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Interpersonal Communications Lecture Notes

by: Kaitlyn Kirkhart

Interpersonal Communications Lecture Notes 2315

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Kaitlyn Kirkhart
Texas State
GPA 3.3
Interpersonal Communication
Dr. Leblanc

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About this Document

I took these notes in Dr. Leblanc's class a few years ago. These notes really helped me study for the exams and I hope they can help you too!
Interpersonal Communication
Dr. Leblanc
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This 84 page Bundle was uploaded by Kaitlyn Kirkhart on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Bundle belongs to 2315 at Texas State University taught by Dr. Leblanc in Fall 2013. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Interpersonal Communication in Language at Texas State University.


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Date Created: 10/04/15
Intercultural Comm 3329 Test 1 05162015 January 22 2015 Study for quizzes Lizzardpointcom Chapter 1 How Do We Understand Culture 0 Ex McDonald s Starbucks 0 Basically every where across the world 0 Not in North Korea of course 0 People determining in their country Globalization Involves the Movement of 0 Capital 0 Exports from other countries Ex Gas 0 Labor 0 Foreign labor 0 People 0 Data 0 Communication is fast because of technology What Makes Globalization Work 0 Transportation 0 Ex Planes Communication 0 Technology 0 Diversity Economicinterconnection Environmental impacts 0 Ex The oods in Pakistan loss in cotton 0 Ex Air quality January 27 2015 What is culture 0 The customs arts social institutions and achievements of a particular nation people or other social group Culture Requires 1 A community or population large enough to be selfsustaining 2 The process for social transmission of these thoughts and behaviors over the course of generations Culture Includes 1 Traditions customs ritual norms beliefs values and ways of thinking passed down from generation to generation 2 It is expressed in myths heroes symbols ways of communication language and gestures economic systems food clothes and more 0 Ex Women might dress more covered up compared to our culture 0 Ex Shoes are very different Culture is 0 Ex Uncle Sam 0 Ex Cowboys o ExThanksgiving 0 Ex Marriage 0 Ex 0 Ex Funeralsdeath Church o Something that you think is right and wrong 0 Ex 0 Ex 0 Ex 0 Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Educann Mar age FuneraUdeath FanMy Fire ghters and police of cers Athletes Movies stars Military Cowboys Martin Luther King Jr George Washington chopping down the cherry tree Santa 0 Ex Cowboys January 29 2015 Subculture o A culture within a culture Exists within dominant cultures often based on economic or social class ethnicity race or geographic region 0 Ex How are you socially rich You re born into it o A white male will makes the most money o In the US many groups in uence identify distinctive values norms and rules for behavior 0 Ex You might have to use certain vocab around certain people Subgroup Exist within a dominate culture 0 One important subgroup category is occupation 0 Ex Dr Cornett doesn t want to be considered a teacher He wants to have fun He doesn t want to be known as someone that does research all the time or goes to the library 0 Large organizations in which most people dress alike share a common vocabulary and similar values 0 Ex Nurses doctors police officers and employees of large organizations such as Google Microsoft Apple 0 Studentsteachers military religion Culture Shock Feelings of disorientation and anxiety that many people experience while living in a foreign country 0 Awareness that your basic assumptions about how you would normally live is not a normal way of functioning Symptoms o Vary intensity duration and severity among individuals 0 Both physical and psychological symptoms 0 Ex Insomnia fatigue gastric distress concern about cleanliness of your food how the taste of the water is worry about your health and safety where can you go and it be ok isolation loneliness disorientation and frustration Stages of Culture Shock 0 Dr Cornett will ask which one of these is right Answer either one u It s not supported by scienti c data lstThe Honey Moon Stage initial stage where everything is new and interesting 2nCI Irrigation Stage and hostility focus is on the differences between the home culture and the new culture 0 Ex Driving 0 Ex Old lady hitting Dr Cornet s grocery cart so that she can go rst if they weren t in a hurry 3rCI Reintegration of new cues and increased ability to function in the new culture 0 Ex Asking for a price to be lowered 4th Gradual Adjustment becoming more comfortable into the new culture 0 5th Adaptionbiculturalism developing the ability to function in both cultures February 3 2015 Communication Behavior is Learned mostly Biology 0 Ex Some people are born shy and some people are born extraverted Culture 0 Ex Eye contact is considered good in America because it shows that you re paying attention 0 Language 0 We learned language because of our culture 0 Nonverbal Fund of knowledge the rule book What is Culture for Teaches people how to adapt to their environment 0 quotCulture makes all things easyquot Fuler Culture helps us understand our world 0 Blueprint for dealing with it Earning a living a Ex Hoping by going to college that you will be able to earn a living and get a job that you want compared to just having a high school degree Death and illness n Ex We don t want to let people die in America Interacting with strangers n Ex Being in other parts of the country and smiling at someone like New York they might think you re crazy Finding a mate a Ex Arranged marriages Elements of Culture 0 Religion 0 History 0 Values 0 Social organizations Characteristics of Cultures Learned 0 Formal and Informal Formal Ex Table manners Informal Ex When we go out with our friends we probably don t care as much 0 Limitation Not having a parent teach you table manners o Proverbs Little sayings Ex quotEarly to bed early to risequot 0 Folktales legends myths Myth Ex Did George Washington cut down the cherry tree 0 Art 0 Mass media A lot of different cultures know about America by watching our media Communication has consequences 0 quotAll our message do something to someone else as well as to us Berko You are changing people and people are changed by you Intercultural Ethics 0 Respect 0 Respect people even if they are different than you Accurate description 0 Encourage uniqueness ldenU cann 0 You can persuade if you can identify Ex Super Bowl commercial that talks about little accidents happening and killing the kid speaking not the best audience to show that commercial to o The Environment 0 Rachel Carson 1962 and unintended consequences 0 In China people can t go outside without masks and can t even see the sun very much because the pollution is so bad 0 American puts waste on a boat and drops them off at a different countries Intercultural Comm Skills 0 1 Personality strength 0 Selfawareness If you have some doubt it s going to make it really hard dealing with people who are very different than you 0 2 Communication skills 0 Behavioral exibility Ex Dr Cornett s grandson has extreme tones to his voice either too loud or too soft Ex What you wear If you re a tourist you re going to wear what you have n Ex Dr Cornett s friend wearing baseball cap in Rome It s just uncommon there and people immediately knew he was an American o 3 Psychological adjustment 0 Ability to acclimate Try new things Ex Different foods Ex Asking for a menu in English and having foods with less spice Thankfully the natives understand 0 4 Cultural awareness 0 Value that other culture Don t do everything the way you would do it 0 Looking around and seeing the different cultures and being aware of it Reverse Culture Shock 0 Some People have a harder time coming back to their own culture Occurs upon returned to the home country 0 May cause greater distress and confusion than the rst cultural shock To Deal with Culture Shock 0 1 Learn the Language 0 Conversational taboos Ex In America people nd it rude to ask how much money you make ask your opinion about politics and your religion 0 2 Guard again ethnocentrism 0 Your culture is the only one that there is 0 3 Learn about the culture Ethical Considerations Rightness or wrongs Fundamentalism 0 Absolute Ex You should be able to nd the person who you want to marry Relativism o Culturebound Ex We have not found that is right for a woman who has committed adultery to be stoned to death Remember 0 Communication has consequences 0 Show respect 0 Search for commonalities Respect differences 0 Accept responsibilities for your actions 0 We are unique there is more than one culture out there February 52015 Confucian Perspective 0 An ethicalmoral system intended to govern all relationships 0 Family community and state 0 Emphasizes virtue sel essness duty patriotism hard work and respect for hierarchy 0 Ex Calling your dad by his rst name 0 Ex Dr Cornett called his priest at the Catholic