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question 4

by: zunaira Singh

question 4 psy

Marketplace > Ohio University > psy > question 4
zunaira Singh
Abnormal Psychology
dr. saver

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About this Document

Abnormal Psychology
dr. saver
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This 4 page Bundle was uploaded by zunaira Singh on Wednesday October 15, 2014. The Bundle belongs to psy at Ohio University taught by dr. saver in 2014. Since its upload, it has received 101 views.


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Date Created: 10/15/14
Abnormal Psychology Midterm Question 4 Discuss bipolar disorder and depressive disorders including persistent depressive disorder major depression bipolar disorder hypomania mania and premenstrual dysphonic disorder Include symptoms presented and epidemiology of occurrence ADJUSMENT DISORDERS The development of emotional on behavioral symptoms in reasons to an identifiable stressors occurring within 3 months of onset of the stressors These symptoms or behaviors are clinically significant as followed by one or both of the following 1 Marked distress that is out of portion to the severity or intensity of the stressor 2 Significant impairment in social occupational or other important areas of functioning Diagnosed equally in males and females More likely in to occur in individual with a parent who has a psychiatry disorder 79 o of population PERSISTENT DEPRESSIVE DISORDER DYSTHYMIA A Depressed for most of the day for more days than not B Presence while depressed of two or more of the following 1 Poor appetite or overeating 2 Insomnia or hypersomnia Insomnia too little sleep need 90 minutes of sleep but if awaken before 90 mins every time than an individual will start to have delusions Hypersomnia too much sleep leads to depression Low energy or fatigues low self esteem poor concentration or difficulty making decisions feelings of hopelessness Diagnosed more in females than males 23 of people who are being treated are FEMALES Risk Factors Married women get depressed and single men a 9 9 quot risky thing for woman to do is get married and for men to stay single BIPOLAR DISORDER Components of bipolar disorders Manic depression gt old name for bipolar People go from manic to panic episodes MANIC EPISODES A distinct period of abnormally and persistently evaluated expansive or irritable mood Lasting at least a week Must have at least 3 of the following 1 Initiated sef esteem or grandiosity 2 Decreased need for sleep feel rested only after 3 hours of sleep 3 More talkative than usual or feels pressure to keep talking 4 Flight of ideas racing thoughts go from one topic to another without stopping 5 Easily distracted gt being even on goal orientated mission and still gets distracted 6 Increase in goal directed activity they feel like they are on a missions at work school or sexually 7 Excessive involvement in activities are high potential for painful consequences Ex engaging in unrestrained buying spree or foolish business investment or sexual indication Severe enough to cause hospitalization or to cause marked impairment or social occupational functioning HYPOMANIC EPISODES Same symptoms has manic episodes but less severe may last for only 4 days Less persistent symptoms MAJOR DEPRESSIVE DISORDER Diagnose criteria 2 week period of symptoms seems depressed mood loss of interest in activities or pleasure gt Anhedonia gets no pleasure from good activities The symptoms cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social occupation or other areas of functioning 1 Depressed mood most of the day nearly every day 2 Diminished interest or pleasure in all or almost all activities 3 Significant weight loss or weight gain Marazmus listed on cause of death for kids who do not eat Death by no pleasure in eating In adults this is called cachexia 4 Insomnia or hypersomnia not capable of sleep or hypersomnia sleeping too much 5 Psychomotor agitation or retardation nearly every day feeling restlessness being slowed Fatigue or loss energy nearly every day Feelings of worthlessness or excessive or inappropriate g which may be delusions Occurs nearly every day 39 8 Diminished ability to think and concentrate 9 Reoccurring thoughts of deaths Whishing never were woken up was never born Note they don t have a plan they don t try it because they are depressed no energy just don39t if accidents happens it will be fine but if doesn39t than still don t care BIPOLAR ONE DISORDER You have to meet the criteria for manic episode maybe preceded or followed by hypomanic or major depressive episodes You can have long spaces in between years BIPOLAR TWO DISORDER Hypomanic episode with a major depressive episode both occurring together PRELEUTEATPHASE DYSPHORIC Old PMS disorder Severe mood disturbance in the weak preceding enduring menses periods


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