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UGS 303 Class Activities

by: Cassidy Schap

UGS 303 Class Activities UGS 303

Cassidy Schap
GPA 3.78
Shakespeare and the Pursuit of Happiness
Douglas Bruster

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About this Document

These are a few of the activities and assignments from Bruster's Spring 2014 UGS course.
Shakespeare and the Pursuit of Happiness
Douglas Bruster
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This 5 page Bundle was uploaded by Cassidy Schap on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Bundle belongs to UGS 303 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Douglas Bruster in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see Shakespeare and the Pursuit of Happiness in University Studies at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 09/27/15
EXERCISE 4 UGS 303 Shakespeare NAME Here is Kate from the end of Shrew Come come you forward and unable worms My mind hath been as big as one of yours My heart as great my reason haply more To bandy word for word and frown for frown But now I see our lances are but straws Our strength as weak our weakness past compare That seeming to be most which indeed least are Then vail your stomachs for it is no boot And place your hands below your husband39s foot In token of which duty if he please My hand is ready may it do him ease Writing concisely in order to complete a single sentence no more will be graded please fill out the following You do not need to use all the lines The most important word in this passage is ready because it shows Katherine s complete transformation from uncooperative and headstrong in her independence to accepting of her place as a dutiful Wife and the social status that follows Exercise 8 UGS 303 Shakespeare NAME Choosing part of a scene from the Kenneth Branagh production of Much Ado About Nothing 1993 screened in class write one 1 paragraph demonstrating how its choices including cinematography as well as the actor s or actors performance in uence the film s argument about a particular idea theme or problem raised by its basic script Shakespeare s comedy Midway through the film Benedick overhears his friends in the garden discussing Beatrice s love for him He takes a moment to consider that they might be fooling him but then decides that it must be true if he s hearing it from Leonato Shortly after Beatrice overhears her friends speaking the same way about Benedick This scene is a pivotal point in the text but it becomes even more apparent in the film as the actors make decisions that play up the drama Upon hearing their respective friends announcements both Beatrice and Benedict immediately react with shock and skepticism but their faces become incredibly hopeful After a brief interlude of arguing with themselves over the validity of the news they both transform into ardent suitors determined to love the other back The most significant part of this scene is the director s choice to include a montage of Beatrice and Benedick laughing and smiling with Beatrice on a swing appearing the embodiment of joy Until this point the two have been at each other s throats sooner to give an insult than a kind look The abrupt transformation reveals that while they have maintained adversarial relations they were only disguising their feelings to protect their own hearts Each character was too proud to let the other in and relinquish control of their own emotions This scene ties into the play s discussion of deceit as Beatrice and Benedick are lied to in order to set their love on the path to fruition They ve also been dishonest about their feelings in the past as Benedick claims that when he said he d die a bachelor he simply thought he d never live to be married as he now jumps at the chance to court Beatrice In opposition to Don John s lies these actions are not inherently bad in their duplicity The tricks bear no mal intent and in the end result in the betterment of both characters Much Ado About Nothing presents a discussion on the ambiguous morality of lies and in the end leaves the reader with the firm belief that dishonesty is neither strictly good nor strictly bad First Exercise UGS 303 NAME Please print out this exercise and submit it in person during your next section You may write out your answer by hand or you may type your answer prior to printing it Choose any role from The Two Gentlemen of Verona By quotrolequot we mean a partthe lines written for each character You may use this intemet resource to access a breakdown of the play39s various roles a list appears on the righthand side of the screen httpwwwopensourceshakespeareorgviewsplaysplaymenuphpWorkIDtwogents Make sure that once you click on a role you also click quotShow full linesquot under quotOptionsquot middle right in blue lettering to get all the words spoken by the character Once you have accessed your character39s full role you may wish to print it out please answer the following question The most important stylistic feature in the role of Speed is the use of prose in contrast to the use of verse by the overwhelming majority of the other characters in The Two Gentlemen of Verona Shakespeare often uses prose to signify a simpler straightforward character speaking frankly as opposed to characters that use owery language to make an impact Speed is the comic relief but he is utilized especially to provide a levelheaded contrast to emotional often misguided characters like Proteus and Valentine who become impassioned when speaking of their love for a woman or decrying their own misfortunes Shakespeare s use of prose for Speed highlights the character s keenly observant role as the Fool on the fringes of the plays events seeing that which the protagonists do not and utilizing this knowledge for his own benefit as well as that of the audience Please note it is important that your sentence describes a material feature of the rule39s languagewhich might include such features as word choice the kinds of nouns verbs modi ers etc the character typically uses sentence length questions versus statements imagery etc You are not being asked to describe a character or his or her psychology instead you should pay attention to the words in the role Sixth Exercise UGS 303 NAME Please print out this exercise and submit it in section This Exercise asks you to develop concision in writing by editing the following three sentences each of which can be made clearer by being made shorter Keeping the meaning intact please cross out unnecessary words adding a word or phrase in replacement if you see fit A prize may be given for the shortest effective result 1 Speed39s simple and observational nature makes him a medium for evaluating how the unusual inversion of power can exhibit whom Shakespeare believes is made weak by love Through Speed s straightforward disposition Shakespeare reveals his belief that love s complicated nature weakens people 2 The heart of The Two Gentlemen of Verona is in the various relationships that exist between the multitudes of characters Relationships compose the heart of The Two Gentlemen of Verona 3 Silvia39s bewitching effect becomes apparent and arises an opportunity for Valentine to acquire a different perspective that he had not had before allowing himself to think rationally and present his affection in a dignifying manner As Sylvia s bewitching effect becomes apparent Valentine acquires a new perspective that clears his head so he can present his affection with dignity Third Exercise UGS 303 NAME Please print out this exercise and submit it in person during your next section You may write out your answer by hand or you may type your answer prior to printing it This Exercise asks you to do some creative writingspecifically to master basic elements of Shakespeare39s writing practice by converting the following prose passage to verse Here is Launce to Speed from the beginning of 25 Forswear not thyself sweet youth for I am not welcome I reckon this always that a man is never undone till he be hanged nor never welcome to a place till some certain shot be paid and the hostess say 39Welcome In the space below rewrite this speech as blank verse that is unrhymed iambic pentameter Obviously you39ll want to begin by understanding what he39s saying its sense tone and motivation As for your verse most of your lines except the last one if needed should have ten syllables and have the basic meter that goes like this duhDUM duhDUM duhDUM duhDUM duhDUM Of course Shakespeare39s own meter isn39t always this regular if it were we wouldn39t read him so you have poetic license to vary a few quotfeetquot here and there just don39t trip Try to retain as many of Launce39s words as you can but feel free to swap out or modify what you need However the basic sense of his speech should remain the same Your lines will be graded on a their fidelity to the original speech and b their fidelity to the structures of blank verse Do not forswear thyself sweet youth for I am welcome not I reckon this without exception man is never ruined till the hangman doth appear nor welcome to a place till drink be shared and hostess has bid Welcome to them all as honored guests


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