way for feminists to recognize their collective associations that link women as female sexed and gendered persons US stats are really bad about abuse and violence against women lst Wave 0 wanted reproductive rights wanted beyond what suffrage purposed want equality whatever the male has I want it C don39t want to be owned by a male I don39t want him making decisions for me I want control over my own body 0 didn39t question the system they lived in or patriarchal heteronormativity they wanted the to work outside the home and not feel inferior to men achieve equality in every way Before lst wave there was a lot of pressure on women to be a good mother and civil woman Mark if you work hard enough you will achieve the American Dream the human body should not be owned by other people you should be an independent contractor you and your employers should see yourself as your own source of labor and should be paid equal for it 2nd Wave Height of the movement occurred in 19605705 women39s liberation became a centralizing focus they wanted to separate from the equality of men they want to self define they want to show what they are capable of they wanted liberty Understand why they called it liberation 1 page reading on ilearn Political liberation for women centered around genderbased social civil and economic equality and quotbody politicsquot connected to quotsexual liberationquot which lead to the movement to be labeled a quotsexual revolutionquot it gets written up as a sexual revolution These women were all about getting out in public enjoying there body having sex in public with maybe more than 1 person seeing themselves as women priority over their own bodies The assertion of the frame quotpolitics of identityquot began to emerge with Women of Color feminisms frustration of being apart of 2nd wave retains this notion wo giving thought that heteronormativity was a natural thing Notions of liberation and freedom expanded even moreso and tensions between Westernquotwhitequot and Women of Color feminists begin to take shape and lead to fissures within US feminist movements fissure different groups form from 1 to end their own type of oppression Native American women and immigrant women began to question the structures of American nationalism as well as capitalism and their impacts on equality A lot of lesbian groups form What constituted 1 freedom as citizens 2 labor equalitypay equity 3 political representation 4 quotQuality of lifequot and quotMiseryquot indexes the government does surveys what is it like living in your neighborhood do you have a car or bus do you a local grocery crime rates and they calculate and measure it into the quality of life a great level of poverty struggle in everyday life a lot of people suffer from asthma from outputs from factories Misery indexes Where people are troubled what is oppression for them Pauline M Leet believed to coin the term quotsexistquot Sexist notion that a person is abused to be a sex using irrelevant ideas about a person where does it happen Personal on street Public Occupational Institutional catcalls take away the authority from women cast people out 040715 combine exam 3amp4 focus ongt 2nd wave women of color feminism and 3rd wave feminism 60 points explain similarities and differences between two groups Understand 1 2nd wave feminism Native American feminism indigenous Red amp Hawaiian Chicana Feminism Black Feminism Asian American Feminism Queer Feminism Muslim Third WorldTransnational P 39 U 4gt9 Name and describe and explain 3 issues each feminism group dealt with find at least 1 solution where might be a place for coalitional work manly hearted came from western person seeing female as manly Gloria Anzaldua Chicana Feminist didn39t feel accepted voices not being heard erupted civil rights movement between lst amp 2nd wave also people are negatively racialized biggest movements in queer activism all these different groups watching their own backs gay bashing state or social violence allow ability group of cops beat the crap out of everyone sectioned out of society because they were gay and cops were not punished or busted police practices taking law from Russia and other places white gangs go into clubs or bar and beats up gay people and Russia tried to stop it by enforcing a law against cop gang violence 0 provocative crime act known in California US doesn t see white gangs they see bad white behavior race is so infectious is begins to describe who we are court considered it Business trying their shot at entrepreneur the state the system may support white 0 no ethnic studies because then people will become more racially informed push back for women of color how whiteness can be portrayed how it can be protected sovereigntyright to exist in the sovereign identity legal relationship with US Chicanosland right to be who we are keep the land treaty was not respected with Mexico we now have 5 states that use to be Mexico access to history amp stereotype exoticization women of color all feminism have this problem you39re blood will run in our veins Thomas Jefferson says to Natives being racialized makes them sexually opened people why does some rape someone and claimed they liked it because I can tell they want it how they act and dress white male is the only one who comes out of the history of human sexuality ends up normal their desire is normal female desire for sex for pleasure is a masculine trait if you teach something to the world they start to think that as the truth but this is where feminist said no a woman was someone else39s property women who choose to be a prostitute for a long time could not claim she was raped 040915 relation to places theory for native Americans is one way to identity how land and a peoples relationship to it defines you acknowledges that these people have a relationship to a geographic place and have a right to that place to create things in that place Sovereignty is a issue for Native Americans