College he worked at 39Larry and not Father Societies strongly in uenced by Confucianism are China Korea Taiwan Singapore and Japan In uence of Confucianism on Interpersonal Relationship 0 1 Particularism there is no universal pattern of rules governing relationships status is key 0 Ex Doctors politicians lawyers college professors 0 Ex Finding out where people are from to see how much money they maybe make 0 2 Role of Intermediaries use of third parties to avoid direct confrontations and resolve disputes 3 Reciprocity gratitude and indebtedness 0 Ex Everyone keeps note of who did favors for them and they help each other out o 4 lngroupoutgroup distinction difficult to develop personal relationships with out group members 0 5 Overlap of personal and public relationships Barriers to Intercultural Comm Stereotypes Categorization that affects behavior 0 Ex Girl that sat next to Dr Cornett on the bus that and thought he looked nice so she asked him about some directions Preiudice ridged and irrational generalizations about a category of people 0 Deeply held negative feelings anger fear aversion anxiety Race 0 Race a sociohistorical concept 0 quotSocial contractquot 0 Similarity of decent o Stereotyping Race is matter of identity 0 White privilege Biological de nition 0 External psychical traits 0 Characteristics such as Skin color Hair texture 0 These are due to climate and diet 0 There is not single racede ning gene Racism Belief in the inherent superiority of a particular race used as a justi cation for mistreatment of others 0 Ex Maya Angelou How should we even think about race 0 Biological 0 Physiological 0 Ex Dr Cornett brought a girl friend home to his parents and why he told them she was Jewish his mother said quotShe doesn t lookJewishquot o Stereotypes 0 Ex How a certain race talkssounds 0 Ex A guy used different accent while talking on the phone and people treated him differently Ancestry 0 Ex Thinking you re African and nding out your ancestors came from Asia Ethnicity Sociohistorical 0 Selfidenti cation o What you decide what you are Five Distinct Races 0 German Anthropologist Fredric Blumenbach late 1700 s 0 Mongolian quotyellow racequot Red American race Brown Malayan race Black Ethiopian race White Caucasian race Loving vs Virginia 1967 o The Loving s got married Black and white couple When to the Supreme Court because the government didn t think it was ok that they were married They won the case Barriers to Intercultural Comm OOOO 0 Hate speech speech intended to degrade intimidate or incite violence or prejudicial action against someone based on their race ethnicity national origin religion sexual orientation or disability 0 Othering People are other than us 0 The dilemma 0 Ex They don t act like us dress like us talk like us etc February 10 2015 Chapter 4 Family Lesson Plan Culture 0 Ex We all drink to live but we drink from quotdifferent cupsquot 0 What do we at least the authors of our text mean by the quotdeep structures of culture 0 We see the world threw a lot of different cultures Messages form your culture Especially family state religion 0 Messages that matter most 0 Messages that endure 0 Ex Interracial marriage and samesex marriage 0 It s hard to change an attitude when you have known this message for so long 0 The Bible says that when children know the path that they are taught It s because it was something that was there early in their lives 0 Messages that are deeply felt Message that provide identity 0 Ex Being a Texan 0 Ex Being an American 0 Ex Being whatever race you are 0 Ex Being Christian The Deep Structure the core of Culture 0 God and man 0 You grow up thinking about that relationship 0 Individuals and the group 0 The citizen and the state 0 What are your rights as a citizen Ex Right to vote Ex Right to bare arms 0 Parents and children 0 Varies within different cultures 0 Ex Strict hierarchy where children did what they said 0 Ex Democracy that children vote what they do 0 Ex Dr Cornett s grandson used to interrupt someone on the phone and they had to teach him that he can t do that Husband and wife 0 Rights and responsibilities 0 Liberty and authority 0 Equality and hierarchy 0 Ex Arranged marriages they set up people in the same class 0 Ex Dr Cornett s mother came from money and good experiences and his father came from a lower middle class This was a clash between families The Family 0 Most basic unit Requires a broad de nition Page 64 0 Nuclear Parents and their biological children as a basic unit 0 Extended 0 American variations 0 Ex Blended families because parents get married multiple sides 0 Interracial 0 Black men are more likely to marry a different race This makes black women upset o More likely to end in divorce 0 Looking at the US map majority of states have approved samesex marriage The divorce rates with samesex marriages are about the same a Lesbians are more likely to get divorced though Globalization 0 How has it changed families 0 REVIEW Two quick and easy ways to remember this Some form of capitalism free market Some form of individual participation democracy 0 1 Mass media Can Muslim cultures resist the tide of change How are American families affected by mass media a Ex Television was their babysitter This might have led to less interpersonal engagement n Ex The TV show quotRight Off the Boatquot 0 Looks like a very offensive show 0 Apparently Asians are the last group for people to make fun of o 2 Migration Functions of Families 0 The most important function is 0 Economic function 0 What happens when you get too old to work in most cultures your family takes care of them Not so much in America Socialization Function 0 One of the reason you have play dates 0 Teaches you how to related to the culture 0 Identity function 0 Every child has a right to a name USA didn t do this In Why We re afraid the UN s going to come in and tell us what to do We don t want children to we working as a 8yearold Families are all different 0 Cultural institutions are linked 0 Family 0 State 0 Religion 0 Family values vary widely 0 Ex Dr Cornett s student that wasn t dating a Greek guy so her parents might have with drawn her from college 0 Family interaction affect all interactions 0 The things about you that are unique and that you family can be proud of Family and Cultural Rituals Dailv Rituals like what you did before school when growing up at dinnertime etc 0 Ex Dad making you a bagel every morning 0 Weekly Rituals visits to Grandparents church etc 0 Ex Dr Cornett s family made hamburgers every Saturday night 0 Seasonal Rituals holidays end of school year etc 0 Ex Vacations when parents get extra money Major event rituals marriages births deaths graduations etc Gender Differences Biology or Culture Most truckers are male most nurses female 13 of engineers are women Most cooks are women most chefs are male The primary caregivers of children are women Men make more money than women for the same job Women are prone to passive expressive actions Men are prone to aggressive inexpressive actions of domestic violence Biology Genetic differences Hormonal differences Genital differences Reproductive differences Musculature Brain function Style Affection Culture Value placed on gender Patriarchy 0 Ex In some cultures the men in the family inherit the money not the men 0 Social Learning Theory 0 Approved behavior rewarded o Disapproved behavior extinguish 0 Differential Socialization 0 Parents 0 Siblings 0 Peers 0 Media February 12 2015 Chapter 4 Importance of History Some Talking Points 0 History is part of culture39s deep structure 0 Understand history to understand values 0 History provides identity History and deep structures US Anything is possible Ex We all have our own names Ex What we wear History includes Geography Immigration 0 This his a country of immigrants Government Sense of Community Historical Heroes Myths Ritual Symbols 0 Goals Expectations An Insight to culture 0 Manifest Destiny 0 Cowboys 0 They were such a big in uence because they were so brave to be out on the open plans and defending themselves against the Native Americans etc 0 As Texans we re supposedly good at riding houses Individuality o In our country we recolonize individuals for what they do We want the credibility and publicity Voluntarism 0 Very common in America Wars and Military presence around the world 0 The US has 144 military bases around the world 0 Change progress February 17 2015 For this next test you will only be asked about Japan UK and America Russian History 0 Geography Very critical in uence in Russia And also in US 0 quotNational Paranoiaquot Due to the geography Largest country in the world Russia has been invaded by everyone because it s so huge o Tsars look this up A more democratic union They think there ought to be a strong leader but there s not 0 27 million people How many Russians died in the WWII A lot were civilians and were killed by Germans and Stalin himself 0 Fatalism quotWhat will be will bequot quotThat s the way things arequot 0 Democracy vs Authoritarianism Russia clams to be Democratic but they are far more Authoritarian O 0 Arts Ballet artists musicians This