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Notes for weeks 1-6

by: UWSP Notetaker

Notes for weeks 1-6 Hp/w 110

UWSP Notetaker
GPA 3.81
Healthy american
Kelly Schooonaert

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About this Document

Notes taken in The Healthy American class during weeks 1-6. Covers a brief overview of the class; What is Health? What is Wellness?; Aspects of Change; Nutrition; Fitness; and Sexual Health.
Healthy american
Kelly Schooonaert
Health Promotion & Wellness The Healthy American UWSP Class Notes
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This 7 page Bundle was uploaded by UWSP Notetaker on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Hp/w 110 at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point taught by Kelly Schooonaert in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Healthy american in Nursing and Health Sciences at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Health Promotion amp Wellness The Healthy American Notes Bundle Weeks 16 What is class about week 1 0 You 0 Are you a conscious director or passive observer 0 This class will talk about 0 You defining you 0 Not seeing yourself through someone s definition 0 Becoming the best you you can be 0 Culture 0 Allows us to let other define us to think for us 0 This class is about letting you get ready to thinkdecidetake care of yourself College is a time for 0 Great changes 0 Begin to identify oneself 0 Checking your values What you think believe stances on certain topic 0 Political Social etc 0 Checking your potential 0 Using your strengths thinking in different ways What is Health week 2 0 A state of complete physical mental amp social wellbeing not merely the absence of disease or infirmity What is HighLevel Wellness 0 Dynamic process of growth toward maximizing the potential to achieve an integrated amp dynamic level of functioning which one must actively work to achieve 0 It s a process over time Changing amp growing movement Maximize your own potential within context of your life Interdependent amp integrated dimensions Intentional choices not accidental ones Energy exchanged OOOOO What Determines our Health 0 Heredity 0 Genetic predisposition towards specific disease entities I Some can be mediated or controlled by lifestyle 0 Social Circumstances o SocioEconomic Status 0 Working conditions 0 PeerF amin In uences o Tradition 0 Access to Medical Care 0 Insurance 0 TechnologyAdvancement 0 Environmental Conditions 0 Natural disasters 0 Environmental Stimulants o PollutionClimate Up to 23 of our health issues could be prevented if we paid attention to the things listed below 0 Exercise 0 Nutrition 0 Compliance wmedication 0 Sleep 0 Social Support 0 Family Networks 0 Stress Reduction Strategies no alcoholdrugs 0 EducationInformation 0 Safety Precautions o Avoiding risky behavior How Do You See Yourself Week 3 Perspective is Everything For example 0 If you absolutely want to pass a class and get an A you 0 Come regularly o Read the text 0 Do all the assignments 0 Follow directions We see what we look for We don t see What is already suggested known or intended ex optical illusions you see one thing but after a while you see something else Paradigm Shift 0 Foundation thoughts that base your version of reality 0 Worldview frame of reference to make sense of many distinguishable parts a way to order your world to make order out of chaos 0 Foundational thoughts on which other ideas are based BIG IDEAS 0 Using prior experiences what we expect to seehappen Monumental Paradigm shifts in history 0 Earth is at 9 Earth is round 0 Agricultural Society 9 Industrial society 0 Move to a technology driven world 0 Personal computer I Improved communication capabilitycell phone digital media etc 0 September 11 2001 0 Artificial intelligencemakes decisions for us 3 Things Living Organisms have to do 0 SelfOrganize 0 Way we make sense of things 0 Arrange things make order out of chaos 0 SelfRegulate o Modulating adjusting reeducating revisualizing reordering recalibrating according to our idea of normal fit the norm 0 SelfTranscend 0 Moving beyond because you already mastered it learned the lesion been there done that 3 Ways of Seeing the World 0 Systemic or Institutionalized 0 According to them experts tell you Conventional wisdom Societal Expectation Culture of Normal Major systems we ve set up to make order out of chaos What are some common systems in our everyday world Government OOOOOO I Federal state local 0 Laws ordinances policies guidelines 0 Educational system 0 Military 0 Extrinsic Thinking o What your peers do your cohort your significant others do amp think that in uences your behavior thought amp feelings 0 Cause amp effect type thinking mechanistic 0 Intrinsic Thinking 0 Your deepest sense of self 0 What you want or desire at your core 0 Your innermost feelings I Often subverted 0 Often not paid attention too I Moving amp changing 0 Unique organic genuine o What do you want for you Nutrition week 4 What are we consuming 0 Not enough fruits amp vegetablesday 0 Not eating the right amounts of whole grains 0 Eating more than the recommended amount of sodium 0 Not limiting Saturated Fat to less than 10 of calories 0 Drinking lots of soda instead of Milk 2010 Dietary Guidelines 0 Enjoy your food but eat less more balanced diet 0 Avoid oversized portions 0 12 your plate should be fruits amp vegetables 0 12 your grains should be whole grains 0 Switch to fatfree or lowfat foods skim milk What In uences one s diet 0 It s complex 0 It s personal 0 Cultural forces 0 Societal Norms 0 Family In uences 0 Changes in Meal Patterns 0 Food Markets amp Availability 0 Climate change 0 Commercial advertising Nutrition is also related to 0 Growth amp Development 0 Dental bone brain health 0 Arterial Health 0 Skin health 0 Sleep quality 0 Deficiencies 0 Metabolism 0 Stores of fat protein carbs for exercise carbs energy 0 Much much much more Why do people eat fast foods 0 Cheapcost reduction 0 Fast Are Diets dangerous Speed of weight loss will determine if a diet is dangerous 23 weeks 9 yes 23 months 9 no Fitness amp Active Living week 5 It doesn t matter what your body looks like We ALL need activity Our bodies are made to move however they can If they don t continue to move then they will lose their range of motion Physical Activity any activity that moves one s muscles Exercise planned activity usually strenuous 5 Components of Fitness FlexibilityB alance Muscle Endurance Muscular Strength AerobicCardio Endurance Body Mass Index U PP Pi Physical Fitness Being able to perform physical activity Achieved by actually performing activity Prescription for Fitness FITT F Frequency I Intensity T Time T Type How often 35 times per week for at least 30 minutes Healthy Sexuality week 6 Gender Identity amp Sexual Orientation TERMS ARE NOT THE SAME Identity How ones feels inside Gender Expression Way one presents themselves dresses themselves Sexual Orientation A person s natural preference in sexual partners The Sexual Response Cycle Developed by Dr Williams Masters and Virginia Johnson Phase 1 ExcitementArousal Phase 2 Plateau Phase 3 Orgasm Phase 4 Resolution Intimacy moving from me to we Healthy Relationships Respect for the other person s boundaries Both being able to openly discuss about what you want includes consent More information can be found in the weekly PowerPoints on D21 on the website or in the textbook An Invitation to Health if it is needed Class website httpwww4uwspeduhphdhealthvamerican Happy studying


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