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Homework 5 Solutions

by: Annie Burton

Homework 5 Solutions 220

Marketplace > Chemical Engineering > 220 > Homework 5 Solutions
Annie Burton
GPA 3.45
Biological Systems
Shelly Peyton

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About this Document

Chem Eng 220 Solutions
Biological Systems
Shelly Peyton
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This 2 page Bundle was uploaded by Annie Burton on Friday October 9, 2015. The Bundle belongs to 220 at a university taught by Shelly Peyton in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 57 views.

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Date Created: 10/09/15
HOMEWORK 5 CHEMENG 220 SOLUTIONS 1 Ribosome KineticsCell Free protein synthesis 50 points In A 10 AA 1M M L 2 z 1 lbu WM M L quot 3s 5 Mass baitLia 246 3 9 Mass W x Ax39vis m1 J zlxlOl V3 hi All SW5 k 4M6 4 8 Ms SW WM 0 09ij L72 2240 a Lflglo ultaS o la ribs WN3S 21minJUj quotquot3 KCRWKM k C k Mdmmquot C h u m Cw LLmM v r39 quot C 4 L w 39 M 39 39 MW 59 WMLf HL11NUZ VC quotL 8mm NM NM Ukya mm Lmm quot 39 339 quoti b 37 P W CV R va 9L Ml 1533 Jm gtuquot Mum qum kjn Smut Man b 39WHU 11gt MVMXL I Viv3 vxwl 1quot Mowm a 2 BMW LW MMINAAJ 3 0 W541 2 DNA packing 50 POINTS A The DNA in a human cell is about 22 meters in length length 64 x 109 bp x 0 34 m x m bp 109 run length 218 m B The DNA occupies about 9 of the volume of the nucleus The volume of the nucleus is V 43 x 314 x 3 x 103 nm3 V 113 x 10quot nm3 The volume of DNA is V 314 x 12 nm2 22 x 109 nm V 995 x 109 nm3 The ratio of DNA volume to nuclear volume is about 009 995 x 109 nm3l 113 x 10quot nm3l thus the DNA occupies about 9 of the nuclear volume 3 Mutant cell count experiment 50 POINTS The variation in frequency of mutants in different cultures exists because of variations in the time at which the mutations arose For example cultures with one mutant acquired the mutation in the last generation cultures with two mutants likely acquired a mutation in the next to last generation and the mutant cell divided once cultures with four mutants likely acquired the mutation in the third to last generation and the mutant cell divided twice Cultures with large numbers of mutant cells acquired a mutation early in growth and those cells divided many times To understand this variability it is best to think of the mutation rate 1 mutation per 109 bp per generation as a probability a 10399 chance of making a mutation each time a nucleotide pair is copied Thus sometimes a mutation will occur before 109 nucleotides have been copied and sometimes after Analysis of the variation in frequencies among cultures grown in this way which is known as uctuation analysis is a common method for determin ing rates of mutation Luria and Delbrtlck originally devised the method to show that mutations preexist in populations of bacteria that is they do not arise as a result of the selective methods used to reveal their presence Reference Luria SE 8 Delbrtlck M 1943 Mutations of bacteria from virus sensitivity to virus resistance Genetics 28 491 511 4 Division of Labor for the Research Project 50 POINTS 35 points Specifics of the division layout 5 points grammar 5 points plagiarism check 5 points length


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