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Ebloa Notes

by: Chantelle tolbert

Ebloa Notes Biology 233

Chantelle tolbert
GPA 2.9
Microbiology survey
Teri Shors

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About this Document

All the Ebola notes she covered and video notes.
Microbiology survey
Teri Shors
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This 7 page Bundle was uploaded by Chantelle tolbert on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Biology 233 at University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh taught by Teri Shors in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see Microbiology survey in Biology at University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
1o515 Ebola Film Two people flown to the 08 seek treatment for Ebola a Film on Dr Kent Brantly and Nurse Nancy being the first two people to be treated for Ebola in the 08 0 Serving as a missionary doctor in liheria before getting infected Dr Brantly 0 Man of faith and science 0 lived 2years in Monrovia liberia O Ebola outbreak in March I about 2000 death in West Africa 0 Outbreak in east Liberia early April 0 June 11th reached 0r Brantley39s hospital with 1st two patients with Ebola O 1in 45 survived O 100s of people dying in liheria and West Africa I Symptoms 0 Organ failure 0 Extreme Diarrhea O Vomiting blood I WednesdayJuly 23rd 0 0r Brantley took his temp 1000F 0 tested for malaria came back negative 0 Tested for Ebola 0 1st test came back negative 0 second test taken 72 hours later 0 kept getting worse I Nausea could barely function 0 July 26 I tested positive for Ebola 0 might have been exposed to the virus when talking to patients or their families 0 He prayed to god and his faith was tested but never denied god 0 Nancy also came down with Ebola I Kent39s symptoms 0 bloody diarrhea O vomiting blood 0 bloodshotlred eyes 10715 01288 O rash 0 had a hard time breathing O unbelievable shaking I Zmapp 0 experimental drug only enough for1 patient 0 Dr Brantly told the doctors to give it to Nancy 0 Spilt Zmapp between Kent and Nancy 0 shaking became more violent for an hour 0 rash subsided and he was able to get up to go to the bathroom 0 Plane came and went to Atlanta Georgia 2 days after Zmapp I Team of over 100 to save Dr Brantly I Kept losing electrolytes at such a fast rate 0 Hospital did palliativesupportive care 0 treat the body so the immune system can kick out the disease on its own I 17 days after entering Nancy was discharged from the hospital I Kent was discharged as well Microbes in the News South Carolina Update 0 More than 2ft of rain since Friday 0 15 deaths 0 9 drowned O 6 killed in weatherrelated car crashes O 262 roads closed 0 147 bridges closed 0 800 people living in shelters O 4 major health concerns 1 Drinking contaminated water a boil all water to kill sewage microbes before drinking or cooking 2 Touching flood water a oil chemicals sewage exposure 3 Accidental injury a tree debris utility box hazards vehicles 4 Mold a respiratory and skin issues 0 Coffins floating up to surface in graveyards Mini wrap up of Brantly and Writebol 0 1st two americans Ebola survivors 0 Dr Brantly O convalescent blood transfusion O ZMapp 0 Best available supportive care BASE I Providing intravenous fluids I Balancing electrolytes I Maintaining oxygen status and blood pressure I Treat for complicating infections 0 teakiness of blood vessels can cause sepsis GI bacteria slip into the bloodstream O No Vaccine for ebola The use of antibodies to treat Ebola 0 Antibodies produced by body to combat infections caused by microbes and viruses C yshaped 0 present in blood and mucous membranes 0 7 out of 8 survived with survivor blood 0 but they receive all blood not just antibodies so you don39t know the components in the blood 0 Disadvantages O screened for contaminating pathogens 0 Matched to the blood type of the infected person 0 Whole blood contain polyclonal antibodies 0 disadvantages I antibodies may not last long enough to neutralize the virus I they don39t contain enough virusspecific anti and are nonneutralizing 0 Alternative monoclonal antibodies 0 produced by single Bcell lineage 0 neutralizing monoclonal antibodies can be purified and used for treatment 0 Rnought Ro Basic reproduction O of cases that 1 person will infect the population I average person spreads to 2 or more people I MeaslesRo 18 I Whooping coughRo 17 I EbolaRo4 I HIVRo5 I InfluenzaRo3 0 Early signs of Ebola C Fever 0 Muscle Aches O Headaches O Weakness 0 Later signs 0 Diarrheamay contain blood 0 Vomitingmay contain blood 0 Rash red eyes 0 Bleeding 0 28000 cases to date 0 11000 deaths 0 tiberia Ebola free 0 881 healthcare workers got infected O 513 deaths 10915 More Ebola Notes Microbes in the news Germs on Halloween Masks 0 Germs lurk inside of Halloween masks 0 Study by professor at Mesa Community College