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ARC 2313- Architecture History 1

by: Andrea Jankowski

ARC 2313- Architecture History 1

Marketplace > DCH Regional Medical Center > > ARC 2313 Architecture History 1
Andrea Jankowski


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About this Document

Notes, readings, and lectures for Architecture History I
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This 36 page Bundle was uploaded by Andrea Jankowski on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Bundle belongs to at DCH Regional Medical Center taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
LECTURE 02 Introduction to Urbanization The Neolithic settlement at Qatalhoyiik V Gordon Childe The Urban Revolution The Town Planning Review 211 Apr 1950 317 George L Cowgill Origins and Development of Urbanism ARA 33 2004 525549 DUring Bleda 8 Social dimensions in the architecture of Neolithic QatalhdyUk Anatolia Studies 51 2001 118 Htln 6 3v a 34 39 w39 l 39 PHMNK39IA l T376quot 39i 394 quot Gm an Sea harksff 39 xuj39r quot 39 l o quot39 l JlI 39 lemulsm r a Lquot 3quot A QatalhdyUk 400 miles west of Gobekli Tepe On the Qarsamba River long since dried up first occupied 7500 BCE inhabited for 1000 years oldest known human settlement is Jericho 10000 BCE in Israel QatalhdyUk not fortified Jericho was fortified Estimated population at its height 5000 people Often cited as evidence for Childe s theory of a Neolithic Revolution V Gordon Childe in 1957 1 the existence of natural resources 2 the techniques of exploitative cultivation 3 the techniques of transportation and storage Fig l Plan of the neolithic village of Aichbuehl on the Federsee in Wuertemburg 7 A Wl lll ll w lily i I m H39l lm a llllllllFllllllllllll llllllll l l l l l l 39 Ill lllll I c Fig 2 Hypothetic Reconstruction of Village of Aichbuehl After R R Schmidt hypothetical early Neolithic settlement slash and burn agriculture produces laterally shifting pattern of settlement 7 Probable exie39lt of city 39 Housing pattern 39 l 39il 39 s 21 ll ustrated on I l facing page s QatalhdyUk shows no pattern of shifting rather the city accumulates over time directly on top of itself It is not based on shifting cultivation slash and burn cultivation rather irrigated cultivation Irrigated cultivation does not significantly increase the carrying capacity of the land but the land is regularly replenished and can be reused over successive generations meaning you do not need to move But with time comes increasing population and demand on resources Population of QatalhdyUk would require 150 square miles of cultivation But the boundaries of QatalhdyUk limited by the regular flooding of the plains meaning higher density Qarsamba River must have provided a means of transporting goods Video Out of Egypt with Kara Cooney Episode 3 Sins of the City 056 or 613 to 1415 cutaway view of a residence at Catal HUyUk showing access from above and the altar in the home all everyday practices and rituals were held inside the home 13 mouldings paintings 