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Entire Unit 2 Notes

by: Jessica Niswonger

Entire Unit 2 Notes BI381

Jessica Niswonger
GPA 3.5
Molecular Genetics
Dr. Rebeccah Kurzhals

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About this Document

This is the entire second unit of notes. It has things said in class, written on the board, and powerpoints that went along with the lecture.
Molecular Genetics
Dr. Rebeccah Kurzhals
75 ?




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This 27 page Bundle was uploaded by Jessica Niswonger on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Bundle belongs to BI381 at Southeast Missouri State University taught by Dr. Rebeccah Kurzhals in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 111 views. For similar materials see Molecular Genetics in Biology at Southeast Missouri State University.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
quotIflh Kquot mainly Xquot nbwwed taug mcuvdVwpm Hid Study Gurd u trample 0055 a blank mnuw in a whim mum39s Pragen have bl I f V 7M vur r l f quot LA f r If 2 1 LUVVW Hr J L quotI l Jt l AW v m ilkl r k i 639 L K r Ill r 7 Q a l r m 391 aw Wm L r 7 70 divide by the same number make sure you don t Scanned by CamScanner 9 16 dogma 2 r 7 u 39 in if rigid Ll x l swag DEGREES OF FREEDOM at Pl Dhahility p a s W 7 r a a p r 39 1 1 2 3 4 5 005 7 384 599 782 949 111 Key value is 005 statistically significant Compare calculated X2 to chart 384 384 is cutoff Since x2 is smaller than chart x2 data is consistent with null hypothesis Will be given chart in exam the the h allele have a hairyquot phenotype h is the wild type Ex Fruit flies that are homozygous for allele and produces normal bristles Flies that are homozygous for the e allele have an ebony body e is the wild type allele and produces a normal body color A true breeding hairy male is crossed to a true breeding ebony female All of the progeny are wildtype normal bristles and normal body color A female from the F1 from the cross above is crossed to a true breeding hairy ebony male The results of the progeny are listed below hairy amp wild type body color 290 wild type bristles amp ebony body 280 hairy bristles 8 ebony body 210 wild type bristles 18 body color 220 Ho We should see a 1111 ratio because we are examining 2 independently asserting genes and are testcrossing a double heterozygote Perform a chi square analysis to test this Scanned by CamScanner Shivb n A 59 L 11mg quotIL quot1 O 1 5390 lO 130 19a J LNG gskkawd ES 4m mg C9 rxo 539 0 3 hax v 1 SL F nOu r 439 N f M 1 ha ebmt Wipcl jgm Gt Ouirxj boyxuk k 1 1 m 22 kain v q jg xd lt1 K 64 l 7 r dI e aquot lbw La 42 WLL Id quot39 52 IAOLJ L5 L U i he Irv lt9 EL 0 On L5 1 O I f m39 J 39 bo tj 1 7J0 w 3 mazci 4W HO L bk quot quotquotIiw l 1 39 Hquot 39 quot H E fu l quotr v 39 5 A w LJ r a r I I L I 539 hi on gt I L P i r laugh 139 1 A I quot39 Scanned by CamScanner 916 ent ucncics are less than 50 per For linked genes recombinant freq Testcross progeny F r E ff I F W i f i i39a m 3 arr0 1801104120 fIDOO H C C W H 42 w E a Recombinant are also reciprocal Scanned by CamScanner 4315 3 point crosses Fquot quotin 39rr n r 539 J I Ta 3 if fl uQt3 2lfquot3 nquot 3 hm H g run th fm tL LivkJf Q r r 0 Q 4 b r C m f w Udr 39 hi 9 L0G 6B k4 rcijjcbt 2 C5 m P D39lj v9 ij ngi L4 900 0 gemarcn if has quot1 if a j i J j bambla Lm agodt 5 M J km we u HEW a39i r rl 395 473 afarw 7 I A W quotV Scanned by CamScanner 4 FUN II M wast 3 a L W 1 if a 1x hi 4 b r r r 1quot p 1 4quot iii Hquot 39i 37 1 JD 7 1x013 quot39emmb lamme EQLM H 7 A Scanned by CamScanner Scanned by CamScanner 92115 3 o39n c055 A A M Zlyir esgyi Zlfl far 2 2 will M1 A 1 39u A w A A i I y H my 11 i 2 In 3 rt 0 if it 139 It 391 L1 5quot if w it 1 b quot f m M A Y3 I b I 1 13w 1 bf 3941 7q l Hi3 mir Scanned by CamScanner 5717 5 In 13 if J HUN Hungry5 F N I