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Genomics and Cancer Drugs

by: lhall8

Genomics and Cancer Drugs Biol. 433

Marketplace > Radford University > Biology > Biol. 433 > Genomics and Cancer Drugs
Cancer Biology
Dr. Christmas

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About this Document

This is a bundle of the notes!
Cancer Biology
Dr. Christmas
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This 14 page Bundle was uploaded by lhall8 on Monday October 5, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Biol. 433 at Radford University taught by Dr. Christmas in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 104 views. For similar materials see Cancer Biology in Biology at Radford University.


Reviews for Genomics and Cancer Drugs


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Date Created: 10/05/15
39139 39539 vagwnag erCm m mme Paojecgr 691115 3 Oc r HMO 0 was cm Mommas idea13 dammme Jr ne C mple re gequance 0 cm quot5 Duncn l tls m Aline genome WhC S hem quotm x smm ch we 04 mam is SGN39MCJ JrhCH Mme Human Genome Ma a was cm and po m quot JFO mwmrzf r Wh0 Hy mmnS we weed m be GWE m compcuae mam Enema 39 WrxlhaJr one H16 deem CeS WWW 896C163 WM C196 fhe di m 96am1 m6 V u ZiQ O 5 m huma S 7 G W a r f lmo onS cams8 d39a SCGiSe Smsce Ph bl MP 0 Wha r Me Jth OMH Somahc mquCmO S m camera S Arms Feast bus 7 w 0 sequencmc 01 1416 zzy human ejcnome 00 15 ea a3 9 108 3 b lmom G fT Chn mOg deuni es dzwe seeme Swatme ChnOiOltjq is lx edmoj MOOELB39S law We COmPU r ES 39UCOmf u r 3990me domm S GVPEOK New Z iE GP S a quot1w 1L0chth0 al 1 Ccmnpui ckhO al b0l C Mariam meQ OH i332 m6 Ra 05v DNR Sequencing may Hmi ruhcn now 1 3 140 Ob39tli Pmcegg 9 mi jth E us Ful in 0 Worn H16 Onsmugha 0 dam oherze 39639 am infO 7 I c mm m 1 oh on a DOquotI me c i CO C Z Genom 1C8 39 QKZCJE39Z Scam meme SmcMeS SUCH Q48 CG CEE Genome R QS 331128 CMEEED m h p C SS 0 c ngma nc moae h0n 25000 comm genomes Wem 5 0 215 CGHCfiQ VtS Number Of mutations L 39 quot 39xskr I I 39 39 r 5mm m coding regions for different cancers quotg camrcaag quot mama mmn39hHi u AWE 7 Total1 mutations forrcanggfa 5 Dinner F4 39 39 x rangefrom 1D gk l J v i g r W m t mggw39m39mgrmi 39 quot The Cancer Genome Atlaswig Lquot a39 I hammydoad numbers of emmes sequenced March 2013 Dizwe Pasgcngm mm an s i f f emuSe comet Vacchqu OLDQLW 4 1 fgdgd Gause 1 7 f cancea 6 0m acanucgm 1 Ca xZe C4 motongequcnce mm COHSH 1ue we ms m ym 0394 mu rtm 03913 m CCm i Mndagow GONE dkShi ngSh H18 Smcm 01 CiZH CCH dZW39EKZ mufqhw S 120m We Sea 0quot PGSSEDgCE mu muy s 7 39J RUO LS pCHJreha 05 mufa n 0P1 I m g neS on was mu whawe gemeg we EECLnZEEW N P mcx d l occur in me We Same Gimme and pogmwns 9Ckgg 06w Place times K rammed mndwm J Wm noI OCCLLZ NW we took mma wpue CCmCJEK Sampl 5 OF G iamedplace PCWZ H CLWQE ve Hwe Cam me genes ShCLMd Eon om J r 5 w bL mweakecl a high l 11quch 44mm pGSS39Ca WCJCsZ 561768 r KC ihcmeii ic mcH iOd ELK mu r Cl i lGl iS l ERF t UrCiiWO S CiuS i21 diS ncr f jicns 0 h Cj ne l l isthmus i r 7 PA P IKS CA now known in be F quot quot quot quot 1 cquot 39 quot 39 39 frequently engined Su rigiww R 39l G S G S 57 Elm F L A T I39TFJ IFI ltlnase in cancer activated fammzejacaww 39 i i an I quot5 m 39 by mutations in a few Sites 5 a g g in 15 of cancers i 90 of mutations in melanoma are VBOD E a strongin activating mutation Valine V at amino acid position 600 is changed to glutamic acid E Ir c czc quotquot39 oft Ni V 1 Missansa mutatinn H v cu HS FHE H A truncating mutation r c c 5quot an The location 50 mutations lsocmtra e dehydrOgenase 1 nn 0 selectadatrmdom Tommie iDHi IS an enzyme in 9mm WWW 3399 Shim tihe citric