8 burials 4 mouldings paintings amp burials D second me access building l 4 l3 mouldings paintingx amp burials third level access building 4 mouldings paintings db burials Fig 3 Level VIB Fig 4 Level VIA D second lex el access building 739 LS mouldings paintings amp hurials third lcwl access buildingl 4 mouldings paintings 639 burials Fig 4 Level VIA LECTURE 06 Introduction to Urban Hierarchy Tombs and Temples Part 2 of 4 The Pyramids at Giza Badawy Alexander The Civic Sense of Pharaoh and Urban Development in Ancient Egypt Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt 6 1967 103109 Roth Ann Macy Social Change in the Fourth Dynasty Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt 30 1993 3355 YELLOW RN LOWER 3913 MESOPOTAMIA 39 u m m M p 39 1 INDUS VALLEY quot 54quot 39 539 mt h qu 3392 I f g h h v t l 9 4amp3 Md 391 B G 54 l Rosett I Alexandr39 s V 5 oFaf b 39 y Wadi Natru n amp 4 Meri 39 7 V7 r r Heliopolis v G Cairo 39 Saqqar N532 539 n a I Dahshu a y r J rauyum Lower 39 r E t quotat 39 v 39 erakleopolis o Serabit aIKhadir I Iliad L1 Bahan39 a Oasis 99x r V 53 X A I quot quot 1 l I BeniHasan Hermopoli L q wf w Amarna Q Asy 5393 7 a Eastern Desert Oau gt Western Desert KR Thini v Abyuo 7 endera Kharga Oasi Naqad Pgtos om Thebes 39 Dakhla Oasns uLumvand mm E t 39erakonpolis gyp Kom Ombo Aswa l l 1 inst Manx Dunqul Oasio Nabta Pl aya h Abu Simbeb 39 a Evfra w Buherb SaxMd CAMMH S h 669 Nubian Desert Ymm 01mm 0Kerma The golden falcon of Nekhen ick s Golden Hawk StallIS of sin deposit K11359ka 6 20m The walled city of Nekhen center of the cult of the hawk deity Horus Nekhen was the center of Predynastic Upper Egypt and center of Early Dynastic Unified Egypt for a short time It is also the site of the oldest known zoo menagerie Alexandr39 39 Bahariya Oasis 39 Dakhla Oasis V Wadi Natru quot Meri Rosett L Qaar lequot 2 JV usi um m 39 Heliopolis GZ Cairo Mem his 39 39 39 saqqaquot Helwar39i Slnal Dahshu x l Falym K Hl39I 39 g erakleopolls o Serabit aIKhadir ll g 39xl ax 4 quotw BeniHasan z 7 Hermopoli R I Amarna K X Asy 866aquot Eastern Desert OOau i t K Western Desert khm39m Thini Abydo endera 301 Kharga Oasi New 3305 Ji Thebes Luth and email 0d E t 39erakonpolis gyp Kom Ombo Aswa l x Dunqul Oasi Mabta Pl ayo w Abu Slmbeb 41 39 uffflaQ Buherb Souan Calaian S h 6 9 656 9 6 Nubian Desert U Alexand Early First Dynasty Upper Southern Egypt ca 3100 2665 BCE Wadi Natru M eri Heliopolis Cai mgwsgrphis 39KX nai Lowerlt K Egypt 1 lt Serabit aIKhadin 0 2 Baharfya Oasis 93 s H lt I Beni Hasan r Hermopoli Amarna G Saqqar Dahshu Faiyum W A m Eastern Desert Western Desert quothmim Kharga m 39a a I j a The Narmer Palette 39Dakh39a Upper found at Hierakonopolis Egypt 31St century BCE shows the king Narmer wearing the White Crown a m of Upper Egypt on the reverse left side and the Red Crown of Lower Egypt on the obverse K39 rzesz right side depicting the unification of Egypt under Kush one rule SSSSSSSSSS a a Nubian Desert 39hll Marat example of an early royal mastaba mietta Rosett 3K n Faayum Lower m Eastern Desert