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Midterm Bundle

by: Heidi Notetaker

Midterm Bundle COMM 200-51

Heidi Notetaker
GPA 3.5
Business and Professional Communications
Candace Wells

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About this Document

All of the notes posted so far! The midterm covers chapter 1, 4, 5, 7, and 8.
Business and Professional Communications
Candace Wells
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This 11 page Bundle was uploaded by Heidi Notetaker on Monday October 5, 2015. The Bundle belongs to COMM 200-51 at University of Indianapolis taught by Candace Wells in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see Business and Professional Communications in Business at University of Indianapolis.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Midterm Exam Notes Communications 200 Chapter 1 through page 22 Talking VS Communication 0 Communication has I Purpose I Cannels I Receivers I Common language Transactional Model Environment Internal Noise Internal NOIse External Noise x Nw N x Pram e e 0 R Of x 43 ereoce ef er enc e Overla p Needed to Communicate 0 NoiseInterference 0 Feedback Verbal and Nonverbal 0 Channel Phone 3ace to Face E Mail 0 Frame Of Reference Each persons experiences 0 Environment Where the conversation takes place restaurantofficehome 0 Motivation What is the net gain 0 EncodeDecode What you say is encoding listening to the other person is decoding 0 Stimulus This triggers communication Models of Communication I One Way Model Person A says something to Person B but Person B does not respond Midterm Exam Notes I Circular Model Communicating in a circle Where Person A sends a message to Person B Person B listens and responds It is step by step but this is not common in our everyday life I Transaction Model Messages are sent and received at the same time Midterm Exam Notes Chapter 4 and 5 Lecture Notes Nonverbal Communication makes up 93 of a question and 7 is the words Elements of Nonverbal Communication 0 Facial Expressions 0 Eye Contact 0 Distance 0 Environment 0 Kinesics 0 Body Movements o Posture o Gestures 0 Touching Handshake 0 Vocalics o Vocals Voice 0 Rate 0 Pitch How highlow your voice is 0 Tone o In ections How the voice goes up and down 0 Artifacts o Decorating yourselfspace o ClothesPerfumeMake Up 0 Tells a story but may not be true Listening 0 Barriers 0 Internal Personal If you re hungry 0 External Physical A noise is distracting you the clock or a y 0 Semantics Words I Don t understand a word that has been used I A word causes an emotional response Within you Technology I Using the wrong technology 0 Multitasking I The greatest barrier I It s hard to listen when you re doing other things 0 Midterm Exam Notes Textbook Notes Chapter 4 Over half of workers have errors due to bad listening skills Effective Listening in the Workplace Listening to Customers Listening to Employees Listening to Supervisors Listening to CoWorkers Signs of Poor Listening Breaking the Chain of Command Learning about Events Too Late Always Putting Out Fires Information Must Be Repeated Tasks Given to Others Increase in Written Communications Barriers to Good Listening Physical Barriers Personal Barriers Gender Barriers Semantic Barriers Technology Barriers Listening Skills Improvements Lead to Payoffs Stages of Listening 0 Sensing o Interpreting 0 Evaluating o Responding 0 Memory Midterm Exam Notes Textbook Notes Chapter 5 Nonverbal Communication Definition Culture and Principles 0 Technical Level 0 Formal Level 0 Informal Level Types of Nonverbal Communication 0 Facial 0 Body Movements Posture and Gestures 0 Touch 0 Clothing and Personal Appearance 0 Distance and Personal Space 0 Physical Environment 0 Time Status Symbols 0 Signs of Power 0 Confidence o Posture is tall 0 Relaxed and Comfortable 0 Signs of Weakness 0 Small movements 0 Tense o Hesitant o Fidgeting Improving Nonverbal Skills 0 Expectancy Violations Theory 0 How you respond when nonverbal expectations aren t met 0 Immediacy Behaviors o Encouraging closeness With vocal VolumeEmphasis verbal language and visual nonverbal behaviors 0 Creating Effective Habits 0 Be aware of your nonverbal habits 0 Be aware of judgements you make