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The Ballet Russes

by: Morgan Almond

The Ballet Russes DANC 1713 001

Morgan Almond
Understanding Dance

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About this Document

Here are the notes over this week and last week. They are over The Ballet Russes. Thanks!!
Understanding Dance
Understanding Dance: The Ballet Russes
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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Morgan Almond on Thursday October 1, 2015. The Bundle belongs to DANC 1713 001 at University of Oklahoma taught by Redwine in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 110 views.


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Date Created: 10/01/15
The Ballet Russes Serge Diaghilev 18721929 Unique in dance history Neither dancer choreographer composer nor designer He was an entrepreneur who had the ability to recognized talent and bring various artists together Worked with the concept of quottotal theatrequot He was radically innovative Created company called quotThe Ballet Russesquot on 1909 and took them to Pairs Dancers included Nijinsky and Pavlova Most famous ballet dancers of the era quotTotal Theatrequot Diaghilev believed that ballet should be a complete theatrical art He brought together the best dancers composers choreographers and set designers Important Dancers most famous role was quotThe Dying Swanquot 0 Not the swan in Swan Lake 0 Left Diaghilev early and went of to form her own company Toured the world for 20 years 0 Strong technical dancer said to have the most incredible leaps very charismatic and gifted with make up to alter his appearance Ballets 1st male superstar 0 When Nijinsky married in 1913 Diaghilev felt a personal betrayal because the were lovers and he red him and his wife both 0 Fear of water heart attack on a boat Important Choreographers o quotL Apres Midi d un Faunquot Afternoon of a faun with music by Debussy and set by Bakst 0 quotLe Sacre du Printempsquot The Rite of Spring with music by Stravinsky and set by Roerich Les Sylphidesquot quotThe Dying Swanquot music by Sait Saens quotPetrushkaquot with music by Stravinsky and set by Benois quotThe Firebirdquot with music by Stravinsky and set by Bakst and Golovin quotLa Spectre de la Rosequot with music by Von Weber and set by Bakst 0000 O 0 Male dancers are important too and they can have a lead 0 Only female choreographer and sister of Nijinky quotLes Nocesquot a celebration of a peasant wedding music by Stravinsky 0 Apollo lst collaboration with Stravinsky o quotThe Prodigal Sonquot music by Proko ev quotApolloquot Chariot reference quotThe Creation of Adamquot reference Apollo and the muses serves to give inspiration Music dance poetry George Balanchine 19041983 Born in Russia died in New York Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein invited him to come to America in 1933 They started the School of American Ballet in 1934 SAB Balanchine and NYCB 0 Out of which grew the New York City Ballet 0 Balanchine s rst ballet in the USA was Serenade choreographed in 1934 Balanchine supported himself by doing choreography for musical theatre lm and operettas in addition to the ballets for the NYCB from 1934 to about 1948 He choreographed On Your Toes as well as a ballet for the elephants of the Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus ln NYCB Balanchine s choreography is the star Balanchine wanted to rede ne ballet for America He was known for plotless ballets quotBallet is womanquot Balanchine Balanchine married 4 of his ballerinas Tamera Geva Vera Zorina Tanaquil LeClercq and Maria Tallchief Suzanne Farrell was this prot g later in life Balanchine choreographed over 425 works Though he works with composer Igor Stravinsky he used many other types of music Serenade 1934 rst ballet choreographed in USA Concerto Barocco 1941 one of is signature works which began as an exercise for students at SAB Agon 1957 NYCB originally starred Arthur Mitchell rst black principal dancer Who Cares Music by George Gershwin Western Symphony thematic ballet Stars and Stripes music by Sousa


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