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Class Notes

by: Brittany Hope

Class Notes CTD 231

Brittany Hope
GPA 3.83
Sewn Product Analysis
Silke Suhr

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About this Document

Class Notes from CTD 231 lectures. I will be uploading the weeks class notes every Friday so stay posted. If you miss a class, this is very helpful as you will have all of the notes.
Sewn Product Analysis
Silke Suhr
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This 8 page Bundle was uploaded by Brittany Hope on Friday January 16, 2015. The Bundle belongs to CTD 231 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Silke Suhr in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 518 views. For similar materials see Sewn Product Analysis in Art at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 01/16/15
CTD 231 Notes 11515 Product Development Variations Branded wholesale brand Cobranded 0 Private Brands private label store brands Licensed Customized Branded Products Proprietary label Sole at wholesale for distribution to retailers Co Branded Products Partnership between a branded product developer and a retailer An exclusive collection for the retailer Why do designers cobrand To reach a different target market and make it more accessible Private Label Products Developed and merchandised with labels that are owned by a retailer 0 Distributed exclusively by that retailer to compete with branded products also carried by the retailer Developed by the retailer s own products development team 0 Examples macy s belk madison Saks off 5thall have private labels Store Brand Products Privately developed products sold under a stored own labels for exclusive distribution in their own stores or catalogs or both 0 Creating product and brand image is extremely important Cater to a particular target market 0 Examples Banana Republic Forever 21 JCrew GAP HampM Zara Licensed Products 0 Used to expand a brand s product mix 0 License receives a royalty on all units sold 0 May be used to gain entry to a foreign market 0 Can license characters 0 Examples Bedding from designers that typically do apparel Customized Products 0 Mass customization Utilizes mass production technology and applied it to the creation on products and services for a market of one 0 Can use body scanners Can specify length fabric or styling details Supply Chain Management Quick Response Speed to market 0 Tools that can help domestic manufacturers take advantage of their knowledge of the American lifestyle and capitalize on their proximity to the marketplace by delivered fashion goods with short lead times De ned as getting the right product to the right place at the right time at the right price Quick Response Relies on Justintime JIT inventory Speci cation ordering Bar coding Electronic data interchange EDI Computer aided design CAD Automatic replenishment systems Traditional timeline for wholesale brands 4050 Quick Response timeline pg 14 Zara case study 810 weeks Bene ts of Quick Response Can buy closer to the season Shortening of lead time Promptly re lled reorders Reduced warehousing and inventory costs Reduced retail stockouts Companies focus more on core competencies Led to outsourcing BZB Linking of supply chain partners Allows companies to exchange business digitally Able access account management billing materials procurement inventory management customers service sourcing logistics design etc Preaporter Pretaporter or Readytowear is the fashion design term for clothing marketed in a nished condition in standard clothing sizes in casual usage off the rack of quotoffthepegquot Some fashion houses or fashion designers create readytowear lines that are massproduced and industrially manufactured while others offer lines that are very exclusive and produced online in limited numbers and only for a limited time Whatever the quantity produces these lines are never one of a kind CONSUMER MARKETS CHAPTER 3 NOTES ConsumerProducer Relationship The consumer is the central focus of marketing The trend of marketing is to break down markets into smaller well de ned niche markets through market segmentation or micromarketing Marketing Consumer Trends Use advertising and promotional campaigns to create consumer demand Savvy customers prioritize Value Func on Versatility Comfort Quality 0 Not fashion Consumer Trends Women are main household shoppers 0 Changing demographics 0 Effect on retailers More merchandise available at discount 0 Pricedriven shopping Expect to nd what they want with minimal time and energy 0 Less leisure time More consumers are quotcrossshoppers shopping multiple brands and price levels Role of Product Developers Must nd ways to gather information regarding consumer preferences and translate that information into product OOOOO


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