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Week of September 21

by: SC_Grace Dillon

Week of September 21 HIST 1100 - 01

SC_Grace Dillon
American History to 1865
michelle morris

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About this Document

Notes on Heresy, King Philips War, and The Salem Witchcraft Trials.
American History to 1865
michelle morris
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This 6 page Bundle was uploaded by SC_Grace Dillon on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Bundle belongs to HIST 1100 - 01 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by michelle morris in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see American History to 1865 in History at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/27/15
09242015 1 King Philip a Son of Massasoit b Colonists called him king Philip after of the ancient kings of Macedon c Well versed in English ways d Resisted and resented English missionaries e Believed that his older brothers death was suspicious 2 Relationships with Indians before 1675 a Not entirely con ict free b Remarkably peaceful compaired to the Chesapeake i Pequot War was an exception c Some success introducing Christianity 3 King Philips war a The spark when an Indian was found lying dead under ice i John Sassomon 1 A foot in two worlds a Subject of King Philip b Christianized Indian c Literate 2 Printer who worked for a missionary names John Eliot 3 King Philip accused him of falsifying his will and granting some of Philips land to himself ii Whn he was found dead the English court convicted three indian men of his murder start of war 1 Started small but then the war spread throughout all the colonies 2 Long term issues Political Judicial Terriroral Pushing christianity Disputes between Cheated Indians out Indians and colonists were of land tried in colonial courts Interfering in Allowed their succession animals to roan freely and destroyed crops b Colonists wont the war i Philip was betrayed and killed ii Many of the Indians were traded to Africans iii Balance of pwer tipped decidedly in favor of the English in New England iv lt wuld take years for the colonies to rebuild 4 James II a His father Charles I was killed by Puritans b He believed in absolute monarchy c The Dominion of new England New jersey and north i Allowed the king to suppress dissent 1 Enforced the navigation acts Anything exported or inported had to use English ships 2 Purpose was to funnel colonial trade 3 Provided for uni ed defense 4 Enfored the taxes ii Edmund Andros was appointed as military governor 1 Rued with a council 2 Asserted the crowns right to question individual land patents a Made al land be under the king b Allowed collection of taxes 3 Tried to enforce the navigation acts 4 Put a church right in the middle of Boston 5 The Glorious Revolution 1688 a Over threw James not Queen Mary rules b New york leislers rebellion temporary government underJacb Leiser c 1692 is when massachutes become a royal colony 6 16005 witchcraft belief a witchcraft devil i the devil could manifest himself to make deals with people b They lived in a world where things went wrong with no explanation c Hunts were rare but accusations were not i Most involved 1 or 2 people ii Most were dismissed 1 10 were resulted in excutions iii Three outbreaks 1 Hartford 1660 Fair eld 1692 Salem 1692 iv Outbreaks were most likely during periods of anxiets d Salem 1692 i The town had extreme political uncertainly 1 No legal government ii Wars on the frontiers iii Salem accounts for 19 out of the 36 known executions for witchcraft in New England iv Neighbor accused neighbor v Salem did not end the belief in witchcraft 1 There was no more executions for witchcraft in America Tuesday September 22 2015 Dealing with Heresy Orthodox Puritan beliefs in new England a Protestant originally an opposition group i Rejected the role of good works in salvation 1 Believed that mankind was so sinful that good work would not have any affect ii Believed in the priesthood of all believers 1 Wanted everyone to be able to read the bible iii Liberty of conscience 1 Outside of core doctrines people should be able to interpret the bible iv Calvinist 1 Predestination a God decided who would be saved and who wouldn39t long long ago 2 Election a The people chosen for heaven v Congregational about how to set up churches and also theology 1 Separation of church and state 2 Congregational autonomy 3 Importance of converted churches a To be a member you have to have and demonstrate and experience to prove that you are a member of the elect b Roger Williams arrives in Massachusetts Bay as a separatist minister and brie y n Salem i Beliefs of religious toleration 1 Freedom of conscience a Believes in balance b Believed in the bible being dif cult to interpret so people can disagree c Believed it was moral to impose the doctrine on unbelievers 2 Separation of church and state a More radical i Church and state can have NO relationship 1 Religious crimes should not be punished by the government 3 Converted churches a That the church should be populated exclusively by the converted b Wrong to compel the unbeliever to attend church Roger Williams was banished in 1636 and went and rounded Rhode Island c Anne Hutchinson arrived in Massachusetts Bay in 1634 She followed her minister into the colony She was loved until she began to teach about her ideas of election and predestination 1 Was a very charismatic speaker 2 Most information about her teachings came from her enemies 3 Believed that good works could be a sign that a person was one of the elect a Raised the prospect of social order 4 Clamed that ministers who taught that a holy life was a sign of god that had predestined someone to be among the elected was preaching a quotcovenant of worksquot Was banished in 1637 and excommunicated in 1638 1 Moved her family to the present day Westchester NY 2 She and many family members were killed by and Indian raid d Quakers began to quotinvadequot Massachusetts Bay in the 16505 e quota city on a hillquot Massachusetts puritans I ii iii iv A place for people to look to and see a perfect government and religious relations English civil wars puritan revolution 16421660 Puritan migration to new England dried up Real battle for England39s soul was being fought by puritans in England 1 Some new England puritans moved back to England f 2 1649 King Charles 1 was killed and puritan Oliver Cromwell ruled in his place as Lord Protector v restoration 1660 Charles 2 was invited to ascend the throne 1 ordered New England to stop executing Quakers they did 2 stop tying voting rights to church membership they didn39t quotdeclensionquot New England worried less about heresy and more about the decline of church membership i population grew much more quickly than did church membership ii church membership was open only to those who could provide evidence of saving Grace 1 most of the founding generation could 2 many children could not iii puritan churches baptized only the children of church members 1 in a lot of cases the grandchildren of the founders were not eligible for baptism iv halfway convenient 1662 believed but couldn39t prove they were a memberquot yet 1 allowed children to be halfway members a they could baptize their children b were kept under church discipline c could not vote or receive communion 2 not adopted by all churches and was controversial a kept families in the church b to some it was a sign that churches were lowering their standards


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