Suburb of Phoenix AZ 0 Bacterial diversity and numbers high 0 could cause staphylococcus skin infections 0 Soak masks in rubbing alcohol before use 0 Devil mask worst because it had wrinkles and it was tried on the most Notes 0 If caught making and selling moonshine during prohibitionspend 1year in Leavenworth Prison in Kansas 0 Minnesota 13 I made out of seed corn 13 Microbes in the News New virus found in blood acquired through blood transfusion Hemigivirus1 O Ebola epidemic 2014 WHO reported an outbreak in progress in March 2014 0 patient zero village in Guinea 2 year old boy 0 early on during the epidemic Ebola virus was spread by nursehealthcare workers 0 Challenges of this outbreak located in West Africa worst ebola epidemic O Zoonotic diseasebats as bushmeat 0 Cultural barriers I bushmeat wild animals wild bird mostly bats I Burial practices 0 Poor healthcare infrastructure no barrier technique 0 lack of education about Ebola Virus Incubation periodnot infectious during this time time before signssymptoms221 days Infectious dose period of communicability 0 during symptoms Started December 2013 wasn39t announced until March 2014 O transmitted through vomit or feces bodily fluids Ebola Outbreak History By mid July the epidemic trend became serious Medical teams struggled to curb humanto human transmission of Ebola viruswith infected body fluids Superstition misinformation about how to care for people infected by Ebola virus and poor health infrastructure contributed to the spread of disease severe shortage of doctors New cases occurred were hospitalacquired when family members and relatives of the dead touched the bodies during funeral practices residents strongly opposed aid from healthcare workers 0 dozens were infected and died 0 supplies of personal protective equipment and disinfectants were inadequate Richard Besser39s News Story 0 Former Director of CDC 0 quotGates of Hellquot video 0 Ebola spread through bodily fluids like vomit blood and diarrhea 0 Death can come within days I 1400 reported deadin West Africa I 2600 infectedin West Africa I Worst case in tiberia O Monroviacapital placed be quarantined Eatu Kekula O 22 year old in her final year of training to be a nurse when the Ebola epidemic hit her father mother sister and cousin 0 Saved 3 family members 0 invented her own method quottrash bagquot method uses as protective gear 0 finished her training at Emory University in Atlanta GA 1st two americans 59 year old Nurse Nancy Writebol and 33 year old Dr Kent Brantly were infected with Ebola while volunteering in tiberia 0 both were evacuated in a special isolation airplane flown into Dobbins Air reserve Base located in Marietta Georgia 0 Serious Communicable Disease Isolation Unit 0 best people trained to take care of serious virus infections 0 Atlanta GA CDC 0 contains a specialized air handling system 0 Air flows from hallway to the anteroom a sittinngaiting room for visitors to ensure that air particles don39t exit the unit 0 Air filtered through high efficiency particulate air HEPA filter before exhausted O everything is decontaminated before leaving the unit 0 Treatments 0 No FDA approved drug 0 No vaccines to prevent Ebola O Palliativesupportive care I balancing the patient39s fluids and electrolytes I maintaining their oxygen status and blood pressure I treating the patients39 for any complicating infections MeanwhileBack in West Africa 0 August 8th 2014 the WHO confirmed that the outbreak met the definition of Public Health Emergency of International Concen o liberian government closed borders except major entry points 0 Quarantine measures and travel in and out of communities in Liberia heavily affected by Ebola was instituted O liberian military was authorized to enforce prevention and control measures 0 At US H0R hearing US and world leaders explained that the ebola epidemic could be stop 0 finding active cases and diagnosing them 0 Contact tracing responding appropriately by isolating patientsfinding and monitoring their contacts 0 Preventing Ebola infections through healthcare infectioncontrol methods including safe burial practices and banning the eating of bushmeat Most difficult barrier to overcome was fear 0 contacts of cases were afraid O of contacts become ill they were taken to traditional healers hiding from the surveillance system 0 fear fed hostility threatening security of the response teams Fear affected the airlines 0 Some airlines refused to transport personal protective equipment for the response workers 0 not an airborne disease 0 1t010 particles to get infected The use of antibodies to get infected 0 antibodies are produced by the body to combat infections caused by microbes and viruses 0 antibodies are yshaped 0 present in blood and mucus membranes 0 antibodies can neutralize viruses rendering them ineffective


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