has been an escape to Russia Sports the hockey team that went up against the US years ago teammates were also apart of the army Social Issues in Russia Widespread official corruption 0 The government is the thing that is mostly corrupt o Declining population affecting productivity due to 0 Falling birthrate o Rising mortality level 0 Poor health practices 0 Increasing nationalism o What it really means to be a Russian and quotthese countries do belong to us we re just taking back what belongs to us alreadyquot 0 Vodka o 25 of the men who die under the age of 55 due to alcoholism and along with that they buy vodka because it s cheep Japanese History 0 Geography 70 4 o 70popuation o 4and area to put these people 0 We as Americans like space Japnese have to get used to living in a small amount of space all the time Confucianism and Buddhism 0 Confucianism not really a religion but more so a mindset Tokugawa historical legacy 1600 s 0 Feudalism There is a right way to eat talk be around people and even think 0 Stick codes of behavior 0 Loyalty o Collectivism Being apart of something 0 Military expansion amp WWII 0 Trying to step it up like the US Paci sm 0 quotWe re not going to get to involvedquot when talking about the military Doesn t really use it but they re trained Demographics Social Issues in Japan 0 Highest percentage of elderly in the world 0 Rising marriage age falling birthrate 0 As people get married later they want to have less kids 0 Problem with immigration 0 95 of people in Japan are Japanese 0 5 are mostly Korean and they both don t want to be there or are unwanted there They never really feel accepted 0 One of the most homogenous countries in the world 0 This makes a need for more work people to come from different countries but they also won t accept them 0 Difficulty with change risk aversion February 24 2015 Danish Cartoons Origins September 17 2005 JyllandsPosten published an article quotA Profound Fear of Criticizing Islamquot 0 Cultural Editor Fleming Rose invited 40 artists to draw Mohammed as they envisioned him 0 It s considered blasmuous to draw Mohammed They received 25 and 12 cartoons Early Response 0 Muslim groups in Denmark organize peaceful protest Two cartoonists receive death threat and go into hiding The Cartoons Go International o The Cartoons were reprinted in 0 Germany France Sweden Greece Chile Jordan Uruguay Portugal and more 0 The reprinting is what caused the controversy The Radical Muslim Response 0 quotFreedom of speech is like a plaguequot quotMuslims will never accept this kind of humiliationquot quotWe demand an apologyquot quotKill those who insulted the Prophetquot quotDeath to Americaquot What about the protest in Afghanistan 0 Some copies of the Koran were burned sort of o The incident has been used as an opportunity to protest many grievances against the US military and government 0 How does that relate to burning the US ag 0 Texas vs Johnson 1989 A man did this and got arrested The supreme court ruled it was freedom of speech March 3 2015 Chapter 5What is it about religion What s a worldview The way people interpret reality 0 Based on shared cultural assumptions of how the world works 0 Ex If you inherit a ton of money but don t invest it or keep on working you will get looked down upon 0 God nature the universe 0 Suffering death morals ethics We re not into suffering this culture a Ex That s why pain relievers are the best Worldview Questions 0 What is the purpose of life o Is it worldview by life Choice Law 0 What s the right way to live 0 Ex 16th century Japan they told you how to live eat talk etc o What are the origins of the universe and life 0 What happens when we die 0 What are the sources of knowledge 0 Ex Ask old people because they ll give you the knowledge 0 What s good and bad Right and wrong Religion is o What is the difference between religion spirituality and secularism 0 But it is so pervasive is not easily differentiated from other beliefs andin uences Religion gets quotacted outquot March 5 2015 Secularism Rejection of miracles and supernatural higher beings Set of ethical standards quotgood here and nowquot 0 Finality of death Spirituality Becoming more fashionable and trendy 0 You believe in a higher being but it doesn t have to be God Faith without a formal religion 0 You believe but you don t see the point of being with a certain religion Individual rather than collective Personalized search for purpose amp meaning Selfdiscovery choices Value silence and meditation Creative selfexpression 0 Ex Artist Simplicity Religion Explain the unexplainable Sacred writings Rituals 0 Ex Christmas Ethics 0 What s right and what s wrong Christianity Largest number of followers 22 billion lt s EVERYWHERE Growing most rapidly in Africa Latin America and Asia Many thousands of denominations 0 Ex Dr Cornett says he remembers 24 different Baptist churches when he was growing up Three main branches 1 Roman Catholicism 2 Eastern Orthodox 3 Presbyterian Super long Slide Look it up on TRACS Core Beliefs There is one God who is the creator and sustainer of the universe and all life God became incarnate in Jesus Christ The central problem of human life is sin Commitment to Christianity requires action Humans are made in God s image God is personal 0 Communion relationship Cultural Expressions of Christianity Community is essential 0 People have to get together to practice Christianity The church community is good example of systems theory Christianity is relational Stresses the signi cance and responsibility of the individual 0 That s why it s so appealing in an individualistic country Actiondoingis key Future oriented Values courage Christianity answers questions about death What is the purpose of death Does life end at death If not what happens after death What will be our form of death Is there a nal judgment How do we prepare for our death Judaism Fewer than 14 million Important and in uential everywhere Jews have lived Prototype and forerunner of Christianity and Islam Origins are debated Covenant with God quotChosen Peoplequot 0 God regards them differently Core beliefs ofJudaism One God sovereign creator Sin comes from breaking the commandments People have free will and can choose to live as they choose understanding they will bear the consequences Three main branches 1 Orthodox 2 Reformed 3 Conservative Judaism and Culture Oppression and persecution Justice as a major principle of social order o Centrality of the family and community 0 Jewish notions about death 0 Death is a natural process 0 Focus should be on this life not afterlife 0 Speci c rituals that emphasize community Islam 0 16 billion 0 2nCI largest religion 0 Iran is NOT an Arabic country Iran is Persian Majority in 49 countries 0 Most Americans know little or nothing about the Islamic faith 0 More Muslims than Jews in the US Early events in the developments of Islam are the main focus 0 Gabriel Muhammad Koran Judgment Day paradise or hell 0 Good deeds must out weight bad deeds merely professing is not enough F Core beliefs of Islam 0 One God Allah Angels Koran o A manual on how to live 0 A venerated holy book 0 Much emphasis on memorization Submission Predestination Whatever happens is the will of Allah quotin sha a Allahquot or quotinshallequot Islam and Culture Jihad Complete way of life Sharia Law O 0000 Obligatory Meritorious Permissible Repressible Forbidden Ex Eating pork drinking alcohol 0 Issues of punishment and application 0 Gender 0 Superiority of men 0 Men and women equal before God 0 Debated in the Muslim community over gender roles 0 Regional differences are signi cant Notions of death 0 Judgment Day detailed descriptions of the afterlife o Suicide bombers Jihad Hinduism Oldest known religion 4000 years 1 billion followers 3rd largest religion A mystery to westerners because no single 0 Founder o Creed 0 Teacher or prophet 0 Holy book Origins are unclear Sacred Texts o The Vedas o The Upanishads o The BhagavadGita Core Beliefs o Divine in Everything interconnectedness 0 Ultimate reality connection with spiritual existence outside rational reality 0 Nirvana true happiness o Brahma in nite being consciousness bliss 0 Multiple paths Hinduism and Culture 0 Complete way of life not just a theology o Dharma law related to the universe society and the individual 0 Going against Dharma produces bad Karma 0 Affects this life and the next through reincarnation 4 stages of life don t have to know them Hinduism and Death quotHindus believe in the immortality of the soul and in the in reincarnationquot No need to fear death or to grieve since the soul takes on a new body quotThe Eternal Selfquot State of mind before death is critical Elaborate funeral rituals and cremation Buddhism 0 400 million 2 million in the US 0 Mostly in Asia 0 Hard for Westerns to comprehend o No God in the Western sense 0 Man has no soul 0 Belief in immortality is a mistake 0 Prayer and sacri ce don t work 0 Found by Siddhartha Gautama Siddhartha became the quotEnlightened Onequot Buddha by entering the reality of the world and having a quot ash of insightquot After his death his students carried on his