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by: Upasana Raja

Notes Psychology 2103

Upasana Raja

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This 23 page Bundle was uploaded by Upasana Raja on Saturday October 17, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Psychology 2103 at Temple University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 51 views.


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Date Created: 10/17/15
Behavior Analysis Issues from Week 1 oSfimuIi evenfs fnings efc in The environmenf fnink five senses 0 Differences Ioefween Reinforcemenf onol Reinforcer o How fo use Occosion os o verb 0 Whof oloes if meon fo hove o con ngency o Reinforcemenf confingency o Confingenf response Issues from Week 1 0 Free operorni noT unoler siimulus conirol Ioeholvior occurs wiihoui or prior siimulus To Trigger ii consequences occur 0 Deloyeol reinforcement o Beholvior oInoIIysis oInoI biology 0 Thinking is Ioeholvior vs oTher concepiions of Thinking Chapter 2 What is Reinforcement oReintorcement Contingency 4 The presentation or increase of a reinforcer promptly following a response resulting in an increased frequency of that response on similar occasions and with similar motivating operating I x y 1 n V 39 gt What is a reinforcer Reinforcer Positive Reinforcer A stimulus that increases the frequency of a response it follows Positive reinforcg VS Positive reinforcement o Reinforcement as Procedure 0 DELIVERY of a reinforceER as consequence of behavior Thus the reinforcg is the object stimulus or situation that is added 0 What do mean by as consequence 0 We mean that the reinforce wouldn t have occurred if the behavior hadn t first occurred W Reinforcement can also happen with the appearanc of the reinforcer occurring but not by explicit V arrangement Example During summer visiting my garden in the afternoon results in access to a fresh tomato I o Reinforcement as Process Behavior results in appearance of a reinforcer with a subsequent increase in occurrence of that behavior Example Finding tomatoes results in more frequent visits to the garden 3945 x i j Reinforcemenf o thwwwyoufubecomwofch8vgu rooQRFsX4 Penny s behdviors Penny s Behdviors irrifdfing fo Sheldon A bdsio dndlysis of fhese behdviors could be ds follows Before Behavior After No chocolate Loud talking Leonard nice Loud laughing Sheldon nasty inconsiderate Access to behaviors preferred activities enny s behavior intervention Penny s Behdviors irritdting to Sheldon Sheldon s intervention included reinforcemen Before Behavior After No chocolate Soft Talking Chocolate Soft laughing Staying in her own space O Neill et al 1996 WhaT is The Delay GradienT oDelay GradienT oThe effecTs of reinforcemenT and quot punishmenT conTingencies decrease as The delay beTween The response and The ouTcome increases oWhaT would happen if Sheldon did noT reinforce in The small amounT of Time Reinforcer vs ReinforcemehT WhOIT s The difference oReihforcer oThihg evehT or Change of condiTions oReihforcemehT oThe delivery of The reinforcer and The resuITihg Change in behavior Error of Reifioaiioh To call behavior or The behavioral processes a THING 0 Leonard said you can hoT ohahge who Pehhy is as a person 0 Did Sheldon and Leonard make any errors of reificaiion Mediodl Model 0 BendviorsSymoloms of underlying issues 0 Using Penny ds dn edeple wndl Type of problem would psychologisls give for her loendviorB o Persondlily disorders Whoi is The Reinforce Behovior geherol rule Reinforce Behavior Reinforce behavior not people Issues from Chapter 2 Prep Guide To occasion as a verb means to come before The sight of a treat occasions my dog to sit and she will receive the treat Bribery vs Reinforcement Environmental quality Chapter 3 Example of Escape Behavioral Medicine Dr Yedlldhd s Chdmber of Horror 0 Ed foughl in World Wdr o In one bdllle severdl of his friends were killed 0 When Ed st rescued he sold his righl leg fell wedk o Wilhih dh hour he couldh l move his leg Yealland conl d 0 Ed wenl To see Dr Yealland 0 I m going To apply a faradic slimulalar To your leg 0 He Turned on a swilch and applied a device la Ed s paralyzed leg 0 Ed s muscles jerked as eleclric currenl passed Thraughaul his leg Yeallcmd conT d 0 As soon 03 Ed sligthy moved his leg Dr Yedlldhd jerked The device dey 0 Then he ihcredsed The ihTehsiTy of The shock dhd doolied The device dgdih o AfTer lO mihuTes of This procedure Ed could move his leg dhd Wdlllt droUhd Analysis in Terms of the Escape Contingency o Whai basic principle of behavior did Yealland s procedure involve o Reinforcemeni by The removal of an aversive siimulus After Before Behavi0r Ed llgt Ed moves Ed receives his leg receives no shock shock j What does this mean 0 The removal or reduction of an aversive stimulus contingent on a response reinforces that response 0 As a result the frequency of that response class increases


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