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MCDB 1A Biochemistry Note Bundle

by: Summer Beeson

MCDB 1A Biochemistry Note Bundle 32714

Marketplace > University of California Santa Barbara > Microbiology > 32714 > MCDB 1A Biochemistry Note Bundle
Summer Beeson
GPA 4.0
Douglas Bush

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About this Document

Here is a complete note bundle of all of the lecture notes from Dr. Feinstein's biochemistry lectures! Important concepts and details emphasized by Dr. Feinstein during lecture are highlighted in g...
Douglas Bush
75 ?




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This 27 page Bundle was uploaded by Summer Beeson on Monday November 3, 2014. The Bundle belongs to 32714 at University of California Santa Barbara taught by Douglas Bush in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 173 views. For similar materials see MCDB 1A in Microbiology at University of California Santa Barbara.


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Date Created: 11/03/14
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