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Survey of Western Art-Modern bundle of notes

by: Shogo Okuda

Survey of Western Art-Modern bundle of notes ART H 203

Marketplace > University of Washington > Art History > ART H 203 > Survey of Western Art Modern bundle of notes
Shogo Okuda
GPA 3.97
Survey of Western Art-Modern

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About this Document

Survey of Western Art-Modern
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This 12 page Bundle was uploaded by Shogo Okuda on Wednesday October 29, 2014. The Bundle belongs to ART H 203 at University of Washington taught by staff in Summer2012. Since its upload, it has received 165 views. For similar materials see Survey of Western Art-Modern in Art History at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 10/29/14
Art History 203 Notes 430 NeoClassicism Lighting of stage Trumbull Death of General Warren Bunker Hill Trumbull participated in this battle in a distance Smokes and fire firsthand nature Pieta way of expression religious Trumbull Declaration of Independence Not event of July 4th but few days earlier committee presents Jefferson s draft to Continental Conference Frozen instant that is very direct Copley Ddath of Chatham Different in nature someone not happy in America can t wait till go to England Married daughter of high official of East India Tea Company good to ee to England anyway due to Boston Tea Party Copley Watson and the shark Private work that has public meaning Symbolic of American Revolution Religious and political allegory and many other things Copley Paul Revere No wig straightforward engraving tools nearby Moment of creativity Shows off ability to capture different surfaces etc This is Paul Revere before the famous ride British are coming Instead we are looking at silversmith Stuart George Washington Work shows new gentleman farmer ROMANTICISM Used to describe a period that is broad 17th century to late as 1850s Link to neoclassicism and realism Subject matter often distinguished by several characteristics Partly response to shadow of French Revolution and American Revolution ght for freedom and individual Delacroix Bark of Dante Liberty leading the public Subject from inferno horror scenes Dead and the undead rise equally among the damn Florentine souls Delacroix Massacre of Chios Violence of political turmoil Brutal war 20000 weak civilians killed and rest sold as slaves to Africa Delacroix Death of Sardanapalus Places Assyrian King on the top Everyone has to die with him in his chamber Jewels materialism Delacroix Liberty Leading the People Number of revolutions in France and abroad quite extraordinary July 1830 uprising in Paris against new king Charles the 10th Suspended freedom of press national guard honor royal privilege etc Delacroix part of national guard and included himself in the picture with the one with black hat Liberty is semi nude bright color blue white and red one of the reasons why American ag has those colors Liberty she walks over the dead body plunging towards us Notre dam in the background Inspiration of Statue of Liberty Citizens of various classes even children taking arms Gericault Officer of the Imperial Guard Little bit older than Delacroix but good friends Powerful image as if the viewer is there Delacroix Horse Terri ed by Storm Bond with animal very romantic Snarling violent straining muscles Gericault Raft of Medusa BIG 18 by 22 feet Off the coast of West Africa and drifted to shallow water while crew was celebrating the cross of the equator Not 400 men could t into 6 safe boats Quickly made raft captain cut the toe rope and storm comes for 12 days Starvation killed by companions ARTH Notes 530 Post impressionist Seurat La Grande J atte Another interpretation of leisure scene critical in impressionism but expressed in different Way a b c d e brilliant hues everything about it is very intense mathematically plotted attened frozen in time divisionism plottonism attempt to use science in a diferent way involving colors primary secondary and intermediary Seurat Le Chahut a b Vulgar dance at public place High kick with legs extended so high showing what was undemeath most ppl were not wearing undergarments at that time Paul Cezanne Was lawyers first Cezanne Great Brothers 3 999 Use of unconventional use of space as Well as brushwork Inspiration to later cubism Believed natural world could be reduced to cone sphere and cylinder Almost create gothic arch of sort Blue hue even for skins Cezanne Mont St Victoire 3 b c d favorite landscape motif pyramidal mountain much interest in visual stimulation of colors geometry to a key to nature far from photographic truth but instead true to Cezanne s vision lack of single focus point Cezanne Apples a b c deemed quite radical personal symbol to Cezanne bc he wanted to conquer Paris W apple right left perspective Van Gogh Believed impressionism didn t evoke enough emotions Use of colors for expression as well as tactical brushstrokes Demented or mentally challenged genius Suffered from epilexy and perhaps other organic disorders led to suicide Grew up in strict religious family Named after rst son that has died Van Gogh Potato Eaters first major work and took quite a time to create painted the family he lived with Peasant life light almost like a divine light of god each face has its own quality to it Real peasant picture with earthy colors dusty potato such workers were viewed as subhuman e signed in back of a chair as if it is sign of self identification P097 Van Goh Bedroom at Arles simplicity here colors do everything at like Japanese prints two identical but empty chairs isolation red almost blood like blanket but Van Gogh made this work for absolute restfulness P 3 Van Gogh Boots a sympathy towards peasants b Rejection to urban life Van Gogh Night Cafe Color overpowers everything Lamps are more like eyes of god looking down at us Red walls seem infemo Complementary green Billiard table seems like coffin cafe is a place where one can face ruin commit crime acts like devil s fumace all appears in Japanese gaiety g use of bright colors in different ways from impressionist 1quot Q 3 Van Gogh Starry Night a colors and tension and restlessness looking at such small element of nature would calm him down Frenzied very agitated brushstrokes We take death to reach a star Painted after tumultuous period of crisis and religious Painted when Van Gogh committed himself to mental facility 1quot FL Van Gogh Sun owers a painted rst in Paris on table b saw this as joy giving c Oscar Wilde Van Gogh Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear