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10/13/15-10/22/15 Lecture Notes

by: Kathleen Tann

10/13/15-10/22/15 Lecture Notes GEOG 221

Marketplace > Kansas State University > GEOG 221 > 10 13 15 10 22 15 Lecture Notes
Kathleen Tann
GPA 4.0
Intro to Physical Geography
Julie L. Commerford

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About this Document

Summarized Notes for 2 weeks 10/13-10/22/15
Intro to Physical Geography
Julie L. Commerford
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This 2 page Bundle was uploaded by Kathleen Tann on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Bundle belongs to GEOG 221 at Kansas State University taught by Julie L. Commerford in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 62 views.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
101315Lecture Notes Weatheringprocess which rocks decays breaks down Related to climate 0 Physicalmechanical weathering colder drier 0 Chemical weathering warm moist Differential weathering In uenced by relative resistance of rock Mechanical Weathering Destruction of rocks through physical stresses Frost Wedgingfreeze and thaw in joints of rock Root Wedgingroots grow into rock Temperature uctuations Abrasion Chemical Weathering Decays rock by changing its chemical composition water is important weathering agent Hydrolysisdecompose silicone minerals with hydrogen derived from water Spheroidal weatheringfrom hydrolysis rounded edges Oxidationoxygen added to chemical compound ex Rusting Carbonationwater with C02 cause minerals to dissolvepockmarked rocks Mass wastingall at once gravity moves large volumes of sediment 102015Lecture Notes 0 Colluviumsediment moves downhill due to some mass wasting 0 Types kinds of materials physical properties kind of motion and how quickly occurs 0 Rockfallrocks fall quickly under force of gravity 0 Soil creepslowest type on every soil slope pulled down by gravity 0 Landslidemass rock soil suddenly moves downhill by earthquake rain gravity Slump concave surface 0 Flowsinvolves wet sediment Earth owslow to rapid soil movement Mud owrapid uid Debris owrapid boulders mud trees 0 Avalanchesnowrock suddenly slides down steep angle Ch 13StreamsZFlooding Stream channel carries owing water Perennialall year round Ephemeralshort time Drainage basinwatershed area contributing groundwater runoff Drainage divideboundary between 2 watersheds Con uencemeeting point between rivers Tributariessmaller channels to large rivers Drainage Pattern Dendritictree like Radialspoke like Structurally controlled along folded layers of rock Stream dischargewidth x depth x velocity 102215Lecture Notes Discharge Affected by Basin Slope Steepfaster runoff gentle slopeslower Channel ow varies by Course of year Base ow discharge by groundwater in ux Bankfull Dischargewhen stream is full of water Flooding Flood stage stream is no longer contained by channel Return periodfrequency of ooding 1993 M1 Basin Flood caused by heavy rain snow saturated soil stalled in hi pressure system received 200 normal precipitation Rivers Hierarchical classif Wider as it gets closer to mouth of river velocity increases downstream velocity decreases at head Sediment load increases until deposits at delta Base levellowest level which river can erode higher to base more erosion than closer to base Stream Gradiation Dissolvedforms a solution Suspendedclay silt oats along ow Bed load large particles drop and slide along river bed Saltation drop particles and pick new ones up 1 Braided stream steep moderate gradient Bedload maze of shallow channels 2 Meandering Stream low gradient Suspended load muddy deep curves side to side Sinuosity amount of curvature for channel Deltazone of intense sediment deposition velocity slows when entering still waters


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