based on others nonverbal habits Midterm Exam Notes Chapter 7 and 8 Lecture Notes Employment Interviews Resumes should contain 0 Names and Contact Information 0 Education 0 Experience 0 Key Skills 0 Awards and Volunteer Work Two Resumes 1 Printed a PrettyFormatted 2 EMail a Unformatted b For uploading Where to find a job 1 Job Fair 5 Linked In 2 Newspaper 6 Job Board Indeedcom 3 Niche Board Monstercom 4 Networking 7 Career ServicesAlumni Services Before the Interview research the company and dress for the organization Protected Questions Questions an interviewer can t hire you based on 0 Disability 0 Marital Status 0 Military 0 Religion 0 Sex 0 Race 0 Age 0 Ethnicity Midterm Exam Notes Not Protected Drug Use Sexual Orientation is protected in some cities like Bloomington and Indianapolis Gender Identity Politics BoneFide Occupational Qualification BFOQ are the qualities employees are allowed to consider when deciding who to hire They relate to the ability to do the work It allows for the hiring of individuals based on race sex age and national origin if they are BFOQs It is an exception and complete defense to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that protects employees from discrimination Interview Questions Open Questions Wide Variety Elaborating Ability Hypothetical o Imaginary Situations 0 When the interviewee is light on experience Situational 0 Real Situations Biased 0 Leading Questions the Interviewer leads you to the answer 0 Loaded Questions there is no good answer because both options are not good Closed Questions Short answers like yes or no No allowance for elaborating Midterm Exam Notes Textbook Notes Chapter 7 Types of Interviews 0 Counseling Interview 0 Find out about problems career or personal 0 Employment Interview 0 Exit Interview 0 Given at the end of a job when an employee is leaving 0 Careful listening is required 0 Grievance or Confrontation interview 0 Involves con icts and solutions such as solving disputes 0 Group Interview 0 Informational Interview 0 Finding or giving information o Interrogation Interview 0 Same as a police interrogation 0 Performance Review 0 Persuasive Interview 0 Convincing someone to buy a product 0 TelephoneSkype Interview 0 Good for collecting survey information and screen applicants for a job Interview Organization 0 Opening Phase 0 First impressions 0 Overall view 0 Motivate to get thoughtout answers 0 Question Response Phase 0 Closing Phase 0 Summary 0 Interviewee asks questions 0 Thanks Questions in an Interview 0 Types of Questions to Ask 0 Open Hypothetical Closed Direct Loaded Leading Third Person VerbalNonverbal Probes o How to Organize Questions 0 Funnel o InvertedFunnel o Hourglass 0 Diamond Midterm Exam Notes 0 Answering Questions Effectively 0 Keep calm don t rush don t be afraid to say you can t remember be attentive Midterm Exam Notes Textbook Notes Chapter 8 The Job Hunt 0 Investigate the Market 0 Network Newspaper ads Internet Boards Resume on LinkedIn 0 Locate Jobs of Interest 0 Create a Resume and then check it for mistakes 0 Conventional 39 Chronological I Functional 39 CombinationHybrid o Scannable 0 EMail 0 Web 0 Create a Cover Letter 0 Relate specifically to the company and person Preparing for the Interview 0 Be Positive 0 Communicate and Dress for the Job 0 Clothes fit well 0 Hands hair and nails are clean 0 Careful with perfumecologne 0 Right color and appropriate shoes Matched to your belt 0 Tie that isn t too shortappropriate jewelry 0 Prepare for different types of interviews 0 Plan answers to probably questions For technical jobs use the lingo associated with it Positive language Give examples or comparisons If they use humor you can too 0 Use positivity to describe weaknesses 0 Prepare questions for employer 0 What determines success 0 Why do you stay here 0 Follow up Send a Thank You Card 0000 Planning the Interview Interviewer 0 Learn about the applicant before the interview 0 Read the resume o Read the cover letter 0 Search them on Google Midterm Exam Notes 0 Prepare the Environment 0 Free from distractions Phonecomputer 0 Organize the Interview Conducting the Interview 0 Keep questions lawful 0 Listen carefully


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