teachings 0 Many forms of Buddhism o All can seek truth on their own 0 quotBe lamps unto yourselvesquot 0 quotPeace comes from within Do not seek it withoutquot Core Buddhist Assumptions 0 Four Noble Truths 1 Life is suffering 2 Suffering is caused by selfdesire selfdelusion etc 3 Because suffering has a cause it can be eliminated 4 The remedy is the path to Nirvana Buddhism and Culture 0 The use of silence 0 Words can distort reality lmpermanency 0 Live in the moment 0 Karma 0 Law of Action and Reaction consequences 0 Death means rebirth Karma takes over 0 No speci c rituals for funerals Confucianism 0 Not a formal religion a system of social political ethical and religiousness thought based on the teachings of Confucius 0 Most important individual in Asian history 0 Born in China 551 BCE 0 Education teachers character Better society 0 Virtue and responsibility 0 People are basically good and have to learn how to behave by example 0 Education selfre ection selfcultivation 0 Deep commitment to social harmony Social relationships and responsibility Face dignity honor prestige Hierarchy of relationships 0 The Analects sayings Confucianism and Culture Humanism o Ritual rites properties conventions 0 Power 0 Communication 0 Empathy 0 Status and roles o Ritual and protocol 0 Indirect language implied requests Confucianism and Death Confucius Yawn 0 Honor requires formal rites rituals shrines 0 Final thought Why can t we just learn to get along As the Dali Lama suggests March 10 2015 Chapter 6 Understanding Perception Perception is o The process whereby people convert external events and experiences into meaningful internal understanding 0 quotThere is no reality except the one contained within usquot Hermann Hesse Perception is selective Perception is learned Perceptions culturally determined Perception is consistent 0 There s no way that there can be a one to one correspondence about the same thing Ex If two people tell the same story it will be different a Ex The blackblue dress amp whitegold dress Sengng 1 Sight 0 Some people can see things that others can t see Ex Birds can see really well 2 Hearing 0 Women hear higher pitch than men do 0 As you get older you won t be able to hear higher pitches 3 Smell 0 Dogs can smell better than humans 0 Pregnant women can sometimes smell better 4 Taste 5 Touch 0 People have different levels of touch 6 Pain pressure equilibrium 0 Pain feeling it 0 Pressure different than touch 0 Equilibrium balance Perceiving 0 Ex Not pay attention to the AC while Dr Cornett is talking 0 Colors 0 Food 0 Motorcycles Selection Gorilla on the court 0 I E o The difference in how Texans say pen and quotpinquot Most Texans can t hear the difference 0 I r Organization 0 Colors 0 Languages 0 Bipolar adjectives 0 Good Bad 0 Honest Dishonest What s the in between a Average March 12 2015 Motorcycles 0 Most mothers didn t want their daughters to date a guy that rides a motorcycles Most common type of motorcycle is the BMW 0 quotAll perceptions Triangle 0 quotParis in the the springquot 0 quotLove is a a many splendored thingquot 0 quotThe meaning behind this is perception Picture of a blob lt s Jesus but you can to look at it from a different perspective Video About Perspectives on Food No animal products are all No dead animals products eggs and dairy Nonmammal dead animal products sh and chicken Some parts of the dead animals All parts of some dead mammals tongue tripe kidneys and feet All nonhuman mammals horses whale dog and cat All mammals human beings What food do people like the most 0 Answer Pizza March 242015 ewewwe Chapter 6 Cultural Values Crosscultural Communications Values 0 What you believe what is right and wrong Understanding Values 0 Values in uence how we live our lives and how we think others should live theirs 0 Ex Thinking it s ok to stone someone to death for committing adultery Always on some kind of continuum 0 Ex quotI believe life is sacred but we have no right to take lifequot quotBut what about a hamburgerquot n quotOh yeah well that s ne because they re not humanquot 0 Values inform members of a culture 0 What is Good and Bad 0 Correct and Incorrect 0 Ex Table manors 0 Appropriate and Inappropriate 0 Ex Popcorn chicken wings pizza are appropriate to eat with yourhands 0 Ex Texans who are friendly are considered inappropriate to someone who is maybe from New York Desirable and Undesirable Values Tell us 0 How to work the value of work 0 Ex Last year most people gave up 8 days of vacation to work 0 How we should engage in recreation 0 Ex All the way to scuba diving to skiing How to related to the supernatural 0 God How to relate to other societies 0 lngroup vs outgroup If you re not in a group you nd another group How to socialize children 0 Ex Some house holds the kids right the house in some households the parents run the house What artifacts are valued 0 Ex Artwork What is worth dying for 0 Ex People in the army die for their friends all the time What is worth protecting 0 Ex Protecting your house by killing someone What should be ridiculed 0 Ex Fox News 0 Ex The Kardashians 0 Ex Justin Bieber quotValues Americans Live Byquot Robert Kohls Personal control over the environment 0 Ex Your house 0 Ex Making lakes by damning a river Change 0 Americans like change and they think it s good Ex quotYou only have an iPhone 4 You need to get the new 6quot Time and Its Control 0 Waste it o Gain it 0 Use it Values Americans Live By Equality 0 There s actually not much of it Individuality and Privacy 0 How did ISIS get those names Threw Facebook Selfhelp and control 0 Ex People thinking that they can get out of some additive habts Competition and Free Enterprise Future Orientation 0 Ex Dr Cornet telling his grandson to get it together because he s about to go to college 0 Ex Americans are the worst at saving money ActionWork Orientation Informality 0 Ex We call people by their rst name a lot 0 Ex We don t unusually dress formally everyday Directness openness and honesty Practicality and ef ciency Materialism and acquisitiveness 0 Americans want stuff Dimensions of Culture Geert Hofstede 2 Femininity vs masculinity Fluid gender roles nurturing quality of life vs rigid gender roles competitive assertive value material wealth Ex quotA man s home is his castlequot 3 Highlow power distance How is it noticed that people have high or low power 4 Highlow uncertainty avoidance risk taking tolerance toward ambiguity 5 Longterm vs shortterm orientation Confucian work dynamism longterm orientation Thrift persistence having a sense of shame and ordering relationships Ex Cultures having a family add another level on their houses for their other family members This makes a lot of houses look incomplete 6 Indulgence vs Restraint Minkov the kids who were told to wait to have a marshmallow and they will get another one Individualism vs Collectivism o Individualism 0 Interest of the individual prevails over the interests of the group Ties between individuals are loose People look after themselves and their immediate families Goals are set with minimal consideration given to groups Ex Some families won t let you pick what college to go to without their permission Collectivism 0 Groups are taken into account in major way when goals are set 0 FINISH THIS SLIDE 0000 Individualism Rankings 1 United states 2 Australia 3 Great Britain Masculinity vs Femininity Masculine cultures 0 Greatest distinction between what women and men are expected to do Men and women will have equal rights in the next 500 years 0 Assertiveness competition and material success 0 Feminine cultures 0 More overlapping social roles for the sexes 0 Quality of life interpersonal relationships Masculinity Rankings 1Japan 2 Austria 3 Venezuela 4 Italy Power Distance 0 The way the culture deals with inequalities High power distance cultures 0 Children are expected to be obedient 0 Display respect for those of higher status 0 Tend to be more authoritarian Low Power distance cultures o Subordinates expect to be consulted 0 Ideal bosses are democratic o Leaders are physically more accessible Power Distance Rankings 1 Malaysia 2 Guatemala 3 Mexico Uncertainty Avoidance Extend to which people in a culture feel threatened by uncertain or unknown situations 0 High uncertainty avoidance cultures 0 Active aggressive emotional compulsive security seeking and intolerant 0 Students expect their teachers to be experts 0 Need for rules precision and punctuality Low uncertainty avoidance cultures 0 Less aggressive unemotional relaxed accepting of personal risks and relatively tolerant 0 Accept teachers who admit to not knowing everything 0 FINISH THIS SLIDE Uncertainty Avoidance Rankings 0 FINISH THIS SLIDE Longterm Vs Shortterm Orientation 0 Longterm orientation 0 Value thrift persistence having a sense of shame and ordering relationships 0 FINISH SLIDE Environmental Sustainability o The quality of environmental systems and global stewardship US ranks 45 high performance on water quality and environmental protection capacity and 0 Ex Dr Cornet found 12 glasses cases and had to throw them away because he thought no one would want them Environmental