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FDHUM 110-16 _ Medium in Visual Arts Reading

by: Sophie Stegelitz

FDHUM 110-16 _ Medium in Visual Arts Reading FDHUM 110-16

Marketplace > Brigham Young University - Idaho > Arts and Humanities > FDHUM 110-16 > FDHUM 110 16 _ Medium in Visual Arts Reading
Sophie Stegelitz
Foundation of Humanities
Vaughn Stephenson

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About this Document

These are the notes from the reading Medium in Visual Arts - Painting (watercolor, fresco, engraving, etc).
Foundation of Humanities
Vaughn Stephenson
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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Sophie Stegelitz on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Bundle belongs to FDHUM 110-16 at Brigham Young University - Idaho taught by Vaughn Stephenson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see Foundation of Humanities in Arts and Humanities at Brigham Young University - Idaho.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
Medium in Visual Arts Medium is what a piece of art is made of Medium is necessary to any form of art Paint39s comprised of 2 parts pigment originally made from organic substances but are now chemically made Pigment doesn39t stick by itself so another material should be added to make the medium viscous enough so it39s sticks to the prop It is called a vehicle pigment vehicle paint Most common vehicle water oil quotThese different painting media present different possibilities or limitations for the artist to create different looksquot 1 Water color sticks better to substances that absorb water pretty obvious is perfect to create smooth blendable and de ned lines can39t be erased cause the substance absorbs the medium as soon as it enters in contact with it requires a signi cant mastering of painting water color works tend to be smaller than other media 2 Fresco quotfreshquot in Italian medium that has been used for centuries especially used to cover large surfaces walls ceilings etc must be done of a freshly plastered surface a rough sketch is rst drawn small holes punched in the paper cartoon placed on fresh plaster and lightly tapped the day after Then the cartoon paper39s removed and the artist just needs to follow the dots most famous work made with fresco the ceiling of the Sistine chapel by Michelangelo you can only work a fresh plaster once the plaster has dried the paint is con ned in the plaster that protects it the only way to erase fresco is to use a hammer and a chisel 3 Mural almost the same as fresco but it is painted on dry plaster not wet tends to ake because there is no adherence between the medium and the wall colors fade especially after long exposition to light 4 Tempera 1 part water 1 part pigment 1 part egg yolk doesn39t fade or crackle ake provides brighter tones also employed in illuminated transcripts on leather pages velum disappeared a bit because of Gutemberg39s printing system 5 Woodcut basically quot atquot carving image drawn on a at block of wood then areas not being part of the picture are carved away dunked in ink or other quotmarkingquot substance and paper pressed against it then TADAAAAH Print not always as precise because of the fragileness of the wood that wears away with time DIFFERENT from engravement drawn directly on a metal plate which allows a lot more precision and a lot more durability of the quotstencilquot 6 Etching similar to engraving but not quite the same image incised on metal plate entire plate covered in wax then the artist engraves the image on the wax allows various degrees of pressure and a more subtle work than engraving dunked in acid that eats away the surfaces exposed then the plate is inked and paper pressed on it to create the nal print 7 Lithograph stone writing image drawn with a grease pencil or oilbased crayon water is then applied to the plate repelled by the oil markings paper is pressed against it then the markings are transfered from the limestone to the paper 8 Oil paint Linseed oil pigments oil paint affords tempera39s bright colors but dries a lot more slowly allows cairobscur 9 Mosaic creating pictures by placing pieces of colored tile stone glass etc together to form a picture stain glass same principle but using stained glass 10 Sculpture a Relief only 1 side of the statue is visible b Full Round as it names says full round complete entire statues around which you can walk


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