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COMM 1600

by: Rachel Nichols-Coppin
Rachel Nichols-Coppin

GPA 3.0
Group Interaction
Koschmann,Matthew A

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About this Document

Notes up through 10/19. Great for Midterm and Quizzes!!!
Group Interaction
Koschmann,Matthew A
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This 6 page Bundle was uploaded by Rachel Nichols-Coppin on Monday October 19, 2015. The Bundle belongs to COMM 1600 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Koschmann,Matthew A in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Group Interaction in Communication at University of Colorado at Boulder.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
921 Unit 2 Teamwork Teams are dysfunctional because they are made up of imperfect people ll Building a team can be simple but very dif cult a Uncomplicated but dif cult to put into practice lll Overview of the book The 5 Dysfunctions ofa Team a About a ctional company called decision tech b On paper the team seems great i Experienced and talented executives ii Lots of money iii Better than most companies with their core tech iv Solid board of directors c In practice the team is not good i Behind their competitors in revenue ii And productivity d Critical incidents i Martin and JR won t attend company retreat ii Decide on overarching goal iii JR resigns iv Con dentiality violation v Mickey is removed from the team e Graphic each layer builds upon the previous Need all of these for the team to be successful 39 INAilTFENTION T0 RESULTS AVUIHD39ANDE 01F AGCDLI NTABI LITWquotr LACK OF COMMITMENT FEAR OF CONFLICT ABSENCE Elli TFilUBT lV Group Development a Socialization process of becoming part of a group b Norms informal rules of conduct think quotwhat s normalquot c Roles i Formal divisions of labor ii Informal expectations about places in a group Upcoming assignments have book The 5 Dysfunctions ofa Team read by 2nOI recitation we will begin discussing it in recitation 1 928 Announcements Extra Credit J Jones lecture Thursday Oct 8th 5pm in lecture room on D2L dropbox to submit a brief response on the lecture more extra credit in the syllabus Meetings Team Planning and Coordination I While very simple meetings can get complicated based on how people communicate with each other I Preparation a Purpose and Objective i Do we need to meet What are we trying to accomplish ii Problem solving decision making info sharing b Agenda i Send ahead of time will help people to prepare ahead of time ii Necessary materials topics time limits c People i Who should attend What can be done over email ii Who is responsible for what d Interaction Design i Physical space taking away people s chairs to not allow them to get to comfortable rules and procedures ii Importance of pre and post meeting III Followup a Memo i Summary and reminders depends on the group what you re trying to accomplish b Action Items i What needs to happen before the next meeting and who is responsible make sure to state who needs to do what in order for people to actually do what they are responsible for c Meeting Minutes i Make sure you know what is happening in the meeting ii Can refer back to the minutes to know what needs to be accomplished Midterm Project Mt Everest Simulation I Harvard Business Review must purchase simulation II Due Sunday 1011 1159pm III Assignment form is posted on D2L a Group Simulation Report 1 page to describe what happened basics b Group Meeting Agenda discuss one meeting with the group one le per group c Group DebriefGroup Re ection Video 105 Announcements Extra CreditJ Jones lecture on D2L Thursday Oct 8 Clicker points will be updated monthly Emotional Intelligence What distinguishes good and bad team members VI VII VIII Watched video from Bing Bang Theory where Sheldon attempts to teach Penny physics Watched video about emotional intelligence a Ability to perceive emotions b Understanding emotions c Using emotions to facilitate thought d Managing emotions De nition ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others Ability to use this awareness to manage behaviors Process of emotions in the brain a Emotions form our rationality b How do we respond more rationally Reading 12 a SelfAwareness i Ability to be aware with what s going on with you ii Selfcon dence realistic selfassessment selfdeprecating sense of humor b SelfRegulation i Ability to control or redirect impulses and moods ii Think before acting c Motivation i A passion to work for reasons that go beyond money and status ii Pursue goals with energy d Empathy i Ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people ii Skill in treating people according to their emotional reactions e Social Skill i Pro ciency in managing relationships and building networks ii An ability to nd common group and build rapport iii Effectiveness in leading change building and leading teams Clicker Question Which component of Emotional Intelligence do you struggle with the most a SelfAwareness b SelfRegulation c Motivation d Empathy e Social Skills Video SelfAwareness of emotions and also have empathy towards others How you impact others Emotionally Intelligent people are re exive What exactly am I feelings Why am I feeling like this Is this issue about me or someone else What are my triggers What situations are dif cult for me Does this need to be said Does it need to be said by me Does it need to be said right now CDQ O39QJ No recitations this week Work on your Mt Everest Simulation Project 1012 Announcements J Jones lectures extra credit due 1015 CMCI career fair 1022 530730 pm UMC Ballroom Technology and Group Interaction I Dr Koshman s Experiences a Studying rebuilding efforts from the damages of Typhoon Haiyan Nov 2013 b Case studies compare and contrast the rebuilding c Uses online resources Trello google drive the cloud video conferencing zoom II Short video a Lighthearted look at how conference calls don t work well or sometimes fail III Reading 13 a Wave 1 Virtual Freelancers i 980s and 1990s ii Independent contractors iii Can work apart from the of ce iv Could work from home nut did not have a formal organization connchon b Wave 2 Virtual Corporate Colleagues i 1015 years later ii Fulltime employees iii Work remotely untethered iv Less natural collaboration c Wave 3 Virtual Coworkers i Where we are now ii Physically reunite to accomplish tasks better suited for person toperson interaction iii Colocation shared environment 1 Impact HUB Coworking spaces has a lot of different places for people to come together and work can rent the spaces for as long as they want 2 Posner Center same thing d Presenteeism when you re here when you shouldn t be present in the physical space too much when they should be working somewhere else i Always on worklife imbalance ii Complications arise from being too accessible IV Key issues for technology a Practical Concerns How to measure productivity especially when people are not colocated compatibility b Conceptual Concerns i Social presence When you are dispersed how can you nd a way to maintain that presence ii Technological determinism surrendering to the machines technology is controlling how we are able to do something quotwe can t do that because technology won t let usquot iii Technological optimism being too excited about technology can solve all the world s problems iv BUT DON T RELY ON TECHNOLOGY TO MAKE COMMUNICATION WORK V Unit 2 Quiz becomes available Friday and is due Monday morning 1019 Decision Making Probably one of the most important function of group interaction I Bad decisions come from distortions and biases a Flaws in our thinking and reasoning Traps Reading 14 a Anchoring how you start group deliberations rst idea gets caught up in the rst b Status Quo have to do things the way things have always been done c Sunk Cost too committed to bad ideas invested too much d Con rming Evidence look for information that con rms what we already believe don t seek out new ideas e Framing the way ideas are introduced similar to anchoring but can happen anytime quotcan be a bad idea but f Estimating and Forecast assumptions what s going to happen in the future can t be locked into our expectations g Can divide the traps into two categories information quality and perspective I Clicker Question Your team is starting to realize that the new product you re working on probably isn t going to work well You have already invested a lot of time and money into the product You decide to proceed anyway What trap is this a Answer Sunk Cost IV Advocacy vs Inquiry Reading 15 a Advocacy pushing for your idea and do not want anyone ese s idea b Inquiry talk about your idea but open to other ideas as we better op on c Moving towards inquiry i Multiple alternatives ii Assumption testing iii Wellde ned criteria iv Dissent and debate v Received fairness d Clicker question check slides super long i Answer Assumption Testing V Film Analysis Thirteen Days a Cuban missile crisis the Cold War is at its peak b Watch short clips for about 15 minutes c Pick out what traps they might be facing


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