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Study Guide for Exam 3

by: Mia Michael

Study Guide for Exam 3 Lecture

Mia Michael
Fund of Life Science Bio Cells

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About this Document

These are the notes from the lectures 11-15 and from tutoring sessions I attended afterwards! I did not draw all of the figures but I did give the names so that you can look them up in the book! Bi...
Fund of Life Science Bio Cells
Biology, how life works, Science, exam
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This 47 page Bundle was uploaded by Mia Michael on Monday October 26, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Lecture at University of Toledo taught by Steven,R in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see Fund of Life Science Bio Cells in Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Toledo.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
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phosphorylation removes a phosphate Steps Inactive receptors 9 dimerization 9 active receptors 9 cytoplasmic signaling proteins What happens when there is no termination Overproduction of cells Ion Channels Three types of signals Ligand gated 2 Sensory stimuli 3 Electric charge differences Signal Transduction Pathway Signaling cell releases signaling molecules ligand Responding cell has receptor that binds to the signaling molecule The signal binds to a receptor which is then activated 9 GTP The cell responds by activating an enzyme or turning on transcription of a gene inside the cell response The response is terminated so that new signals can be received Distinguish between the four different signaling methods Y ifo mm 1 run quot9 l Endocrine signaling travel distant cells usually Vla Circulatory system j f j 2 Paracrine signaling Affect nearby cells short distance takes place in 39 neurons 3 Autocrine signaling affects the cells that made them This is positive C feedback because it signals itself 4 gigtacrine signaling must be touching each other in order to work No 1 usron Two types of receptors 1 Membrane outside the cell Example insulin polar 2 IntracellulaF inside the cell Example estrogen nonpolar Review Fig 98 3 WI shit 39139quot 3 11quot V6 J Photosqnmcsxs 3 both in wxammarsam we Mg o x LCCX 3 an ban I 39 may 1WW 1M x W gt 1 P n kew iohy wxe 09 R abonamh Qh phase 3 u nth K39Ubtui o I A M am pd 2 R05 ow P 39aMr39i N d Oar 39 WU Lam Omned H30 Em m pmwwnw 0 aC wQQ w 39 8m m g 9 m 9amp0 a q c c n quotquot c a I r anHW Hm mng lumen myquot ADV LcCTU39re 3 EH JGym and 39UnChgn The Cviowete rob mkwed ens suspended n homo add b n O 1 05v 0 W funo G nkS move LeuS known Dan m L 216 woe T0 mow emuW W 9 68 Or N07 1mm 0mm mam fumed w cyanm7 39 z 1L N0 i 5Eunwa W vedw39x 0n W QUMNQC com SUVde WA m C1C 1 ohm ammo Of QMquot 115 I 4 P MOYe ens 32 N nm wom gou Wm M 1 39Emo Wm WM wt Qmww MOMS MUPQ an QM WVXKOYN Wow mcmq CW5 do we 9mm W W 9nd Pam somw ox m mewm atoms R W W m 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Important Terms Concepts 1 What are the important molecules that are reduced or oxidized during photosynthesis 2 The light reactions including cyclic electron transport and Fig 814 3 The stages ofthe Calvin cycle and the inputs and outputs 4 How plants deal with the problems of excess light Material That is Not In the Textbook 1 Action and absorption spectra 2 Regulation ofthe Calvin Cycle The two ways enzymes in the Calvin Cycle are stimulated by light Don t worry too much about these details Locations of photosynthetic bacteria on earth 2 Fig 811 Do chlorophyll molecules operate in groups 3 Fig 816 Distribution of PSl etc in the thylakoid membrane 4 CAM and C4 photosynthesis 5 The evolutionary history of photosynthesis l Guide to Chapter Nine Cell Signaling lmgortant Termleoncegts 1 Types of cell signaling including examples 2 Types of receptors and how they work 3 How G proteins heterotrimeric and monomeric work in signaling pathways 4 Cancer through changes in cell signaling Material That Is Not in the Textbook 1 The effect of caffeine on the nervous system 2 The differences between the heterotrimeric G proteins such as Ga and the monomeric G proteins such as Ras They are structurally different and are activated by different signaling pathways 3 The discovery of the second messenger cAMP By the way the listing of information in the quotMaterial That Is Not in the Textbook sections of the chapter guides does not guarantee that the listed information will be on the exam The important termsconcepts