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Hospitality 101 Lodging and Lodging Operations

by: Olivia Orlando

Hospitality 101 Lodging and Lodging Operations HTM 101

Marketplace > Grand Valley State University > Hospitality > HTM 101 > Hospitality 101 Lodging and Lodging Operations
Olivia Orlando
Intro to hospitality and tourism managment

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About this Document

These are my notes from my Hospitality 101 course. They cover information on Lodging and Lodging Operations. Hope they help!
Intro to hospitality and tourism managment
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This 8 page Bundle was uploaded by Olivia Orlando on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Bundle belongs to HTM 101 at Grand Valley State University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 67 views. For similar materials see Intro to hospitality and tourism managment in Hospitality at Grand Valley State University.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
Hospitality 101 Lodging Operations Chapter 5 Lodging Operations Form Follows Function A large hotel is run by a general manager and an executive committee that includes the key associates who head major departments room division director food and beverage director marketing and sales director human resources director chief accountant or controller and chief engineer or facility member Increased travel and trade made some form of overnight accommodations an absolute necessity Hotel managers and GM s must keep guests satisfied and returning keep employees happy and provide owners with a reasonable return on investment interpersona1 transactions and 24 hour hotels make this problematic Larger hotels more impersonal Guests like to feel that the GM takes a personal interest in their wellbeing Positive GM qualities leadership attention to detail followthrough people skills patience and the ability to delegate effectively The GM makes all major decisions affecting the hotel Senior executives determine the character or property and decide on the missions goals and objectives of the hotel The rooms division s director is responsible to the GM for the efficient and effective leadership and operation of all the rooms division departments The rooms division consists of the following departments front office reservations housekeeping concierge guest services security and communications The front office has been described as the hub or nerve center of the hotel Front office manager FOM main duty is to provide outstanding guest services to exceed guests needs whereas the GSA main role is to greet guests as they arrive at the hotel escort them to the front desk personally assign the room and take the guest and luggage there The three main functions of the front office are to sell rooms to maintain balanced guest accounts and to offer services such as handling mail faxes messages and local and hotel information The night auditor waits until the hotel quiets down at about 1 AM and then begins the task of balancing the guests accounts receivable The daily report contains some key operating ratios such as room occupancy percentage ROP which is rooms occupied divided by rooms available The average daily rate ADR is together with the occupancy percentage one of the key operating ratios that indicates the hotel s performance Property management systems PMS help hotels to accept store and retrieve guests reservations guest history requests and billing arrangements electronically Three most common front office software packages designed to assist front office employees in performing functions related to the following tasks reservations management rooms management guest account management Management would like to sell every room at the highest rack rate the published rate that the hotel would like to get for the room Revenue management will monitor reservations and number and type of rooms to sell at what price to obtain the maximum revenue Disadvantages if a businessperson attempts to make a reservation at a hotel three days before arrival and the rate quoted in order to maximize revenue is considered too high this person may decide to select another hotel and not even consider the first hotel when making future reservations Revenue per available room rev par Top five revenue management mistakes hotels can make 1 Believing that discounting is an efficient means of increasing revenue 2 Believing that the correct price to charge for a room night is established costs and ROI expectations 3 Believing that artificial intelligence is better than human intelligence 4 Thinking that shortterm goals are always higher in priority than longterm goals 5 Counting revenue dollars as equal regardless of the distribution channel they came through The communications CBX and PBX the telecommunications department includes inhouse communications guest communications such as pagers and radios voice mail faxes messages and emergency center The guest services department is headed by a guest services manager who may also happen to be the bell captain The concierge is a uniformed employee of the hotel who has her or his own separate desk in the lobby or on special concierge oors can help find tickets to shows restaurant reservations VIP s messages and special requests Four major areas of responsibility for executive housekeeping 1 Leadership of people equipment and supplies 2 Cleanliness and servicing the guest rooms and public areas 3 Operating the department according