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PSY 234, Week 4/5 Notes

by: Razan Alkhazaleh

PSY 234, Week 4/5 Notes PSY 234

Marketplace > Pace University > Psychlogy > PSY 234 > PSY 234 Week 4 5 Notes
Razan Alkhazaleh
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

Human Sexual Behavior
Psychology, Biology, Human Sexual behavior
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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Razan Alkhazaleh on Saturday March 19, 2016. The Bundle belongs to PSY 234 at Pace University taught by Pointek in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Human Sexual Behavior in Psychlogy at Pace University.

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Date Created: 03/19/16
Research in Sexuality • Richard Von Ebing: Psychopathia Sexualis (1886) • in that time, religion was the tenant of what was considered normal/abnormal in sex • how to measure whats normal/abnormal/pedophilia,etc: personal beliefs, preferences, culture, religion, • Freud: (1900’s)— sexual energy (libido) • Ellis: (1925~)— • challenged the idea that masturbation was abnormal first person ever to document that woman actually have sexual desires that equal to men • • first to present that homosexuals were born that way— not made • Alfred Kinsey: (1894-1956) before sexual revolution, was a taxonomist • theorized that human sexuality has variations, just like animal sexuality • two reports: behavior of the human male/behavior of the human female (the kinsey reports) • masturbation is harmless, and not substitute for intercourse • whats normal and abnormal is meaningless • normalized/reintroduced female sexuality • Masters and Johnsons: (1966)— • difference between vaginal/clitoral orgasm (same physiological response) • legitimized female masturbation helped those with difficulty performing sexual acts • Forms of study’s: • Survey— questions/answers • Correlation— two things and how they relate • Case Study • Observation/naturalistic • Experimental method— cause/effect relationship, able to replicate/change Sexual Disfunctions • biological/physiologically not working fixed through pills, surgery • • Men: occurs normally around the excitement stage (ex. erectile dysfunction— inability to have or maintain an erection due to some physiological problem) • premature ejaculation: with minimal stimulation the inability to control to delay ejaculation (based on health issue) • inhibited ejaculation: able to have/maintain erection but doesn't ejaculate/orgasm (most of the time it’s physical— dysfunction— but could possibly be a disorder) Sexual Disorders • psychological/mental • fixed through therapy, possibly medication Men: erectile dysfunction due to stress— ex. performance anxiety • • premature ejaculation (performance/anxiety issue) Female: most issues are around the orgasm phase • orgasm isn’t needed for females in reproduction • mosr female issues are psychological • dyspareunia: painful intercourse (if tampons/fingers don't hurt, and only a penis does then it’s a disorder not a dysfunction) • vaginismus: spasmatic contractions of the vaginal opening— prevents anything from entering the vaginal canal (most of the time it’s psychological) • anorgasmic: disorder— Sexual Aversion Disorder: phobic response to sexuality/sexual activity (purely psychological) P LI SS IT Permission to engage in Limited Information Specific Suggestions— Intensive Therapy— if sexual activity —you need to inform/ homework, techniques needed. educate about sexual activity ___________________________________________________________________________ • Developing children become more curious (new studies suggest that there are gender dysphoria/sexual identity issues • Nudity: (family culture)— ex. running around naked at 2 years is funny, and 10 its an issue • Pre-puberty you wont be able to tell the difference if boy or female (based on body image, not genitalia or internal image) • “Good touch/bad touch”: taught at home, socially or in school • Puberty hits around 100lbs • Physically: • primary sexual characteristics: genitalia • secondary sexual characteristics: • male: penis/testes— testes begin to make testosterone, and then sperm is produced • testosterone produces muscle mass, body/facial hair • adams apple enlarges, voice deepens • growth spurt (at least 1ft) • female: vulva— ovaries produce estrogen • develop pelvic width, and bust width • ovulation begins and first period comes 14 days later • body hair, no growth spurt • Parental Influence: religion, culture, person experience, sex ed • Peer Influence: sex ed, peer pressure, personal experience • Media: music, TV, radio • Adulthood: (about 25yrs) • questioning/establishing sexual orientation • begin to integrate love and sex • increasing intimacy and commitment • increase in safe sex, and reduction in STI’s • Later Life (65+ yrs) • sexual activity only decreases in frequency, not in desire as you get older • menopause: usually 50-60yrs (female)— stop menstruating • hot flashes: spikes in estrogen • lower bone density, lack of vaginal lubrication, skin thinning (vaginal canal also thins)— due to lack of estrogen • could take estrogen or progesterone replacement (hormone manipulation)— increases dementia, ovarian/cervical/breast cancer— only thing is helps is bone density • no biological changes in later life for males (though testosterone levels could drop) • social changes: loss of partner


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