Hmulum E r r a yr 5 k r 339 all 1quot IN N k the MK h i kquot H lg J RBSH J S V 0 d PM l 3 H 39 x MD M u 39 0 1 l m lu gm 1 L wt w I quot a l i quotI m WNW I Lu 39 Wm H x 39 39ng 39 h a 7 Q I ank D DLLD Cilmfij qg u K h lt3 t in QVOSSKDVC quot5 xxo x s 0 J W L R l 1 7 101 1 H 3quot quot 39 m 7 c5 au Lquot K L Scanned by CamScanner tJY E 5 4quot Q n G Jitt1k C DCL g hick SJ 4 C3 1 quot39 3 U L rig LIl I l V 39 J l g Jigs 23 tquot S39i w v 1 ng M I 391m k CI w W 92 I C1 393 Lquot x hfquot 56 71 p LkP Luww b Scanned by CamScanner ti m I J a3 ii yb Ch 6 Monday bring study guide problem set Wednesday complementation Friday Ame Monday exam i h i W 3971 v F r J V 39 Scanned by CamScanner 925 o Rrx Rr M 9 w H u undo 9 O 1 I A 1 Scanned by CamScanner hum ma hm m we ulnar gunuh m 3 WP Mi Hur i Tam m m mi unjuth Mums m hu man H W V 1 VI VII r WW u39z mw m FM Wm Scanned by CamScanner 04 am 7 he Prac llhgan Malawian 7 it 7 i 39 WMWW r r Ttlnlual39 39 1 39 linjlnul murnpll n mmmgun domain L quot quot39tquot39 quot39quot Jquot Ca rumwhim minnl puppom39iu BMW vap tmquot PFDM39N Pro ar tlon ail 7 Farsiman Total Protein W3 Nurmnl Nn nnm pnlvprxn do 7 L BIB Abnormm r r Mutated M ntmad SFH Abnmmal COLJAJ polvpupmja I am Ki yquot 119 Ah n 07ml in J r 39u Jun Scanned by CamScanner t 1 925 392 L c Minx cat m tall 0 Daminant mutation MN U w 4 it V x CL Y Y l CL 1 1 I 139 391 Iran rug 1 Us 3 It 4 o mm die inutero 0 gene has to do with the spine development 25quot n f 39 er u f 39 Haw quot11441713513951 1 b V v 7 quot r 7 7 I Lgt 39E L Hh a EL4ft 1 7 F L ya 39 395 quot A 239 quot 573 x v y 1 an 39 f L1 l vquot V 39 W J H w i lm 7 39 p n n quot mi392 la i szm mun n Midquot 15H Ek l ifwd WM quot 1 31 W ii 3quotquotM5539m 7 in 217quotquot it 7 3 547 quoti 3f 1i d 11 Iquot w r 11 E SE Iii 91 9 511 M5 j 39 A v i 39 I 39 w v r I 39 I q f 3 3 mgr 5 la a Nix 1 i i 7 Scanned by CamScanner Lat A Ulenltlmm A u 39339 I 39x a it 1 3 1 1quot L It I V w h quot1 n l 7 7 7 i w quot39 39 w w u 39 39 a J a 7 H 7 W V 7 W v 7 quot77 b L 71 r v v 39 j 3 2 amh Mingam V r quot quotF jhlv H 1 quoti rhuu gulth Il iv 7 7 W I 7 A 1 I 24v quotL1 91 quot it 14 D q 1quot 1f L a 339 V yj r l f A m V w i1 7 p W 41 q A H 3qu r l a 5 I tarMAJ f M ELLA r 21 3 PW T B 1 km cw UL 39 LA H l 7 1 t 1 quotdz 8 W I WWW W Lu hd39 P r A CL wrw hgt39 W 7 R 9 an r M W MUM 15 burta r x aquot PD to nb 3 a MD I Scanned by CamScanner Scanned by CamScanner 1 7 BahLa 4539 Marv Ha CAL b may In LEAK ow LDV QSS W aubu Sof j kmampcj39 how FMS 393 ahuc ecl cat E in gm 39 TnILL Q 1 Vi u nt n TWAEr breadtij Uigw MUD 39 wrj MWquot 5 JO Wk m m 1 ShUL 7c 13 th Q 7 3 Q Show 39 qa j it d 1 f A B 39 bKual 01 I o a B 1 Wm 3 j A L 50 naaam m 3 CLGLI 913 3 big Ilka 7 l 93015 3 youtube vldeos on moddle Open lab Tuesday and Thursday from 3 7 Friday hand In homework Ask me anything Precursor enzyme ill to help with problem on study guide quot lZ 7 7 Pe Rx Pw W W CB Q WE 16015309 ONLQL Won t e asking for calculations but understand terms Scanned by CamScanner 7 I Wmns not 100 penetrance used as molecular marker gene 7 I a 39 I m quot 39 yquot a Mexican hairless dog x n Ir 939 Know a the terms in bold Scanned by CamScanner 1113 01 1 Harmphenawpmndghmmw I mnlly u DWI 7 07 SW maf 375 E1 will have to work through complementation table on exam Family A FmilyA 7 77 FamilyB Btldaaf LilTO B w o D O 0 52gt lt5 5 3673 8 Scanned by CamScanner 93015 E b aaBB 7 397 lil I I O O O amp deaf All children AaBb r 1 3 tr 1m a mutations m gene A Mutation in39Mo difr iE t ge eirrgr quotii e san phe c 391 r I r f LYquot quot quot39quotquot are homozygous recesswe four 2 different ge e QEProducen children that Ef 39 f rozfgb s39 for quot66th g e 6 5quot Mbb i mhb l7 l l amp39 deaf i O Q I 0 All children AAbe vat 39 the Sg e geue Wes fh de eipl w a rn r are homozygous reggssivemghge a 7 V I 11151 39 5 u39 j t i f renquotthat are thOZVQOUS