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Study Guide for Midterm

by: Blair Finkel

Study Guide for Midterm MAR 445

Blair Finkel
Brand Management

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About this Document

This includes all of the Brand Manager Report that makes up 100% of the test
Brand Management
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This 12 page Bundle was uploaded by Blair Finkel on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Bundle belongs to MAR 445 at Syracuse University taught by Lee in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Brand Management in Business, management at Syracuse University.

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Date Created: 10/18/15
Brand Manager Report Blank Form For assignments 1 6 amp Questions for Assignments 7 and 8 Market research studies needed for each part of brand manager report Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part5 Part 6 Industry Benchmarking Consumer Panel optional Market Forecast Consumer Survey Advertising Experiment Commercial Team Experiment Consumer Survey Consumer Panel Semantic Scales or Multidimensional Scaling Distribution Panel Competitive Sales Force Consumer Panel Market Forecast Semantic Scales or Multidimensional Scaling Semantic Scales Consumer Panel Market Forecast At the end of this document you Will find instructions for Assignments 7 and 8 in the syllabusMARKSTRAT BRAND MANAGER REPORT Part 1 Basic Performance Analysis Industry Alpha I Firm R Current Period Number 1 Brand Manager s Name Blair Finkel Date 92115 Firm Level Performance Measures Benchmarks best average in the Comments Metrics Your rm industry etc Evaluation Max 505 AVG Revenue 466 4631667 Min 425 Max 40 Avg COGSRev 44 43 Min 44 Max 6 Avg 9 AdvRev 6 Min 12 Commercial team Max3 Avg 4 costsRev 4 Min 5 Max 218 Avg Profit 209 1985 Min182 Based on the analysis above the key areas for your firm to improve in the next period are 1 Decrease Commercial Team Costs 2 Increase COGS 3 Increase Revenue Brand Level Analysis Brand 3 Brand 4 Brand 1 Brand 2 Type in brand Type in brand Metrics Rock Roll name here name here Profit 7077 14089 Revenue 15203 3 1444 AdvRev 658 604 CommercialRe V 674 326 Unit Margin 91 168 Which brands contributed most to each of the firm s key problems Commercial Team Costs Brand 1 Revenue Brand 1 What specific improvements are needed for each brand in order to enhance the firm profits Rock increase unit margin increase revenue decrease commercial costs Roll Increase profit Financial report and market reort for second part and first part is excel he put up Part 2 Sales Forecasting and Production Plan 1Name of the brand under your responsibility Rock 2 Analyze the available internal and external data and provide a sales forecast for your brand in the next period Show all the analysis Savers325178 5785 Professionals241 4 964 Shoppers250 195 4875 Explorers139 96 13344 High Earners140 15 21 578596448751334421123008123008 3 Based upon your sales forecast how many units of this brand should be produced in the next period Why Sales ForecastingCurrent Inventory at the end of the period 1230080sold out123008 units Since we sold out of our Inventory in this past period for the next period we need to order at least 123 008 units if not more since we had a shortageexcess demand it is likely that this will be the case for next period as well Part 3 Market Share Analysis Perform a complete market share analysis for YOUR assigned brand for the current period using the table below Red letters are examples Target Segment Your Brand Competitor Competitor 2 Competitor 3 Rock 1 Brand Name Brand Name Brand Name Soft Most Tone Segment Share 198 353 271 165 Awareness 61 62 61 57 Rel Attractiveness 19961 33262 27661 17757 3262 5355 4525 3105 Rel Availability 199198 332353 276271 177165 9405 10185 10727 10051 2 Discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of your brand in terms of the 3As The Rock brand is targeted towards savers and compared to the other brands that are also marketed towards savers we are at the lower end of market share Out of the four brands that have the majority of the market share we have the third most market share Our strength is that we are in the top three brands that savers want however our weakness is that we are not the op brand that consumers want to buy so we would like to make it to the number one spot sooner rather than later In terms of awareness we are tied for second which is pretty good Savers have 61 awareness of our brand which is only 1 less than the top spot Even though we are in second place it would be beneficial for us to strategize so that more of the market becomes aware of our brand In terms of our relative attractiveness our numbers seem to be a bit low We are in third out of all of the brands at 3262 attractiveness So relative to other brands we are high in attractiveness however compared to the leader in attractiveness at 5355 our number is very low and needs to improve We need to differentiate ourselves in a way that makes us more attractive than others Speaking in terms of availability we in the top three captured 100 of our market plus 51 which puts us in a really good position However Soft and Most also captured their whole market plus more so we need to see what we can do to