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Projects Ch 2,3

by: Taylor Kim

Projects Ch 2,3 Math 120 Statistics

Taylor Kim
Cal State Fullerton
GPA 4.0
Introduction to Probabilities
Gulhan Bourget

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About this Document

All of these projects received full credit. You can use these as reference for which r- codes you need to do things like plot, bar graph, pie chart, etc
Introduction to Probabilities
Gulhan Bourget
math 120, Statistics, Probability, project answers
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This 6 page Bundle was uploaded by Taylor Kim on Monday October 5, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Math 120 Statistics at California State University - Fullerton taught by Gulhan Bourget in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Probabilities in Math at California State University - Fullerton.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
Seda Salman Taylor Kim Statistics Project 2 1 Create a stemandleaf plot for the rainfall data rounded to the nearest inches attachrainfall stemRainfall roundRainfadigits O gt stemRainfall The decimal point is 1 digits to the right of the O689 111111122233444 1 566667777779 2o11 25555778889 30011 37 gt roundRainfadigits O 121171414251229111313152711191128112517 2016 9282117 6 8281725123137171627111611 39161417 3012 312420 30 2 Histogram and Dotplot gt dotchartRainfall Hist gram If Rainfall mi 1 1 I533 11 gr I I I I I I I I 5 1E 3915 Eli 25 3E 35 4D aijr lf l l d t ih rt calf Rainfall Cl C C G 3 C 339 3 CJ DU 3 c C 339 D c 339 3 G D 2 ch 3 C D D D a C G DD D C CP D D gt histRainfa main 39Histogram of Rainfall39 co 39red39 ylab 39year39 freq TRUE 3 Describe the shape of the rainfall data The histogram appears right skewed with more years of rainfall between ten and twenty inches 4 Include Rcode For the stem chart attachrainfall stemRainfall roundRainfalldigits O gt stemRainfall For dotchart and histogram gt dotchartRainfall gt histRainfall main 39Histogram of Rainfall39 col 39red39 ylab 39year39 freq TRUE Taylor Kim Maribel Encizo Project 3Chapter 3 Use the dataset idealwtmen on the companion website The variable diff is the difference between actual and ideal weights and was computed as diffactualideal 1 Plot diff y versus actual x actual weight Does the relationship appear to be linear or curvilinear Include the graph attachidealwtmen dataidealwtmen stridealwtmen withdata expressionidealwtmen coractual diff withidealwtmenplotactua diff titlemain quotActual Weight lbs and Difference in Ideal Ibquot Actual Weight libel and liffereme ill39l Ideal lb Cri 2 2 c on TIE 2 3 oo c on D E 15 2 on 2 c quotU c2 cueQC ooc 2 2 Q cuec c on 2 c c Docc t 4 CI 2 c 13 1 43 TEE 130 EDIE 22E actual The relationship appears to be positive moderate linear relationship 2 Compute the equation of the regression line for the relationship between diff and mdiffactua plotdiffactua plotactualdiff plotdiffactual mdiffactual moutmdiffactual summarylmout actual gt cordiffactual 1 05942128 diff5251405031228actual 3 What are the values of the slope and intercept Interpret the slope and intercept values diff5251405031228actual The b0 intercept is 5251 meaning that when actual weight is equal to zero the estimated or predicted difference between actual and ideal weight is equal to 5251 lbs There is no meaningful interpretation because a person cannot have a negative difference if they are 0 pounds The slope is 031 so for every pound increase in weight the estimated difference between actual and ideal increases by 031 lbs 4 Estimate the average difference for men who weigh 150 pounds gt 525142128031228150 1 5672213 The average difference for men who weigh 150 lbs is 567 pounds 5252 031150 601 pounds 5 Compute the correlation coefficient r2 and interpret its value gt cordiffactual 1 05942128 The correlation coefficient is a moderate positive linear relationship gt r2cordiffactualquot2 gt r2 1 03530888 rquot2 035 so the actual weight explains 35 of the variation between actual and ideal weight observed among men 6 Include R code attachidealwtmen dataidealwtmen stridealwtmen withdata expressionidealwtmen coractual cliff withidealwtmenplotactual diff titlemain quotActual Weight lbs and Difference in Ideal Ibquot lmdiffactual plotdiffactual plotactualdiff plotdiffactual lmdiffactual lmoutlmdiffactual summarylmout actual gt cordiffactual 1 05942128 diff5251405031228actuall 1 05942128 gt 525142128031228150 1 5672213 gt r2cordiffactualquot2 gt r2 1 03530888


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