and indigenous Hawaiians does not share this link to other groups Treaty says natives have a certain acres to live on natives has a right to usual accustomed places provides rights inside physical boundaries reservations recognized as nations in nations indigenous currently in sovereignty movement deciding ifthey want to be recognized as Native American most in the movement don39t want this don39t want the limitations in lands 1622 the word terrorist comes about towards Native Americans its through popular culture that we have these images what role does patriarchy play 15T VIDEO Fracking in the Blackfeet Nation 0 not so much about fracking more for protecting your way of being 0 live to the spirit of the heart sacred waters and land 0 oil companies not interested in the health of the people or lands but only in the economic gain 2ND VIDEO 0 apart of sovereignty movement 0 on being Hawaiian created a spark to Hawaiian renaissance wanted a more accurate history that was absent in books 0 Hawaiians don39t care familiar theme in communities artificial culture 0 strangers were living off the fat of the land 0 many were poor and couldn t make it but they weren39t concerned about making it C aloha spirit to live to be human 0 access and resources so we can survive law restricted areas of access and resources 0 people who had the guns tanks bombs were the quotgood guysquot 0 the law of the land would conquer the US military we are but a few civil strike against government together in one thought for the righteousness of our land popular are the young people Hawaiians branched out to political wing known as the sovereignty movement copied mimicked the ways of the American civil rights movement and the women39s movement mission to stop US Navy using the land as a target practice area 3RD VIDEO US Apology Bill to Hawaiian People Oil companies go to door to door to talk to people Natives how it would be selfish to stay on reservation better life in urban environment theyjust want them to leave the lands instead of looking at how can we change the laws so they have access to health care goal for oil companies to sound really luxurious that your going to get all this money and live happy forever but they never say anything about fracking to get signatures O everything has a spirit you got to pray for all of it C sovereign nations it has to be the nations leader to ban it Womens Color Movement not solely about womens rights womens treatment womens equity gender equity also want rights for males we can39t get any traction for law enforcement to happen US courts are not sure can trust 86 of violence against Native American women is from white males and nothing is being done about this neglect of offices who have power the power to make laws and changes things for Native Americans systematic neglect which is illegal 041415 Assata Shakur part of the Black power movement Black Panther Western Feminism fighting for gender equity right to work at a job that you are educatedtrained to do 0 has limitations extreme invisibility 0 you are women you want to be paid fairly not be sexually harassed in the work place to get a job that you dream of not linear teaching us but not lesson plan lst wave equality want liberation western feminism were establishing their feminism at the same time Assata and Black Panthers were establishing their definition of feminism citizenshipsense of belonging who belongs here we are diverse cultural country yet not everyone experiences citizenship the same way how does she describe the America she lives in took away drumming because it was apart of a ceremony and when these people go to these things quotit ignites the savagequot Americans were trying to push civility Slaves would take their original language and create a meta secondary language maybe physical sign language drum beats sent messages trying to subvert oppression Shakur VIDEO tried to keep her in prison for her whole life in mens prison for her political views Comes from Cimmarons trying to fight oppression with spirit want to life on this planet on the country where freedom means something impressed by how people live the healthcare system the sports all which the revolution providedIn Cuba She claimed quotI come from a society where people are at war with themselvesquot not like Cuba where people just come up to you and talk Human contact 1947 born in NY south was segregated all black schools black libraries grew up like that non voluntary understanding the price or standing up alone could possibly be death political prisoners brought from Africa our status hasn t changed either on the streets in towns in hallways always been prisoners never been free make the world a livable place to do this we must change things political things She realized they had robbed us The African Americans in the US in Cuba people were allowed to keep their religions rituals dances Gods the culture She was exposed to the African Cubans Black Liberation Movement 0 When government looked to the Black Panther party and saw people attracted for freedom people supported the activities they perceived us as a threat we were becoming a more significant opposition 0 they the US tried to pick certain leaders in the group and put them against each other C beaten tortured no one allowed to see her 65 years in prisons 25 in solitary confinement kept in men39s prisons due to her political beliefs she saw slavery in the pnsons so much around us was slavery they were out to wipe us out the world was a terrible place not suited to bring a child into the world decided we are going to live not going to kill our right to live live through the struggles not going to kill ourselves only way to realize freedom justice equality decent living if there is a complete change in everything a revolution separation is real part of being African slaves or exslaves Assata means she who struggles Middle name means one for the people no factual prove that they were