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APR 280 Test 1 Notes

by: Addie Minton

APR 280 Test 1 Notes APR 280

Addie Minton
GPA 3.525
Investigation and Insights
Dr. O.P.

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About this Document

Investigation and Insights
Dr. O.P.
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This 21 page Bundle was uploaded by Addie Minton on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Bundle belongs to APR 280 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Dr. O.P. in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see Investigation and Insights in Advertising at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 10/14/15
Investigation and Insights 08192015 Intro 081915 We are not just PR majors we are problem solvers We will be identifying problems 0 Looking for consumer cultural and brand insights Design appropriate communication solutions 0 Test and evaluate actions and communication efforts The planning process One thing connects the entire processlNSlGHT This course will be looking at planning execution and application of research as an insight tool not merely an information gathering tool during the strategic communication process This course will also introduce methods commonly used by marketing communication practitioners to inspire brand innovation analyze and segment audiences inform strategic planning and message development and evaluate communication The team project 0 Research plan and develop a communication plan to address an identi ed brand or communication challenge 0 Each team will have 1015 min to present 0 De ne and lay out the plan for achieving goals August 24 2015 One New thing from today s readings Consumer Insights like Problems drive insights A brief history of consumer insights 965 Malcom X was assassinated Sent troops to Vietnam Mini skirts seen as a sign of rebellion Stanley Pollitt Be the voice of the consumer Working for the consumer not Agency David Brent Apply knowledge to strategy and execution 1968 Pollitt implemented his idea in Boase Massimi Pollitt J Walter Thompson formed rst account planning apartment Success and Recognition quotMost creative agenciesquot Insights manifest in creative outcomes 95 of great PR is STRATEGY 1982 Jane Newman ChaitDay one of the rst persons to set up an account plan Insights inspire decision making in different aspects of organizations Marketing PR Design 0 Product development Supply chain management 0 Customer Service 0 Finance Example in Class NikeGreatness and the different audience it reaches Example in Class ALS ice bucket challenge Successful company in PR Example in Class lfYou dLetMePIay believeability Example in Class LikeAGirl breaking down stereotypes lnsights has a lot to do with interpretation What are lnsights Discoveries ability and power to see and understand clearly the inner nature of things Getting below the surface lceberg example lnsights are not research ndings Henry Ford lnsights are consumer oriented Whom are you serving Representing lnsights demand focus What Problem underlying principles concepts that illuminate the problem strategy to problem solve the problem 5 Emphasizes action Creativity from anything l I ogowwo August 26 2015 Understanding the Postrecession for Consumers Firsta look at the postrecession consumer What does the postrecession consumer look like 0 Social media affects the way the consumer thinks WOM trust between friends and a company Simplicity is demanded Proper corporate governance 0 Dip in loyalty o Discretionary shift 0 Ethical consumption dips Lesson Consumers are ckle We must be aware of broader social and economic changes What is research 0 A systematic attempt to discover something M o quot and understand a problem Why does research matter 0 Offers credibility or at least the illusion of credibility to business decisions 0 Offers insights that inform and guide decisions 0 Saves money and time efforts Four ways of knowing 1 tenacity no doubt hold onto beliefs 2 intuition truthself evident 3 Authority 4 method of science Two Types of research 1 Applied interest contextspeci c question knowledge for problemsolving pragmatic serves a purpose proprietary 2 basic or theoretical interest nding timeless truths knowledge for its sake public Goals of research Describe 0 What s going on Diagnose o Fixing in the problem Predict 0 People with XYZ are more likely to dohave What is Data numbered information age gender income these are variables Data types Secondary Already collected for other purposes by other researchers Data we did not collect Fast Relatively inexpensive Collected through secondary research Secondary data sources industry publications news stories Data types Primary directly collected by researcher to address a speci c problem 0 data we collected 0 unique to the project Question what type of data should you analyze rst Secondary because it s already collected Qualitative depth 0 Focus groups 0 Interviews 0 Participant observation Quantitative broader scope more generalizable Surveys 0 Content analysis 0 Experiments Pragmatism Different types of research answers different types of questions we need to be practical in our approach different approaches have differing proscons August 31 2015 Truth quotdeveloping informed guessesquot Problem statement Captures the key elements of the issue or opportunity and how it relates to the organization s ability to ful ll its mission to key publics Ex Amazon Kendall s guide 1825 words phrased in a simple subjectverb object construction 0 Amazon treats its employees unethically 6 elements to the Problem Statement What is the issue Where is this problem occurring When did this become the problem How did this become a problem