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chapter 8 Race and Ethnicity

by: Katherine Notetaker

chapter 8 Race and Ethnicity SO 1003

Marketplace > Mississippi State University > Sociology > SO 1003 > chapter 8 Race and Ethnicity
Katherine Notetaker
GPA 3.0
Intro to Sociology
Kimberly Kelly

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About this Document

here are the notes for chapter 8.
Intro to Sociology
Kimberly Kelly
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This 14 page Bundle was uploaded by Katherine Notetaker on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Bundle belongs to SO 1003 at Mississippi State University taught by Kimberly Kelly in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Intro to Sociology in Sociology at Mississippi State University.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
Chanter 8 H Dace and Ethnicity 4 Madison A Hintong MA October I 9 2015 The Concepts of Dace and Ethnicity Race is designated by physical characteristics such as skin color hair texture eye shape M 1m Amman Ethnicity refers to cultural traits that are shared by a category of people such as language religion or national origin Race Ethnicity Historical Thinking About Dace RaceSocia Construction society created it Created in order to make a power structure that empowered some at the expense of others A hierarchical power structure 4 ILLEGALS GO HOME EXCUSE YOU I WAS BORN IN THEN GO LIVE WITH YOUR FOLKS IN MEXICO I HEARD YOU SPEAKING SPANISH MY BRAIN eRAce HURTS YOURSELF m ALSO ASIAN 50 l SPEAK quotL SPANISH 5 o 3 o K Il VIDEO The Myth of Race 3 minutes httpswwwvoutubecomwatchvanKgffCZ7Uampfeaturevoutube Social Darwinist approach quotsurvival of the fittest attitude to racial inequality Eugenics suggests that races should be Historical Thinking Abot Dace UNFIT HUMAN TRAITS quotULH F3 FEEBLEMINDEDNESS IIILI III CRININALITY INSMJV y LCUIIOLISM MUN FM m MANY OTHER RUN IN FAMILIES AND ARE INHERHED N iXMTlY THE SAME um As IHIIR rm UUINEAPICA II ALL MAR RIAGES want EUGENIC M Chm bliEED OUT Morn III39 i39Hl39 IINFITNFL IH 39 THREE 3 ENE RA TUNS THE TRIANGLE or LI FE T HERITAGE YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR EDUCATION AND EVEN CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT BUT WHAT YOU REALLY ARE ms ALL 557nm WHEN Yng PAREALTS WERE BQBLI SELECTED PARENTS WILL HAVE BLT FR 39 II l le t N THIS I5 THE GREAT Alequot or FUCENII J distinguished from one another based on presumed genetic composition These led to ideas that intelligence criminal behavior and disease are controlled by race Obviously these approaches were not true LEGISLATIVE STATUS OF39 EUGENICAL STERIUZATION IN THE UNITED STATES Mao 1u TDYAL NLIMEHu 10 1139 11A 0 quot fi RAIL STAT Hquot JANUAR 03 Historical Thinking About Dace Cultural Explanations In the second half of the 20th century ideas of cultural superiority replaced ideas of biological superiority ONE S OWN GROUP IS THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING AND ALL OTHERS ARE SCALED AND RATED WITH REFERENCE TO IT WILLIAM SUMNERI906 I H A Nai NOU Ofl The fluidity of Dacial Categories Race is a fluid social concept No racial group is distinct all human beings quotThe rule of the hypodescent aka quotthe one drop rule suggests that a person with quotone i drop of African ancestry is defined as Black or Lucy and Maria Aylmer African American Interview with the sisters 2 minutes Efflgigl sl ife i39 lemfo39l t39f im l 39 httpswwwvoutubecomwatchvJIU 39 KZKSbvvl Article Racial Fluidity and Inequality in the United States 2012 httpwwwjstororgstablelO1086667722 From the Mail February 21 2006 Majority Minority Delations l l quot Those in the majority dominant group are liable to exploit and marginalize members of minority group Illlllllllllll Majority sociology Those who have the most access to power property and prestige 39 o 539 Minority sociology Those who have less access to power property and prestige The social construction of difference says that all maorIty and mInorIty statuses are products of soaal de InItIons WalmartWhite FatherquotMixedquot Kids httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvuf4wt6Kils 245 Stereotypes Dreiuclice and Discrimi on A stereotype is a rigid oversimplified often exaggerated belief that is applied both to an entire social category of people and to each individual within it usually negative Prejudice is a cultural attitude directed toward members of a group or somal category usually negative Discrimination is an action or practice that excludes disadvantages or differentiates between individuals or groups of individuals on the basis of some ascribed or perceived trait quot OC maH I sFrwlM l5 SEAL if Nl INN CUT We Are All The Same VIDEO stereotypes What It39s Like Being The Only Black Friend 2 mins httpswwwyoutubecomwatchv8RVH24orF VIDEO stereotypes Problems Only Southerners Understand 25 mins httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvkLOQSOZdaCE VIDEO Discrimination WWYD 936 httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvnBObJ4Qbii Dacism and Its foundations Racism is a matter of hegemony it happens when a racial group subordinates another based on ideas about dominant traits Outright overt Subte covert Racism isn t born folks It s taught I have a 2yearold son Know what he hates Naps End of list Denis Leary IVIicroaggressions are the everyday verbal nonverbal and environmental sllghts snubs or Insults whether Intentional