guilty for the robbery they were accused since shot the two men with her including the man who was she carried child for and shot her and tortured her we became human we decided to love 041615 Western feminism is becoming aware of people of color started becoming resources if we wanted to mix the world multicultural people who identify as white went to these meetingsconferences and when the topic of American life and race came someone in the crowd would say I39m in white and feel bad about what happened to your people birth of Women39s of Color Movement by the 8039s they39re recognized how race impacts how you live life antiracism rather than multiculturalism politics of identity I39m born into a body that is politicized by the state where are you originally from struggles within ethnic group m Native Americans we are not Americans not Indians we are indigenous people of this area sent to white home to get rid of the savage it was a standard to be white if you acted like indo it was bad afraid to teach culture for fear of being punished or children will be hurt wanted our lands and do anything to get it Latin Council very diverse group 88 cultures it39s the notion of having to explain myself having to explain why I do the things I do the way I dress the way I act and talk African American Council glad she had light skin we don39t love ourselves don39t know our contribution to America don39t know if you get out of line you39ll be put in place new we came from slaves we European apart of colonization you cannot not be racist because it is the world we are born into silence is a copout not bringing things up not making people feel uncomfortable or else you39ll lose that white privilege there is racism in this group because people think we know things just because they39re white Jewish Council Jews were exhaled to different parts ofthe world goal was to be white European detach from religious you aren39t a real Jew Jewish Multiracial Council hidden family members pain of one side being invisible white people no accepting wanted to be white but she realized that she could never be white m nationality America racialized Asian how do they make it in the country its so hard either let the oppression eat you alive or push through it immigrants stereotype of people who only take money from the country Aribe people America has dehumanized them claiming we all look alike we all are responsible for the attacked named terrorists 042115 Reproductive Justice opens up conversation about female bodies look how the way gender is complicated with race Weather Underground against the system C if society expects African Americans to be violent than that counteracts the conversation about if we should use violence Although he praise the works that Feminist have done it really doesn t undo the system liberty can be seen as a being gender norms what is normal to us pink goes to girls blue for boys American Culture dominant race disregards and neglects other races quotwealth makes you a better parenf sterilization is probably not the best option Capitalism an economic and political system in which a country39s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit rather than by the state 20th Century Feminisms 0 Right to relationship to place having been here before the US came here and then having to become that country 0 Relationshiptoplace a right to a geographic location right to land sovereignty citizenship matters 0 Popular culture social media TV as a power force of social ideas race gender heteronormativity O Contending with reversingreplacing popular culture imagesideaswords O phrases can be deemed racialized C Patriarchal dominance Chicana Feminist this is all who I am you can39t handle it l have intersections Patriarchy in Asian American Feminist Asian American men are working people and nonviolent when women go to health clinic they are turned away when they are taking about domestic violence because the state can39t accept see the truth that this would be happening in that household Basic concepts we are taught in early childhood education know what is right and wrong Red Feminism amp Native American Activism 0 Indigenous quotrelationship to placequot 0 Treaties Land Religious Freedom and Capitalism Treaties set forth before the Constitution 0 Environmental Justice the right to land to have ceremonies in sacred place gather medicines 0 Culture and Representation Chicana Politics 0 relationship to place 0 immigration law and justice 042315 One Hawaiian man became his own provider for his family form of resistance against the oppression of the colonized Hawaiian citizen it is their right to hunt and fish they need it to feed themselves group of armed Hawaiians stood by the banks of the rivers to claim this right and their resistance sparked this movement AfricanBlack Feminism C FreedomLibertyCapitalism C EnvironmentalJustice 0 Culture and Representation people will identify with a particular feminism and it aligns with their political views and life Asian American Feminism 0 Immigration and quotrelationship to place FreedomLibertyCapitalism Immigration Law and justice Culture and Representation Grace Lee Boggs Muslim Feminism 0 Immigration and quotrelationship to place 0 Citizenship Freedom Liberty 0 Immigration Law and justice 0 Culture and Representation muslim feminism is always responding to the West western europe the US Australia influenced by British became empires and took over West is made of Capitalism United Nations number of countries involved which has to have a certain population and earn a certain capta SS a lot of countries left out World bank giving out funds to help third world countries articles say it really isn t happening I pled no contest no comment not choosing a side Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving there s oppression because we are not living like American women stop learning from the TV Universalism and Exclusion West is good as females by