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Weeks 3-6

by: Katie223

Weeks 3-6 Rel 101-004

Literature and World of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
John T. Strong

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About this Document

Here are the notes from the past few weeks in Rel 101.
Literature and World of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
John T. Strong
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This 8 page Bundle was uploaded by Katie223 on Sunday September 27, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Rel 101-004 at Missouri State University taught by John T. Strong in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see Literature and World of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible in Religious Studies at Missouri State University.


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Date Created: 09/27/15
Hebrew Bible Week 36 Final Form of Genesis 111 Redaction criticism 0 Who redacted this material when and why Redactor editor I J l E l P l Priests are the nal redactor Genesis 111 is how Priests describe the reality 0 Message from the nal form of Genesis 411 0 Humankind is the failed image of God Priestly Redactors Genesis 1 Creation of Ordered Space and Time 0 Genesis 69 Reset of creation 0 Genesis 11 The Tower of Babel Genesis 1 Priestly redactors began with this 0 Verse 126 Good to know 0 quotLet us make humankind in our imagequot 0 Could simply mean we physically resemble God 0 Could mean we are similar in our dominion over the Earth as He has dominion over everything Statement by Assurnasirpal 0 quotAt that time fashioned an image of my own likeness the glory of my power inscribed therein and in the mountain of Edi in the city of Assur nasir pal at the river source I set it upquot What is the image he is talking about Where is Assurnasirpal talking about placing this image What is the purpose of this image Who is his audience 0000 Basic Observations Assurnasirpal set up stele in the territories and cities that he conquered These stelae accomplished the following 0 They testi ed to the conquered territory 0 They identify of the king 0 Assurnasirpal s power that controls the conquered territory 0 Genesis 1262 states that humankind o Testi ed to the conquered Defeated Chaos 0 Identity of Yahweh 0 Power as the Deity controlling Chaos God regrets creating humankind Good verse to be familiar with HumankindImage of God and the Flood Genesis 614 The problem Genesis 821 917 The solution important to know The Tower of Babel Narrates the shattering of God s victory stele humankind his image Genesis 11 doses out the primeval history by describing how Yahweh had no stee 0 To deface a stee is to face the wrath of the king The setting 0 Humankind built a city and a tower 114 0 The purpose of the city and tower was to make a name for themselves 114 God s evaluation 0 Humankind was powerful 116 The result 0 God separates the languages 0 God scatters the image of God to all the four corners of the Earth so that things will be impossible for them to do 116 The Ancestor Stories Gen 1250 Coogan Textbook pg 71 o Rivalries in the rst millennia Never talks about the Ancestor stories as history They are talked of as a prototype of the nation itself Stories of National Signi cance Ancestor Stories and History Ancestor stories seem to be dated to the Middle Bronze Age 20001550 BCE o Anachronisms o Mention of camels genesis 2464 0 Mention of the Chaldeans Genesis 1128 31 and 157 0 No historical events or individuals can be con rmed pg 8990 0 Nevertheless Cultural continuities Worship of El and quotgods of ancestorsquot 20001550 1200 1000 600 MB srae David Exile Ezekiel Laws of Nuzi Emar and Mari re ected in the Ancestor stories Ugarit High God goes by the name of El 0 The Ancestor stories cannot be read as history as we de ne the term o In other words the Ancestor stories are not historical in the way we think of history Nature and Function of Ancestor Stories 0 Form criticism folklore and etiologies o The WifeSister stories Gen 121020 20118 and 261 16 0 Jacob wrestles with El Gen 322232 0 Main character in Genesis 12 and 20 is Abram Main character in Genesis 36 is Isaac These stories traveled independently meaning they come from different peoples Genesis 32 0 Jacob wrestles with El Seen as etiologies Coogan Textbook pg 74 0 As a collection there are three themes J Source 0 Establish Israel s claim upon the landsoil o Descendants o Blessings 0 Not history as we think of it but rather stories of National Signi cance 0 Similar to myths which functioned to explain Reality 0 A story of National signi cance de ned the nature and identity of the Nation Genesis 3750 0 The Joseph Novella 0 Sold into slavery then claims are