Scanned by CamScanner 2 it 93015 An example from we development in cavcfish Restoring sight in blind cavefish Ritf u39lrj Bqu y f LFFSI E 33yquot39 this Wequot 5 me 9 Hind C B ve h dietX ai from a v eW 539 can In Mexico The expenmenters unravel same of the gcnancs behind how blindness and OthEr characteristics of blind cave sh came about Evidence indicaies mu Blind Cave sfh Can Produce Sighted N Offspring Em For N mtnad Geegraphic News Jammy S 2033 This 5 a general audience article abcut the ndings in the ggcgggg 2008 paper The article begins by staian that it39s a miracie that blind cave sh can produce sighted offspring in one generation it39s mat a miracle just genetics39 Cave sh natural history The Mexican cave sh lives in a series of unconnected cavesm Fish found in the caves have been blind for millennia 39 Cave sh can still interbreed with surface sh d er ntggn WZPOQSI r i x gin c L Scanned by CamScanner 930 15 You study eye formation using Mexican cavedwelling blind sh You know that blindness is a trait controlled by multiple genes and mhented In a recessive manner Alblincl sh from a true breeding line in one cave was crossed to a blind fish from a truebreeding line in another cavem1the mutequot 39 blindness i imeidiffwrertggnesjnlbe JETp54 w i r Lea mm 4mvte a T 5 3 quot 4 Wone of the offspringare B 25 of the offspring are blind C 50 of the offspring are blind D 75 of the offspring are blind O E All of the offspring are blind 3 Answer is A was a 33 At least 2 genes are required for eyes You study eye formation using Mexican cavedwelling blind sh You know that blindness is a trait controlled by multiple genes and inherited in a recessive manner nub eeding line bene t Ea f 1f A 397u unease i i ft39wi differ enfgenes In the twoi s v 3388 O Scanned by CamScanner L 3 NW 5 p utmmmmMINImummun Hum nave M Hum raw 2 ANN l 2mm uumliummnMIMI lmln uauul with 1 A nh 7 quotEMEJllunaJn39Ui i d39umi unu me cave 1 Hum mu 2 AMI l AMIII 1 Hum 2mmult39amm llnl Inn lullnurmnl with A Anbh Mw mpllmant different 3mm noncumplementatlon39 I Same genes A Complementatlon Table You lsuiala 3 sh Shams fmm di wvnl cave quotmum all Hm rst mu hllml necause at autosomal feceas lve nmlatlnns You mate llm Ilsh to untlwr don t warm about 5m and m If ol luwi na Hi llll t an 2 IiiParental sh 51mins flown Malian caws I 1 I2 I13 3 1 I t fsp rlnu mrmwmm i2 quot nu wnmlmnmualien hllml Nah 13 4w mnmlmnm anon 5quot can ma Fish 5traln5 I and 2 have Mint 11 In the same gene B In dl a mnl canes all o i hg m IWI39H Scanned by CamScanner 39 Howmany genes 1 2 3Parental fish strains from different caves 1 2 3 1 a j Offspring phenotypes 2 39 a no complementation blind sh 3 complementa on sh can see wk m a 7 A 139 mam iii iits e do n t 39c39o39mplem39 lht Carfdfm k 39 tsrgare accounted for 12 3 2 genes 0 Table 1 2 39 3 in separate group Let s add more sh i w it b You isolate two more blind fish strains 4 and 5 cross them to 1 2 and 3 and get the following results g1 in in 7 u 395 1 l l2 l3 u M I v 0 Groups 1 82 together 3 86 together 4 in separate group 0 Start at too and go through chart 0 Continue 1 2 4 Scanned by CamScanner 93015 D 2 Continue 12535 4 0 Therefore 12 35 4 o 3 complementation groups 0 3 different genes Complementation tests are used to determine whether two mutations that produce the same phenotype affect the same gene or different genes What if we find a new blin sh strain Sighted surface sh 1 Blind strain at Blind offepring we thequot in1 a 1 r i 49139 1 YES o 8 no r a muta on ls domtn an Scanned by CamScanner OWQNMUL LQ 5quot ng Cf a 1 b a w39i iiim n if L LCIUU L i it g39 v V HS IE r 3 hire75 n i ra Ei 39a 3a 39393 ia X 15 43 9 LA39E if TJ I 1 r quotS g ai w1 I A L3 m LE 70 ch Aquot JDCTKJF wk N Li 1 5 r1 6 n 11717 7 39vrx m f39m quotTT Vv E if ftr quotquot quot3921 Scanned by CamScanner


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