our medically sex bodies we are judged misused term herom west has wrong implications think women dress a certain way but in reality they are way different dress is very personal false interpretations of muslim culture 0 False women wearing veils dress like princess jasmine private access for men hollywood missed informed us Different groups of Feminism you can t represent me if you aren t willing to talk about racism being indigenous identity politics we have different particular needs found different types of oppression Katz other message a moment that when women desire sex for pleasure they become masculine and deviant it was a norm for men to enjoy sex with women so then when women enjoyed it too she carried that trait western notions that are applied through the media and then we see it why is intersectionality important can t discriminate against class race sex judicial system has to grow and evolve has to see that people have many parts to them not just one part Crenshaw illegal after slavery for black women to wear colorful clothingquot she shows the western limitations of women 042815 in class exam on last day of class 2 first reading how to think of second wave feminism evelyn Nakano Glenn labor citizenship and gender critiques the universal woman we share all the same experience just because we are female after worker citizen she starts to talk about Western feminism has a very narrowed view there39s a hyper focus on one class of people it does not serve women of color Towards the end its about coalitional that red and black women should come together and fight together subordinated not heard cast out and Kimberly Crenshaw marginality intersectionality the court cases understand how limited the court system is tired of explaining what it means to be Muslim before they even bring up politics 3rd wave feminismthird world feminism overlav really framed around Justice Women of color third world transnational queer decolonial and Fourth World Feminisms O PostAntiColonial Critiques include criticisms of USWestern expansion its goals and its impacts on colonized communities globalization of capitalism very much drives what happens makes laws militarization agriculture labor Stressing that colonialism has left certain legacies in place 0 end up seeing that a corporation will get better rights than those in a community 0 Popular Culture Representations and RacismRacist Sexism institutional neglect bad things are happening so often that its just becoming a norm a condition we are use to and violence against women against queer people 0 people within the US are creating the injustice the people just want human rights getting back to humanity how are we going to get these rights when people are so focused on civil rights 0 Environmental RacismJustice domestic and international military waste monocropping seedfood patents 0 Institutional Racism Violence Against Women and Queer Peoples differential treatment under the law differential justice as outcomes quotbring light to the dark corners to bring in democracy critique of the spread of democracy does not feel like that to the others when America steps on their land Some people said What39s their problem its our right to practice this military equipment to do things on our territory using bombs and weapons on Puerto Rico 043015 Amber Kinser feminism has a positive outcome Dean Spade find ways we can push on the system and not each other Anita Sarkeesian How to be a feminist 1980 became more problem for women to go into gaming computers hypersexualization women video game characters have very prominent features Grand Theft Auto females portrayed in the game were prostitutes homeless run them over and get points it was claimed that girls did not like video games so they were focused toward male tendencies female representation with little clothing said they were bad drivers couldn t shoot well guys are represented as hyper masculine choice feminism any decision a woman makes 0 shows that women really don t have a free choice narrow spectrum being limited 0 womens choice are based off the list of choices that men made 0 Women backlashed i m making a choice and that makes me a quotgood feminist 0 Many men backlashed and said don t find exploitation of women s body wrong for women celebrates their beauty appreciated their mystic 0 feminism is striving forjustice the desire for liberation is a given to create justice I have to do something that is meaningful neoliberal west capitalism patriarchy if patriarchy works for one women then the system doesn t really change and doesn t help the rest of the women intersectionality on her terms gender and privilege we can look at parts of us that are supported or unsupported in the system 2ND Video american culture white supremacy culture is racist everything is white washed built for white people we created a system that benefits the whites injustice in the system it is the inaction and indifference that has destroyed other people and other nations whites have the privilege not denied things no police brutality 050515 Nakano Glenn 3 racialized groups 21st century southwest and white group african americans mexican and asian in south west oppressed by labor determined by the color of skin you either have free labor or not citizenship and labor equality we are racially and gender separated by these categories pushing back on the notion that America is democratic based society but it still allows discrimination just because one is a citizen that does not mean we have equal access to pay or labor where do you find the problem injustice built into the system Critique of Western Feminism 2nd wave indigenous people to take collective action that will benefit the indigenous people as a whole to make visible the internalised the oppression to Native people and the dominant Western culture dismantling of sovereignty partially due to the depowering of women patriarchy colonialism disempowered women it is