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Week 6 Notes

by: Alyson Hankins

Week 6 Notes Classical Mythology

Alyson Hankins
Greek Mythology

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About this Document

Greek Mythology
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This 10 page Bundle was uploaded by Alyson Hankins on Friday October 2, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Classical Mythology at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Greek Mythology in Classical Mythology at University of Missouri - Columbia.

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Date Created: 10/02/15
Wednesday September 30 2015 Athena The birth of Athena Zeus swallows Metis goddess of wisdom Athena born fully armed from Zeus head She is Zeus favorite child 4 characteristics of Athena Wisdom Owl Athens Virginity A virgin goddess et Artemis Battle prowess Strategy and discipline vs Ares bloodlust Protector of many heroes Patron of civilized crafts and skills Weaving construction of ships and chariots Even scientific advancement She inspires these talents in others A goddess of civilization Primarily worshipped in cities as guardian deity Contrast with Artemis 2 gifts Olive tree Weaving Two titles Homeric Hymn 28 Glaukopis Wednesday September 30 2015 greyeyed owleyed Pallas virgin wielder of weapons Appearance Typically armed and wearing the aegis Sometimes accompanied by Nike winged goddess of victory The aegis Given to Athena by Zeus A kind of breastplate war crop top Inspires fear to her enemies Snakes Gorgon head Gorgon 3 Monstrous female creatures 1 is mortal Medusa Snakes for hair Tusks Big sharp glaring eyes Tongue that sticks out Medusa the Gorgon One time lover of Poseidon At one time Medusa was beautiful Anyone who looked directly at her turned to stone Wednesday September 30 2015 Nike goddess of victory Athena and Zeus shown holding Nike in their hands Literally holding victory in their hand Athena and Athens The contest with Poseidon The Parthenon Athena s contest with Poseidon Argument between Athena and Poseidon who will found the first city in Attica Zeus judge of their gifts to the city Poseidon saltwater spring Athena the olive tree Athena is victorious names the city Athens after herself Athena s olive Vital Greek crop Can be grown anywhere The wonders of the olive Food olives Profit olive oil Cooking Perfume base Athletics Prize Covered nude bodies with olive oil Bathing The Parthenon in Athens Temple dedicated to Athena in Athens Wednesday September 30 2015 The Parthenon Athena s temple Located on the Acropolis highest place in the city Named forAthena Parthenos Athena the virgin Built in the 5th century BC in the aftermath of the Greek victory of the Persians Athenians played a leading part The Persian Empire 500 BC The Acropolis The Parthenon Originally painted Pediments of the Parthenon East pediment Birth of Athena West pediment Athena s contest with Poseidon Nashville TN Parthenon Lifesize replica of the parthenon Accurate within 3 millimeters Walk around and go inside Statue of Athena inside made out of gold and ivory Athena and Arachne Arachne A master weaver Arachne arrogantly refuses to acknowledge Athena as the source of her skill Athena appears in disguise to warn her but Arachne persists Child you really should credit Athena with your extraordinary skill Wednesday September 30 2015 No I owe Athena nothing Let Athena come down and compete against me Athena vs Arachne Weaveoff Athena s tapestry Contest with Poseidon Fates of presumptuous mortals death Olive border Araohne s tapestry Gods affairs with mortal women Athena s tapestry is not Clearly better so Athena transforms Arachne into a spider Athena breaks the loom and starts attacking Arachne Stubborn girl keep on living but hang Arachne Arachnid Artemis Outline Artemis Diana Nature and appearance Three myths Niobe Actaion Atalante Meleagros and the boar hunt Artemis Nature and appearance Associated with the wild and the untamed Forest uncultivated meadows mountains etc Wild animals Goddess of the countryside NOT CITY Hun ng Bow archery Potnia Theron ruler of the beasts Both slayer and defender Protector of the young Artemis Kourotrophos nurturer of the young Virginity weddings childbirth Ex Katniss Everdeen Virgin goddess Attendants are virgins too Goddess of the moon Monday September 28 2015 Monday September 28 2015 Another moon goddess Selene Apollo sun Artemis moon Often shown with a crescent shape aboveon her head Severe and quicktempered like Apollo Three myths 1 Niobe Hyginus 9 Queen of Thebes Niobe s children Queen Niobe of Thebes has 7 sons and 7 daughters Beautiful healthy virtuous children proud mom Niobe mocks Leto for having only 2 children and that the women should be worshiping her because she has 14 fabulous children Leto tells Artemis and Apollo about what Niobe s said and asks what they are going to do about it Artemis and Apollo attack Apollo kills all Niobe s sons Artemis spares 1 daughter Niobe turns to stone Niobe leaves and wanders East and grief overcomes her completely Niobe s tears flowing spring on Mt Sipylus After turned to stone she still weeps Real stone sculpture that looks a lot like a woman sitting in grief with a natural spring that runs down it Three myths 2 Actaion Apollodorus M3 amp Hyginus 180 Actaion Hunter Monday September 28 2015 Raised by Cheiron the Centaur Half manhalf horse Top half man bottom half horse Love drinking chaos violence stealing women from weddings Cheiron is different Wise kind trainer of heroes Actaion Asclepius Achilles and others Actaion goes hunting on Mt Cithairon Not far from Thebes At midday Actaion calls a halt to the hunt Him and his faithful dogs are hot and need to rest Actaion comes upon Artemis bathing nude while looking for water Either Innocent victim Apollodorus M3 Standard version Wants to rape Artemis Hyginus 180 Artemis turns Actaion into a deer Sends his own pack of hunting dogs after him Tries to call out to his dogs by name but nothing happens Actaion is killed by his own hunting dogs Myth 3 Boar Hunt Abandoned by her parents right when she was born Her father wanted a son not a daughter Monday September 28 2015 Took her to the woods to abandon her Nursed by a momma bear whose cubs just got killed by a hunter Rescued and raised by hunters who named her Beautiful swift and fearsome emulates Artemis Virgin shuns men Dwells in a cave An alternate tradition Atalante not abandoned by her parents Atalante s father arranges a competition for his daughter s hand in marriage Any man who beats her in a foot race can marry her The man can get a head start Atalante can be armed spear If she catches the man he will be killed She kills men during the race many times The race is on Hippomenes decides to compete He asks for Aphrodite39s help Aphrodite gives Hippomenes golden apples Hippomenes outruns Atalante He drops golden apples behind him Atalante can t resist picking them up Meleagros King and queen of Calydon Oineus Althaia a son Meleagros The Fates visit the parents and say that Meleagros will die when a particular log is burned up Althaia hides that log in a chest Monday September 28 2015 One year Oineus forgets to include Artemis in a harvest sacrifice Artemis sends a huge boar to devastate the countryside around Calydon Calydonian boar hunt Meleagros Atalante and many other heroes Meleagros falls instantly in love with Atalante On the hunt Atalante strikes first blow and Meleagros strikes the killing blow Meleagros gives Atalante the dead boar as a gift Afamily dispute Meleagros uncles are upset at the gift to Atalante Meleagros mother s brothers Meleagros defends Atalante and he kills his uncles A bitter Althaia gets revenge Takes the log out of the chest and throws it in the fire Death of Meleagros Recalling decree of the Fates Althaia puts the log into the fire Artemis 3 myths Niobe divine vengeance slaying of innocent children Actaion divine vengeance slaying of innocent or guilty Actaion AtalanteMeleagros instigator after divine honors ignored


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