P Western Desert endera Kharga Oasi Naqad Pptos u ij tttt 1 3 to Thebes 39 Dakhla OBSIS Luxlx and mer E t erakonpolis gyp Kom Ombo Aswa i rst awed Dunqul Oasi Nabta Pl ayo L Abu Simbeo quot cu tiffam Buherb Seam Caravan S h 6amp9 6 6 9 6 N u b I a n Dese rt quot1quot Marat o Kerma 39 ORaf Alexandr39 r 9 gt x a v rn H Nquot I 39 usiumLm I M u 39 V Wadi Natru r y quot Meri Heliopolis 1 Gz Cairo 39 39 Saqqar meolavggghis K Slnal Dahshu erakleopolis i o Serabit aIKhadin 39 5 I O t o 391 BK Bahanya Oasrs 15 a i I BeniHasan Hermopoli Q53 y Amarna Asy Semerchet early dynasty Royal Tombs at Umm el Qa ab Egypt BA TOM w j I L 39r h r39 I 4 49 I 39 le TYPICAL HASTABA Old Kingdom Dynastic Egypt 2665 2150 BCE Djoser s mortuary precinct and mastaba pyramid 27th century BCE at Saqqara in Egypt Djoser is the best known ruler of the Third Dynasty 02 03 Twp 0 02 om 3me O 8 8 4 muz4 2w I I I I I F I I I I I I l I 39 D i i I I quotI39Iquot l 4 Ix 320 23 u o z 3 de tern 1 0443 zn rcvou prOu can as Guult4 o v 214 20334 J4gtOro i Udhdd N 0 44C 3293 w 00 N Ili ll 1 r a n z Ii 34 T H 0 241 FdDOU hdwxo wt 321 PiIU w 6 K iI a f lily Hdl 1 O vnliili H ib iiiiixi ii rail 1 1 th II i ii H1 viii ii 1quot lll I in II ilili Illil mmZNltDltZ i w i i ll 1 i L I 1quot I i 602 i l lillw 39AIAI muuu GREAT COURT 1quot 939 muusvouu 2 ALYAI 3 OVAL 39AV39LION 4 5 nucrm 5 39N OALACI39 6 SHAH CHA39ELS 7 Twm muons g w zeo twmv ENTRANCE OF FEET mwooo m MAme 39 COMPLEX Harass u x 7 a L V 39 3939quotquot39quotquot3939 quotquotquot quot39 39quotI I v quot v r u I 7 s a L n quot 31 t t A quot CK I b n u s uk c a I gnu f at Q s I l a I I l I I I I t I t 1 Ll s l PYRAMID OF ZOSER ll I ll Hall III III III m P I I lo I III III I I u r II II o o I I It I o Oalv lll l u T r v 04 Ill a I v f I I c SECTION The successive enlargement of Djoser s mastaba toward the north than mm a r 33 XWA z ow 0 8 02 m muzzhzu JV llrsxr 1 t 320 22 u a u xu tltxnw 33 z o 2309 W a owult4ltA 0 1 9 1033 J1gtO o W 35 a V 5983 E LII 332 v Hut p 58 96 n v l l a m 7 2 a e n V f 79039O e I 39V T l MAGAZINES a I tAnA y GREAT COURT I I C PHAS YAIA 11 I mlLUYONIS 2 ALYAI o IIOVAL uwuow 4 395 nuct39m 39N Bauer 6 SHAH CHA39ELS w39 o 39 a 39 7 Twm TNRONEJ 3939 3 39 39l 44M J L I llilllll A f g w z 69 WHF 39 quot quot39quot39quot3939 quotquot39 quot39 ii V39WVwuut uu g I Iwnumoi no 200 Am HA a 5 2 3 Veil 2C3 COMPLEX menus x m lt lt A lt Q O m w m m 39 quotquotquotquot wOOv 4 A 39 A v V u o docC u7so o39 MAGAZINES tum P 1 g1 n GREAT counr H z A J HALL OI HID31 COURT ENTRANCE PLAN OF COMPLEX ran 39 331quot muss F 3 39 I 39HILISTON S39 2 ALTA ROYAL MVILION 4 395 uuct39m sN nuct39 39 6 SHAH CMU 7 Twm uncut 39I J 10 zu39s dressed for the sed festival than life size sculpture Perhaps only the female figures on Malta are older Originally painted the limestone sculpture shows the king LI 39HASTAIA quotAll 039 39ltLAM 0 GREAT COURT I 39HlLlSTONGS39 2 ALVA I 5 ROYAL MVILION 4 393 39ALACE I S39N 39ALACC39 39 69Mquot CW 7 TWIN YNRONES 0 uuszo COURT PLAN OF COMPLEX rest o METRES alga Djoser s complex also