capture more people in addition to who we ve already captured Discuss ways to improve the market share of your brand Present data and analyses to justify your recommendations Lower price think the economy is too low s1ight1y higher power not enough convenience change design or raise advertising there are also too many features so lower amount of features and there is too much battery life so I suggest we lower that as well We seem to be very far from the middle of shoppers and savers which is where we are trying to place ourselves Part 4 Segment Attractiveness Evaluation 1 Using the Markstrat data in the most recent period evaluate the attractiveness of each SONITE segment using the table below show specific data in the table Alternatively you can perform this analysis for the vodite market with the consent of your team Criteria SAVERS EXPLORES SHOPPERS High PROS Earners Size 388 135 288 190 312 Growth 185 187 75 3 78 Potential Profitability Moderate av Extremely Moderately Extremely Extremely g low low high high Competition MODERAT NONEOPE NONEOPE NONE HIGH E N MARKET N MARKET Price Price6 Base Cost Most sh 240 144 25 Move pro 510 306 1 17 Rock sav 225 135 58 Roger HE 550 330 178 Roll pro 515 309 130 Soft sav 200 120 43 Tone sav 230 138 61 Tops pro 500 300 121 2 Based upon the above analysis suggest one target segment for which your company should invest in RampD to develop a new brand or modify the existing brand Based on the above analysis there seem to be three target segments that are a total open market Our company rack city would be smart to maybe introduce a new brand in one or more of these segments as we would hold almost the entire market share since there is nobody competing in it currently Out of all of the target segments that are open high earners is the most profitable so maybe we could start there although we could also start at explorers since growth potential is largest I would still say high earners however because it has higher profitability and that is the main goal overall The professionals target segment has very high competition so it would be important that the brand we have in that target segment have some serious RampD invested in it so that we can differentiate ourselves among all the other brands so that we hold majority of the market share Part5 Brand Positioning Analysis For YOUR assigned brand 1 Using the Semantic Scales market research study or the MDS Perceptual Map compare the brand perception and the ideal values of the target segment Using the information in the Semantic Scales study and the Market and Competitive News estimate the regression equations that convert the 7 point semantic scales to physical characteristic measures Do this to all 5 physical characteristics and price Show all regression results Using the regression equations convert the ideal values of your target segment to ideal physical characteristic and ideal price Propose a positioning strategy for your brand including specific action plans Justify your recommendation Part 6 Brand Portfolio Analysis Analyze your firm s current brand portfolio by answering the following questions 1 Present your firm s BCG matrix after making the necessary adjustments to the one provided by the Markstrat program 2 Provide comments on the overall size and balance of your firm s brand portfolio What are the specific strengths and weaknesses 3 Identify the strategic role of each brand according to the ECG matrix 4 Discuss other important aspects of your brand portfolio that are not re ected in the ECG matrix 5 Propose a strategy to improve your brand portfolio for next three periods Assignment 7 A short report on the HBR article entitled quotBlue Ocean Strategyquot 1 Read the article See the reference in the syllabus You can easilly access the electronic version of it either Via SU library website or simply Google search it online 2 Discuss the following three questions in a ONE PAGE TYPE WRITTEN REPORT singled spaced and submit it at the beginning of the class on Thursday Nov 7th Question 1 Define quotBlue Oceanquot and quotRed Oceanquot What are the key differences Question 2 According to the article why is the concept of quotBlue Oceanquot so important for businessmarketingbrand managers Question 3 When you compare the discussion in the article and the situation in your Markstrat industry would you label the vodite market a blue ocean or a red ocean Why Assignment 8 A short report on the HBR article entitled quotIf Brands Are Built over Years Why Are They Managed over Quarters 1 Read the article See the reference in the syllabus You can easily access the electronic version of it either via SU library website or simply Google search it online 2 Discuss the following three questions in a ONE PAGE TYPE WRITTEN REPORT singled spaced and submit it at the beginning of the class on Thursday Nov 14th Question 1 What are the key reasons for the shortterm oriented focus among the majority of brand managers these days Question 2 In what specific ways does the shortterm view of brand management negatively affect the strength of brands Question 3 Define price premium and quantity premium Why are these superior metrics of the longterm health of brands in comparison to the widely used metric of lift over the baseline


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