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Classical Religion and Myths

by: Aimee Castillon

Classical Religion and Myths clas260-01

Marketplace > George Mason University > Classical Studies > clas260-01 > Classical Religion and Myths
Aimee Castillon
GPA 3.61
Legacy of Greece & Rome

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About this Document

Whoever missed class last week or on Monday
Legacy of Greece & Rome
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This 4 page Bundle was uploaded by Aimee Castillon on Thursday September 24, 2015. The Bundle belongs to clas260-01 at George Mason University taught by Arans in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Legacy of Greece & Rome in Classical Studies at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 09/24/15
Organization name I I 7 K17 r 3 i x 39 3 F if 439 quot 3 ll s r 1 1quot quot 1 39 W 439 quot 3 quot j 1 fr 1quot A 5171 3 11 quot i F 3 34 3 s 33 x 3 l l 3 k3k eggx 37 3 33 3g 333x W ljlllli l l 33 1 I I 1 3 g 3 33 733331 xrc k 41 gt 5 3 1 1 29 1 3 3 1 3 3 3 1 w m f acastil7amuedu CLAS 260 0 Fall 2015 5259 agixggll lv39l Ilwgyl Sall lllgl fcmgsl l Jl ll Prometheus and Pandora story Adam and Eve Roosters in paintings resurrection polytheism many gods paganism pagani is Latin for country folk primitive or natural religions Pagan worship has no ideological purpose rather it arises from a spontaneous intuitive response to the surrounding beauty and power of nature basicjoys and of life the mystery of birth and death paganism is inseparany tied up with artistic expression information sources epic Hesiod Homer Vergil Ovid other epic fragments Attic drama Odes of Pindar amp other poets historiography of local traditions Pherecydes Hecataeus of Miletus et al mythographic compilations Apollodorus Hyginus surviving art pottery sculpture coinage sources of Greek religion lndoEuropean godsmyths Zeuspater Father Zeus lt Sanskr DyauspitarFather god Lat Jupputer AnatolianSemitic deities Athena lt Chanaanite goddess Anat Aphrodite lt Mesopotamian lstarAstarte Local herocults Theseus Adrastus lphigenia sources of Roman religion lndoEuropean godsmyths heavily influenced by Greek ie Zeus Jupiter local deities Major themes of classical mythology Types of Mythic Stories CosmogonyTheogony structure and origin of the world and gods Chaos gt Eros gt cosmos GeUranus gt Titans gt Cronos vs Zeus gt Olympians Prometheus vs Zeus stole fire from the gods for mortals Pandora box of evils Eve Prometheus gave fire to men and was punished by gods gods retaliated by creating Pandora with her dowry box of evils Flood mysterycults and myths Nativity of gods passions death amp rebirth heroic sagaancestral herocult the older heroes Perseus Heracles Theseus the Argonauts family feuds the Argos saga the Theban saga the house of Theseus Great wars the Trojan War 7 Against Thebes the Epigoni Correlation between myths and historical period protodynastic Perseus lndoEuropean PersiaArya the archetypical heromyth Minoan Theseus and the Minotaur Crete the Argonauts Caucasus Mycenaean Greece Dynastic curses the Theban saga the Trojan War Animal shapes are not uncommon in Greek pantheon eg Pan Satyrs Centaur Greek gods Mt Olympus home of classical gods Hera Juno queen of Olympus Zeus Jupiter king of Olympus Poseidon Zeus s brother lord of the earth and sea Persephone amp Hades Pluto god of death Hestia Vesta virgin sister of Zeus goddess of fire In Greece she had no cult of her own in Rome however the worship of Vesta was central to the state religion at the temple of Vesta in the Forum the Vestal Virgins guarded the fire of her everburning altar Athena Minerva virgin daughter of Zeus goddess of war wisdom crafts patron of Athens Parthenon in Athens Aphrodite Venus goddess of love married to Hephaestus but in the absence of her busy husband she is having an ongoing affair with Ares Hephaestus caught them in his nets Vulcan discovers Venus with Mars Ares Mars wargod Aphrodite s lover Hephaestus Vulcan the lame craftsgod Aphrodite s husband Apollo the prophet poet musician physician Artemis twin brother god of the sun Artemis Diana Apollo s twin sister virgin huntress goddess of the moon and childbirth Demeter Ceres mother of grainfields mother of Persephone Dionysus Bacchus god of wine ecstasy theater Hermes Mercury messenger of the gods guide of souls patron of trade myths of miracles and passions Persephone abducted married to Hades annual return to the Earth Eleusinian myth Daphne maiden pursued by Apollo turned into a laureltree Adonis Lover of Aphrodite killed by the wild bar annual return Phaeton a son for Helios sungod attempted to drive his father s chariot across the sky and crushed it causing the world nearly perish in configuration Daedalus and lcarus In order to escape from Crete back to his native Athens craftsman Daedalus makes wings for himself and lcarus Icarus flew too close to the sun which melted the wax in his wings and he died Narcissus was in love with his reflection withered away and became a flower Older Heroes Heroarchetype Perseus locked with mother in a chest and thrown to the sea grows up to kill the Medusa and save the damsel in distress Andromeda founded Mycenae Heracles the hero of the 12 labors and many contrasts Attic hero Theseus slayer of the Minotaur in the Labyrinth Minoan palace of Knossos Family Curses the stuff of tragedy Oedipus the doomed antihero unwittingly kills his father and marries his mother being wise and just all the way Laius king of Thebes had an oracle his son would one day kill him So when his wife locasta gave birth to a boy he had the baby exposed his feet pierced The good shepherd The combination of heroic however pitied the baby and passed it on to the childless and comic qualities of royal couple of Corinth Polibus and Merope They named the Heracles point to archaic boy Oedipus swollenfeet alliterative semantic of oida origins of myth know having learned all the truth Oedipus put out his eyes with the fibulae of dead motherwife Oedipus daughter Antigone followed him to exile Oedipus has achieved sanctity by the very fact of the exceeding horror of his acts Sons of Oedipus competing for the throne killed each other in combat and the new King Creon brother of the late Queen locasta honors Eteocles with hero s funeral but orders the I would have sworn to tread body of his brother Polyneices with the 7 Against Thebes on legacies of robes at one armies to be thrown to the beasts and birds of prey command from an oracle Antigone gave the ritual burial to body of dead brother deplete the house suffer the Polyneices worst to bring that dear life The story of fatal attraction Phaedra second wife of Theseus is in love with back her stepson Hippolytus Phaedra sends her old nurse to touch the base with the chaste stepson Hippolytus destroyed because of his stepmom s passion only surviving tragedy based on love family drama Medea avenged the divorce by murdering the children sacrifice of lphigenia daughter of Agamemnon to Artemis at the outset of the Trojan War Clytemnestra kills Agamemnon royal horrors of Mycenae Orestes the matricide his father s avenger The glories of Ancient Rome Aeneas escaped from Troy to settle in Italy Romulus amp Remus Nursed by the wolf Sabine girls Abducted to make first Roman wives Sabine girls now roman matrons have the last word Tarpeia Thrown off the rock Geese saved Rome from the Gauls 395 BC


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