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weeks 5 - 9

by: Ashley Jerread
Ashley Jerread
GPA 4.0
Basic Working Relationships
Mr. Robert

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About this Document

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Basic Working Relationships
Mr. Robert
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This 7 page Bundle was uploaded by Ashley Jerread on Monday October 26, 2015. The Bundle belongs to SWK 240-002 at University of North Carolina - Wilmington taught by Mr. Robert in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Basic Working Relationships in Social Work at University of North Carolina - Wilmington.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
SWK 240 WEEKS 59 9292015 P P PPquot Share a problem Rate how satis ed he or she is that the problem has been solved 1 worst 10 best What keeps it from being lower What else What would it take to move up by 1 point What would a 10 look like How satis ed are you that the problem has been solved 0 This is a scaling question 0 Gives you information about the clients39 behavior 0 What keeps it from going lower how do you do that 0 Move up one point what would it take how would you go about doing this 0 Scaling leads to miracle question 1012015 Lab Exercise Mostly just a conversation RESPONSE 1 0 quotWell it sounds like you love your husband and your kidsquot 0 This is an OPINION it should come at the end 0 Are there ever any times that your kids or husband has helped pick up around the house 0 Use an EXCEPTION here RESPONSE 2 0 quotPutting toys away in the attic that your kids are too young to play with sounds like a great step in the right directionquot 0 This is a COMPLIMENT o What else have you tried to keep your house in order 0 Use a COMPLIMENT here RESPONSE 3 o quotIt sounds like the biggest concern is your children39s room and not your whole housequot 0 It39s affecting mom and the kids RESPONSE 4 0 quotHas your husband been very supportive of you going back to schoolquot 0 quotHow have you dealt with this tension beforequot 0 Again ask an EXCEPTION question RESPONSE 5 o quotIt sounds like you39ve de nitely talked to your husband about this situationquot 0 quotBeing honest is always bestquot 0 Use another COMPLIMENT here SUMMARY CONCLUSION 0 quotSo today we39ve discussed that you39re unhappy about your house being a mess BUT there have also been times where this isn39t the casequot EXCEPTION o quotIt also seems like you39ve been honest with your husband which is a great thingquot COMPLIMENT o quotIt seems like your family is really important to you and you39re taking on so many different rolesquot COMPLIMENT o quotI want to compliment you for being able to handle this so farquot COMPLIMENT 0 Looking here at the strengths perspective PG 52 in Guy Shennan textbook 0 Most people can get their client to a desired outcome for tomorrow without using the miracle questions and only using the exceptions that the client gives o If the client is unsure of what could be better than the miracle question could be helpful in that situation 0 Miracle questions aren39t always needed Constructing goals 0 Usually begins with miracle questions Use clients39 words when constructing the question Relationship question what would your husband notice Not stressed amp irritated what would you feel instead Get details about what39s important to the client Notice how hard the client is working What would your kids notice Sounds like there would be a lot of changes after this miracle OOOOOOO 1062015 Mom Father Dauohter All have their own problems Miracle question ignoring the problem For each person each on a different day the person goes on with the day how they would want it to be So for EXAMPLE mom pretends daughter says good morning and pretends she eats breakfast and talks with the father Each family member wouldn39t tell the other members what day they were doing their miracle At the end they all came back together and had to guess which day each family member pretended that their miracle had happened They do this by looking for positive changes in each person39s life They also began to start talking to each other and being open Look for positives A B C ACT positive quot at what point did the miracle occur 1082015 Court Ordered Mandated Therapy Court mandated therapy appointments for children removed from homes Goes out and speaks to parents about the children role clari cation what will happen next respect cient perceptions especially if angry or upset What do parents what to do with their current situation role clari cation acknowledge what39s important to the client making client control the situation don39t take sides with client or system 4 notice what client wants and paraphrase 5 ask for clients39 perception of the facts 6 ask for details 7 8 wONI IOO accept cient perception indirect compliment 9 begin negotiating goals 10 take notes and connect 11 amplify goals how would boys react to this and then develop a picture of what39s important when being a parent SWK helps cient coconstruct a positive desired outcome be a neutral presence with the client and do not judge them you must make a relationship with the client 12 notice clients39 response okay well what would be helpful to you in this situation court wants parent classes 13 relationship question 14 solution building what would be different if you39d follow through with what the court suggests push here what else 15 expand solution miracle question maybe what would be different if you slowed down drinking what would be different between you and your kids 16 Vision for a different future what would kids want to be different at home what would be different for kids if you weren t yelling as much what would they see instead relationship questions learn more about parent and kids 17 scaling con dence 1 being they can39t do what they need to get the kid back and 10 being that they can do what they need to get their kids back how is your con dence so high DYAD 2 person relationship 0 Parent VS child 0 2 coworkers 0 2 spouses In a DYAD SWK cannot side with one or the other 