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SOC Exam 2 Notes

by: Kajal Jaggi

SOC Exam 2 Notes SOC 001

Kajal Jaggi

GPA 3.0
Introduction to Sociology
Dr. Fulton

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About this Document

Introduction to Sociology
Dr. Fulton
75 ?




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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Kajal Jaggi on Monday October 5, 2015. The Bundle belongs to SOC 001 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Dr. Fulton in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 291 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Sociology in Sociology at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
Exam 2 Notes 923 In sum Culturally Americans are very o lndividualistic Conflictaverse not that good Butconflict is everywhere Ignore conflict at your peril Conflict 0 Subgroups are in ruthless competition over scarce resources like food shelter prestige Sociological Eye Actively looking for behaviors actions and interactions Example of conflict Franklin and compliance staff 0 What is the scarce resource 0 Power authority Whom or what does Franklin represent 0 Whose interests Whose rights What ideals 0 Penn State Whom or what does the compliance staff represent 0 They re overstepping his boundaries Sexual Assault Study 0 The incidence of sexual assault and sexual misconduct due to physical force threats of physical abuse or incapacitation among female undergraduate student respondents was 231 including 108 who experienced penetration The most common reason for not reporting incidents of sexual assault and sexual misconduct was that it was not considered serious enough Sexual Assault on Campus 0 What is the scarce resource 0 Privacy control selfesteem personal autonomy pleasure 0 Private trouble or public issue of social structure 925 Empirical I based on observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic Empiricism the practice of relying on observation and experience it is important to know what s going on in reality 0 Example In 2016 it is looking likely that US Republicans are going to campaign against growing income inequality 0 Example Recent events Ferguson MOI police man attacking an African American girl at a pool party have thrown a spotlight on race relations in the US Nonconsensual sex on campus Variability the rates vary a lot between schools 0 Females and LGBT 0 Rates are highest among undergraduate females and those identifying as LGBT Risk decreases by year in school 0 Risk of nonconsensual contact by physical force Statistical Questions Adapted from Khan Academy 0 In order to answer most sociological questions we must ask people questions that have different answers depending on whom one asks Statistical question a question the answer to which depends on collecting data with variability Variability I the degree to which answers differ from each other Variability arises when you ask 2 or more people No variability differences in answers because there s only one person you Lots of variability a lot of variability differences in answers because there are a lot of people if you are asking yourself there is no variability in your answer Therefore is it not a statistical question Example Is this a statistical question What is the average SAT score for PSU students YES Statistical Relationship Does a college degree increase earnings 0 Some college grads earn more than some nongrads Some nongrads earn more than some grads o TRUE FOR SOME NOT FOR OTHERS Independent Variable A cause causes something to happen Influences something Dependent Variable A result the result of something happening 0 Influenced by something else Hypothesis 0 A testable statement about the relationship between two or more variables independent and dependent 3 Desirable Properties 0 Testable expectation 0 Use two variables 0 Clearly states the relationship Distribution 0 The number of cases at each attribute of a variable


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