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Week 5 - 6 Notes BAROQUE Period

by: Alex Diaz

Week 5 - 6 Notes BAROQUE Period MUS 105

Marketplace > Tri-County Technical College > Music > MUS 105 > Week 5 6 Notes BAROQUE Period
Alex Diaz
GPA 3.4
Music Appreciation
Brown, Anita Jubin

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About this Document

Early and Late Baroque history, culture, philosophy, art and music. Composers and styles of music and innovations during that time period. 1600-1750 A.D.
Music Appreciation
Brown, Anita Jubin
Bach, Baroque, Harpsichord, Rembrandt
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This 5 page Bundle was uploaded by Alex Diaz on Saturday September 26, 2015. The Bundle belongs to MUS 105 at Tri-County Technical College taught by Brown, Anita Jubin in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see Music Appreciation in Music at Tri-County Technical College.


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Date Created: 09/26/15
Dario A Diaz MUS105 11M 92515 Week 56 Notes week 5 W IWVf ga Baroque Broken Pearl Early Baroque 16001700 Late Baroque 17001750 Baroque Art People Rembrandt39s gtgt Storm on the Sea of Galilee amp The Abduction of Europa1632 Baroque Art point out these three things 0 Exaggerated notion 0 Clear Details 0 Creates Exuberance Grandeur Drama and Tension Musical Innovations 1 Rise of the Musical Instruments 2 1st Opera produce in 1607 by Monteverdi 3 Majorminor scale system 90 of Baroque music is polyphonic History World View Baroque 0 During the Baroque period Italy was enjoying a time of Peace Italy is isolated by mountains to rest of Europe 0 Protestant Reformation started a civil war in Germany 0 30 Year War between the Catholics and Protestants o 1A of Germany Died 0 England had no musical progress for 20 years 0 music was said to be an evil and supposedly barely a single note was played in that time o Puritan period in England People 0 Louis XIV of France p Photo of the King Sun King Versailles 0 Sir Isaac Newton math wizard Father of Physics and Calculus Philosophy Science has all the answers Art Rembrandt IMOI700 Early Baroque Composers Corelli Italian intellectual 16531713 Promoted the use of Musical Instruments 0 Wrote treatises on using Musical Instruments 0 Wrote Trio Sonatas for 2 violins and a cello Giovanna Gabrieli Italian Gaw Bree El ee 0 Alternating choir technique St Marks Cathedral in Venice Italy 0 His brother and him worked on music in St Marks Monteverdi Produced 1st Opera in 1607 called Orfeo Opera Drama set to music combines the arts 0 Music 0 Drama 0 Visual Arts Costumes and Scenery 0 Women sang in Operas although it was not a respectable profession Henry Purcell English 16591695 c 1660 Puritans of England were knocked from governmental power 0 Most outstanding English composer for the next 200 years The Orchestra was born the Baroque orchestra mainly consisted of strings o operas and orchestra were written in English by Purcell o Purcells Rondeau see Listening Skills 4 Baroque Orchestra 0 Group 1 Basic usually accompanied by a harpsichord a Violin b Viola c Cello d Bass 0 Group 2 Festive Basic instruments a Brass Trumpets b Winds Oboe and Bassoon c Percussion Timpani kettledrums 7007 gtgt Late Baroque was the Golden Age of Strings Late Baroque Composers Vivaldi ltalian 16781741 known as the Red Priest 0 Composed mainly for string orchestra precocious o Influenced Bach since Vivaldi was born 7 years before Bach 0 Major works include o The 4 Seasons Concerto focus on just these two I Spring I Winter 0 Hired as a musical director of a girls boarding school Scarlatti Sonatas for harpsichord in Binary Form introquot Binary Form AABB 2 part form where the song is broken down like this A A B B quotrepeat quotnew part quotrepeat new part Bach Wrote for Harpsichord see ten question on Bach in BB 1 2 3 16851750 His parents died and Johann was orphaned as a boy Johann Sebastian Bach Many of the Bach family played intruments and 2 notable uncles played professionally Taught many students over the years and used his own major work Well Tempered Clavier for intermediate students His personality intelegent uncomprimising quicktempered passionate about music and religion Church he had many churches through the years a Denomination Lutheran 3 Major Works a 200 cantatas to sing p134 b Well Tempered Clavier we tuned keyboard Included 2 books of preludes and fugues c Brandenburg Concertos d Wrote 6 French Suites i Suite set of dances Baroque suite has 4 major dances this music was not to dance to but the music sounds dancelike in sound 1 Allemande 2 Courante 3 Sarabande 4 Gigue 8 Married a Maria Barbara a distant cousin b Ana Magdalena singer she earned 12 of Bach s salary a with Maria 13 kids and 2 died in childhood b with Ana 7 kids and 3 died in childhood c that makes 20 total and 10 survived to be adults 10 In 1820 Felix Mendelson revived Bach s work through knowing one of Bach s sons Bach in his old age heard of the piano and played it once he thought it was nice but did not write anything for it


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