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by: Brittany Ballog

TE150QuizQs.pdf TE 150

Brittany Ballog
GPA 3.0
Reflections on Learning
E. wong

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About this Document

answer to most of the online quizzes
Reflections on Learning
E. wong
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This 5 page Bundle was uploaded by Brittany Ballog on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Bundle belongs to TE 150 at Michigan State University taught by E. wong in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 249 views. For similar materials see Reflections on Learning in Education and Teacher Studies at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/27/15
UIZ 1 1 Which of the following would NOT be considered a behaviorist approach to behavior modi cation a Developing a student39s intrinsic motivation b Rewarding a student with a sticker c Punishing a student with detention d Extinguishing poor behavior 2 Which of the following is an example of negative reinforcement a Because a student missed class the teacher gives himher after school detention b Because a student turns in hisher homework on time the teacher stops criticizing the student c Because a student answered a question correctly the teacher gives himher a piece of candy d Because a student failed a test the teacher allows himher to retake it 3 The basic idea underlying operant conditioning a Responses are affected by the consequences that follow them 4 Mr Zeller does not believe his students have learned anything unless they demonstrate it to him This demonstration could be through assignments they turn in to him answering questions in class or way they behave Which approach to learning is most consistent with Mr Zeller s ideas a Cognitive b Behavioral c Social cognitive d Conditioning 5 The difference between classical conditioning and operant conditioning is a Classical conditioning requires conscious repetitive training whereas operant conditioning happens naturally through statistical learning b Classical conditioning is the result of an association between a certain behavior and an outcome whereas operant conditioning is the result between a simple association of two stimuli c Classical conditioning is situationspeci c whereas operant conditioning can be generalized to other situations d Classical conditioning is the result between a simple association of two stimuli whereas operant conditioning is the result of an association between a certain behavior and an outcome UIZ 2 1 Sensory store memory a Holds info from the world in its original sensory for an instant 2 Shortterm store memory a Holds information for a limited amount of time about 30 seconds unless its rehearsed or processed in some further way holds information temporarily as people perform tasks 3 Longterm store memory a Holds enormous amounts of information for long amounts of time for a relatively permanent amount of time 4 Why would a teacher use quotelaboration or quotchunking a To ensure students deeply process new information into their longterm memory 5 Using a Venn Diagram andor concept map when trying to connect complex ideas is a studying method because it incorporates all of the following memory strategies EXCEPT a Chunking b Elaboration c Offloading d Constructing images 6 Which are important concepts in getting information into our short term memory a When the stimulus is mentioned at the beginning or the end of a series of information b When the stimulus is something people have interacted with many times before c When the stimulus is about 7 items d All of the above 7 What are the three main components of information processing IP theory a Sensory register shortterm memory or working memory and longterm memory QUIZ 3 1 Multitasking is an example of a Divided attention 2 Focusing on one particular character in a storyline and not paying attention to other characters in an example of divided attention False 3 Which teacher is NOT using strategies to help students pay attention in their classes QUIZ 4 Ms Schwarz has a variety of brightly colored posters and mobiles hanging from he walls and ceiling She also keeps the windows and doors open in her room She thinks this will help reduce boredom Mr Harper know his students have a dif cult time paying attention over extended periods of time so he breaks up his lessons in short segments Mrs DeJesus uses brightly colored pictures and videos pertaining to the topic of the day to keep students interested in lessons Mr Fres makes sure everyone know what s important in the reading by repeating the important information more than once and writing it on the board 1 Metacognition is also known as thinking about thinking True 2 Which of the following is NOT a component of metacognition a b c d Metacognitive load Metacognitive knowledge Metacognitive regulation Metacognitive experiences 3 Which of the following activities would MOST likely involve automaticity a b c d Studying for a nal exam Using directions to navigate a new location Walking to class Solving a difficult math problem 4 Which of the following are NOT examples of helping students be more metacognitive b C d Mrs Franklin teaches new strategies for answering density questions but doesn39t give students time to practice those strategies on their own Mr Peters monitors students for appropriate strategy use while they work on math problems Ms Thompson models the correct way to ask scienti c questions before allowing students to work on their own Mr Mendez allows students to experiment with multiple strategies for answering algebra problems 5 Each of the following are ways to decrease the cognitive load of an assignment EXCEPT a b c Providing students with printed out stepbystep instructions for how to do a lab Making questions on the end of the unit exam easier Using a map to show the path of the nomadic tribe d Breaking the chapter into smaller sections and asking questions at the end of each section QUIZ 5 1 Which of the following are negative aspects of traveling Americans a Power over people selling goods b Arrogance while traveling c Volunteering and spreading good will d All of these e A and B 2 Culture shock is the psychological and emotional reaction people experience when they encounter a culture that is very different from their own 3 Which of these is an example of a traditional way of adjusting to a new culture a Harry moved to the US from Indonesia He has adjusted well by learning English and has become active in other cultural activities like watching baseball b She recently moved to Italy from the US She has tried to adjust be nding other Americans living around her She is much more comfortable speaking English and plans to move in with another American soon c Sam has moved from Canada to Russia He has quickly adjusted by quickly learning English and French He has also continued to stay attached to his home culture He can code switch well 4 The positive outcome of adaptation includes intercultural transformation resulting in increased functional tness psychological wellbeing and the development of a intercultural identity True QUIZ 6 1 Mindfulness includes a Creation of new categories b Openness to new information c Awareness of more than one perspective d None of these e All of these 2 Explanatory uncertainty is the degree to which an individual can explain strangers attitudes feelings and behaviors 3 Communication Accommodation Theory describes the initial orientations two people bring to an interaction their motivation during the interaction and the expectation of future reactions True


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