Sustainability 1 Finland 2 Norway 3 Uruguay 4 Sweden Value Orientations Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck Five Human Nature Ordinations Finish this slide Human Nature Orientation Evil 0 Good and evil 0 Ying and yang Good 0 FINISH THIS SLIDE Personnature orientation FINISH THIS SLIDE Time orientation 0 Past orientation 0 Present orientation 0 Future orientation Activity Orientation Being Beinginbecoming o HinduismBuddhism Doing HighLow Context 0 Edward Hall 0 The degree to which meaning cues from the contextual environment rather than FINIHS THIS SLIDE The Globe study 0 Global leadership and organization effectiveness research program 0 So much data 0 17000 managers 900 organizations 58 nations 0 Social values vs personal values CrossCultural things 0 FINISH THIS SLIDE White Dominate Cultures US Canada England New Zealand Sa 0 English speaking o Indi o FINISH THIS SLIDE Face and Facework o FINISH THIS SLIDE Plastic surgery 0 FINIHS THIS SLIDE March 26 2015 The African movie that we watched in class Taught us about values and how we match our values in our culture Culture and Identity What is identity 0 The concept of who we are 0 Identity is 0 Abstract 0 Complex 0 Dynamic 0 Socially constructed 0 The re ective views of ourselves What is cultural identity 0 Cultural identity is the sense of belonging to a particular cultural or ethnic group 0 Changing dynamic 0 Multiple identities complex Who you are in that particular moment 0 Operates in context Ex When you leave the country you think about being an American 0 Are sometimes unclear and sometimes in con ict Levels of Identity 0 Personal 0 Relational 0 Ex Are you a good person Are you a mean person 0 Ex How you act with your teacher is different than who you act around your friends Communal 0 Ex If you meet someone from Dallas you have a connection 0 Race nationality ethnicity gender age social class political affiliation Miscegenation Laws Racial Identity 0 Social construct It s not biologically it s what we decide 0 Categories based on appearance 0 External physical traits o quotColorismquot Some colors or shades of colors have more status 0 Marriage 0 No clear de nition Ethnic Identity 0 Biological ancestry Shared history heritage traditions values 0 Language 0 Ex Only half of children who were born of a parent that was not American does not speak that language 0 quotI m just Americanquot Gender Identity Socially constructed with regard to masculine and feminine social roles 0 Ex quotThere s no crying in baseballquot LGBTQIA 0 Lesbian Gay Bisexual T Question I A National Identity 0 Birth nation 0 Immigration Naturalization and citizenship Regional identity 0 Geographical regions 0 Belgium Northern speak Dutch Southern French New England Midwest Alaska California West Texas Sinaloa Chihuahua Sonora Oaxaca DF States in Mexico Organizational Identity 0 School 0 Company 0 Top Three best companies to work for in Texas USAA Valero and HEB Church 0 Clubs Personal Identity Blend in or Stick Out 0 Age 0 Ex Dr Cornett heard years back two women talking about how a man she was dating was 29 and how old that is that shocked him OOOO 0 Religion 0 Political af liation Socioeconomic status 0 Ex Ford F150 is the most common cars that millionaires drive 0 Physical ability 0 Appearance 0 Ex Weight loss companies 0 Cyber and fantasy Establishing Identity 0 Stories 0 Ex Our assignment about our families it con rms our identity Rites of passage 0 You become a man or a women at a certain point 0 Ex Con rmation Bar Mitzvahs etc Celebrations 0 Ex Birthdays 0 Names 0 Ex Concentration camps they did not give the people held names but only numbers 0 Music The quotDark Sidequot of Identity Stereotyping 0 Lazy limited misguided perceptions o Harmful effects Create lters Prejudice O 0 Functions of prejudice o Egodefensive o Utilitarian o Valueexpressive 0 Knowledge Expressions of prejudice o Antipollution o Avoidance o Discrimination 0 Physical attacks and Ex Hate crime Ethnocentrism Positive or negative Assuming similarity or uniformity Lead to incompetent communication Resistant to change Deeply held negative feelings about a group that happens 0 Ex quotWe re better than they arequot Universal Strongest in moral and reli Be alert to intolerance Welcome new views Look for evidence gious context quotThe Map is Not Territoryquot We shape our maps And then they shape us Sound like Sapir Whorf Hypothesis We have incredible means for measurement through photography detail mapping infrared sensing laser measurement satellite imaging and more Our maps lack objectivity and are not as accurate as we once assumed 0 Ex Some people s properties being in North or South Carolina Purpose of Maps Navigation 0 Ex Paper maps our generations doesn t know how to read them Planning Educann 0 Ex Why we have Geography quizzes Understanding relationships 0 Ex Between oceans and lands Understanding complex data Making business decisions 0 Ex Is it a good place to put a business Propaganda Philippines What do we know about it Not much 0 If you look at it on a map you know it s near China Maps help you see and where things can be isolated 0 Ex New Ebola 2015 Accuracy of Maps US Geological Survey 0 Precise measurements from photographs photogrammetry and satellite image data remote sensing 0 Malaysian Flight 370 0 Names and symbols of features the main items that are subject to factual error GPS The Global postiviiting system GPS is a satellitebased navigation system 0 24 satellites US Department of Defense Originally intended for military applications but in the 19805 the government made the system available for civilian use GPS works in any weather conditions anywhere in the world 24 hours a day The problem with the ordinary maps is they don t know where you arequot Garmin Maps must lie A map is an attempt to portray a threedimensional word in two dimensions it must distort reality A map is a scale model that must use symbols that are proportionally bigger than the features they represent To present a useful and truthful picture an accurate map must tell white lies Map users are trusting They know maps must tell white lies so it is not difficult for maps to tell serious lies People trust map makers event though they may be representing the views of the people government businesses Computers allow the creation of maps that look great but are seriously misleading Maps should have Equality of area no distortion of size Fidelity of axis and position northsouth lines are parallel and interact eastwest lines at right angles Equality of linear scale reliable measurements possible Accuracy of shape Fidelity of angle compass bearings match geographic reality Beware o A single map is just one of an in nitely large number of maps that might be produced for the same need or form the same data Somebody decided what to include what to exclude and how to present the data Map messages 0 Who mad the map 0 Where is the center or the map 0 Where id the data come from o How reliable is the data 0 Political af liation and dependence 0 What do the colors mean 0 Purpose Informing or impressing o What is shown What is ignored Mercator Map 156 0 It s the familiar one o It has been revised many times in the last 400 years 0 Major in uences on our view of the world Fails tests of equal area delity of axis and position distorts shape Actual land area is misinterpreted on maps 0 Europe 38 million square miles 0 Russia amp the former Soviet Union 87 sq mi 0 China 37 million sq mi 0 South America 69 million sq mi 0 Africa 116 million sq mi Greenland 800000 sq mi 0 Alaska 600000 sq mi 0 Mexico 700000 sq mi Other slides Finish slides Peters Projection Picture Winkle Triple 0 Picture Texas Counties 254 counties Time zones 0 Puanon 0 Climate 0 Military spending 0 War Deaths Toy Imports Ap l72015 What s a Prestigious Occupation Scientist Doctor Fire ghter Teacher Military Of cer Nurse Police Of cer PriestMinisterClergy Architect hat s Not So Prestigious Leastworst Professional Athlete Business executive JournaHst Stockbroker nancial Entertainer Actor Accountant Lawyer FP P PWF HEF WFP P PWF 9 Banker 10 Real estate agentsbroker What s in a Name 0 quotThe Lookingglass Selfquot Goffman O 0 People gure out who they are based off of social interaction Drop outs Research as proven the most unusual your name is the more likely you are to drop out of high school Relationship to test score Research has proven the more unusual the your name is the lower your SAT score is Psychiatric patients Research as prove the more unusual your name is the high the chances you have to go to therapy Juvenile just system Research as prove the more unusual your name is the high the chances you have to be in the criminal justice system Black vs White Emily amp Greg vs Lakisha ampJamal Did a study where they sent out 5000 resumes where half were under Emily amp Greg and Lakisha amp Jamal n The people who had the names Emily amp Greg were SO much more likely to get a job Girls names vs Boys names Ex Kelly can be a boy name or girl name Middle initial Research shows if you have a middle of a C D or F you will make lower grades compared to someone who