has the first example of monumental larger 35 0nmgt4 nOCx l a 23 u 4 i 39 99239GQ L e 39 l2 39 quot 1rnu OZnul N r4t u 29 22202 p 0 3525 2 352 A o x 9312 u 252 3023 mm4 in Juarmu I39ll IlI39A III IIIIII IIII III39I I I IIII IIIquotI IIII and Vasemaker in Chief Nobleman High Priest of Heliopolis Builder Sculptor of the Great Palace Hereditary Lower Egypt first after the King of Upper Egypt Administrator subordinated only to the King Chancellor of the King of w UI nu 1 no Au 3 J S 1 N U nu M U Du J nu U quot1 no nu 1 as Architect His official title is From Mastaba to True Pyramid Sneferu s experiments 1 The Onion Pyramid at Meidum Saqqara Dioset s Step Pyramid Meidum Sneferu s Pyramid onion Dahshur Sneferu39s South Pyramid bcn v1quot Dahshur Sneferu39s North Pyramid red Giza Cheeps39s Pyramid The transformation of an earlier mastaba at Meidum perhaps for Huni into a finished pyramid Sneferu was the first ruler 2613 2589 BCE of the Fourth Egyptian Dynasty From Mastaba to True Pyramid Sneferu s experiments 2 The Bent Pyramid at Dashur Saqqaraz Djoser39s Step Pyramid Meidum Sneferu39s Pyramid quotonionquot Giza Checps39s Pyramid The adjustment of an earlier pyramid at Dashur to a more structurally conservative design From Mastaba to True Pyramid Sneferu s experiments 3 The Red Pyramid at Dashur Dahshur Sneferu39s South Pyramid 39bent39 y R gt r Giza Cheaps39s Pyramid he Red Pyramid is the first true pyramid and the tomb of Sneferu The Pyramids of Giza Fourth Dynasty Successors of Sneferu Khufu Khafre Menkaure The Pyramids of Giza 25502460 BCE the largest and first of the three is Khufu s in the back the second and second largest is Khafre s in the middle it stands on higher ground and the third and smallest is Menkaure s There are additional pyramidsmastabas on the site often attributed to Queens i oRaf 39 usi um The Pyramids of Giza Fourth Dynasty Successors of Sneferu Khufu Khafre Menkaura Nb 39a u 39 Wadi Natruh Shari alAhram N 39 m 391 Me 5 r Avenue of the Pyramids Heliopolis r pi G 2 Cairo D Saqqar ugvgfhis SI n a I L E U Dahshu CI 0 33951 Faiy Lowe r B Modern village of E t Nazlet elSimman g y p Ax erakleopolis Serabit aIKhadin U a f on DDDUDmm U HERE Pyramid of Khufu I SET V m JH Western quoti l Sh ft f C glowquot DES I D mamastaba field DUE BO1t Hetelphgres D Liaquot B h 0 D I U x ZZ f 1 a anya asus I 51 D D l D D at pits quotifxaauseway A K Tomb of Hemiunu DD D D D I U 00 L l g 39x 4 r vizier of King Khufu u J I I D g quot3 El D 1 Ben Hasan U U D Cl Boat Pit v m I Hermo I39 F I D I D l DU U D D E H 5 Eastern U pol Amarna EDI I l I D I E i mastaba D I BOatP S lXLS field 1 W 39 4 V D E T A m Eastern Desert WWW D HJEDDU39 amp 1 mm E Mastabas l 6 i l 3 western Desert pyramid of Khafra S t In D I D Rpglllilgsut a e 1 e hymmid E I L L Kharga Casi N d 1 Mortua 1y 3 39 k tem le E ROCk E S h u 1 Great Temple of Dakma Oasis l fm E cut C OI39DL II e 1 Sphinx I IauronHaremakhet 39 E tombs amp 9 5 tom w i U D p e r 39erakonpolis l E9 y pt g l x 1 1 Sphinx u E e temple E Subsidiary a 2 L Kom 0mm E pyramid 4 V 1 I j 