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Week 5 Notes

by: Alyson Hankins

Week 5 Notes Classical Mythology

Alyson Hankins
Greek Mythology

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About this Document

Greek Mythology
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This 6 page Bundle was uploaded by Alyson Hankins on Friday September 25, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Classical Mythology at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Greek Mythology in Classical Mythology at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/25/15
Friday September 25 2015 Apollo f Unlucky in love 2 Apollo the musician Outline Unluckyin love Daphne Cassandra Coronis Asclepius Apollo the musician Marsyas Daphne Parthenius 15 Daphne a hunter avoids city life Rare to see her Leucippos falls for her but can t get near her He sees her and her girlfriends going out to hunt He s struck out of his senses in love with her but knows she s not interested and can t get close to her Leucippos dresses up as a woman and joins her band of female hunters Ajealous Apollo Why EROS Eros Early cosmic forces Sexual energy Barely anthropomorphic Aphrodite s followers the erotes Friday September 25 2015 1 eros Son of Aphrodite and Ares Cupid young boy Innocent face destructive force Apollo and Eros Cupid Proud Apollo mocks Eros skill with a bow Eros retaliates Gold arrow forApollo Immediately falls in love with the first thing he sees Lead arrow for Daphne Has nothing to do with love Back to Leucippos Daphne and the rest of her women decide to bathe in a spring Leucippos refuses to undress the girls take off her clothes and attack when find out he is not a girl Saved by the gods Apollo arrives and chases Daphne Apollo s pursuit About to be caught Daphne asks Zeus to be removed from humanity Zeus turns her into a laurel tree Greek daphne laurel Thus Apollo wears the laurel wreath Takes a branch off the tree and turns it into a laurel wreath Cassandra Hyginus 93 Daughter of Priam King of Troy Friday September 25 2015 After a long day out she goes to the temple of Apollo and falls asleep on the ground Apollo sees her and wants to make love to her Cassandra refuses Apollo curses Cassandra by giving her the gift of prophecy which is always the truth but no one will ever believe her Cassandra warns the Trojans No one believes her Coronis Hyginus 202 Coronis becomes pregnant by Apollo and guarded by a white crow But Coronis loves lschys too Crow reports that Coronis and lschys are making love Coronis is killed by Apollo for infidelity A regretful Apollo Blames the crow Changes the crow from white to black in mourning Etiological myth Apollo and Asclepius But Coronis was pregnant Apollo cuts his son Asclepius out of her body Asclepius God of Medicine AKA Aesculapius ln myth is a mortal but worshiped as a god Staff with snake wrapped around it Why snakes snakes shed their old skin and seem to be rebornrejuvenate Wednesday September 23 2015 Apollo God of the lyre Apollo Mousagetes The leader of the Muses Patron of singersmusicians God of the bow But was not a hunter God of the plague But also god of medicinehealing God of prophecy His oracle at Delphi One of the most famous places in the ancient world God of the son There are several son gods Hypenon Helios Apollo Phoibos Apollo Shining Apollo Appearance Youthful beauty No beard Long hair Bow or lyre Laurel wreath Wednesday September 23 2015 Etiological hymn Part 1 Island of Delos Birth of Apollo Part 2 Delphi Foundation of Apollos famous temple Why was Apollo born on the island of Delos The trials of Leto Leto daughter of Titans Zeus Leto Apollo A pregnant Leto wanders Greece looking for a place to deliver Apollo All lands fear the birth of the new god and his future power Only small rocky Delos agrees to welcome his birth and be home to his temple Leto gives birth to Apollo For 9 days an angry Hera keeps Eileithyia unaware of Apollo s impeding birth Rheia Themis and Amphitrite tell lris lris messenger of the gods lris finds Eileithyia Leto gives birth to Apollo and sister Artemis Apollo claims bow lyre and prophecy Apollo was born on Delos because only Delos was willing to shelter Leto when she was pregnant Why is the site of Apollo s oracle called Delphi Apollo s oracle at Delphi most famous oracle in the antiquity Consulted over 1000 years Answers of Apollo delivered by Pythia an inspired priestess Apollo s sanctuary Delphi The trials of Apollo Apollo comes to a spring called Telphousa wants to build a temple and oracle there Wednesday September 23 2015 Telphousa claims the area is too noisy Advises him to move to Crisa below Mt Parnassus Crisa is guarded by a dragon named Python Apollo slays the dragon Etiological issues ln anger Apollo goes back and piles rocks on spring of Telphousa Apollo s priestess the Pythia is named after Python the dragon Apollo slew Why is Crisa called Delphi Apollo overtakes a Cretan ship Apollo needs servants for his new temple in Crisa Sees a ship from Crete He goes aboard in the shape of a giant dolphin greek dolphin delphis Apollo directs the ship to Crisa and orders the crew to be priests at his temple First command to priests is to give sacrifice to Apollo Delphinios Apollo Delphinios so Crisa becomes known as Delphi


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