has a middle initial of A or B The Real Key to Naming o The effect of a name on the person who has it rarely amounts to more than the effect of being raised by parents who would choose such a name 0 Research shows the more education the mother has the more likely their child will have a common name 0 Ex A man who does this research named is daughter E so that when she grew up she could choose a name When she grew up she actually kept E because she liked it Cultural Difference in Name Asian looking lady guessing her name Linda Actual name Sue Yoo Guessing her occupation accountant Actual occupation Lawyer 0 LOL Because she made fun of because of her name as a child and it just kind of became her identity There are certain places like Germany where the law says that you can t name people certain names Chapter 8 Cultural and Language What is Language For Interaction o How long does it take to learn a foreign language that is sort of familiar to you 600 hours 0 Community Cohegon 0 Relationships Ex One word that could affect a relationship love babiespregnant divorce This completely changes the relationship Ex Dr Cornett tells the story about his father making out with a girl and they stopped and she looked him in the eyes and said I want a blue eyed baby He ran so fast that he broke the glass sliding door on the way out Ex Dr Cornett and his wife never mention the word divorce Ex Finding out where you are with a romantic partner Are you dating In a relationship Where is your relationship at Identity 0 Categorizing 0 Ex Asian looking lady guessing her name Linda Actual name Sue Yoo Guessing her occupation accountant Actual occupation Lawyer In LOL Because she got made fun of because of her name as a child and it just kind of became her identity 0 Ex Certain laws in New Zealand you can t name your child Hitler Ap l92015 Where did languages come from 0 Language is a set of symbols shared by a community to communicate meaning an experience o Is it socially constructed o Is it innate Noam Chomsky o Noam Chomsky says you re born knowing this language Two Assumptions 1 Languages are dynamic and ever changing 0 There are many many new words added to the dictionary every year 2 The relationship between the sound of the word and its meaning is arbitrary 0 Ex Why is a media cabinet called a media cabinet 0 Arbitrary Really We form words and they form us How do we get it all right 0 President 0 When they asked George Washington to be president and what it will called he wanted it not to sound like 39King and 39your royal heinous He wanted it to look more like supervisor or manager 0 Crane date foil leaves right rose type 0 Crane 1 Could be a bird 2 Machine 3 Your neck Date Going out romantically Fruit The time The language that you use dates you gtUUl 39 Foil Aluminum foil Something that blocks something Ex Plans ln math Fencing the sport Leaves 1 I m going to leave class 2 On the trees Right 1 Direction 2 Correct 3 Law gtUUl 39 1 Flower 2 Stand up 3 Resurrected 4 Compass rose 1 quotShe s not my typequot 2 Typing on the computer Ateeight alteraltar redread blewblue Bass bow minute wound wind does Languages deals in symbols mmltm2 0 Means seven up 0 0 Means three degrees before zero AmUous 0 Means ambiguous What is a symbol A word 0 Seiche a condition caused by a phenomenon Ex In a big lake of water having uneven waves even on a beautiful day Jasper 0 It s a stone 0 And color Dark green Cattleya 0 Flower o The color looks like lavender Verdigris It s a color looks like bluish How many words do you know 0 There are maybe 250000 useable words in English 0 Some say more than 1000000 total High school graduates knows 45000 words College graduates knows 60100000 words Practice use 3500 words Actual use 3001000 words Common words 0 Run 0 464 different meanings of the word run Ex Running a machine noise running running water running away 0 Set 0 396 different meanings of the word set 0 Go 0 368 different meaning so the word go 0 Take stand get turn put fall strike etc Muhammad picture o The guy who drew it got a death threat of him drawing a picture of Muhammad Considered blaspheme Chief Osceola Florida State 0 The Indian mascot that throws a aming spear into the ground to intimate the other team 0 The NFL didn t like them selling the red skin stuff KKK Weird symbol 0 Billy Holiday s song quotStrange Fruitquot is about a black man hanging from a tree as strange fruit Swastika Nazi s Hitler holocaust American Flag 0 Meaningful to others Cross Christians Texas Flag 0 So much pride More than US ags 100 Dollar Bill 0 The new 100 dollar bill is a symbol of America nancial state Salvador Dali 1954 o The picture with a broken clock in it Symbolizes the wrong way we look at time Ap l142015 How do we understand language Semantics study of the meaning of words How words come to mean things Syntax structure of language o In English there are certain words that are in certain orders 0 Grammar various rules that words should be used in a certain context Phonology how words sound 0 The difference between quotpinquot and quotpenquot 0 You can also draw the word out Prosody o Pragmatics quotYou know what I mean rightquot quotSorry I guess I took it the wrong way because your grammar and context is wrongquot Language Variations Accent Someone who doesn t speak that language as their native tongue 0 Ex British Spanish Dialect the ways of saying things 0 Ex In the south we say quotCokequot when we mean soda Other places it s different Argot a de ned group of people who use certain words that other people wouldn t understand 0 Slang anyone can know but a substandard way of speaking Types of Argot largon the technical language of a professional subgroup 0 Ex Doctors and lawyers m specialized vocab of any nonprofessional subgroup 0 Ex Truck drivers 0 Slang specialized vocab of quotstigmatizedquot subgroups 0 Ex Gangs teenagers Jargon Examples 0 Medical 0 Complete Blood Count Medical order w Do Not Resuscitate Medical order Fracture Medical GOMER Get Out Of Me Emergency Room Close that door we re not going to do anything else to keep this person alive ASCVD Cardio Vascular Disease 0 Absconded somebody left without telling anyone 0 Academic o Rubric o Heuristic o PACE Cant Examples 0 Truck Drivers 0000 00 o Bobtail 0 Commercial Driver s License 0 Reefer Slang o Dude Hugs and Kisses 0 Street term for a combination of methamphetamine and another drug MJ Reefer Grass 0 Dope Ganja Mary Jane Roach The Sapir Whorf Hypothesis Effects of language differences within and between cultures Reality for a culture is discoverable in its language Differences in vocab Differences in grammar 0 Some languages have very easy grammar ours does not The Key Distinction o Linguistic Determinism language controls thought and cultural norms 0 Ex Philosophy puts a word to things that we never thought of having a word to 0 Reality is determined by the langue of our culture Linguistic Relativity language and culture in uence each other 0 The differences between languages have to do less with what can be said and more with what is relatively easy to say 0 Ex Describing a car to someone to some people a car means a car But some people might say a Mazda or a Honda 0 Your language helps you talk about things Ludwig Wittgenstein quotIf we spoke a different language we would perceive a somewhat different worldquot 0 Ex Living in Italy Dr Cornett saw things completely different You have to make it sound musical when you talk World s Most Spoken Languages 1 Mandarin 2 Spanish 3 English 4 Indian 5 Arabic 6 Portuguese Language In uences Perception 1 Chinese 2 Spanish 3 English 4 HindiUrdu 5 Arabic 6 Portuguese 7 Who s a professor Language Extinction There are approximately 6500 languages in the world On average at least one language disappears every two weeks The consequences of this development are that by the end of this century half of the world s languages will have disappeared o AKA the last person who speaks that language dies The Case for Language Diversity 0 To eliminate a languages is to eliminate a culture Ecosystems cultures thrive on diversity How Important is Language to National Unity quotWithout a common language communication becomes dif cult if not impossiblequot Samue Huntington quotLanguage diversity has been a major con ictquot Gary Imhoff Is there Room For Diversity 0 Senator SI Hayakawa 1982 English First 0 The Oakland Resolution 1996 and Ebonics Who Speaks English in the US o 96 of the population speaks it well or very well 0 Spanish is the most common second language 0 US is the 5th largest Spanish speaking country 0 Nearly all secondgeneration Hispanics are uent in English only about half speak Spanish How do people in the US feel about the use of English 0 87 of Americans support making English the official language of the US 77 of Hispanics think English should be the official language of government 0 83 of Americans think new immigrant should learn English 0 79 of Republicans and 59 of Democrats reject the idea that all Americans should know more than one language Who should learn English 0 79 believe immigrants should be required to learn English before