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Notes on Muscles of the Scapula and Pectoral Region

by: Alexandra Ruth

Notes on Muscles of the Scapula and Pectoral Region REHSCI 1200

Marketplace > University of Pittsburgh > Rehabilitation > REHSCI 1200 > Notes on Muscles of the Scapula and Pectoral Region
Alexandra Ruth
GPA 3.78
Human Anatomy
Karthik Hariharan

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About this Document

Human Anatomy
Karthik Hariharan
75 ?




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This 19 page Bundle was uploaded by Alexandra Ruth on Friday January 9, 2015. The Bundle belongs to REHSCI 1200 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Karthik Hariharan in Fall2013. Since its upload, it has received 140 views. For similar materials see Human Anatomy in Rehabilitation at University of Pittsburgh.

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Date Created: 01/09/15
Name Origin Insertion Action Nerve Compartment Pectoralis Minor Outer surface of Coracoid Depresses and Medial Pectoral Muscles that ribs 25 Process of downward Nerve move scapula scapula rotates scapula Assists in C8 T1 scapular protection Stabalizes scapula Subclavius First Rib about Lower surface Assists in Nerve to Muscles that the junction of of clavicle stabilizing Subcalvius Move Scapula bone and clavicle C56 cartilage Sarratus Fleshy slips Vertebral Protract Scapula Long Thoracic Muscles that Anterior from outer Border of Stabilize Nerve Move Scapula surface of upper Scapula Scapula 8 or 9 ribs Assist in upward C57 rotation Trapezius External Lateral 13 Elevate scapula Spinal Muscles that Upper occipital clavicle Accessory Move Scapula protuberance Flex Head Nerve medial 13 laterally superior nuchal CN 11 line Rotate Scapula ligamentum Upwards nuchae Trapezius Ligamentum Medial margin Adducts scapula Spinal Mucles that Middle Nuchae of acromion Accessory Move Scapula Assists in Nerve C7T4 Spine of rotating scapula Scapula upward CN 11 Trapezius Spinous Spine of Depresses Spinal Muscles that Lower Processes of T7 Scapula Scapula Accessory Move Scapula T12 Nerve Assists in rotating scapula CN 11 upward Levator Transverse Superior angle Elevates Nerves off Muscles that Scapulae Processes of C1 of scapula Scapula cervical Plexus Move Scapula C3 C34 Rhomboid Major Spinous Medial Border of Retracts Dorsal Scapular Muscles that processes of T2 scapula from scapula rotates Nerve Move Scapula T5 scapular spine scapula to inferior angle downward C5 Suraspinous ligament Rhomboid Minor Spinous processes of C7 and T1 Ligament Nuchae Supraspinous Medial margin of scapula at medial angle Retract Scapula Dorsal Scapular Nerve C5 C4 Muscles that Move Scapula ligament Pectoralis Major Medial half of Lateral lip of Adducts Lateral pectoral Muscles that clavicle bicipital groove humerus nerve clavicle move the Humerus Sternum Mediay rotates Medial Pectoral humerus Nerve sternal Latissimus Dorsi Spinous Process of T7L5 Thoracolumbar Lateral lip of the intertubercular groove Adduction of humerus Thoracondorsal nerve Muscles that Move the Humerus Aponeurosis Upper 23 Sacral Segements and llliac Crest Lower 34 Ribs Inferior angle of Medial rotation of the humerus Extension from exed position C58 Scapula Deltoid Later third of Deltoid Abduction of Axillary Nerve Muscles that Anterior clavicle Tuberosity Humerus Move the Assists in C56 Humerus exion of Humerus Deltoid Middle Acromion Deltoid Abuduction of Axillary Nerve Muscles that Tubersoity Humerus C56 move the Humerus Deltoid Spine of Deltoid Abduction of Axillary Nerve Muscles that Posterior Scapula Tuberostiy Humerus move the Assists in C56 Humerus exion of humerus Subscapularis Subscapular Lesser Medial rotation Upper and Muscles that Fossa