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EGGG 101 Notes

by: Marisa Pugliese

EGGG 101 Notes EGGG101011

Marisa Pugliese
Introduction to Engineering
Chajes,Michael J; Pollock,Lori; Buckley,Jennifer M

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About this Document

EGGG Notes from the beginning of the semester until today's date - October 4
Introduction to Engineering
Chajes,Michael J; Pollock,Lori; Buckley,Jennifer M
eggg101, eggg
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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Marisa Pugliese on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Bundle belongs to EGGG101011 at University of Delaware taught by Chajes,Michael J; Pollock,Lori; Buckley,Jennifer M in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Engineering in Health and Human Services at University of Delaware.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
What is engineering Engineering Characteristics The Basics Core Engineering Concepts Good Habits Design Steps of Designing Engineering Grand ChaHenges Lessons from Steve Jobs Life UserCentered Research FlyontheWall Observation Interviewing WalkaMile Immersion CLASS EGGG 101 2 3 4 TOPIC Introduction to Engineering Engineering is the application of math science social science and humanities to solve problems Be comfortable and excited about applying math and science knowledge to real world problems Be willing to test out your ideas Be creative in designing and building solutions The Design Process Technical Communication Design of Experiments Mathematical Modeling amp Estimation Set a work schedule Make use of available resources Play with others To conceive in the mind to invent something purposeful Goaloriented design Ex bicycle Processoriented design Ex Amazon warehouse Expressionoriented design Ex unique architecture De ne 0 Find the problem define the possible solutions Concept 0 Brainstorm Design 0 Develop a prototype Test 0 Proof of Concept The National Academy of Engineering s classification of society s most important and challenging problems SUSTAINABILITY the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs 0 Energy food water etc 0 Social Environment Economy 0 Cornbased ethanol 9 raises price of food SECURITY 0 Cyber security airport security HEALTHCARE enables people to live better and longer lives 0 Biomedical engineers prosthetics etc JOY OF LIVING helping people have fun Failure is necessary for success Design is a team sport Good designs integrate form and function Maintain a child s view of the world Usercentered research UCR is a set of techniques that can be used to develop empathy for your end users Empathize to share and understand the feelings of others Observe the world around you 9 Collect as much data as possible from as many different sources as possible 9 Try to make sense of it Be patient good ideas need to percolate in your brain Flyonthewall observation is watching how endusers interact with a process or product WITHOUT being obstructive Do not interact with the users and observe at different times of the day LocationDateTime Team Members Observation Interpretation Interviewing users can give you a deeper understanding of the behaviors that you observed Formulate questions beforehand based on observations Mix open and closedended questions Questions should lead to one another Be flexible to let your subject take the conversation in different directions but be prepared to refocus Consider voice recording and transcribing Ask permission and keep it brief Immerse yourself fully in the enduser experience Behave as an enduser fully engaged Record your observations and repeat at different times of the day This method is used extensively in product design particularly with vulnerable populations elderly disabled etc Project Scope Su rvey Data Analysis Graphing Background Research Professional Communication Sc0 the work that needs to be accomplished to deliver a product or service a clear concise goal a game plan Your project scope initiates your project and directs it to a defined endpoint o A good project scope is motivated and justified based on extensive UCR and other background research 0 It is sufficiently specific to initiate and conclude a project 0 It does not constrain the project team to a particular solution it is broad enough to have multiple solutions 0 It is concise and precisely worded one sentence Benchmarking make sure you re not reinventing the wheel patent searches Prior Research online database amp library searches to understand necessary background make sure the problem is worth solving The Big Picture why does it matter Our Target Users how manywhat type of people are affected Possible Interventions Surveys are carefully designed in terms of the audience response options the flow of questions anticipating the data and the phrasing of questions The phrasing and response options are designed so that it measures the underlying concept Keep it short and focused and make sure the data can be easily analyzed Unconscious bias comes from implicit assumptions 0 Cognitive shortcuts are used to evaluate things situations people and groups 0 Cognitive shortcuts allow us to process information quickly and make snap judgments o Stereotypesexpectations are used in unfamiliar situations 0 Cognitive shortcuts can lead us astray and have undesirable consequences when we lack information are distracted or are under pressure The goal is to discover information and suggest conclusions Table 9 Graph 9 Conclusion Use your data to tell a truthful story as simply as possible Plan how to analyze and represent data Good table representations title source simple rowcolumn headings cleansimple data order Numerical data values that can be measured 0 Continuous data values or observations may take on any value within a finite or infinite interval 0 Discrete data values or observations that are counted as distinct and separate and can only take particular values Categorical data values or observations can be sorted into groups 0 Ordinal data categorical data that can be ranked 0 Nominal data categorical data that act like labels Independent x axis Dependent y axis Bar graph display and compare the numbers frequencies or other measures for different discrete groups Pie chart use for population if each person is only in exactly one group Line graph shows data over time easier to see trends Background research involves digging deeply into primary sources of information for your engineering problem Primary sources quotThe Literature academic article wellregarded popular press published books technical manuals and trade Standards patents or OpenSource Technical Info Why conduct background research 0 Better motivate your engineering project 0 Make sure you re not reinventing the wheel 0 Understand eventual solutions Databases exist to locate academic articles in almost every discipline Ex web of science Google scholar The 4paragraph essay 4 PE 0 Paragraph 1 What s the big picture issue here 0 Paragraph 2 How has this issue been addressed thus far previous solutions 0 Paragraph 3 What s left to address the gap 0 Paragraph 4 What novel solution are you proposing Project Scope 4 PE with UCR Design Report 4 PE with Hypothesis Academic Article Plan your communication and be brief Use professional directed language Be firm but calm during conflict Remember that it s always quoton the record Save and organize records of important communications email will be your primary medium of communication Introduce yourself be clearbrief use proper titles and do not ask for things you can find through other resources Inperson meetings should be planned facilitated and followedup Before the meeting announce the datetimelocationtopic decide who s facilitating and create an agenda Always take notes and keep on time After email minutes When meeting someone introduce yourself wait for them and listen to them and shake their hand Professional brands summarizes your attributes should be consistent Resume Joy of Living Resume summary of your experience and potential Name contact info education work experience technical skills Course work honorsawards Do not include irrelevant personal information sex religion birth date photograph or references Do not put anything in there that you cannot defend Reverse chronological order The engineering grand challenge ofjoy of living is about facilitating leisure End user wants comfort convenience low cost accessibility appeal Unintended consequences unsafe unhealthy wasteful expensive restrictive distasteful Social media may cause ADHDlike symptoms or exaggerate the effects of ADH D Technology can be used to mitigate consequences of other technology A benchmark is an existing design that addresses a similar problem


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