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Notes up to week 4

by: kelli16rheault

Notes up to week 4 ANTH 101 001

GPA 3.7
Introduction to Anthropology
Garry Kerr

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About this Document

Hey guys! Here are notes up to week 4. If there is a day missing it's because we watched a video or reviewed. Make sure you read until the very end! Enjoy! -kelly
Introduction to Anthropology
Garry Kerr
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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by kelli16rheault on Thursday September 24, 2015. The Bundle belongs to ANTH 101 001 at University of Montana taught by Garry Kerr in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Anthropology in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of Montana.

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Date Created: 09/24/15
Tuesday September 8 2015 What is Anthropology 1 Nanooks and Alaskan Natives Nanooks built homes that were rounded to not block the wind but to allow all weather to go around the shelter Everything you need has to fit into a kayak dog sled or a boat Feast followed by famine feast followed by famine was they way of life These people were biologically developed short appendages stocky body They were culturally developed years of dealing with the same things They were very family oriented because of weather conditions there was lots of time to always bond with the family and spend time with the extended and immediate family Play time was considered very important and valuable This was the time for the children to develop themselves for adulthood They were also genetically developed from years of exposure to the same elements 2 A Nanook from Ontario who was born in 1910 made a game for children out of Caribou moose bones etc This game was intended and successful in children developing eye hand coordination doing skills in the dark and for determining the natural leadership and weaknesses among the group 3 Things to remember for Anthropology research Defined later Physical or biological Archaeology Sociocultural Participant observation Hypothesis Ethics Forensics Linguistics Culturally bound Holistic Theory Cultural Ethnology Ethnography Fact Ethnohistory When Observing or exploring another culture do what they do Ie eat like they do sleep where they do live exactly like them Observe religion diet Holistic language recreation then learn from it and write about it Ethnography O Theories are concepts of people and are always changing or getting modified 0 Scientific Method finding a hypothesis and testing that hypothesis 0 Paleoanthropologist one who studies remains of human bones O Artifacts things we study from the past 0 Fossil Any traits remains of the past that hasn t been altered 0 An altered fossil is an artifact Thursday September 10 2015 O Ecofact something that happens unnaturallynot perfect that happens in a day to day life but remains as an artifact a fire built and left a tool a bone 0 Feature Something you go to study but can t remove or bring home 0 Sites the location of something you are studying 1 Dating Techniques RELATIVE 0 Fluorine Palynology Comparitive vs Paleo O 0 0 ABSOLUTE 393 Radiocarbon Dendrochronology Potassium Argon Amino Acid Racemization Electron Spin Resonance O O O O 90 90 90 9 Soil Marks Getting any indication someone was there by noticing a change in soil Potentially a burial O Strati ed layer on top of layers strata Data or change over time IE overlapping 0 Technology how did these people develop and improve What kind of tools did they use Homes These are all items or processes of technology 0 Comparitive VS Technology Studying animals who interacted with humans Horse dog donkey etc 0 Relative dating techniques You can t tell when something was made joined with another or took place 0 Absolute dating techniques knowing exactly when something happened and being able to assign a date 0 Fluorine analysis Specific to an area usually Used in bones study Determining location and age of bone If that bone is from the same site as another or from a different location The bones with more uorine are older The ones with less would be younger Can t determine an absolute age or time span with the study however Tuesday September 15 2015 O Radiocarbon only works on organic material something once living 0 Dendrochronology Dendro tree chron study ology time Studying trees and organic matter to determine time and age 0 Baobabs trees that don t have growth rings to determine age 0 Enchronology time 0 Tachenography Anything that happens from death to discovery 0 Gene unit of heredity 0 DNA a strand of genes 0 Mutation Radiation can cause mutations to happen Chemical changes etc FUN FACT EXAM QUESTION 0 Jane Goodalls sons name is Grub


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