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HIST 308 Notes March 14-March 25, 2016

by: Audra Oul

HIST 308 Notes March 14-March 25, 2016 HIST 308

Marketplace > California State University Long Beach > History > HIST 308 > HIST 308 Notes March 14 March 25 2016
Audra Oul
Long Beach State

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About this Document

Gender Assumptions BFOQ Wilson v. Southwest Airlines Gender Roles in the Home
Law and Civilization
Martha Kadue
Law and Civilization
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This 8 page Bundle was uploaded by Audra Oul on Monday March 21, 2016. The Bundle belongs to HIST 308 at California State University Long Beach taught by Martha Kadue in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Law and Civilization in History at California State University Long Beach.

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Date Created: 03/21/16
Monday, March 14, 2016 Gender assumption influence law What do we as a society think about women in a firefighter? Associated men with Not a female occupation for firefighter Some women stronger than other men The gear weight about 50 lbs. and then carry more 50 lbs. Societal implication-female firefighter something wrong about this A man being a Kindergarten teacher-weird seen not well for a job Less patience less masculine not as nurturing Man with kid something wrong with them Not the gender norm Most teaching positions for kids hire females than males Male interact with small children-given more conscious Somewhat of a double standard Do not expect 14 year old hugging teacher Meg Whitman: CEO Major Corporation Bossy Societal assumption not do a good job Given a job because she is a women Not get position because she focused on their career CEOs are extremely competent She may look at some element over others Mr. Mom He could not be good at as a women would definitely giving way What role a female and male should have are changing? Gender Interaction between:  Law and  Societal assumptions and expectations about men and women  Today: in the workplace  Wednesday: home 1900 Census Occupation All Occupation Male Female All occupations 82.3% 17.7% Agriculture 91.7 8.3 Teachers 26.6 73.4 Boarding House keeper 16.6 83.4 Nurses/Midwives 10.1 89.9 Physicians 94.4 5.6 Bookkeepers 71.2 28.8 Stenographers 23.3 76.7 Telegraphs 70.2 29.8 Bookbinders 49.5 50.5 Printer 89.7 10.3 Male professor Female professor Nurses are mostly women Agricultural mostly male Evaluated as work as getting paid Unpaid domestic labor and domestic labor confused Sex Amendment 1964 Civil Rights Act Title VII bars discrimination in employment if the discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, or sex Some advocate equal rights amendment Given the right to over vote for women It would have killed the Bill of Rights Republican farmers Virginia in 1960s Why do they want this apply to employment to women? Textile industry hire a lot of women Why employers want this? All those laws apply to female worker Laws put places for work For this, advocates for some women but hurt some women Women Equal in society To keep women’s work For protection of legislation Do employers blatantly not hire? Wants ads 1964-A lot of people find jobs by looking at newspapers Help wanted male/females Bluntly not under women for Kindergarten teacher *Dividing these women are wealth Less affluent More occupation- wealthier, better educated to take other jobs Among women is a spirit. *Some women did not want Civil Rights Act because of race Lovely legislation-things passed-provision in there not originally interested It is law Civil Rights Act established EEOC Franklin Delano Roosevelt-What about sex? He said he was all for it? Seen as a flux Seen as out of wedlock Not taken seriously Complain about gender portion Women complain about discrimination Put there to poison the bill Other women help employers Other chances to develop other occupation Do women work treated as a judge Reflect how laws reflect society’s norm and assumption One of the influences that changed the way we looked Influence of this process Strength test-required to this job Less gendered Change job standards to the function test Women support workplace support their families War production not an issue Some were happy, and some were not A lot of women with college degree cannot go to professional school because not open to them The law changed societal assumption Wilson v. Southwest Airlines Southwest Logo-a heart Stock symbol –luv Hire women-high attendant job hire women only Business story of beginning of airline Southwest-set up as an interstate in commerce Get licensed to start airplanes Competitors in every road block Promise of funding tied up because of all the delays Start to fly in 1971 Look business man Regulated daggered deal in terms of flights Lure airplanes because need money Hire images of these airplanes Someone up