to financial guidelines prescribed by the general manager 4 Keeping records o The director of food and beverage who reports to the general manager and is responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the following departments kitchencateringbanquet restaurantsroom serviceminibars loungesbarsstewarding References Walker John R Exploring the Hospitality Industry Upper Saddle River NJ Prentice Hall 2011 Print Hospitality 101 Lodging Chapter 4 Lodging Franchising and management contracts are the two main driving forces in the development and operation of the hotel business in the hospitality industry is a concept that allows a company to quickly expand by using other people s money rather than its own nancing A company will charge a customer for the use of a trademark signs proven operating systems operating procedures and reservations systems marketing knowhow and purchasing discounts Franchising benefits both the franchisor and the franchisee Franchisor person who wants to expand the business rapidly Franchisee the person who has financial backing but lacks specific expertise and recognition 1 Fresh looks 2 Location 3 Expansion 4 New markets 5 Foreign expansion Benefits of the franchisee 1 A set of plans and specifications from which to build 2 National advertising 3 Centralized reservation system 4 Participation in volume discounts for purchasing furnishings fixtures and equipment Drawbacks to the franchisee 1 High fees 2 Central reservation system accounts for about 1726 of reservations 3 Conformity 4 Must maintain standards are written agreement between an owner and an operator of a hotel or motor inn really any sort of place you stay overnight for money by which the owner employs the operator as an agent employee to assume full responsibility for operating and managing the property What Basically management contracts are a written agreement between the employer and employee and in the contract it enlists what the employee must do to manage the property basically the 10 Commandments of being a Manager of a Hotel Management contracts are usually long term 5 10 or 20 years Hotel management companies often form a partnership of convenience with developers and owners who generally do not have the desire or ability to operate the hotel is a method that enables small investors to combined their funds an d protects them from the double taxation levied against an ordinary corporation or trust designed to facilitate investment in real estate in much the same way a mutual fund facilitates investment in securities existed since the 1960 s The two leading REIT corporations are Patriot American Hospitality and Starwood Lodging Trust criteria for evaluating hotels OneDiamond properties have simple roadside appeal and the basic lodging needs TwoDiamond properties have average roadside appeal with some landscaping and a noticeable enhancement in interior decor ThreeDiamond properties carry a degree of sophistication through higher service and comfort FourDiamond properties have excellent roadside appeal and service levels that give guests what they need before they even ask for it FiveDiamond properties have the highest service levels sophistication and offerings A list of hotel classifications follows Location city center luxury first class midscale economy suites Resort luxury midscale economy suites condominium timeshare convention Airport Freeway Price Level of Service Guest Type Type of Service Casino Bed and Breakfast meet the needs of the traveling public for business or leisure reasons wide range of accommodations Convenient locations economical prices easy and less costly transportation costs to and from the airport are some reasons why airport hotels are becoming intelligent choices for business travelers are trying to turn their hotels into family friendly hotels Casino hotels now market themselves as business hotels provide facilities to meet the needs of groups attending and holding conventions also attract seasonal leisure travelers exceed 500 rooms Full service hotels offer a wide range of facilities services and amenities including many that were mentioned under the luxury hotel category multiple food and beverage outlets including bars lounges and restaurants both formal and casual dining and meeting convention and catering services An offers clean reasonably sized and furnished rooms without the frills of fullservice hotels A is a combination of hotel and condominium means that a hotel may also have residences actual condos that are used by people rather than let like condotels A true BampB is an accommodation with the owner who lives on the premises or nearby providing a clean attractive accommodation and breakfast usually a memorable one To survive the resort hotels became more astute in marketing to different types of guests is the politically correct way of saying timeshare A vacation club on the other hand is a travelanduse product consumers don t buy a vacation with a fixed week unit size season location or length each year Vacation ownership provides the space and exibility to meet the needs of any size family or group the disadvantages are the you may be locked in to the same time frame each year swapping to another time can be difficult maintenance fees increase with time and must be paid also it can be hard to sell the unit if you don t wantneed it anymore Works Cited Walker John R Exploring the Hospitality Industry Upper Saddle River NJ Prentice Hall 2011 Print


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