acid cycle It s role in cancer particularly 7 glicbiastornas was totally Frequency of mutated i unexpected genes in cancer r n 01 a pa 8 serge2 KRAS in pancreatic cancer g 2Finnpt vera PIKSCA in breast colon and endometrial cancer New ta etsi identi eg EGFR in lung cancer 7 Ii low frequency because only in a small subset 51 i3CiiLii iCC ii4i Ur lune CG iEl i I L lumj cancer match po cnfs quotE hgmpies Squamous cell cancer quot Ciimml curC Dimes ance r acncmics 39 ZE W DO KCH len ugu lamb R Ginhlbiitir cl giant 3 QPP ZU HU WP i t lCnquotlDF Cl quotquot timkcii L Emmi l n in i b omlnwce cl inKZ rinclse Cappewed ice pCiHLHquT HCi VE Z XGlKCiiii Ci i imam l D TQMth Ee iohmb3 i QC S SOi C Gerrimm Vinimbiirce Oi Gnapinsnt r39ii ii i39ila iirces cl epiacemai 320W 4i lxm39iplicmci Image ALILB introc Recepmiz EGF Q ppizcvw f Urz cl SuDSE1 Occpnwed Ritz Cl Sub er eF lu oj Di mung GUE OCCWZl 0111Cth ifide OCCiiZinO W103 demcnrcinoma Unknown r 7 NET x iificcrhion Amp C G C C C C Q Q G 3 g Twit a Treatment of malignant Eiieianoma with the BRAF inhibitor Vemurafemb PET imaging before and after treatment showing 70 reduction in metastatic burden 3 Ccmb39mmg gcmcmicg quotLC mmicina quoti660 Oi icingmic me dicme was Q iwcwa arm 2 ih mchi cihmj herons iorz Jrhe i ima Gmom p 39jf mSi r CiCi is T E 39CHir icJ PCi39i39ie irS GS gti i ic use mg m CibCiLHr 1 th unique g EhC WWCKKQ U3 iaiimi i cifmen3 SPEU HCGIN quotIi iaw39iduai nt mS in Huii mom Cancez genes 0 26 inciZe7 mosr conScwmNe rag i mme 0F wen maniacEmma gangs ihm 02a coinsismixi mwai ed m Cantata quot 6 0iai 14 mmoia SUPPIZJESSOIL 139 L04 Oncoaenes quot CCH mOaLA C of somatic mumghons in CO C iz cosmic 1 I MQlewHCUZ Qui nwws quot 0H canceiz gangs be piaccd quotm a imH ed 2th n39ioiewiaia pamwmqs aboucr l7 pamwoq 8 USE usuam lised omeDuaJh he excich a L ass ignmgni 0i pa i hways is SHH 0 Wow quotm pzocia ss me voim s depemdinzj om Who r Qi LES ine iis quot Omxi mLii Qiion is needed in Ci vaah wlaiz paHnwaixi moee would be Eedundqn F burr concea p 0i1633l00 Requiem maai mui i ipie pah NONE 96 a mumi i on T HW 0N ES TUNE HIE R5 Cru yll HID HE LDlleE P53 M2 CDKHzA m 39mrr aghast mxnr EEEEE Mam VHF SJMF illWC PB PPPP LA I39TEN 4 MAP v 39 lm TGF EMA WNT r APE Jim 99quot 043th P I C mquot Hmquotquot39 mush Hm li W t f ir 1 Chromatin HT MLLI 3 I i C S Mod imtion Wl m l Gmnm cmh ity Nutum m m IMAM magnum quot D a K a 39 1 mean r 7 P E r r hisi39ones TO mare Gammonm EP lg hCHCS imlowes mammal modi w ons Sum 18 mc mx a on 0 Dle quot mammalian 0 hlS l39O eS Ocemla on ol iniS roneS Epig ne cs Ononges egwoire gene amalgam They cause ce min Regions oi DNR 1D become 7026 chw ed less mqnsczip m cm r683 pocmged maize 39manacaip on 0 called gammai x n mom Ha om OQ 39 iniHC IWC39 01 pigcne cg POK cancer V new clam 120m Commie genomic has aevealed 4mm ones lnvowed quotm Gammon m modi cm on wigscne cs make up 0 Signi com 00 0 oncogenes c lumoiz Supp HMS was a gurapmsc sequencin cancer cm own win no dt c epigmcH c changes I is ntcegsam TO Caal0 image mammal modi cu ms lg addi on 1 0 DN Pc SEqucnci quot Chemical mOOl Ca on m D P 399 hismnes CUZ zevezgib39ie unripe mulal iOnS olJme DN Px Sequence so me concep bl epigene c elmxa hows Cbhsldeiraablc piezomiee DNA Methylation of multiple genes within tumor cell genomes Hypermethylation of gene promoters is common during the development of a wide variety of cancers It is associated with silencing of tumor suppressor genes am mnnnnnn000000nonnmnoonOQOOO i f C Expand 0 em 041 omes ada d ONEIZS 01C COITIPHEKHN 9 Genome Epl genome 0 Tawansuak phome mess engcrz RNA 9 Pameonw peebuns Camera Deuas e Hypzoaches 0 Lemma Huemm Sungcaj 39 Radioman