tuberosity of of the humerus Lower move the humerus Subscapular Humerus Stabilizes the Nerves C56 glenohumeral joint Supraspinatus Supraspinous Greater Abduction of Suprascapular Muscles that Fossa Tuberosity of arm First 20 Nerve move the Humerus degrees Humerus C56 Stabilizes Glenohumeral Joint Infraspinatus Infraspinous Greater External Suprascapular Muscles that Fossa Tuberosity of rotation of the Nerve move the Humerus Humerus Humerus C56 Stabilizes the glenohumeral joint Teres Minor Middle half of Greater Lateral rotation Axillary nerve Muscles that lateral border of tuberosity of of humerus move the scapula humerus C56 Humerus Stabilizes the glenohumeral joint Teres Major Inferior lateral Lesser Assist in Lower Muscles that border of tuberosity of adduction of subscapular move the scapula humerus arm nerve Humerus Assists in medial rotation C56 of arm Assists in extension from exed position Bicep Brachii Long head Radial Flexes forearm Musculocutaneo Muscles that Supraglenoid Tuberosity when supinated us nerve move the tubercle and Humerus glenoid labrum Supinates C56 Short Head coracoid process forearm from neutral Stabilizes anterior aspect of shoulder Flexes Shoulder weak Coracobranchial Coracoid Medial shaft of Flexes the Musculocutaneo Muscles that is process of the the humerus humerus us Nerve move the scapula mid 13 Humerus Assists to C56 7 adductthe humerus Muscles of the Arm Name Origin Insert Action Nerve Compartment Biceps Brachii Long Head Radial Flexes Forarm Musculotaneous Anterior Supraglenoid Tuberosity when nerve Compartment Tubercle supinated Bicipital C56 Short Head Aponeurosis Supinates Coracoid forarm from Process neutral Flexes Shoulder Brachialis Lower half of Ulnar Tuberosity Elbow Flexion Muculocutaneo Anterior anterior us Nerve Compartment humerus Coronoid process of ulna C56 Both slightly intermuscular septa Ticeps Brachii Long head Olecranon Long Adducts Radial Nerve Posterior infraglenoid process of ulna arm extends tubercle shoulder C67 Deep fascia of Lateral Head the Lateral upper half of antebrachium Extends posterior shaft Forearm at of humerus elbow Medial Head Medial Posterior shaft extends of humerus forearm at elbow Aconeus Posterior Lateral aspect Extends Radial Nerve Posterior surface of of olecranon Forearm at lateral extending to elbow C67 epicondle of lateral part of humerus ulnar body Supports elbow at full extension Muscles of the Forearm Name Origin Insert Action Nerve Compartment Pronator Teres Medial Lateral aspect Pronates Median Nerve Anterior epicondyle of of radius forearm humerus middle third C67 Coronoid humerus of ulna Flexor Carpi Medial Base of 2nCI and Flexes hand at Median nerve Anterior Radialis epicondyle of sometimes 3rCI wrist humerus metacarpals C67 common exor Radially tendon deviates wrist Palmaris Longus Medial Central Portion Flexes hand at Median Nerve Anterior epicondyle of of exor wrist humerus retinaculum C67 common exor tendon Palmar aponeurosis Flexor Carpi Humeral head Pisiform and Flexes hand at Ulnar Nerve Anterior Ulnaris medial hamate bones wrist epicondyle of humerus common exor tendom Ulnar Head olecranon and posterior ulna Base of 5th metacarpal Ulnarly deviates wrist C8 T1 Flexor Humeroulnar Both sides of Flexes proximal Median Nerve Anterior Digitorum head medial base of each and middle Super cialis epicondle of middle phalanx phalynxes C78 T1 humerus of four ngers common exor Flexes wrist tendon with ngers coronoid extended process of ulna medial ulnar collateral ligament Radial Head upper anterior borader of radius Flexor Anterior and Distal phalanx Flexes DIP joints Medial Portion Anterior Digitorum medial surface of medial four of medial four Ulnar Nerve C8 Profundus of upper three digits ngers T1 fourths of Ulna Flexes