a political issue but people think it39s a women39s issue allocation create a census doss act says its ok to send census around the country to ask what you are which could limit the amount of land you get considering what percentage of Native you are boarding schools churches military taught gender roles drop your old gender systems male head of house Hawaiian Indigenous People working with people men and women in order to create change it is about community fight for sovereignty is a similarity between the groups claiming their rights to people land political sovereignty taken from them Christianity Capitalism Hawaiian women had the highest rates of cancer due to American culture invading white people can never understand the connection they have with the land Garcia amp Anzaldua Chicanas believe feminist involves more than just gender experiences as male or female in the community social movement unique set of concerns from white women within our communities there is patriarchy no longer an exluriorer force a back up an extra we are in our own right upfront about the concerns patriarchy gets in the way to have full function in a movement African American and Black Feminism white women are part of the problem they need their own branch of feminism since they were so racist men and women should be able to coexist balance gender concerns women are very intellectual overlap of patriarchy we are well grounded but many also struggle to include queer people great influence of the church don t really hear that in Native American Americans were running the churches common thread through treaties here first connections with the American culture Chicana Indigenous Hawaiian Muslim need saving 050715 Women of Color Feminism woc have always had to work so equal pay would be great but they wouldn t get equal pay to white women Fair pay was less important 1970 s than police brutality in the neighborhood clean drinking water wanting antidiscrimination laws 1980 s when Western feminism recognizes WOC they deal with an overlapping racist sexism Third World 3rd Wave wants justice its local and global broader movement anticapitalist capitalism has shown itself that it pays people a lesser amount than others 2nd Wave fighting for rights of particular women because it was only be aimed at certain type of women white women house maids wanted to be able to get job that they enjoy work outside the home reproductive rights want to get prescribed 0 Many women would say l have everything but I feel empty especially when the last child went to school all day and not have a personal identity problem of no name 0 doctors were prescribing liquor to get over depression then many women became violent with their children feminist mystique that females were born to me house wives 1st Wave WOC issues were not allowed to be apart of it white women considered them as savages can t hold the responsibility to vote so they can not be apart of their group take home final exam cumulative prompt over ilearn announcements submit final through ilearn during the time window of the final turnitin racialization process active race gender feminism sexism happens in personal public occupational institutional so you see WOCF groups pushing white women see me as inferior so we need to create our own coalition most western feminism when they saw WOC as feminist was much later when WOC saw it apart of civil right and queer movements no moral shaming Wave height of a moment when pretty much anyone who is involved knows thats exist Kinser we have this phenomenon feminism and she identified as young white women that doesn t fit into the western feminist groups needed less babysitters and reproductive rights than I need an equal wage need to pay my bills to keep the lights on working class feminism postfeminismpost colonialism once a movement has begun it s everything after that The critique of postfeminism developed a number of types of feminism that are not produced weak feminism and choice feminism dysfunctional feminism the post feminist eras many of the choices may seem like they making a choice about their life is that an effective choice is that person truly free liberated does it really change anything main critique people who are using a certain platform of feminism but they aren t doing anything to change the system or really benefitting anyone did not speak for a level of liberation Kinser said I cannot use own experience to suggest that society is free she recognized the privilege she had white Christian english speaking that makes it difficult to understand everyday oppression of other women unless all women are free then her experience cannot be used as a measure for how good things are for women in America you can go to college as part time you can learn things and better yourself but you can t pursue a career white collar labor lawyers medical it39s a hostile environment post feminist argument women can do it if they work harder they have rights women have learned to be dependent not ask for what we need nurturing so the reason we aren t getting equal rights is because we don t know how to ask what are kinser39s different forms of feminism that are really unaffected 2 ineffective and 1 effective why groups aren t politically powerful give a solution 1213 by Patricia Hill Collins definition of modern times for third wave 0 Belief that women are full human beings capable of participation and leadership in full range of human activities intellectual political social sexual spiritual and economic ask me to build the rest of it how could it be expanded to include WOC have to say racialracismgt it39s missing not saying that white males have authority over not only women but nonwhite men needs to focus on human rights equal rights to everyone not to focus on 1 group who or what has power over others why is this fitting to 3rd wave women are capable of suffrage and politics rights it includes leadership they are capable to be