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Lecture 2 to 5

by: JaCene T.

Lecture 2 to 5 101

JaCene T.
GPA 3.3
Intro to Anthropology
Tanya Muller

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About this Document

Something werid happened and my original upload never showed. These are lectures 2-5 they are hand written, hope you can read my had writing. Hope you like!
Intro to Anthropology
Tanya Muller
75 ?




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This 31 page Bundle was uploaded by JaCene T. on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Bundle belongs to 101 at University of New Mexico taught by Tanya Muller in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see Intro to Anthropology in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of New Mexico.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
F2 w w w xagprg 79 U g3 EEO a g o DJJ agar 395 3 Eggrgm L 939 E w P i 55439 5 SEE 5 95 8 or E a K 9 E 1 aw Lj v 1 Pg gx w 6qu bigwigs D w wrfc in Hi 0va Ex R an EC wig Eiffbi 59 an mw WET A nT mi 2 A rm Eg5c9nv PETER gi gsjmu 5 QZEQE wamm 3c z 39 QEBEULEU cggu 300x n3 E g i 96 km a x r G rw a E E FE Ef w 1 qu 3 R Er 3w A lter UAWFEang 3amp85 0 E5 5 or 4 lt 3 E g gr g r W ENlt E FE m 5 59 36v r C 71 a k Parva P n3 15 in ngramp fmp 5 DE 5575 HE 20 335i A E FEDVE EFFF D DES n egg gram a i C cv If 5ng w 3mm 3 Amiga lakwfg w Epi af rva FF East GEE 5 fEEEEE Hwecm EE a bur fa 5259 yr 5953 Ex f ifaQ u EHF r a Low grid 59f z 1 Vrprylmhfmtg 49 D 2 e U uw a ft c EFFu FEQM LPL 6 frag L5 Ox 6 ED 2 nga y c 4 5 EC Cr 1 a 6 a 33 EEEQS L 95426 cg 3 QHE 4 Emma E 3 6305 EQRE Mam 7 M M 39 quot I Q MP KTOMOW pmg i b b WLLH orgmn ma Lat 10 de 39 39 f Mki ruer 31M WWI 739 mm c39 h k Egrma 4 3ng e3 F4 39 39 39 hvmgmi U W y dx quot31 06M DDW bacilcrhim Ar mlle magma AynA P quot quot r 0 Q Qupmlmm Qw u cm mags 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IU dICfStg d 0w human biological variation gi in Skin C0101 bleed typez facial features bcdy ehape and quot39quotPI DEQUCI1011 ofithe enzyme lactiase hat been Shaped by natural selection acting in a given pcipuiation and a Ii39p39amwlar envlr nmem keepmg m mm d Changing and Competing selective forces 39 t0 identify Vti iSh a d describe the four sub eids of American anthropology Knew for iexampie what d istinguisf es ethnography and ethneiegy U detstand why amthtolpoiogy is considered a social science and haw it integrates scienti c and humanistic perspectives sts from ali four stub eids and a f plied medieal 4g that make it uniquely valuab e m applicant 0 I Identify the kinds of work which applied anthropeic iatithmpciegy may engage and the aspects of amthmpoio lseci39al problems a rm a 3 C UXU 5mm 521ng MW 019 apg w E MQDMH Mva quotm m gm 9393 ammkmms 10me NEE3 Fg mck whim m EMM kamwc l s Quilwe a Ldsbkmwm max hm quoti U39 u 4r a ke ma memm e s mm J r na gismm39q i w bxmuc h Mammal 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how human biological variation eg blood typem and production of the V enzyme lactase has been shapedhy natural selection acting in a given population and a particular environment keeping in mind changing and competing seieCti ve forces Consider the role of phenotypical adaptation in lactose tolerance and its relationship to genetic adaptation organlzed through natural selection


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