there that luv you Alphabet image of sex appeal Have this whole image-get people on their airplanes Did not hurt economic survival of this company Now the changes Southwest only hiring women Bona Fide Occupation BFOQ Exception to ban sex discrimination in employment of sex is a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ) Southwest financially Strong airline They carry passenger They care women do this better than men Makes passenger more calmer These businesses checked this survey off Had survey why pick airline Fly on this business more professional It is more competitive Southwest selling transportation from point A to point B to get there safely Have a change in who is flying Family flights Image Corporation to get off the ground Not Bona Fide Occupation Place of safety to help carry safely not gender about that Playboy bunnies-cocktails, waitress, only different on how they trust Establish from other airlines Sexier steward playboy bunny and flight attendant is 15 years 1981-how look at women in mark places changes Hotels EEOC not bring men as suiters USE BFOQ defense Today not hiring because of not French Chinese restaurant-cannot be an American 2010 Census All Occupations Male Female 52.8% 47.2% Chief Executive 74.5 25.5 K-9 Teachers 8.2 81.8 College Teachers 54.1 45.9 Paralegals 14.2 85.8 Lawyers 68.5 31.5 Office/Admin 26.1 73.9 Child Care Worker 5.3 94.7 Human Resource Mng 30.7 69.3 Info System Mngr 70.1 29.9 Firefighter 96.4 3.6 Construction Manager 93.2 6.8 Agricultural Manager 81.9 18.1 Architecture 87.1 12.9 An article about mothers are less likely hired .76cents Mother had penalty Rigid hours and flexibility Men earning bonus because of father Men more stable workers Most men likely to get a call Wednesday, March 16, 2016 Gender Roles in the Home What house hold chores do you perform on a regular basis? Talk about issues in gender workplace Issue in family and/or home Personal interest Home kitchen-women Men-professional kitchen Because of circumstances changes roles Women-provider Census unpaid domestic labor Family business that people participated on Economic unity Paid work and home start to break apart single economic unit Value on extent of working Assumption to put the child first for months Husband pay wife for domestic labor For love and affection not money Navarro v. LaMusga Have a divorce with young children Parents do not get along Couple mediation Two people work out agreement more likely to abide by it rather than opposed by the third party Mom remarries Father visitation Go live where family supports Society and law both parents need to involve in children if divorce Legal standard: “best interest of the child” Like Painter v. Bannister and 20 century Took to the doctor’s appointment play dates= the mother The couple hostile with each other Mother interference with their father Important for relationship with father Father-impatient Assumption-they need a male She has the capacity She has the husband He can still be a role model Assumption for the mother-not case for the move Mother more emotional Father is detached Expectation of mother to go beyond the interest of the father The court said of the mother going to give the child They think not going to live out kids Give up family Court said kids are going to move away, but not going to leave kids Parent not just gender modeled Value reflecting Expect mother marrying Father-expect to work outside of home Role of the mother-stay at home mother vs. mother go to work *Better to have both parents in their lives How deal with a move away case. Not easy for the court to sort out assumptions and values Obligation of parents what father or mother bring to the table Society shares similar norms about role of parents Traditional expectation of father Kramer v. Farmer She said I am leaving and walks out Apathy over dad He figures out and believes parents Mom comes back and want custody of child He does not understand Have dinner with kid Paid $33,000 for salary $28,200 Difference in opinion in policy He had to hold on contempt Responsible for injury of kid in his care Double standard for evaluating parenting 1979- Evaluate a successful man All kids are get hurt Men not prepared to father if not good in career. Hypothetical Parents are divorced and each is a good parent who has a close relationship with you. Dad gets a promotion but it would require a move to Houston with his promotion (and raise), he would pay for your college expenses; without the raise, you would need to work or borrow to pay for college. Would you give up time with Dad for college expenses? Done with technology changes Difficult to put the connection Give up raise to spend more time Difficult to determine who gets custody Those assumptions changes Parents can equally provide for the kids Reflect gender and assumption and parenthood Look at elements of persuasion


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