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RTF 317 In-Class Notes

by: Cassidy Schap

RTF 317 In-Class Notes RTF 317

Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Film > RTF 317 > RTF 317 In Class Notes
Cassidy Schap
GPA 3.78
Narrative Strategies in Film and Television
Michael Rennett

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About this Document

Typed notes from various lectures
Narrative Strategies in Film and Television
Michael Rennett
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This 8 page Bundle was uploaded by Cassidy Schap on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Bundle belongs to RTF 317 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Michael Rennett in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Narrative Strategies in Film and Television in Film at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
Garish music abstract images lowlighting and hard to see No dialogue or words so far just rapidly changing images of seemingly unrelated objects Nudity but artistic and non gratuitous quotmeshes of the afternoonquot decidedly inhuman arm drops a ower a woman picks it up we don39t see her face The music is slower than the rst clip and there is uid clips rather than just abstract images I honestly have no idea what s going on There s someone playing what sounds like a pot being hit with a wooden spoon Now there s no sound at all just white noise We re seeing an eyeball which is the rst part of a human face seen so far Now there s a person with a mirror for a face and the main lady is chasing them We see the woman s entire face for the rst time and now there s a knife on the stairs The woman is falling down the stairs I am honestly so confused She s moving like she s drunk Is she drunk Mirror face is back and the lady is really into it So many jump cuts Where did this man come from The music is very jarring and unpleasant Scorpio rising We have music with words now It s blue velvet so it s even pop music I thought it was a girl at rst but now I think it s a guy This kind of feels like a homoerotic 70s photoshoot a la David Bowie and Mick jagger Maybe it s the hair Still no dialogue Lots of pecs though That is DEFINITELY a Barbie doll dancing in the window No human is shaped like that Now we have dialogue but the characters aren t human they re barbies I am so confused This handshake is so creepy and ominous And now there s screaming Now there s text explaining to Karen s issues to us Is this a comment on how the music industry is plastic Because this Karen doll is scry looking quot1984quot Mac commercial oh this is so creepy All the people look the same they re marching like soldiers one was wearing a gas mask There s a person running with a hammer who is not dressed differently They destroy the image of the quotweird ideology guyquot that s speaking to the masses quotSmoking fetusquot oh go human babies are so weird quotwould you give a cigarette to your unborn childquot Why is this fetus smoking oh gOD drugstore car crossing the train tracks old timey general store guy in overalls creepy music that s way too modem for the setting weird sheye lens thing I have no idea what s going on sperm Images of cells and other biological stuff overlaid with pop techno Super weird jumpcuts happening It seems less weird when a music video does it as opposed to when it s done in a narrative lm Maybe it s because we expect music videos to be a little more abstract and don t necessarily need to nd meaning in them because we can nd meaning in the song s lyrics But in the lm clips it seems a little more dif cult because we have no other way to garner meaning other than what the lm shows us so it becomes a more abstract process Multiple delivery channels Creates uni edcoordinated entertainment experience No single source from which to get info Re ects economics of media consolidation synergy Modern media companyhorizontally integrated Incentive to spread brandexpand franchises across as many media platforms as possible Transmedia expansion economic imperative Not based on single charplot but complex ctional world Encourages ppl to want to master what can be known about world beyond our grasp V diff than tradl narratives where we leave knowing everything abt partic story May be used to maintain interest Provide insight into charmotivation Flesh out aspects of ctional world Act as bridge bt events in a series of sequels Add a greater sense of realism to the ction as a whole May expand market by creating diff pts of entry for diff audiences May draw ppl who are comfortable in a partic medium to experiment w alt platforms Ideally must be accessible on own terms while making unique contrib to narr sys as a whole quotadditive comprehensionquot ways in which new text adds a piece of info that forces us to revise understanding of the ction as a whole dif cult to balance bt creating stories that make sense to 1st time viewers and building in elements that enhance experience of ppl reading across mult media requires high degree of coordination across diff media sectors works best in 0 indie proj where same artist shapes story across all media 0 proj where strong coab is encouraged across diff divs of same company most media franchises governed by licensing story originates in one media following media remain subordinated to orig master text transmedia needs cocreation property conceived in transmedia terms from start ideal aesthetic form for era of collective intelligence new social struc that enable prodcirculation of knowledge win networked society art functions as cultural attractor draws likeminded ppl to form new communities textual activators prompt prodassessarchiving of info expands what can be known but disperses info no one person can know everything ensures ppl have to collab w others doesn39t just disperse info provides set of rolesgoals readers can assume as they enact aspects of the story thru everyday life often results in what might be seen as gapsexcesses in unfolding of story introduce potential plots that cant be fully told extra details that hint as more than can be revealed gives readers strong incentive to elaborate on story elements speculate until they take life of their own fan c can be seen as unauthorized expansion of these media franchises into new directions that re ect desire to quotfill in the gapsquot Miseenscene French for quotthe setting of the stagequot 0 Theatrical term 0 Everything on stage everything you can see 0 2nCI turning pt breakdown 3 beats dobbs plans to steal howard s money going down mountaincurtin goes to sleep dobbs overtakes and shoots him Marvel s The Avengers as Transmedia Narrative Multiple delivery channels Uni ed and coordinated entertainment experience Each is a unique contribution Result of corporate synergy quotworld building different pleasure from an open narrative questions of authorship Nick Fury s appearance in Iron Man leads to the expectations of The Avengers CapTony in The Incredible Hulk HawkeyeTesseract in Thor The Graduate and Sound 0 Three elements of sound 0 Dialogue Sound effects Music Diegetic belonging to the world of the lm characters can hear Nondiegetic something only the audience can hear In the graduate pop music score Lyrics as commentarypsychological evaluation Dialogue Ben s whimper Soundadvance cuts amp duration 0 Audio from next scene played over current scene 0 Links scenes together whle jumping ahead in time The Graduate and PostClassical Narrative structure 0 The graduate is both conventional and newinnovative Changes in Hollywood in the 605705 breakdown of the studio system 0 In ux of lms from Europein uence how American lm is made in the 605705 Genre and Aliens French for kind or type Method of categorization De ned in different ways subjecttheme manner of presentation audience effect 0 Audience expectations are set by genre Identifying genre Codes and conventions plotnarrative themes mise en scene editing sound Iconography objects settings actors Sci ambiguity exploring the unknown foreignuncertain settings objects that are futuristic low lighting dark color scheme Audiences select similar lms Industry knows what types of lms to produce Allows studios to see what worksfails Criticsscholars can discuss sets of lms Genre mixing putting multiple genres together in one lm Idea that all lms contain elements of different genres Classical Hollywood narratives have 2 lines of action 1 of which is usually heterosexual romance 0 Aliens and genre mixing what genres Horror sci action drama romanceish family dramaissues of motherhood


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