becoming citizens 69 oppose bilingual election ballots By a 2 to 1 margin immigrants say the US should expect an immigrant to learn English 0 91 of Hispanic immigrants agree that learning English is essential to succeed Apn162015 Official Language 0 quotHistory teaches a plain lesson about language and governments there is almost nothing the government of a free country can do to force its citizens to use certain languages in preferences to othersquot Robert D King The Atlantic There s a word for that 0 There are words in some languages that we don t have I o Friolero Spanish 0 Means you hate the cold 0 Schlimatzl Yiddish 0 Means a crazy person who can t really get their lives together Gattara Italian 0 Means cat lady o lktsuarpok lnuit Alaskan 0 Means the irritation you feel when you re waiting for someone who s late Utepils Norwegian 0 Means sitting outside on a warm sunny day and having a beer 0 Tokka Finnish 0 Means a large herd of reindeer Tartle Scottish 0 Means when you hesitate someone to another person and you can t remember their name In uence of Texting in English 0 Yes it effects a lot Translation Problems 0 Translation you translate written stuff into a different language 0 Interpretation how you interpret things in a different language Vocabulary equivalence o If people don t have the words we want to use it really messes things up 0 Mokusatu can mean quotno commentquot or quottreat with silent contemptquot Potsdam Ultimatum o quotWonder ifquot may translate with the Japanese word gimon which means doubt Translation Problems Idiomatic Equivalence 0 Common use of American idiom such as quotbreak a legquot quotI am beatquot or chill may cause misunderstandings for people who are not native speakers American idioms That takes the cake 0 Not playing with a full deck 0 To lose your shirt 0 Once in a blue moon 0 To blow one s own horn 0 Birds of a feather ock together 0 The cat s out of the bag 0 Rome wasn t built in a day 0 Can t see the forest for the trees Translation Problems GrammaticalSyntactical Equivalence 0 You need to understand a language s grammar to understand the meaning of the words quotBook a placequot Vs quotPlace a bookquot Experiential equivalence 0 It s difficult to translate words referring to an object or experience into that language when no words may exist for them Ex Wind sur ng shopping mail 0 Conceptual equivalence 0 Abstract ideas may not exist in a different language Freedom Rhetoric Corruption n Ex Dr Cornett s parking experience He had to slip a guy a 100 to nd a parking spot a Ex If you get pulled over in Chicago you treat the police to lunch or dinner and they let you go Human rights a Having problems with China right now P vacy n Ex Some people might say quotI don t care who reads my emailquot Murder in Texas I don t get the concept 0 Texas doesn t officially use the terms quotfirst degree murderquot or quotsecond degree murderquot though these terms are sometimes informally used incorrectly Translation Solution 0 Back Translation 0 The process of translating a document that has already been translated into a foreign language back to the original langue preferably by an independent translator 0 Multiple forward translations 0 Having several people translate from Spanish to English to Spanish 0 Review by bilingual panel 0 Ex To translate the Bible is very intense Costly but critical in marketing Why learn a foreign langue To increase global understanding 0 To improve employment potential 0 To increase native language ability 0 To sharpen cognitive and life skills 0 To appreciate international literature music and lm 0 To make travel more feasible and enjoyable To increase understanding of oneself and one s own culture Most populous countries 10 DPOFP P FWN J na lndka USA lndonega BrazH Pakistan hngNa Bangbdesh Rusga Japan Ap l212015 China Which China Big China Mainland China the People s Republic of China the quotrealquot China Little China The Island of Taiwan the Republic of China Tibet Now a province of Southwestern China struggling to maintain it s identity Hong Kong and Macao Formerly British and Portuguese now part of the quotrealquot China 7000 years of civilization 3500 recorded quotThe past obsesses the Chinese in part because there is so much of itquot 0 Something that surprised Dr Cornett was how old things are in Europe Here in America we cover things if they are old Sense of cultural superiority due in part to geography 0 Everything they needed was in China They don t need help from different countries 0 Everything was done rst in China Avoided external contacts amp relationships Things to Know from History 0 quotNational Humiliationquot 0 Early 1800 s to WWII They didn t do slavery and so they put themselves on a pedestal Chinand Kaishek uni ed the country US support defeated by M Zendong in 1949 ed to Taiwan claimed to be legitimate government 0 Chairman Mao brought Communism and the Cultural Revolution 0 Anything that encouraged individuality was burned Mao died in 1976 Modern China 0 Deng Xiaoping took over 1976 and began modernization quotTo get rich is gloriousquot Onechild policy 19792012 200 to 400 million births prevented o How did this happen If you had a baby girl you leave a baby on the courthouse steps or re station That s why a lot of different countries adopt Chinese girls You want a baby boy They wanted families to only have one kid because it was better nically and wanted to keep the population down 1200000 millionaires US 5M 0 It s possible to get rich in China right now Return to Hong Kong in 1997 Return of Macau in 1999 o This is quotthe gambling placequot in the world Modern China 0 President Xi Jinping elected March 14 2013 0 China is the fourthlargest country in the world next only to Russia Canada and the US barely The population density is 365 people per sq mile about four times greater than that of the US 83 o A lot of your culture is how closely crammed in people are Modern China 0 One time zone Russia has 11 0 It s a form of natural control 0 14 billion people 0 India 12 billion 0 US 314584702 million 0 Population density is described by number of people per square mile China 365 India 933 US 83 Bangladesh 2957 Russia 21 Canada9 Singapore 18640 Monaco 42734 0 Macau 48003 US States with the highest population density 1 NJ 2 RI 3 MA 4 CT OOOOOOOO MD DE NY 26 TX 0 Harris 2354 o Loving 10 City with the highest population density 1 Houston 2 San Antonio 3 Dallas 4 Austin 5 Ft Worth 6 El Paso 7 8 9 1 39 gt P P Arlington Corpus Christi Plano 0 Laredo o The size of your city will change the way you think Time 0 Time zones around the world 40 of them 0 China 1 0 Russia 11 US 11 Guam 7 am 0 France 12 0 Why There are different countries that France owns around the world 0 India Iran Venezuela Newfoundland Burma Afghanistan are offset 30 min 0 Austria UTC 845 0 Texas UTC 6 0 UTC is the clock that controls the entire world They sometimes change it by the second Issues in China 0 Taiwan 0 Human Rights 0 They de ne human rights different than we do Free speech Microsoft amp Google 0 They watch these things closely They have problems with them 0 Energy needs and competition 0 They have to import it just like we do nterna economic challenges 0 Need for reforms currency Total of how much we trade with China 1986 38 Billion 1990 15 Billion 2000 100 Billion 2006 300 Billion 2013 562 Billion US Debt owed by China 2013 12 Trillion 8 Hu Jintao Hu s your daddy Current president of China Xi Jimping since 2013 Economic Impact Joined the WTO December 11 2001 Becoming largest trading partner for many countries Flexible currency issue Outsourcing 70 of goods sold in WaIMart are form China In one area of China Finish slide Universities in just one city and china are graduating 50000 scientists and engineers a year The US is the 17th in number of graduates with science degrees In engineering Asian countries produce 8 times as many bachelor s degrees as the US In China we you are onin amillion Finish slide The Challenges Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up and it knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed Every morning a lion wakes up It knows it must outrun the slowest gazeHe Finish slide Ap l232015 Chapter 9 Nonverbal Communications Focus on Theory Approaches to the study of nonverbal behavior Nurture nonverbal communication is learned 0 Nature nonverbal behavior is innate or genetically determined 0 Functional focused on types and functions Nonverbal Communication Nonverbal communication can be used to refer using a non spoken symbol to communicate a speci c message Nonverbal communication can also refer to actions and attributes of humans that have socially shared meaning and that are 0 Intentionally sent or interpreted as intention o Unconsciously sent or received but have the potential for feedback 0 Elements of the environment that communicate by virtue of people s use of them Functions of Nonverbal Communication Replacing spoken messages 0 Ex Nodding giving an ok ipping someone off 0 Sending uncomfortable messages 0 Ex quotDo you really want to goquot Pause and shrugging 0 Creating impressions that guide communication 