leaders to be intellectuals being wanting sexual rights started to touch on in 1st wave 2nd wave is what they called the sexual revolution idea of women wanting sexual liberation queer women were genetically defiant too much of male masculinityhormone I want to be the whole of myself I want to do things and make my own decisions 2nd wave not till the 3rd wave when queer feminism arises that sexualization is a lot more complex then the medical world was willing to accept or treat as normal Anzaldua america still thinks that there are only 2 ways of being that are normal other nonnormative categories makes it harder to get jobs get healthcarebenefits 051215 women of color feminisms how we arrived at third wave Amber Kinser we are still in took off in 1990 s its what kicks off millennium feminism combination of looking at differences associated with race gender sexuality how do we create a feminism that is more inclusive muslim feminism US militarization what makes the US feel like they should send the military to other areas M Alexander 3rd wave feminist citizenship changes after 911 Patricia Hill Collins transnational defines 3rd wave transnational and 3rd wave happen at the same time feminism acknowledges women intersectionality across different countries the differences for women who are immigrants crossing borders coming from another nationality recognizing the uniqueness of domestic in US crossing a line of national boundaries alaskan and canadian native women are feminist indigenous women share some relationship to state high rates of violence 0 all women can be represented under one matter 0 recognizes the people who work across national boundaries experiencing women39s rights here in the US or in afghanistan dealing with US military more than one nation and how they are from different places but has lived in US colonization gavechanged different values we were evaluated and seen different like native american women lost a lot of power and men saw them differently wouldn t talk to them Western Feminism serves the needs of uppermiddle class heteronormative citizen white women WOC amp transnational critique capitalism 2nd amp 3rd don t grow political power by being more effective uniqueness of different feminist groups what is it about woc that makes community representation more board 3rd wave questioned class structure people were making more 1960 s70 s 2nd wave wanted complete liberation wanted nobody telling them that they were a gendered person it was narrow narrowly define white womanhood no representation in the movement meant you had to have a specific type of life WOC were experiencing racial oppression frustration of lack of civil rights and not being included in a movement that is suppose to empower women happening 123rd wave trying but they are being denied ex trask showed up but told me to go down the hall WOC always present but they don t take formgroups w many members Red Black Native American feminism until 1970 s critique 1980 s WOC showed up BUT they were always there this wasn t until 2nd wavewhite women feminist recognized them as a movement changing the system how law supports discrimination how any person at work with the same skill level and get paid differently Brandzel says feminism was built by a white women that39s how they teach it and that39s how people will see the history of teaching feminism has persevered this white feminist heteronormative lets protect this womanhood ifi share part of the stage with you then some how i might lose theres only one race the human race it matters to have individual groups if you don t know how other forms oppression feel like she wants us push on the system of education to be by critiqued by students they said they were leaving out WOC and different types of women when they entered WGS classes different treatment of people based on citizenship statue economic downward spiral which is very common for immigrants to deal with when in the US when their kids get in trouble they are deported o Ong Hing shoplifted CDs and then he was deported look at the harsh reality if you don39t have the 14th amendment natural born citizenship the system could use some work on how it treats people it doesn t protect some push us to think about system differential citizenship people are treated differently different ways on how different people experience the protection how the rights apply notion of America being an exceptional place for citizenship we as citizens have this freedom and rights that other people deserve we are going to bring us are way using the military to give you that brandzel touches on it we can be fooled by our own sense of citizenship understand yourself look at your privileges is what you think happening in America happening the same over there is your citizenship worth exporting Dean Spade oppression operates small spaces naturally rather than allowing a small group of people of ruling white women we should have more than 1 type of person to get a richer understanding of oppression we need to be informed by people by individual experiences makes connection between queer and trans people police brutality was very normalized in the community state neglect group of cops beating down on queertrans people its ok because we have not yet accepted trans people in our society we continue to press the idea that citizenship is equal then we would ignore the notion that some people are being oppressed individual purpose of movement Hawaiian their land and culture taken away indigenous rights and land matter to them relationship to place Native American both deal with sovereignty issues don t need you to save me Muslim women classism veils are a symbol of class privilege status in society veils are not oppressive because you as an American can flow your hair freely they don t want people of the West using stereotypes to critique the ways muslim women do things dress


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