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Chapter 6

by: Jenna Schneider

Chapter 6 MUS 200-0003

Jenna Schneider
GPA 3.6
Music In General Culture
Professor VIcki Curry

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About this Document

Music In General Culture
Professor VIcki Curry
75 ?




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This 1 page Bundle was uploaded by Jenna Schneider on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Bundle belongs to MUS 200-0003 at James Madison University taught by Professor VIcki Curry in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 82 views. For similar materials see Music In General Culture in Music at James Madison University.


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Date Created: 10/14/15
Chapter 6 part 1 October 12 2015 AAB common choral structure Cantana quotSungquot vocal composition with instrument accompaniment quotSomething sungquot Chorale spiritual melody or religious folksong German word for hymn of the Lutheran church simple religious melody Church cantata multi movement sacred work Included arias recitative choruses All accompanied by small orchestra Episode after all notes of fugue entered A passage of free nominative counterpoint found in a fugue Where the subject is not heard in its entirety Exposition opening section or argument each voice presents the subject successfully Fugue ight composition for 34 or 5 parts played or sung by voices or instruments polyphonic and imitative Called voices John Sebastian Bach 16851750 Part of a long line of musicians Renowned as an organist Most famous for fugues Great composer of counterpoint Careers organist court composer conductor canter Fugue in G minor 0 1710 0 Written while he was a court organist and chamber musician for duke SATB exposition Late Baroque Music era of re nement and culmination Used genres created earlier in baroque such as opera concerto and cantana Did not develop new forms Pedal Point pitch usually in bass that is sustained or repeated while harmonies change around it Subiect voices along with the fugue and presents a theme primarily a musical idea Walking Basi one that moves in equal note voices step by step to neighboring pitches 8th note movement


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