0 Making relationships clear 0 Ex Walking around and holding hands 0 Regulating interactions 0 Ex Putting your hand up and blocking someone meaning quotI don t want to hear it anymorequot Reinforcing and modifying verbal messages 0 Ex Slamming your hand on the desk Nonverbal Stumbling Blocks 0 Assuming similarity of nonverbal signals signs and symbols 0 Prevalence of Western dress language greeting 0 Ex Because they look like Americans we forget that they are very different from us 0 Universality of the meaning of facial expression 0 Ex In Japan if they have a funeral the family smiles because they don t want everyone else to be a mess too 0 Smiles Ex I m happy Ex Some people don t smile and that s ne 0 Impassive face 0 Crying How we perceive NVC We see hear smell and feel the things that are important to us 0 Familiarity Ex If he sees that one ower out of place he knows that his wife is mad at his mother 0 Novelty How do you nonverbally indicate liking to someone you are attracted to 0 Ex Smile touch 0 The meaning is in the context more for some cultures 0 Ex In our cultures we want to be told how loved and liked we are Nonverbal Message Codes What year are you 0 I think I m a dog Signs of the Zodiac Aquarius Pisces Aries etc What time is it 0 Ex A student went out to dinner with her boyfriend in Rome He told her she humiliated him because she ordered cappuccino after dinner and not espresso Nonverbal Messages Codes Chromatics the study of our use of time Proxemics study of our use of personal space 0 Ex In Turkey you can trust someone only if you can smell their breathgross Kinesics gestures body movements facial expressions and eye contact direct and indirect Paralanguage nonverbal elements of voice 0 Vocal characters laughter sobbing 0 Vocal Qualifier loudsoft highlow pitched 0 Vocal segregates quotumquot quotuhquot Like Nonverbal Message Codes Silence Asian societies such as India China and Japan have valued silence more than Western societies 0 May mean agreement in China or reluctance to communicate in the US Haptic the study of our sue of touch 0 A lot of it has to do with how you were raised the people the context etc 0 Clothing and physical appearance 0 In Western societies black is the color of mourning Asians wear white to funerals o Artifacts Nonverbal Message Codes 0 Territoriality the space an individual claims either permanently or temporarily Olfactics study of communication via smell The wai Or the Thai wai The greet people by putting your hand in front of them 0 The wai is a form of greeting someone in Japan that and where you place your hands on your chest depends on the difference and the respect of the person It s really a part of the culture 0 Ronald McDonald s got the wai going on cultural thing o How you speak to people if dependent on your relationship with them 0 We do this in America Ex Salute handshake Seeing the kids where they sleep every night 0 Really crazy different and heart breaking America and Japan were the only countries that have beds Ap l282015 Chapter 10 Cultures within Cultures Understanding Ourselves within Acculturation How or to what degree someone earns and adopts the norms and values of a new host culture 1 Assimilation giving up one s original cultural identity and accepting full participation in the new culture Ex quotI am an American living in Spainquot 2 Integration maintain important parts of one s original culture as well as becoming an integral part of the new culture 3 Marginalization 4 Separation 5 Segregation Assimilation amp integration in the US 0 Are English German lrish French and Italian ethnic groups 0 The quotMelting Potquot concept was used to describe the assimilation of the early immigrants into the US Henry Ford 0 Patriotic signi cance has been related to learning English and becoming American Integration US 0 The US proclaims the Latin phrase 0 Finish slide Integration Metaphors Ex A puzzle you need all the little pieces together and it becomes a pretty picture 0 Symphony 0 Stew 0 Salad Tapestry Marginalization o Losing one s cultural identity and not having psychological connection with the larger society 0 The Hmong o Russians in Latvia Separation o Maintaining one s own culture and not participating in the new culture 0 Sometimes a matter of choice 0 Ex The Amish Ex Of nonvoluntary separation Korea Germany Cyprus Segregation Slavery Loss of culture 0 Creation of separate cultural identity 0 quotSeparate but equalquot Plessey vs Ferguson 1896 I About railroad cars Ferguson how ironic to do with Ferguson Missouri 0 Black English Ebonics Palenque Development of Culture in the Americas Mayans 250 to 900 Aztecs 1300 s to 1500 s 0 Spanish 1519 0 Contact with the US Hispanic Cultures Rinderle 2005 and others have called attention to the meaning and importance of ethnic labels She argues that none of the terms such as MexicanAmerican Spanishspeaking Chicano Tejano or Latino is an accurate label yet all are used frequently What s in the name Shakespeare Terms are dynamics changing Cultural and ethnic labels not racial 1930 Censes Mexican was a race along with White Black Indian Chinese Japanese Other 0 1970 Mexican was White unless de nitely Indian 0 Finish slide 2010 Census 0 Question 8 Are you Hispanic Latino or Spanish origin 0 Question 9 Are you White Black American Indian Alaska native Asian descent Hawaiian Paci c Islander or other Terminology Spanishspeaking Refers to the population with the ability to speak and comprehend the Spanish language whether as a primary or secondary language Spanishsurnamed Refers to the population segment whose last name has been identi ed as Spanish by the US Census Bureau 0 Spanish origin people who came form a Spanishspeaking 0 Finish slide Who are theywe Teiano term used in Texas to refer to people born in Texas of Mexican ancestry Hispanic segment of the population with the capability of speaking Spanish whose ancestry is based in a Spanishspeaking country and who identities with Hispanic cultures Who are they 0 Mexican in the US 64 o Mexica from the Aztec Mexicanidad Class connotation Spanish Mestizos 90 o MexicanAmerican o Oxymoronic Can you be both I guess so Apnl302015 Hispanic terms for gringos Gabacho sometimes Guero or Huero A gringo Most Mexicans don t call gringos gringos Only girngos call gringos gringos Mexicans call gringos quotgabachosquot 0 There are so many different cultures in the Hispanic cultures They need another word for this kind of culture Gustavo Arellano Hispanic terms for Hispanics Careful Cholo Pachuco 0 Word for gang banger o Naco 0 Word means redneck for Hispanics Ese o Vato 0 Word means dude More Mexican Vocabulary Gustavo Arellano Chicano Chino Chuntaro 0 Word apparently is not a good word Cinco de Mayo 1862 Grito de Dolores Sept 16 1810 SpangHsh P P FP NE A mixture of English and Spanish used in an attempt to show one s diverse nature and willingness to adapt to local customs and language The sentence usually starts in Spanish but slips into English with a Spanish accent It is usually used in simple sentences Finish Slide Codeswitching Spanglish is a practice Finish slide Adding quot0quot or quotaquot to the end of the words as to make them sound Spanish Often happens when one doesn t know how to say a word quotHoy es un good dayquot quotEl rodo calientequot quotHola rumatequot quotMy nosaquot Troca Carro Spanglish is sometimes know by a regional name Finish slide Examples of Spanglish Yo estabs sentada en mi porch waiting for you A rather common cod switch in Puerto Rican Spanglish is the 0 Finish slide Maintain cultural identity 0 135 million Hispanic households 0 80 in 7 states name them Maintaining Cultural identity 0 3 of 5 are headed by someone under 45 o A lot of Hispanics are young parents 0 670 billion in personal income 0 Integration vs Assimilation Spanish language Hispanics prefer ads in Spanish even if they speak English 0 Direct translation does not work well 0 49 of US Hispanics prefer Spanishlanguage programming 0 52 speak only Spanish at home Specialized media 0 Univision is 5 in all viewers 0 Finish slide Apnl302015 Chapter 10 Underlying assumptions about context 0 Communication is rulegoverned 0 Ex How you communicate in class vs a bar should be different Context help 5 specify communication rules 0 Ex Dr Cornett s old roommate who learned English and knew what were the bad words just because of the context of where he was 0 Communication rules are culturally diverse 0 Ex quotOh you re so and 50 s boyquot 0 Ex quotWhat do you do for a livingquot Variables in every setting 0 Formality and informality Assertiveness and interpersonal harmony o quotThe Viewquot They talk over each other and it s hard to understand them 0 Basketball In some cultures you can only talk when someone is holding the basketball 0 quotWhite liesquot Changes from cultural to culture 0 Power distance relationships Wai not The Business Context 0 International Business Setting 0 Domestic Business Setting 0 IDOT Business Protocols 0 Initial contacts and greetings Business Cultures o Negotiation skills LAST SLIDE FINISH


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