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Ch 19 Lecture Notes

by: Molly O'Neil

Ch 19 Lecture Notes Chem 332 004

Marketplace > Towson University > Chemistry > Chem 332 004 > Ch 19 Lecture Notes
Molly O'Neil
Organic Chemistry 2
Dr. Bowdy

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About this Document

Here are all of my notes from lecture from chapter 19. I usually highlight names in purple and key concepts in purple. The notes that I take directly in class are in blue pen, and the notes in purp...
Organic Chemistry 2
Dr. Bowdy
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This 10 page Bundle was uploaded by Molly O'Neil on Thursday October 8, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Chem 332 004 at Towson University taught by Dr. Bowdy in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry 2 in Chemistry at Towson University.

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Date Created: 10/08/15
1042015 Nomenclature of Aldehydes Chains Longest chain that includes WW is numbered so that the carbonyl I IS CHEM 332 Organic Chemistry 2 Alkanmhanged from g rog Example 0 lt5 Chapter 19 H a 7 MW Aldehydes and Ketones W prom Nucleophilic Addition Reactions 5Jw 3 WM NMW Nomenclature of Aldehydes Nomenclature of Aldehydes Common names If 0 Rings Ring C bonded to aldehyde is Cl Suffix carbaldehyde is added to ring I H JOL j name v 1Q t 6 H H H m A 1 benzaldehyde m m formaldehyde Example 0 440m Amp me 705 y l 2 3R E mwvlchol ezane obi Nomenclature of Ketones Nomenclature of Ketones 39 Longest chain that includes the is numbered so that the carbonyl C has the lowest possible number Mor ringsi Alkane suffix changed from a to 39 Examples 0 9 W W gr 1 SVQH l39 39 llhlquotquot M39l39ltil 393 Oct anew Acyl substituents O O W H3CJgt K 11 H W f m Example I O 3isopropylcyclopentanecarbaldehyde 0quot 1formyl3 isopropylcyclopentane 1042015 m g v lSamph mugmug I m 7 Wm mm um 11141ng l1 MN J W a u BC Lake H eu Nomenclature of Ke rones Common names 7 I 1 e M if Name bofh dlkyl subs fuenfs of fhe E U A L L farbonyl alphabe cally and add 39ketonequot quot 6 31 5L2 Ol 0031 M L 6le 1 e lylpropylkefane g aps V thers L k t I 1v 0 O 0 U mamquot benzophemne Preparation of Aldehydes and r39om alcohols Kefg g on W oxldszmg 9 can be oxidized to Why o d A 39 des R CHZOH R EH I Who lic acids 9 de quotY 3042014 g RCOH cohals can be oxidized f kz zom 12007 H2504 H20 3 mboxylic acids 9 chrzo h Practice Complete the reactions Preparation of Aldehydes and on previous W96 Kefones from alkenes of alkenes breaks The CC To form 2 carbon l compounds Alkene subsfifufion defermines whether the products will be aldehydes kefones andor formaldehyde b 39 OH OH PCC chrzom MOH M0 H2504 H20 1 03 W I l 1 393 7 9 lxapfanowa d b V g OH Pkgdrm ty 4 hadron Jx l LCNQKEYIOWQ I 1042015 Reac39 0 5 A I es KCTO n63 Grignar39d rmafiomQCHPW Irreversible nucleophilic addi ons sTrong 01 n M will or R39 R C H or R39 2 H30 l zu nucleophiles A Van t L L OH Cyanohydrin forma on39 N conjugam addi o n To al5unsaturafed aldehydeskefones o O o n NaCN HCl I 1 R39 CuLi Rcm or H gt R CENR or H RIV z 2 H30 RJKw Wi ig reaction Hydride reduc ons CH 17 9 Non 9H RCR or H H4 0430 R c R39 or H 4312 1 1 LiAH4 2 H20 Cyanohydrin Forma on Reac rions of Cyanohydrins 39 HydMIWES 1390 wid General reachon OH R I R39 or H COOH Reconversiomfo carbaamkg mpw d OH Example R R39 or H O O C 254 w I Exampl V CN H3O 6 NaCN HCI R R39 or H HO39 Organomemllic Reactions with 13 Unsm ura red Aldehydes and Ketones I myna dwnganoMhiumhan aea y dg reagents add To carbonyl C 1 2 addifion ggamaeumhw39eagenfs add 10 B C 1 4 cddi on o i Wm Uh ackkecL do B WW 1 m3 OH 3 893mm L n H q TPh US 1


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