39 Hell Lentgl held of mastabas mm 9 quot an rockcut tombs 1K m Aswa First Catorxt I Endosme Walls EU U I Tomb of Klm meremebti II 7 r 1 D Queen of Khephren Dunqm Casi Pyramid of l I i i Menkaura IVIortuzltry39 l Sarcopgagusshaped l temp e t tom of Queen Causeway Khentkawes l mm H av E w 3 alley temple Abu Slmbe x iiki fi q39 l ERIE Pyramids of queens Rockcut t b b 7 Onl S SKUIG Catalan s h Ii quoti L i a quotl l o Socalled quot 39 n O 393 Covmgton s tomb Southern eld 33 mastaba of of mainly quot q Dynasty 2 or 3 rockcut tombs l 3 30 m Nubian Desert l i 0 1000 IT 1 i hum CMmM 0 Karma The Pyramid of Khufu Shari alAhram Avenue of the Pyramids an I I D g D If Pyramid of Khufu Western al I a D mastaba eld DUE DD Ed 391 w DDUDDUUEI D U TombofIIemiunuBDDUUDUB DHEELJ E vmeroleng Khufagu u Bag 1 U SE17 DDDDDDDDQDDD ll t alm JU an pits I E Mastabas ramid of Khafra Py Satellite pyramid Mortuary temple E REG 39 W Socalled E tombs 39 I39 39 l useway Campbells tomb E Subsidiary N D I E pyramid Central eld of mastabas and rockcut tombs temple tomb of Queen Causeway Khentkawes quot if 0 Valley temple M Pyramids of queens Rockcut tombs 39 Socalled KKK Covington s tomb Southern eld mastaba of of mainly Dynasty 2 or 3 rockcut tombs I SCIK m 0 1000 ft l l a Shaft of Boat Hetepheres N l Modern village of i Nazlet elSimman U D l R k u DD U l lll Great Temple of Sphinx HauronI Iaremakhet p l quot ll 7 4 7 t Sphinx 39 temple F I 39i lt1 11 a DD range Enclosure walls 4 q EU I TOlnl of Kha meremebti II 39 U Pyramid of Menkaura Mortuary Sarcophagusshaped Queen of Khephren 480 ft high now 450 750 ft on a side companion pieces Wooden boats in pits 3 small pyramids for family mastaba for mother cemetery for court members The quotPyramid of Khufu I U 9 d A J B m D O J M U n J n The Pyramid of Khufu CLI39YIC I39ll V UYICIL unau Tguoa new Aquot Y IO Ilo I l I 39 i Iquot 39 J I 39 v I 39 39 q H My i 4 Sq J 3 I1 u u lt 0 1 39 lt h I I H LI I I 1 I 15 5 I v 39 39u 15quot r39 F quot 393 39 39th surtzsw The Pyramid of Khafre the Sphinx is adjacent to the Valley Temple Shari aiAhram Avenue of the Pyramids N U U m0 Emljllja D M 1 39 V11 f D U t b Netsgtgigtst u D U BU DER D E H D D Pyramid of Khnfu u Li D D DC I D D 395 I 1 E J Shaft of g 111 55 I Lmastaba held Boat Hetepheres f 39quot39 n U D i U D H U D 39 39 ow FBI 5 I I Tomb of Hemiunu D I D a 3t 399 2 rizier of King Rhuf gn u D D I a 1 I U 1 DUDUDDDDQUDD DI DUUU D yegl e Boat pit 39 Eastern mastaba Boatp1ts field l n s of queens lll Pyran Mastabas HDD 470 ft high Pyramid of Khafra l iL Rockcut Satellite I tombs E mm L 700 feet on a Slde Mo rtua 1y temple Rock g u 1 Gl f t Temple of cut C Og h m 1 Spillle HauronHaremakhet tombs amp e s tonn lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll v Subsidiary Valley pyramid 3 a 1 D t 1 Lenttal held of mastabas 9m 9 and rockcut tombs 1 Bl I Endosme Walls ED 1 I Tomb of Klm meremebti II I 7 Lt Queen of Khephren l a 0 til w pyramid of an r 1 Menkaura Mortuary Sarcophagusslmped l temple tomb of Queen E Cause ay Khentkawes i 3 Valley temple Pyramids