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HIST 221 Notes

by: Claire Ready

HIST 221 Notes 8167

Claire Ready
Cal Poly
GPA 3.17
HIST 221

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About this Document

Class notes from lectures in Andrew Magnusson's HIST 221 class
HIST 221
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This 7 page Bundle was uploaded by Claire Ready on Friday January 16, 2015. The Bundle belongs to 8167 at California State Polytechnic University taught by Magnusson in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 68 views.

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Date Created: 01/16/15
Friday January 30 y Mesopotamia 3000539 BC central region of Middle East land between Tigris and Euphrates rivers sometimes called fertile crescent Sumerian 3000 BC south meso biggest cities Ur and Uruk ziggurat temple inventionsearliest uses of wheel bronze age end of stone age coppertin cuneiform writing wedgeshaped writing 2350 BC Sargon of Akkad conquers Sumer Akkadian Empire Akkad capital of empire Akkadiansold assyrians quickly conquered by Amorites in 2000 BC Amorites pastoral nomads herd animals for a living migrated from place to place capital of Babylon Babylonians old Hammurabi code of laws first example of law of retaliation quotan eye for an eye punishment based on class eye for an eye only for two people of equal class Friday January 30 y conquered by Hittites Hittites 1600 BC lndoEuropeans languages from India to Europe based on lndoEuropean language migration from steppes plains Hittites go to Anatolia Turkey contributions to Mesopotamia domesticated horses chariots iron age dominate Mesopotamia 4OO yrs conquered by Sea Peoples Sea Peoples 1200 BC civilization destroyed 1177 the year civilization collapsed by Cline New Assyrians 911 BC conquered all of Mesopotamia and SyriaPalestine capital of Nineveh violent merciless conquerers mass deportations when rebellion arises relocated people to another location to start over Ashur god of war 614 BC Chaldeans New Babylonians overthrow Assyrians 539 BC Persians overthrow New Babylonians Friday January 30 y HIST 221 Agricultural Revolution Why did the Americas not develop large complex societies Food hunt animal gather plant domestication human interference in process of natural selection AfroEurasia sheep cattle goats pigs horses food clothing power traits for domestication social herds dominant vs submissive territorial don t run away willing to breed in captivity The Americas could not domesticate large animals and relied on human power alone domestication from plants cereals grains wheat Middle East rice East Asia Africa sorghum millet Americas corn more effort Americas had more difficulty cultivating cereals Geography temperate zones wet winters dry summers cereals thrive animals can migrate ANSWERS 1 Plants 2 Animals 3 Geography Friday January 30 y Friday January 30 y China 2200256 BC civilization mainly Eastern China due to mountains on west and desert north dynasties families ruling over China Yellow River earliest human settlement in China along this river fairly shallow flat lands unpredictable flow sometimes changes course some settlements destroyed by this silt washes down from Himalayas river looks yeIIow Xia Dynasty 22001750 BC prehistoric no written records all information comes from subsequent dynastieS records legend that Yu Xia taught old King Shun how to harness the river Shun appoints Yu to be next ruler after his death lndoEuropeans brought chariots and bronze Shang Dynasty 17501122 BC ancestor worship offerings to ancestors in hopes that they will watch overprotect you oracle bones how ancestors can communicate with people on earth write question on bone and put in fire cracks on bone after fire can be interpreted for answer from ancestorsgod overthrown Zhou Dynasty Friday January 30 y Shang rulers became oppressive Zhou Dynasty 1122256 BC Wu first king of Zhou Dynasty brother Duke of Zhou skepticism from public about Zhou reign Duke of Zhou came up with Mandate of Heaven ruler of China must have support of godsancestors if current ruler doesn t have Mandate of Heaven due to corruptness ancestors shift mandate to someone else to overthrow them legitimates ruling but also encourages rebellion Western Zhou Period 1122771 BC 771 BC King You overthrown by military king s son fled to east Eastern Zhou Period 770256 BC decentralized ruling local regional rulers work for emperor to prevent uprisings pastoral nomads bring horseback riding and iron working horseback destroys chariot warfare iron important to military more available than bronze Confucianism Kong FuziConfucius Friday January 30 y political philosopher never wrote anything down knowledge of him comes from The Annaeats book written by his followers of his ideologies believed people will follow a virtuous leader characteristics of a noble ruler ren humanity or compassion li etiquette or courtesy XiaO familial devotion or duty of son to father 5 types of relationships that should follow this model rulersubject parentchild spouses siblings friends


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