and Pipe a wrapped his face with bandage after losing ear Gauguin Spends early life in Peru Stock broker and then becomes artist Abandons his family for painting Seen as one of early symbolist Gauguin Painter of Sun owers a referring to his friend Van Gogh s passion for that Gauguin Self Portrait with Halo a apple hovering him b saint and sinner angel and devil c rejection of traditional space and body Gauguin Vision After the Sermon a Gauguin became fascinated by religion peasants pre modem way of life b More natural and nonnatural zone intersects c Medieval stained glass and folk art as well as Japanese prints d Probably in uenced by Hokusai print Gauguin Nevermore a at time of depression b Tahiti has changed due to French colonization but Gauguin ignores it beautiful owers available women body etc c Title refers to poem of Edgar Allan Poe d He saw Tahiti as new and uncorrupted place but that wasn t true ARTH Notes 61 Continuation of Romanticism against realism Earlier signs in Goya Gauguin and Van Gogh etc Vampire death anguish or madness Edward Munch Artis whose live was crowded in mystery and misery Mother died of TB Madness illness and death dark angels that watched over Munch Death in the Sick Chamber a referring to death of his own beloved sister Munch Dead Mother and her child Munch The Scream a literally seem to stretch human emotion b unknown terror c rush of space seen by Van Gogh d hearing cry of nature Munch Anxiety bloody sky b gures looking zombie like c hat a bloody halo of sort d Landscape in arabesque form E3 Munch Puberty a could be subtitled anxiety b crossed arms covering her pubic area but convey her fear c extraordinary shadow doppelganger Munch Madonna a ambiguous halo b both virgin and sinner c seem more dead than alive d sperm around the border Munch Ashes a girl the dominant gure b blood red attire Klimt The Kiss a showed decorative skills and reinvented various paintings b bridge between symbolism an expressionism c abstract quality attened image d decoration of art nouveau Munch The Kiss a more modem EXPRESSIONISM Kirchner trained as architect and inspired by Munch Van Gogh upset by modem society Kirchner The Street a it gives even more jagged edge b figure of part of city life but seems to be menacing force Kirchner The Street Dresden a hues using strong bold brushstroke b aiming for nonnaturalistic spaces c chaperone seemed less relevant Kirchner Five Women in the Street a anticipate analytical cubism b women seem like bird c perceived as prostitutes Kirchner Street in Berlin a women walking by potential men customer b tilted perspectives James Ensor Both a symbolist and expressionist Use of grotesque masks family sold masks at camivals and alike Masks reveal rather than hide the characters of those who wear them Ensor Entry of Christ into Brussels a very bizarre composition b you can barely notice Christ in the center c his Vision of society is crude ugly mob even ignore Christ which is the whole reasoning of this gathering Ensor Death and the masks a celebration of grotesque Noide Still life with masks a African tribal masks as well as camival masks b Intense hues c Life is a strange and repellent camival Klimt Tragedy a fascination with mask was seemingly epidemic ModersohnBecker studied in Paris and Berlin in uenced by Gauguin Van Gogh and Cezanne ModersohnBecker Nursing Mother a image of breast feeding b nude and monumental c nonwestem quality Kollwitz Known for empathy for poor and social injustice Lost one son to WW1 and her work became even more obsess with sacrifice Kollwitz Woman with dead child a different from Pieta EARLY MODERNISM These artists felt symbolism was not the answer Interested in neoimpressionist Admired aggressive color of Van Gogh Nonnaturalistic colors wild beasts Matisse EX lawyer Human figure interests him the most not landscape etc Matisse Portrait of Madame Matisse Green Line green line divides her face in half jarring hues and contrasts originally criticized as ugly background intersection of plains of colors P097 phobism more striking and simultaneous reactions and luminosity Matisse Woman with Hat a also accused of being wildly arbitrary in color sketchy b body composed of hues c background intersection of many colors laughable effect form speculators at times Matisse Red Room Harmony in Red a powerful pattems attening effect b Red tension with forms in window and forms c Composition mostly painted in Green a2 Blue E2 Red Matisse J oie de vivre a in paler colors in uenced Picasso lines around the figures primitive and reminiscent of Gauguin art of balance FDP0 Matisse Dance a reminding you of 2D of Greek ancient vase b dancer s arabesque superior order CUBISM Picasso Moulin de la Galette a jagged figures b dark Renoir Moulin de la Galette a day time Picasso Absinthe Drinker a severe way of depicting woman drinking alone b Red almost abstraction of loneliness and despair Picasso Gertrude Stein a anticipates cubism in facial and special ways b attened ears asymmetrical face c face like ancient sculptural quality Picasso Les Demoiselles d Avignon a tuming point in European art b comes from Barcelona s redlight district prostitutes left Egyptian art d two on middle is like traditional poses e Oceanic and African masks f Figures seen from different vantage points Masks were not just sculptures but weapons to free themselves 0 Picasso Three Women a very simplified volumetric and ruptured b very different kind of appreciation of esh Picasso Ma Jolie a actually a portrait of woman b pushing of nonnaturalistic use of color and space to a new level c complex prismatic distortion and deconstruction of forms Braque worked with Picasso so hard to tell works apart Braque Violin and Pitcher a jumble of cubes b no feel of air space c earthly colors not vividly hued no detraction to look at forms themselves Braque The Portuguese a restricted palette b surface quality results in classic cubist composition c Portuguese musician holding a guitar Picasso Still life with chair caning a radical b wide use of materials Picasso Guemica a instrument of war b detested fascist act of general Franco in his country Spain c depicts brutal atrocity of war W39 qoltva didn t Want this paint return until Democracy returned to Spain black and White and gray colors seem like newspaper some of liberty like gures to rescue dying horse and men eye of god in lightbulb seen in Van Gogh and Seraut right cruci xion left dying child Virgin mary and pieta but howling in despair bull symbolic of Spain Did you do that No you


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