of queens Rockcut 7 tombs L Kiv k Socalled 21 fquot Covington s tomb Southern eld mastaba of Of mainly Dynasty 2 or 3 rockcut tombs 300 m I i l 1000 H O O The Pyramid of Menkaura Shari alAhram Avenue of the Pyramids Modern village of Nazlet elSimman nu gg n j Western shaft of C V 0 E D l D mmastaba U D I I 139 Vt Boat Hetepheres 3 D l D i ll 0 I p Egg quot pits ay Tomb of IIemiunu D l D l D I D 1439 39 p vizier of King Khufu 1 I D D I I D I 3 2 39 via 3 q Cl 39 quot quot mg l l 1 g I lstern DI B 9g I D m 3 fiastaba U HUD a an Ell Mr 7 l ll I largest mortuary temple 1 Sphinx Su si 39ary a pyramid huey Central eld of mastabas D I teml le q 1 I Tomb of Kha meremebti 11 Queen of Khephren E Mastabas I I Pyramid of Khafra D ROCk g quot Satellite u I U tom 5 quot3 0 pyramid quot Mortuary e s Templeof smallest pyramid E cut 5quot Q 0quot e Sphinx HauronI laremakhet E tombs 39 r v 39 Useway Campbells tomb and rockcut tombs Enclosure walls I 39 l Pyramid of Menkaura Mortuary Sarcophagusshaped temple tomb of Queen Ca useway Khentkawes 3 Valley temple 72 aquot v W 4 Pyramids of queens Rockcut tombs Socalled Covington s tombquot Southern eld 5 mastaba of of mainly Dynasty 2 or 3 rockcut tombs O O 300 m I l l 1000 ft The 3rOI Dynasty Precinct and Pyramid of Djoser at Saqarra compared to the 4th Dynasty Precinct and Pyramid at Giza contrast in size shape grave contents orientation location access pattern prospect w 1 in s s7 a o Shari alAhram Avenue of the Pyramids Z a W 5 Q Khaba so 21 D5 El El 9 1 El ll Modern village of D ll Ntzlet elQimm39ln DDDUD HELD are 5 71 D HE D D g vramid o39 hu u U 0U n n ELDDUUlaDDDn pquot iii3 39 p 1 Blair ah I u D I lf 39 m DD 1 D E J Shaft ot a J quot739 cl l malnutde held D C Boat Hetepheres 39v quotf at n 0 00 000000 mm as mme Tomb of Hemiunu D U l I D D DHEeE39 HUIHUWZEM vizier ot King Ixhutu n D 1 D I D Um Boat p1t u M NH a CD mom 0 3th 391 DD 9 l l l l D I D Boat pits l 13 39 I E El Eastern 5 mastaba 3 field 1 I 0 m rquot i gt f E r W 2 E E I iiiiiiiiiiii D ED am a j 5 39 5quot2391139 2 222 0 l jquotl i I H Ti my U I m p is E l Iastabas 5 I x I 39 39 when 0 quotmi quot5 E U D quot i 3 Pyramid of Khatra l Rmk gut I Satellite U I tom 5 L U pyram id 1L V VI Mortuary temple E ROCk q u 1 Jl j39dt Temple of E cut C fail 9 b Sphinx HauronHaremakhet E tombs am e s om i t i b lg Xxx 39 IL Sphinx n 0 0 9 temple tn E ox 39 t 39 E Subsidiary v 1 a 2 E E pyramid 39 quotr a l lune g 39 Lentral field of mastabas I temple 55 2 lQ I and rockcut tombs M m 3 j l 1 Lu A Enclosure walls ED Tomb of Kl ia meremebti II 5 I J Lu Queen of Khephren 1 2 K i W 3 a j L i Pyramid of I g 39 391 h Ieilkaura l Iortuary 39 Sarcophagusslmped l temple l tomb of Queen Causeway Khentkawes W g g H 3 quotalley temple 395 6 I I E LICJ E l a i ERIE 3 in 39 I 1 Pyramids of queens C Rockcut 39 tombs quot Lt Socalled A quotquot z Ji39 Covington s tomb Southern eld 39 quot 39 ma sta ba of of ma in y 6 Dynasty 2 or 3 rockcut tombs E 0 300 m 2 5 l l a Kx l I ILL1 0 1000 ft


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