For whom is this a problem Why should the organization care about this problem Situation Analysis Detailed analysis and explanation of opportunities and threats Everything we know about the problem SWOT analysis 0 Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats Usually begins with O 0000 Problem statement History of the problem Con icts with organization Relevant pubicsaudienceconsumers Opportunities and challengesbarriers BenchmarkingKey to proving results Objective destination 1 What do you need to accomplish when all is set and done 2 Could be about awareness opinion attitude and ultimately change their behavior strategies will go through all of these steps sales 3 Four elements 0 tied to organization s mission 0 nature of desired change stated shaping the organization 0 time from for change speci ed goals have a time frame 0 amount of change desired stated 0 Know what Silver anvil is Questions Goals statement Objectives from measureable media impressions to market share to Responsibility and integrity Ethics in consumer and Public Relations Investigations How do we deal with certain things APR mission oto prepare highly competent socially conscious and engaged leaders to shape the future of global advertising and public relations You 0 The integrity of the profession rests on US Responsible to o Responders consumers client publics So what is ethics Valuebased decision making 0 value fundamental beliefs that guise our behaviors Ethical principles justice respect for human life and autonomy bene cence amp male cence Ethical decisionmaking process 0 What is the issue What do we know Who is affected 0 Evaluate the alternatives Dilemma Ethical approach 0 Decide and test it 0 Ethical issues anonymity respondents should not be identi able based on responses September 2 2015 Applications of Consumer Insight 1 Communication Audit amp brand audit taking inventory of a brand or the organization inventories internal and external organizational resources that can be leveraged to strategically tell a brand Goal What works for advertising What is the value of the brand What is the position 0 Position How do you feel In relation to the competitors Goal What works for Public relations Image Reputation Reputation is what someone thinks about you BOTH Purpose and resources we can leverage Intangible requirements Candor tact Being honest nding answers TWO ELEMENTS OF THE AUDIT 1 2 Internal environment an honest thorough look within Structure purpose How things are done Image Performance quality past and present Internal impediments External environment a careful look around competitors who Nature Where Adversaries why How External impediments How do we integrate audience perception into the audit Cannot talk your way into favorable reputation Good reputation When good performances harmonizes with high visibility Advertising attributes bene ts value Attributes What differentiates the productservices Insideout talking to the designers and engineers 0 Product features are ONLY a starting point 0 Bene ts What do these features bene t the consumer o What does it offer the consumer outsidein Values why would the consumer care about these features and bene ts 0 Why does it matter 0 role of product in consumer s life considering core values 2 General public people who share a common interest in relation to an organization 0 similar characteristics are shared aware of relationship with organization 0 relevant to organization 0 you don t get to pick publics but you must deal with them 0 in the market you pick them 0 you tell the stories they d love to listen to public market audience Silver anvils biggest award show for PR Four general categories of publics 1 customers 2 enablers 3 limiters 4 producers Classifying publics non publics latent apathetic public aware active most important engaged have a lot of in uence U39lbUUNH Prioritizing publics Strategic publics or key audience 0 Demographics 5 general questions 1 who are the major publics who can adversely affect you In what way who are the key publicsaudience for this situation who are major opinion leaders Why would they or should they care What is your value proposition to this public U39lhUUN Segmentation approaches Lifestyles what do they do How do they live Attitude grouping based on similar attitudes Based on quotagreedisagree statements Life stage not age but major events and responsibilities 0 People in similar stages have common needs concerns motivations September 9 2015 Stakeholders some are important but are not legitimate Must prioritize stakeholders based on the situation 3 Creative brief 0 a tool used by agencies to explain strategy and direction for a project 0 succinct o inspires creativity not constrain it 0 one or two pages agencies often have own brief formats quotBrie y vimeo Examples Sparks and Honey AD agency understand culture and brands Problem method and how did they go about it 0 Who does this trend refer to Primary audience whoever we speak to directly 0 Secondary audience in uenced by the primary audience Only bring out the consumers and what s important 23 pages max September 14 2015 Focus Group Discussion one of several qualitative methods Personal interviews Dyadic interviews relationship of two people two people at the same time example art director writer Case studies Historical research Ethnographies Focus group Qualitative research process Identify a behaviorphenomenon of interest Develop set of questions Develops an operational plan for observing a behavior of interest Observe behavior or phenomenon of interest Identify patterns Develop tentative explanation Results help guide out theoretical understanding of future behavior Focus Groups overview What is it group interviews