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by: Blanca Notetaker
Blanca Notetaker
Historical approaches to social welfare
janice laakso

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About this Document

My notes from 10/6
Historical approaches to social welfare
janice laakso
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This 4 page Bundle was uploaded by Blanca Notetaker on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Bundle belongs to 300a at University of Washington taught by janice laakso in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Historical approaches to social welfare in Social Work at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 10/10/15
Historical approaches Our English origins Very important to know SW history 0 Many past civilizations had a form of SW in order of slides timeline CO 0000 Jews God expects them to help the poor and needy Duty to give right in receiving Greeks donate money for others and use the word philanthropy acts of love for humanity Rome Patrician families to give away food for little to no cost for those in need Jesus taught to give to those in need Christianity church to use the money of the rich to care for the poor India hospitals to give shelter for poor amp disabled homeless Hospitals spread to asia and middle east then Europe Mainly religion people and volunteers Pope forms programs to help the poor and it replaces the govt in helping others Followers of Muhamad obligated to pay tax to care for the poor Clergy in Italy rst orphanage for abandoned kids England amshouses for disabled and poor Roman church has the decretum Describes a theory and practice of charity and says rich have obligation to maintain poor people morally and legally 1349 statue of laborors rst law in England on a national level for poor people Elizabethan poor laws formal and legal laws that England was responsible for poor Social unheavals 1 Dissolution of slaves feudalism 2 Economic growth commercial mercantilism and a money economy less and less tradingbartering 3 black death amp witchcraze 0 OOO Bubonic plague One third of people died People thought it happened because of superstition or religion Villages were gone wages were high because there weren39t enough workers and land people went to cities 4 Protestant reformation 0 Get rich by working and you will be saved Being rich meant you were quotchosenquot 5 Industrial revolution amp factories 6 Capitalism 0 Free market pro ts exploiting workers New social structures 0 Change of care from church to government for poor 0 Change of volunteer to care to taxes 0 Change to civil charity almshouses houses instead of religious or workhouses for ablebodies Elizabethan Poor Law 1601 c From queen Elizabeth the 1st 0 Why signi cant Because 13 colonies came with this 0 Affected families and children 1 By law obligated to care for kids and grandkids 2 By law obligated to care for parents and grandparents 3 Aprentanship for kids of appropriate age Punish those who can work but don39t physical punishment Worthy poor widows orphans disabled Unworthy poor ablebody Tax all homes locally responsible Citizenship theorv connected to Elizabethan Poor Law How Goal to get basic human needs Govt to make sure this happens Everyone has rights and responsibilities Obligated to work if able to this is what has been done how it has been and still is NOT what or how SW want Philosophy changed over time o No longer was it a RIGHT to accept help but instead it was the individuals fault 0 Poor are lazy blame the victim ideas and the RIGHT becomes a stigma Example when rape victim is blamed for being raped Feminist persoective Gender is the main category to organizing a society In history govt has intervened on quotproperquot fam life In history males control labor for their family and women Family ethic controls lives of women Woman not counted in quotsystemquot because they don39t earn money for working as SAHM AKA money determines value Should be acknowledged for home labor and how that affects the economy 0 Women39s roles are set with rules by the govt o Patriarchy o No daddefective family 0 Society is segregated by gender women stay at home men go out and work 0 Private is staying home and public is going out to work Citizenship theorv Theory is Explanation of things Being able to predict Being able to intervene policy change Comes from history social and culture aspects Has ideas assumptions principles 0 Example of theory is US drug policy and how it has changed over time 0 Just say no 0 DARE educate 0 War on drugs stiff penalties o Legalize marijuana leniency must be a quotfull memberquot not all ppl are acknowledged as a citizen who was excluded Women slaves kids nonproperty owners Currently inmates felons developmentally disabled 3 levels of citizenship Full connected to main institutions full rights white male land owners Second class Noncitizenship felons inmates slaves at one point women at one point 1 Civil a Civil rights i Right to work ii Chose occupation b Rights of freedom i Speech thought religion ii Own property iii Justice due process of law 2 Political a Be ajuror b Runhold of ce c Participate in political power d Vote 3 Social SW topics a Share social heritage speak other languages b Live life in a civilized way according to the times education health care social services and work protection Universa declaration of human rights comes from United Nations Happened after WW2 and Eleanor Roosevelt was the quotpushquot for these human rights Egaitarian view of social justice 1 Basic rights are needed to be equal because a just society has the same basic rights 2 Income and being wealthy doesn39t have to be exact but it should bene t everyone 3 Sharing resources is a moral obligation 4 Justice is being fair SW amp citizenship theory SW to promote citizenship of the poor and other minority groups Help people use all their rights and be heard Advocate in politics Use SW code of ethics Citizenship theory informs social justice by ghting for basic human needs and from the feminist perspective uses language of gender Instructor said this more than once Theory is important this is what has been done how it has been and still is NOT what or how SW want


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