quot39 S r ndaad manomemm a Chemical mhibimRS of can division have Side 6FF6013983 Poison mammal can in oddi on 0 cancef cens JrazgeJred Jrhcmm Chemical inhibi rmZS quot monUClonal an bodies 0 inhibi speci c 02 68 chm Side emu s 901sz Successful examples mumc TamoxiFen bzeaSi CClHC IZOn STKO en Glcevuc Union3910 chlogenous leukemia ngers RBI muse 39 mmunoarncmm Suggqu adm on suagmq quot392 adim on one smnauKd eaerme Foe locmized NWKOES mew mu rtemain he foundo on 0 cancm Wequ Fm Jrhe Fozeseeable WWEe quot advances m cm qt azs have 16d 0 moae eFFec ve kl mC thOdS w CSS damage magnoamau issue agwa healing mcs C 306 evemu meowcm quot PROBE m When cancar becomes mcmsra oa L is no magma mew Lea 8UECE 1 zwadia on aae less ethcH ve QVPend39l on Snagsqu c maia o end 0 4 06 Powwpoin CthOJH eEOPN Kimn3 of nOLmaA CCHS Qaugg cnawxme m blood Smeam 7 lam divi damamci DN F or bloomn mimsis advanm e is Hwo r Jrheq can be used 0 TRUN mcosa c canocas whim hcure speead mound bodq Oi sadvanmzc is ha max ouze W qu Toxic C win mm n02le dividing cells hex poison he body side HCCS malady ding cams bx Mimi u r nauseamomi ng diaazhca WSW a 0 one mumow39 anemiaadekc ve ClOH in wm 0 L Suscep bmH 0 mkc on mam 39 a ham r39omues 39 loss 0 ham Chamomcazam mugs mom l300 m0 mugs app oved bxq FDR Km CQHCtIL tens UK Shop pzo lem e quot DMDi h sm mhibi rOKS Ctn mcabmieSD quotResemb t novzmm paewzsoas 0 DNR biosqnx heSiSISO Hm bind quoti mhin Jrne mama s needed For DN R SW rhes lS quot1 QBPOiR mehoaexaits pua meJ quot f pqnxmidme 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yellow m y C mam Purine analogs o jgquot a H Platinating agents in pumie Mai bind and inhibit the enzymes Thwymine Fluorouracil Cycleh u quotn a a needed for DNA synthesis my a how am39 and repair 1 q of 39 u x a H Analm Cy39tosine Cytarab ine my FE V V 7 I agarl DNA strands are unable to separate 1 w r k lace fa Adenine Mercaptopunne 50 DNA repl lca mn 39W ta p Am D ETA Tk on kaK 431 hfrlxx 5 I r N m quot395 in Guam WWW casnnatjn Platinum c Mim nc mmmmes quot ChemiCCHS W628 0M9 man detoxwed m PKm FS Vinan mmmids mien GSSCmbN M mth epxnme Inmaerme quotE mmw e V mu m b39me wi Gxnnes 5onan disewembw U4quot mamasic Spinme ee Pachwxa TaxoD Deceox Taxanes from Vinea among quot H Pae39r cyew frnm periwinkle v COmbma O mmowmum Smg xe memOJt h mpq 0mg i5 urneWechve 016 4476 when OCMOPS esxsmnfe a lQpS S Cembnm ons M swam dKULgS W diquwenJr memamsms 013 0mm WHV mam hwimod 016 dw QESiS39i Once WE ame dose ooh mug 669 MS maximum mlazaed dose ext CW Chgmomemm chwoPhDSPhom ndermemo zexa feH a 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i V I I Melanoma quot EGFR all p r 39 7 r l 7 lf 5lll x Q H6 H l V6 1 043 la lag 68 Lung cancer in 1 M HEW Tykerb lapatinjb Breast cancer Space lling model of EGFR a portion of the Tarceva e otin im r 7 xx fa N klnase domain what has ml WDELECP desml lm enslle elmal dasz FO 80189qu quot 1 Octalle pat ew have ml SUCCESSle made la We Chm c f A Mowewa HEW n SWal gjles S quot quot aquotf fquot quotquot We blame mi nv sh9m d 3X 2 g 2N Mk Small non ceding as dzu 0 shwl ex 92 555 I can lmnswmon acmz Zelboraflvemurafenlb compared vacquot Spec onw bind on e m RN 9 l n 0 arm was HOW UsePm We meSe mm Mugs quot Mugs SHOW intEarnerer 4 m summ rm th 618 mm mmh v Email We Oil n Odmmm 1le m wmbmahm W smnomm ammomequ Inswad out lemming H quotquot QKUQS W6 W10 Sid PFEd S iWh mm Lia pend quotom how widem xmzesseoi We Wi g f p oem is Fora ex bhe 1x91 Kmase and 64m W005 have a mom K65quotT EL d UPIZJESSIOH Jinan 661 FLSO GI 6VC1C Zatbema have mez side Farts Wan msm quot PGHCMS dwemp rieksxsmma E TO an h 3 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