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chapter 6 and 7 notes - CJ 220

by: Helen Hardin

chapter 6 and 7 notes - CJ 220 CJ 220

Helen Hardin
GPA 2.8
Law Enforcement
Edmund Sexton

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About this Document

these are the chapter 6 and 7 notes for CJ 220
Law Enforcement
Edmund Sexton
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This 5 page Bundle was uploaded by Helen Hardin on Wednesday October 14, 2015. The Bundle belongs to CJ 220 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Edmund Sexton in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see Law Enforcement in Criminal Justice at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 10/14/15
CJ 220 CHAPTER 6 NOTES Personnel Issues and Practices Stress I Policing causes stress external in nature that puts strain on the body physically and emotionally Positive stress eustress Negative stress distress Traumatic stress results from extremely stressful event or experience Chronic stress multiple stresses at the same time Homeostasis normal state for body goal Sources 0 Organizational and administrative practices I Police have strict rules and regulations to follow Lower ranked officers feel powerless and these rules do not change based on performance I Female officers experience stress from sexual harassment and differential treatment 0 Criminal justice system I The criminal justice system and all its parts put stress on each other I Courts have the most impact on officers and create a lot of stress for them 0 Public I Officers develop unrealistic views on citizens because of negative experiences with them such as arrests ticketing or intervening violence 0 Stressors intrinsic to police work I Police face danger everyday I Undercover work also creates a lot of stress 0 Stress can cause heart attacks headaches mental breakdowns addictions and other illnesses Employee Assistance Programs I Comprehensive wellness programs are needed for officers 0 Five elements 0 Physical fitness 0 Stress management 0 Psychological and mental health 0 Nutrition and dietaryrelated behaviors O Alcoholchemical dependency I Should be available to all officers for every type of problem Labor Relations 0 Labor relations officer s employment rights big issue 0 Rights 0 Peace Officer Bill of Rights I Statute that asks for safeguards to protect against arbitrary infringements I Provisions 0 Written notice right to representation and polygraph examination 0 Officers are likely to file a grievance when their rights are violated I Grievance covers salaries overtime leaves hours allowances retirement raises promotions tenure evaluations work conditions disciplinary actions and more Unionization 0 Police unions 0 Success shortlived Collective Bargaining 0 The process of negotiations with employer and employee 0 Three models 0 Binding arbitration I The right to bargain with employers 0 Meet and confer I Right to organize and select bargaining representatives 0 Bargaining not required I Do not require or allow collective bargaining by public employees Impasses 0 Impasse results when parties cannot resolve differences by themselves 0 Impasse neutral third party helps reach an agreement 0 Three forms 0 Mediation O Factfinding O Arbitration Fair Labor Standards Act 0 Managementlabor relations 0 Most important labor law but also worst 0 Officers can not be required to work for more than eight hours per day or forty hours per week without compensation or overtime pay Higher Education 0 30 of people aged 25 and over have a bachelors degree Only 1 of local police agencies require a bachelors degree Higher education for officers remains a controversial issue August Vollmer wanted collegeeducated police college cops The movement spread however did not last Educated officers are better officers Problems 0 Minorities suffer O Educated officers will be more frustrated leave force early have less street sense and attach less value to obedience to those uneducated such as their supervisors Private Police 0 Proprietary services contract services in house security services hired and controlled by company 0 Outside firms 0 Have fees 0 Security officers are no bound by Miranda decision on suspect s rights 0 Tasks similar to public police 0 Employment 3 times more than public police and spend double 0 Advanced in technology and research CHAPTER 7 NOTES Rule of Law 0 Albert Venn Dicey established three principles 0 Absolute supremacy of law as opposed to the in uence of arbitrary power 0 Equality before the law or the equal subjection of all classes to the ordinary law of the land administered by the ordinary courts 0 Law of the constitution as a consequence of the rights of individuals as defined and enforced by the courts 0 Means are more important than the ends 0 Democracy would be of little value if police could arrest search and seize at their own will Fourth Amendment 0 A neutral magistrate issues warrants for arrests and search and seizur 0 Agent of police does not decide rights Probable Cause O Probable cause is the standard for an arrest An officer must have more than a hunch but less than actual knowledge about a crime committed 0 Officers who mistakenly conclude probable cause is present are granted immunity from civil action Exclusionary Rule 0 all evidence obtained in violate is required to be excluded from trial Arrests with a warrant 0 it s better to have a warrant for an arrest but is sometimes not possible due to extingent circumstances 0 an affidavit is required for an arrest warrant Arrests without a warrant 0 doctrine of probable cause allows officers to search and seize Court Cases 0 probable cause is required in order to take someone in for interrogation 0 police cannot randomly stop drivers without probable cause 0 sobriety check points allow stops however 0 drunk drivers do not require a Miranda warning and are allowed to be videotaped Warrantless Searches 0 five types that are allowed 0 searches incidental to lawful arrest searches during field interrogation searches of automobiles that are carried out under special conditions seizures of evidence in plain view searches when consent is given 0000 Electronic Surveillance 0 wiretapping is a violate of privacy 0 however electronic eavesdropping is allowed Lineups 0 face to face 0 right to attorney 0 must be fair and have no bias Fifth Amendment 0 pleading the fift 0 right against selfincrimination 0 cannot be compelled to answer questions Entrapment 0 police cannot induce or encourage illegal activity Sixth Amendment 0 the right to a speedy and public trial Juveniles O parens patriae the state is the parent of the child 0 in loco parentis the state Will make decisions in place of the parent 0 fourteenth amendment protects juveniles like adults 0 life Without parole for juveniles Who commit anything other than murder is considered cruel and unusual punishment Stand Your Ground Laws 0 allows use of deadly force to protect oneself beyond just the home


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