0 Focus on strengths School and brain 0 Ask positive questions What do you like about mom 0 Ask what client wants Mom chores at home for child Concrete goal 0 Balancing interaction Ask child now 0 Building goas Want mom to understand 0 0 Further goal clari cation o Scaling question 0 no con dence mom will understand 10 all the con dence mom will understand 0 Relationship question What about mom gives you hope Notice mom for child39s reaction 0 Ask mom reverse scaling question 0 Working toward common goal 0 Stay focused on relationship 10132015 10152015 SFBT Practice Flow Chart Joining BRIEF what are your hopes for working together today 6 potential openings to choose from o Presession scaling question 0 What would be helpful to work on today 0 What do you hope to get out of todays39 session 0 Let s say that a few weeks from now you can say to yourselfgad I did this 0 What will be the rst difference or sign that things are better 0 Miracle question Return focus to person Notice hints of possibilities af rm client39s perception normalizing complimenting Amplify solution talk explore client meanings relationship questions leading from one step behind Scaling at any time throughout process Pay attention to desired outcomes or changes for the better as described by the person 0 Concrete or speci c details 0 EXCEPTIONS when have things been a little bit better 0 When they are better what do you do differently what do others do differently o What would they notice about you when things were better 0 All exception questions here solutions to the problem that the client describes 0 Push and ask questions what else Pay attention to the exceptions or even times when a small part of the desired outcome has happened 0 Random or deliberate what did you do to make that happen Take a break 0 This is a time to look over notes 0 You don39t have to take a break here only if the client wants to Compliment o Compliments must be genuine and based on person39s actions 0 Connect this compliment to a task that you would like the client to do 0 Homework in a way but make it interesting Task 0 Do more of the same Observe for more exceptions What was different Have client write these down in order to discuss them in the next meeting 000 10202015 Skills for Helpful Conversations 1 2 Listening client should be talking 2x 3x more Formulating questions client should be opening up you can sit and wait for a response a Questions are the interventions b Exceptions what is being done well c Learn how to ask quick questions keep conversation owing d Opening the door to clients39 world and wants e Only re ect back to what they say to you f Don t think about anything only listen to the clients39 answers to the questions g What would it take to make that happen pick something out positive Getting the details a What was different b How did you manage c Keep it light Echoing key words a Helps clarify when asked as a question b What do you mean by feeling blue Open questions a What else Complimenting a Use both indirect and direct compliments b Helps client to open up easier Af rming client s perceptions a The sense of being understood b Responding to the client39s feelings c Af rm in several ways nodding quotsure of coursequot Building a working alliance active listening a Empathy and compassion leads to better outcomes b Create a relationship with the client 9 Active listening accepting client39s perceptions a Respect client39s perceptions b How would client respond or be different if that happened 10Noticing hints of possibility a Listen to hints or mentions of possibilities for a better outcome 11Exporing client meaning a Always ask what client means b Do not interpret or try to universalize or normalize 12Reationship questions a Who are the signi cant individual39s in the client39s life b You want to anchor the work in the life of the client 13Ampifying solution talk a Pay attention b Encourage the client to provide as much detail as possible c Reinforces the new position of an idea d Coupled with the relationship talk the solutions are enhanced 10222015 Lab Scaling At zero ask coping questions 0 See you39re really stressed how have you been able to keep going 0 Think about a time when you were a 3 what39d that look like 0 What would it look like to get back to a 3 o All perception Be sure an ideal situation can be achieved 0 A 10 cannot really be achieved because there aren39t really any problem free things 0 Maybe 10 doesn39t mean everything is perfect 0 Explain here what 10 means to the client 0 Success Scale 0 Most well known 0 10 is the most desired 0 More client orientated Motivation Scale 0 10 willing to do whatever to reach my goal 0 0 not willing to do whatever Con dence Scale 0 Con dence being able to attain their goal 0 10 all the con dence to achieve goal 0 0 no con dence that goal will be achieved 0 Client needs to learn how to regulate their own con dence 0 Independent Scale 0 Want them to go out and nd their own solutions 0 10 I can do this and don39t need help 0 0 I can39t do this Scaling question at the beginning and at the end however you don39t have to if this feels redundant PG 112 scale variations Scaling question at the end of the session 0 How helpful was this session for you today 0 Ethical responsibility of the social worker self determination Commonsense Therapv Video Mentions loss and a small piece of excitement SWK pinpoints the idea of excitement not the part about loss Focus on what is positive Problem Grief Loss Sinking feeling Exceptions what are you doing that sometimes brings you out of this grief o How39d you do that or some version of this question 0 Talks about strengths and ability Go to miracle question because she39s not sure of how she39s gotten through Pay attention to what39s working 0 Don39t focus on negatives 0 Focus on behaviors You can bring up exceptions throughout the entire interview whenever it seems important to you Natural action behavior 0 Telling yourself to shut up when you know you shouldn39t be feeling a certain way 0 Thoughts are very important actions


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