or unintentional that communicate hostile derogatory or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their raceethnic group More info on Microag ressions httpwwwucopedu academicpersonnel programs filesseminarsTool Recognizing Microaggressionspdf Majoritygroup advantages are structured into the ways that social systems function Institutional Racism Racebased discrimination that is systemic within a society The Role of Individuals individual racism is embedded in and supported by the racism fixed into larger structures The quotInvisibilityquot of Institutional Racism more subtle than outright acts by individuals and so tougher to eliminate A Institutional Racism MEDIA 3 minutes CovertSubtle Racism 15 minutes httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvHGJIVlgCnOst Systemic racism doesn t simply Tear its ugly head39 It s voted on enacted with policies and used to disenfranchise httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvKAxnUBfSShgampspfreload1O Social Movements and Dace Hate Groups A TWEHATE ennurs A hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred hostility or violence towards members of a race ethnicity nation religion gender gender identity sexual orientation or any other designated sector of society JEB MIY White supremacist groups who believe that minorities are a threat to national identity are the main hate groups in the US WillE HAIE B lllPS f3 KUK LUX KLAN 163 G NEDNAZI 143 G WHITE NATIONALIS39I 128 IE RACIST sxmrrmn 126 quot CHRISTIAN IDENTITY 37 NEOCDNFEDEHATE as 0 BLACK SEPARATIST 115 1 GENERAL HATE 191 Example the Ku Klux Klan KKK also considered a form of religious extremism HATE GROUPS 3 37K 4 85 O 60 S P Lc Southern Poverty rmsmrnuausmmumsmsmmsmm WWWSPLCENTERURGHATEMAP Law Center In 2014 the Southern Poverty Law Center identified 784 active hate groups in the More info about the types of Hate Groups in the US US This is the most recent Count httpswwwspcenterorqfiqhtinqhateintelliqencereport2015activehateqroupsunited states2014 Map link httpswwwspcenterordhatemaD Dace Globally Global flows Based on Dance and Ethnicity Both race and ethnicity flow around the globe as social constructions Positive flows that enhance life safety and security are likely located in majority areas and in the Global North Structures that expedite negative flows are more likely to fall into and to be found in areas dominated by minority groups Global South Racial and Ethnic Barriers minorities may be unable to move from an area that defines them as subordinate populations More ethinically I diverse More ethinically I homogenous Global Dacism Prejudice and Discrimination The NorthSouth distinction is a key factor in examining majorityminority relations in a global context worked to the advantage of the Global North 1 1514 1 A A r L quot L 3 I 1 I gAAw A t gt C39 quot rquot a A t 39 q x 9 s f 39I 39 3 a 39 VAV 39V39 s 2 1quot u m A A quot k 39x 39 Dividing line V gt A quotJ r Vx39 it v z r w 39 b 17 I t 7 39 quot x l keg P39 39 l J 4 393 l r 39quot x I t r I f u 7 5 If e f i 7 I Iquot V quot39 x k u i 7 V v I 397 P L 2 l V A quot J 39 g c 39 quot39 rlt I a 39 I l 39N v 25 q vr v 39 39 r 39 39 n 1 39 4 r r r 1 6 I 3 i v I J 39L 1391 v I 1 t J 39 V quot39 I 39 39 39 Ki A j 39 u i a 51 Ix 4 I L 39 v f I 39 A quotk 4 Vii v 7 T I r 39 392 39 P v rl 394quot n I 3 r r l 39Q 39 k 39 39 u 39 I 39 l w l r v 39x 4 vquot i i J l39 1 Jquot A 4 t 39 v u a H V 39 39 V 5 i k Q l l w I a g 2 39 39 j 39 l 1 vrr 39 l quotI39 I i i r u 4quot 39 quot 7 n 39 I 3e 22H 239 Mr 1 quot v i 1 1 Net4 7 A l o u 39s 739 w iiii I 2 L v T 39 l v 4 l v t 3 r a f w v39 53M The Global North is shorthand for the developed nations that are mostly in the northern hemisphere The Global South refers to those nations concentrated in the southern hemisphere with are less developed or undeveloped Historically imperialism colonialism economic development Westernization and Americanization have L Ethnic Conflict Within Nation States Expulsion is the process of forcing an individual or 16 me 7 39I a n I l group to leave a place especially a country 4 Ethnic Cleansing the mass expulsion or killing of l 3 iequot39ltili members of an unwanted ethnic or religious group in a quot society Example of Expulsion and Ethnic Cleansing In North America mOSt Native Americans we re forced c I l u I 5 y 1 Y I l flquot 39 I quot V22 l39 to resettle in territory allotted to them by the mid19th j 335 1 century when the Homestead Act of 1862 opened up 5 39 39 gt3 g gri3 yia la ll 39 39 39 39 quot 5 quot 393 most of the remaining lands to white settlers those i trlbes who reSIsted such as the Sloux Comanche and w Arapaho were brutally crushed a 39qn Genocide the deliberate killing of a large group of 99 ry people especially those of a particular et nic roup or nation in order to completely eliminate them Examlple WWII the Nazi attempt to eradicate the Jewis people The Holocaust Q i I am not a racist I am against every form of racism H t 39 and segregation every form of discrimination a Q a y believe in human beings and that all human I beings should be respected as such regardless of 39 their color Malcolm X izquotescom us society issothorpughl raCIahze that tobe without acigl lglentltg IS to bemdanger o havmg no Identity Toberaceless is akin to being nderless It is to invisible nwo H golivo ago brothers 39i fquotfO 39 o together as took 0139 gho glg 99 magnum puurm


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