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SOS 171 - Week 7 Notes

by: Kali Notetaker

SOS 171 - Week 7 Notes SOS 171

Kali Notetaker
GPA 3.92
The Thread of Energy
Dr. Pasqualetti

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About this Document

Class: SOS 171 - The Thread of Energy School: Arizona State University Notes: Week 7 (September 29th and October 1st) Note: September 29th are the last set of notes for Midterm 1 (October 1st)...
The Thread of Energy
Dr. Pasqualetti
75 ?




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This 2 page Bundle was uploaded by Kali Notetaker on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Bundle belongs to SOS 171 at Arizona State University taught by Dr. Pasqualetti in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see The Thread of Energy in Sustainability at Arizona State University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
SOS 171 Week 71 Exam Review 0 Format multiple choice 50 questions 50 minutes 0 Example people places concepts and terms 0 O O O 0 Could be maps Energy poverty no energy in an energy where there is no energy around availability or affordability Fuel poverty don t have the money to buy it need to make choices between food energy and health Mian Privatization of risk reading Fukashima major companies and utility companiescorporationsgovernment will avoid taking the risk they ll put it onto the public Example if they were to make Fukishima so safe that there would not have been a melt down it would have been more expensive Therefore they took the risk out of the government and put the risk onto the public public vs private sector Facing the wave Migrationdispersion of humans started in Africa and moved out from there Chicken and egg dilemma Michael s presentation Energy cities Yellowknife Canada Houston any city that is there because of energy Green city freiburg Cafe standards corporate average the standards for the cars is going to be listed increasing miles per gallon increasing standards for fuel efficiency Interruption costs Companies that have very high value products that need reliable electricity 100 of the time when they loose that reliability they loose the product as well as money Example silicon chips like lntel Long interruptions the current batch is going to be in uenced Energy want or energy need do you want a fancy car or do you need transportation Fertility rate number of children per woman High in Africa low in Italy and America Energy ladder As you move up the energy ladder you move from combustion of dung and wood to coal to gas to electricity move to more pure energy O O 0 Social vs technical issue energy technology is there and society doesn t like it Need to pay attention to the economics public etc Resource wars The more people you have in the world the fewer resources that are available Fighting over energy soon to be waterfood Czech Republic car manufacturing was dominant because it was so centralized has large lignite mines Range anxiety electric vehicle do l have my vehicle charged enough to get to my destination lronbridge cite of the beginning of the industrial revolution severn river coal iron and water power Resource curse Nigeria a country that has huge amounts of resources but the people still live in poverty Develop the resource a few people make money then its transported else where and not given to the community Have the resource but don t have the lifestyle Fertile Crescent Turkey Vavilov where plants were rst domesticated Auto fuel prcies why are they higher here than in england Taxann Coming full circle starting with the sun and ending with the sun lncome vs meat supply rich economies eat meat Max fuel economy speed 55 Health and safety for people working in the industry and the consumer Consideration O O O 0 Fuel chain Find the source extract it process re nery transport convert to electricity transmit it dispose of the waste Direct vs lndirect lndirect Breathing in toxic fumes from a power plant Type of fuel Coal is the dirtiest Local to global Uranium radioactivity associated with it Health impacts of global warming


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