wrist Lateral Portion Adjacent with ngers Median Nerve interosseous extended C8 T1 membrane Flexor Pollicis Middle anterior Palmar aspect Flexes distal Median Nerve Anterior Longus surface of the of base of distal phalanx of radius phalanx of thumb C8 T1 thumb Interosseous Flexes other membrane joints to wrist Pronator Distal quarter Distal quarter Pronates Medan Nerve Anterior Quadratus anteriomedial anteriolateral forearm and surface of ulna surface of hand C8 T1 radius Muscles of the Forearm Name Origin Insert Action Nerve Compartment Brachioradialis Supracondylar Lateral side of Flexes forearm Radial Nerve Posterior ridge of distal half of at elbow C56 humerus radius Pronates Or forearm when supinated Deep Branch of Radial Nerve Supinates forearm when pronated Extensor Carpi Supracondylar Base of 2nol Extends hand at Radial Nerve Posterior Radiais Longus Ridge of metacarap wrist C56 Humerus Radiay decviates hand at wrist Extensor Carpi Lateral Base of 3rd Extends hand at Deep branch of Posterior Radiais Brevis epicondyle of metacarpal wrist Radia Nerve humerus Radiay C67 deviates hand at wrist Extensor Lateral Base of Middle Extends four Posterior Posterior Digitorum epicondyle of phalanx of each media digits Interosseous humerus of four ngers Nerve of Radia Extends wrist Nerve when ngers exed C678 Extensor Digiti Lateral Base of middle Extends 5th digit Posterior Posterior Minimi Epicondyle of phalanx of 5th Interousseaus humerus digit central Abducts 5th digit Nerve of Radial Nerve Base of distal phalanx of 5th C678 digit 2 lateral bands Extensor Carpi Lateral Medial side of Extends hand at Posterior Posterior Ulnaris Epicondyle of base of 5th wrist Interosseous Humerus metacarpal Nerve of Radial Ulnarly deviates Nerve Posterior Body hand at wrist of Ulna C678 Supinator Lateral Proximal portion Supinates Deep Branch of Posterior Epicondyle of of Forearm Radial Nerve Humerus anteriorlateral surface of C6 Supinator Crest radius of Ulna Radial Collateral Ligament Annular Ligament Adbuctor Pollicis Posterior Lateral aspect Abducts 1st Posterior Posterior Longus Surfaces of Ulna of base of 1st metacarpal Interosseous and Radius metacarpal Nerve of Radial Assists to Nerve Interosseus extend and Membrane rotate thumb Extensor Pollicis Posterior Base of Extends Posterior Posterior Brevis surfaces of proximal proximal Interosseous radius phalanx of phalanx and 1st Nerve of Radial thumb metacarpal of Nerve Interosseous thumb membrane Radial Nerve Extensor Policis Posterior Distal phalanx Extends distal Posterior Posterior Longus surface of ulna of thumb phalanx of Interosseous thumb Nerve of Radial Interosseous nerve membrane Extends phalanx of thumb Extensor lndicis Posterior Base of Middle Extends 2nOI Posterior Posterior surface of Ulna and distal digit Interosseous phalanx of Assists in Nerve of Radial Interosseous index nger extending hand Nerve membrane at wrist Muscles of the Hand Name Origin Insert Action Nerve Compartment Abductor Distal Border of Lateral aspect Abducts thumb Recurrent Thenar Pollicis Brevis Flexor of base of at MCP joint branch of Retinaculum proximal Median Nerve phalanx of Assists in Tapezium thumb opposition of thumb Flexor Pollicis SH Distal Base of Flexes Thumb Super cal Thenar Brevis border of Flexor Proximal Head recurrent Retinaculum phalanx of branch of Trapezium thumb median nerve DH oor of Deep Head carpal tunnel deep branch of indirectly to ulnar nerve scaphoid and trapezium Opponens Distal border of Lateral aspect Opposes thumb Reccurent Thenar Pollicis Flexor of 1st to ngers branch of Retinaculum metacarpal Median Nerve Trapezium Adductor Pollicis Transverse Medial aspect of Adducts the Deep branch of Thenar Head 3rCI the base of thumb ulnar nerve metacarpal proximal phalanx