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MUSIC 120 Midterm Review

by: Jenny Wang

MUSIC 120 Midterm Review MUSIC120

Marketplace > University of Washington > Music > MUSIC120 > MUSIC 120 Midterm Review
Jenny Wang
GPA 3.7
Survey of Music
John Hanford

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About this Document

Survey of Music
John Hanford
75 ?




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This 7 page Bundle was uploaded by Jenny Wang on Wednesday December 10, 2014. The Bundle belongs to MUSIC120 at University of Washington taught by John Hanford in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 578 views. For similar materials see Survey of Music in Music at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 12/10/14
Josquin quotAve Maria virgo serena Vivaldi La Primavera rst movement Bach quotSleepers Awake fourth movement Cantata 140 Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme Mozart Symphony No 40 in G minor K 550 rst movement Beethoven Symphony No 5 in C mino1 one from any of its four movements o Euridice Orfeo s bride 0 La Musica prologue was the Iibrettist for L Orfeo Main character of L Orfeo is Orfeo see his Tu se mortaquot a recitative sung when he is grieving for his bride Euridice La Musica sings a strophic aria to open the opera a prologue English masqueopera quotDido amp Aeneas p aria for singer and string orchestra Basic musical structure and form is based on a descending queen of Carthage sings a paired recitative amp quotlament aria basso ostinato despair amp fated death Antonio quotthe red priest wrote ca 450 concerti solo amp grosso His laboratory for composition was at a girl39s school in Vienna orchestra The Four Seasons four concertos for solo violin and strings Baroque work each movement prefaced by sonnet Arcangelo rst major composer specializing in instrumental works eg Baroque sonatas inspiration to Vivaldi Early Baroque Italian born French composer at court of Louis XIV Director of Royal Orchestra an autocrat who closely coordinated violin amp string sections stabbed his own damned foot an 18thcentury composer who penned Gradus amp Parnassum a widely published amp in uential instruction book on counterpoint in the style JS Bach represents the culmination of Baroque style synthesizer of international styles Italian French suites and German Lutheran tradition Composer of Chorale Cantata No 140 quotWachet Auf s fugues and concerti and of all major Baroque forms except Italian opera quotSleepers Awake a tenor quotaria based on chorale melody and text Germanborn English composer master of Italian opera amp originator of Oratorio originated in Rome sacred text and subjects has plots amp characters but no costumes or scenery as per opera does have aria recitative ensemble orchestra continuo all operatic musical forms A critical feature is a narrator called a Our focus piece is quotEv ry Valley a tenor aria full of textword painting and melismatic singing vocal style that imitates speech patterns like heightened speech Solo voice with orchestral support emotional and tuneful keyboard instrument basso ever present quotrhythm section of Baroque orchestra playing supporting bass line and chords see quotDido s Lament repeated bass part repeated in either Baroque vocal or instrumental music First movement form in Baroque concerto alternating passages for tutti and soloist or soloists minor key quality is sadder or darker Bach39s Fugue in G Minor see below female stars of opera male stars of opera who had been castrated before puberty to preserve their voices played major male roles in Baroque opera quotlibretto means quotlittle book the text of opera cantata or oratorio See above Striggio Baroque ideal of contrasting colors and forces o see La Primavera o see Brandenburg Concerto by Bach full orchestra see Concerto subject of fugue is the main theme of the piece Lutheran liturgical work multi movement composition for voices and orchestra See quotSleepers Awake which represents ONE chorale based movement in Chorale Cantata 140 by JS Bach


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