made that he was killed 0 Goes to prison for the supposed rape of Potiphar s pharaoh wife 0 Joseph is then chosen to interpret the Pharaoh s dreams and then Joseph rises to power 0 Comes into contact with his brothers who don t recognize him 0 The brothers all reunite in Egypt 0 Form criticism gt originally as a stand alone novella Redaction criticism gt Now as a part of the TorahPentateuch Form Source Redaction Gen 12 20 26 amp 32 J Source P Source Torah I 18001550 1000 800 450 Ancestor Stories as Exodus The Ancestor stories establish Israel s claim upon the land 0 The Exodus along with its accompanying Conquest traditions establish Israel s claim upon the land 0 Evidence from Ezekiel ca 587 BCE o Ezek 322329 and Ezek 2045 gt Jacob quotGoodlAbraham Badquot The Exodus The Figure of Moses 0 Some evidence indicates Moses as a historical gure but as depicted in the biblical text has become a legendary gure who symbolized for ancient Israel an authority gure 0 Moses as a legend 0 Moses in the bible statistically he seems to have emerged in the 8th and 7th century BCE 0 Moses and the birth of Sargon Coogan pg 97 0 Moses in history 0 Moses name is Egyptian 0 Some early textual evidence indicates that there was a man named Moses who Was associated with a legal code Was associated with the worship of Yahweh Delivered his people a The reemergence of Moses as an ancient authority 1200 1000 900 800 700 600 HosMic Jer n no North Kingdom Sargon Israel Judah H Moses 0 Moses is mentioned 753 times in the Hebrew bible o 588 of those are found in Exodus Leviticus and Numbers 0 Mentioned in Hosiah Hos 12 times In Micah Mic and in Jeremiah Jer 15 times 0 Historical Moses associated with shrines Gilqal and Shiloh The Plague Narratives o Thesis in their nal form the plagues work together to Israel out from the rest of the worldout but also to mock the Egyptians Chaos Order Separated Egypt Israel Magicians 0 From being able to reproduce wonders 0 To recognizing Yahweh s power 0 Pharaoh 0 From being obstinate 0 To being propped up by Yahweh Israel 0 From being part of Egypt 0 To being separated out of Egypt 0 Notice that each of these is being separated from something a The context within the nal form of the text o Pharaoh s question Who is Yahweh and why should I listen to him 0 Yahweh s answer Yahweh s answer is to harden the Pharaoh s heart and multiply his signs so the people of Egypt will know who He is The Exodus as an Act of Creation Thesis the exodus event is above all else the creation of Israel 0 Yahweh separated Order out of Chaos 0 The Red Sea gt Yam sea Suph gt mythical 0 Could actually be Reed Sea 0 Suph concerning this text means end 0 Dry Land Mythical creation of Israel Thesis 0 Parallels with Genesis 1 Progression from Genesis 1 0 Gen 12628 and 917 0 Gen 1119 0 Gen 11 genealogy and Gen 1213 o Exod 52 0 Exod 725 and 1418 0 Image of God 0 Role of Yahweh 0 Order out of Chaos The Exodus and History 0 Problems with identifying a historical event 0 Data supporting a historical kernel Coogan s summary 0 quotUnder the leadership of Moses a small group of Hebrew slaves escaped from their forced labor in the Eastern Nile Delta They headed for one of the swamps or wetlands Reed Sea in the vicinity pursued by their guards Because they were on foot the escapees were able to made their way through the swamp but the Egyptians in chariots got bogged down and gave up the pursuit so the Hebrews got awayquot pg 104 and 107 Scholars date exodus 15 to about 1200 BCE o Earliest text in the bible 0 Form criticism discovered it Merneptah steele dated to 1207 BCE o Earliest mention of Israel 0 No indication or evidence of Israel being in Egypt Numbers The Wilderness Wanderings and Archaeological Record I Stories of National signi cance Thesis the archaeological record raises questions regarding the historicity of the wilderness wanderings Merneptah steele ca 1207 BCE Num 213335 gt Og Num 212132 gt Hesbon gt 1200 BCE Num 2113 gt Arad gt 27002400 BCE Num 31 gt Midianites gt No LB cities Canaanite Arad o 1000 BCE David built a fortress 0 city was in ruins for about 1400 years Some stories are etiologies 0 Stories of how they got there quotEl 500 450 Exile Pentateuch 587539 Israel is poised and ready to become a nation but they re not there yet Israel was a nation but failed and was sent into the wilderness exile o Re ects a statement of how they understood themselves Genesis Numbers Deuteronomy o P Source D Source 0 6th5th Century 7th Century gt Pentateuch o 450 BCE 622 BCE Wilderness is the area between Chaos and Ordered space The wilderness as Theological space Chaos Wilderness Death Dangerous Ordered Space Live Living as the image of God ready to walk into Ordered Space


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