under Oblique Head web space of base of 2nCI and thumb 3rCI metacarpals oor of carpal tunnel Abductor Digiti Pisiform Medial aspect of Abducts 5th Deep Branch of Hypothenar Minimi base of Digit Ulnar Nerve proximal phalanx of 5th digit Flexor Digiti Distal border of Medial aspect of Flexes 5th digit Deep branch of Hypothenar Minimi Brevis Flexor base of ulnar nerve Retinaculum proximal phalanx of 5th Hook of the digit hamate Opponens Digiti Distal border of Medial aspect of Opposes 5th Deep branch of Hypothenar Minimi Flexor the 5th digit with the ulnar nerve Retinaculum metacarpal thumb Hook of the Assists to cup hamate the palm Lumbricles 12 have single Extensor Flex ngers at 1 and 2 Short Muscles head of origin expansions of MCP joints median nerve Central from radial digits 25 aspect of FDP Extend ngers 3 and 4 deep tendon at IP joint branch of ulnar 34 have two nerve heads of origin Flatten ngers each head from exed at rst adjacent FDP knuckle tendon Dorsal Between each Proximal Abducts ngers Deep branch of Short Muscles Interossei metacarpal phalanx closest ulnar nerve Central to the middle of Flexes ngers digits 24 at MCP and extends at IP Extensor joints expansion of same digit Palmar From side of Base of Adducts ngers Deep Branch of Short Muscles Interossei metacarpals proximal 245 and Ulnar Nerve Central 245 that faces phalanx of digit extend at IP midline of origin joints assists lumbricles Dppunena pullicis Adductur pullicia brews Dppnnena digiti minimi Abductnr digiti minimi Adductnr pullicis Abductur nullicis Kl FIEHIZII pullicia brews LUfTIIZII IIZIJS FIEHIIII tendnn digitnrum Vista air MUSEIEE f the fraarm L uihmmimlmeradlaalal mumm WISEEm Emmaquot mugGil a f j 1 Iiaumm m J Malina E u mussmil EliEl rf E li E il lirl Hummus EWIHEJhEEIE L L Gamm m Elia 5m man an lmr G fpli ul i if il WIMEEIE V EKEWWEIIF Emmi l il l l i ravi mum a EIE EHFEIEEEF leIgi i mm II39ITIMEIEIE m aar Emmi Ma a clTIiL E l V 1 a I BibEmmi l lI ll ll litmus mgu a l a m r gm gmigmh E l lilig li EITIEIUEEIEE39 HitE a li gnmlill laa Imus PtEi i i r H amm E i l EFIIEJIIE braWE tannin 4 EKIEHHIEHF Earpi mailiaalil ilnysu tem m A r naib iur plill laa Emma tam ln E mg w pal al il rearm tan lxn E E EE E l il ul m arli tam er EIEIEHNEEEI iEIirlial EFIE IEIEniIiErTI Iali twain LL 1 mizaernmr HIEIEIEJE IIE IHUE imam 139 I j rk39 Ema EF l39l t mm m m 39 quot El l f FIFIS39CEIIEEE tangl F11 El EDDIE Encycln peedie Britannica Inc P ter ar magmas the upper arm slammingr1 EHWEEDMEIUE I39i39ILJEEIE greater tub r le Elf HUMEFUE infraE inatug mumla39 farms minar mu scla Icing heat f WEBE brachii muacle elt i d muEme But an 13334 Lamas m jtzur MUEEIE hiaral heat 11 tris p brachii ITILJEEIE A i fl EUEHEWUE n W ntEin ri inf tncaprs mamquot mama n1dialinlgnma ul ara mum L I I n bf hl l ll l muacle 39 r ENE Extenacar ami Falalis Itsingua mug le a EUE m HEEIE HtE FIEUF Earpi radiali hir vis mugging amr ulna a I39T IUEEIE a nmr carpi ulnari I39I39ILJEEIE El EDGE Encyclupaedia Britannica Inc 1 E ns quot El39jg39tmm mUEEIE Levatur Scapulae Flhumhuid I Eternucleiduma tuid Trapeziua Supra pinatua Spin uf 3 a quot Scapula 2H5 quot39 Head 111 I 39 Humerua m quot I s 39 Ir I V I II 2 I I39MI39m I I Ilr Infra Deltuid spinatus Terea A Hinur PH Erachii l quot r ui39 39 239 La ssb It mus f 39 TETEE Hajur 1f f 39I39 39 II39 III 39 39 quot39 Dursi Lumbar Faacia 3 FIG E I IEFI ED nl TLII Elhr lequot runrn QIInnI HrIinl ullErlIn nn ninl39rl39 H1 Mi E Ell 4 lJJI J39 r 4397 Wumil alarm J F SEWEEIIJE Emma I39I39Ila J IEjHL l 39ii liii i l39lhi i i i m ll t aim um f Ear Ema imamma 51321 HUME hdmini quoti1 U l l i l39ltl il39I UE gangma mum f 7 Eirrtarna Emma Fl39i39 ll Hugma llzgai39 m l iii 21m E39Enmhmi r mnm hm


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