controlled by Moderator Nature be exible enough not structured Who 510 people shared characteristics commonality of expenence 0 Goal Why How enhance understanding 0 When Before during after a strategic campaign or product release 0 When not to sensitive issues why am I doing a focus group based on my objectives when interested in distribution will be people be biased by the presence of others A focus group will plan do 0 1 Select moderator gt brief moderator gt prepare pretest and revise discussion guide 0 2 Group characteristics gt number of groups gt select facility gtschedue groups 0 3 Conduct groups gt assess group success revise as necessary gt analyze and present ndings gt apply ndings to decision making Prepping 0 Book sessions at a comfortable place 0 Sessions last 12 hours 0 Minimum of 3 groupssessions know the difference between a session and a group 4 Selecting participants You can start here 0 What are the demographic lifestyle characteristics of the target point male femaleifestyes people who do this o What media do they use 0 What are their daily activities in relation to your products intended usage Way to actually recruit people 0 Advertising newspapers 0 Social media postings Snowball identi cation if you tell someone about a product they may tell someone else 0 On location Recruiting Participants could be a voluntary sub group from a prior survey research already completed 0 Always include this volunteer question at the end of the survey If Advertising for participants make sure to be as speci c as possible You always need to offer an incentive to encourage participation 0 How do we judge a good incentive Dinner setting makes people become more relaxed 5 Moderation The moderator s skills o Is mentally prepared 0 Select good location 0 Record discussion 0 Use purposeful small talk 0 Has a smooth introduction 0 Uses pauses and probes Do we all agree Does anyone have a different opinion to bring out the best responses 0 Don t be overbearing Control reactions to participants 0 Use assistant moderator 0 Hire individuals speci cally trained in moderation 0 Problem May not be in relation to the focus group 0 If you moderate a focus group the rst few moments are critical 0 Thoughtful atmosphere 0 Provide ground rules 0 Recommended introduction pattern 0 Welcome participants Three types of questions in focus groups 0 Engagement questions questions that are comfortable 0 Exploration questions this is where the action is Ask relevant ques ons 0 Exit questions wind down deliberately but not abruptly Some tools 0 Word associations 0 When I say X what s the rst word that comes to mind 0 Avoid group think Sentence completion useful for identifying unmet needs 0 quotwhen people go to the movies ll in the blank 0 quotwhen it comes to female candidates the one thing that makes me excited isquot o The worst idea exercise people are great at what they don t like 0 People don t have to come up with solutions 0 Laddering why is it important to you technique 0 quotyou like it becausequot 6 Analyze The results 0 Primary deliverable report manuscript 0 Session reports are generated by the research tem moderator observer 0 The primary researcher is charged with performing systematic analysis of data yielded by ALL of the focus group sessions 0 Look for patterns trends and the like scope and scale 0 Patterns are only interested in the common things 0 Trends are over an amount of time 0 After each session point out the important things in each group 0 Soon after the focus group analyze the individual session summaries Later researcher analyzes Organize data 0 For ex Place data in the context of SWOT ldeabook Visual of what s going on Doesn t have to be just a drawing Let your personality shine o Facilitator traits recording writing Qualitative research methods 0 Personal interviews 0 Nature 0 Goal 0 Process 0 Preparing 0 Recruiting moderating questions interviewing tools 0 When are interviews preferred to FGD s o Sensitive issues 0 When we want to spend ample time with each participant FGD s only give you so much oneonone time 0 Bene ts of interviews 0 Feeds survey do this in order to know what questions to use for the survey 0 More candid responses Tip introduce yourself as an independent researcher Ethical o Enough talk time for participants September 23 2015 What is it Observational research studying issues people and behaviors as they occur in social context 0 also called observational research Or ethnography Maybe o Overt vs covert 0 Role of researcher participantasobserver vs observeras participant When do we use it 0 Understand Customer Use Situations How are people using a technology product or service 0 Ex Xbox 0 When you want more than past experiences or selfreports o A substitute or complement for retrospective methods What is the experience like 0 What does it mean to live in a mining community 0 What does it mean to live in Cordova How does it feel What does this do for you Binocular perspective 0 Offers a 360 degree view of the consumer You can observe unmet needs that exist Useful for 0 New Product innovation and design Campaigns Point of sale displays and experience What are the weaknesses Could be expensive and time consuming Generalizing based on few cases Bias how objective can you be when you re immersed in what you re studying Ethical issues privacy consent deception TIPS Decide the approach you are going to use 0 Keep research objective in mind list behaviors Prepare as much as you can before you immerse yourself 0 Take notes Record 0 Note what people do and say 0 Note your own experience feelings emotions thoughts etc 0 Combine observations with other methods ex Oneonone interviews


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