are very likely to appear on the exam Guide to Chapter Ten Cell Form and Function Important TermsConcepts 1 Types of cytoskeletal elements their characteristics and functions 2 Types of cell junctions their components and functions 3 Motor proteins what do they bind to and what direction do they move 4 Extracellular matrix components and their functions Material That Is Not in the Textbook 1 Neutrophil migration video 2 Experiment with cytochalasin and amoeba Guide to Chapter 11 Cell Division Important TermsConcepts Binary fission mitosis and meiosis 1 a Similarities b Differences c Major characteristics of each stage 2 Kinetochores 3 Sister and nonsister chromatids when do they separate and how many are there for a particular chromosome at each stage of cell division 4 Cell cycle 5 Synapsis 6 Haploid vs Diploid Material That Is Not in the Textbook 1 Cohesion 2 Segregation of organelles 3 Somatic vs germ cells 4 p21 5 Factors initiating cell division growth factors for eukaryotes Discussed in Lecture 16 Don t worry about these details for Exam 3 1 Sections 114 and 115 will be covered on Exam 4 WJn1 2na ca Lenore Hslccu mvmdn Y We genes 09 evems mm The Eunqrxgonc 6 Cycle towe pxace m cemcadmg w uS dwsswo mo we can MOMS 9 39tne ceu ncrpha h Wstquot at The nee ot between dwmon s mmrphosc has 3 sunohuses 39 e 139 139 oe39rwuquot end 0 mxxow 2 beq mmg 0 g Phase v S phusti DNA VCQMCCM39QS one ChromgsOMP bi comes 1w O 6 S39rtv Chrom om C Mad 63139 C IOLDZ H V Q CAT15 baf vw quotHf0amp5 Fug x M 93qu he gnaw m quot rm a PM 2 lMItoit vol t cus Than odw dmon a 1mg eukar lo cc CV6 cykomnxz ox achrcw I X ex39 heavens muse cam hquot quot xquot woxc we 7 aquot QquotHGP mutwu v NPr SWH L o 5 H 0quot 39 qr U ChrowSamq gt5 0 4 St 3 039quot roman1d 7 0 F q A DNR cshca 0m Agnew 5 wt Lhromoum e j 5 5g 5 GM Chwmw c enwOMCrG 1 the mo denhcw shew45 9 mm doubu ngtlx m 0L c up CL JAFDMOS ome xi HHer DNA GCMCmCS H S Ommexw W DVOiCUOS To Ofm GCOSC new memer DUan mn os xsn he conesim s rcmovm U voV I j Cnmsowmggwl wmm DNA repucmes am EnTrommc CQubeg j39 made 0 WO Cm ows g mxcvombuw quun1tnq ccnxcr Spmmte v cummes Outward H 6 2 0 M rc m6t 0n51 he arnrr osomes move m 30PM Cnos at We huc COY envewpe OYtChtQhah dCVeVW sn39cg rne pmne cu wYuoh r39ncccu N cV39c 5 me process 09 Cumunmn c EHCMWSth hcn SCQOKOLT KS me SS rtr chromwdds 09 Chromosoms mic rwu ncw 106mm My MWOStS ts W l but s 9R3 nme been named quot beHer Gammaan he 9mg C Q 4 t y 46quot QJPx39 LLJU r A lt a 39r V 5 r E v39 i515 JJ J L A Chromosomes 0mgch and lt03 hemman mmmc Mtcvombutes orm bemeen 4m nIrOJOm 5 0 mane Hf spend 139 Ktne ocvworcs devemp n An ccnmmcn rcg ons 39 memoxts chromosome q mmmem to m1s gust immu t gmmnccc r m crO Nkm k n W Una es 339fo 39Lquot H 1 39 kqmvo v quot quot wk quot v 7 39 r 31 39v r 43 quot3341 3 A quot uf 39 Chromosome OL CTCA rUn W h Amerocnore Mlchf ch eS hotter rmamp oreltlt down up ou 4me mxcnmc of we mc xxs tcr Chromomds scmrwre uhd Wmquote 0 opposne em 0 rvxe spmdu vet ned TO lag t cou05m39clt quot onro moaomq MC Ohomcs anomth to Q annbsqmes snorrcn L ruutn JQFOMOSOMfs Wward PM SPxnd e Poms 50 P VWF awn CAQ WquotS639 0 Onxsirunu chamosOMgLSiepuorqnovs Chromosowug hmgn mmch Wm Unco u Spawn brews down nucwmr anmopg YCHJTM c quot9 C Wtsmn Mr ne Purcm lt9 mm W45 daugnrcrceuc pkLLSMCA MeMOrune Punches m due 0 m mamasth of c run 6 Segrequ unoomw no Sgemou mecmnqm vestxcxes Mm he Cwmog Mpuroms 99 m We 4 when 0 m xeu V V 5tC1c5 N59 1 0 few pew P me mcmmne 7K coman 0 vcsxcxcs Orm the We hfvw ecu wow me 1390 Proauu cthsum qum 39 10 can M 2129 Solhm Om mews we not wear uu 0 ma Wanna 9quot quotquot quot 5 owed on m 39b c dwxs xoh o r ne numeus A uniceuuwx afarmum no r pcoduce new a can 5quot Mumceumm Quntsmg Mum breou of 19 0quot 391 0k quot5 quot nomou 4 w A 4 OHSvasg owe tmes anchckuy scennm 1 0 M swank wxe QKSprmo g are men xdenncm 40 We purcn s H creowcd bx one 036 39l PWO purcms 604 Mambore Oh 03040919 115 cm GHSanq r 1 Bonnete3 0500 3R OFfSprwxo MR QCnChCOUw My Ch Q Vhet and OM me Purcms somcmc any bodq ens not Speuou39xted for Y POOUCVOn Eacn Somamc cu omdms homowmgwwWw 0quot Chromosomes each purcnr mwxmurc on homcmus Therm tux prouuw kn gamer barme COVHOWA Orinquot one 56 06 Chromosomcs wamda on CONN set of unpmred Chromosomes ch 39xumom W0 humo xu gameres ws 0 for k Npmmx 2 0Di quot Q3 4 HMO setx 0 Chromosom39 a Shapes and m1 of HM met Mam Chmm5bmcs m 0 can mdw Chromosome can be Vecoq x1ed by mgw 903mg or Lerwmwwo and bW mJ puercrng39 overcm 39u nC39h ans 0 Wmm osxs 3 YCQgLP chvomo gmc t me Opod P upsom39i 39 M0 eu QNXSuhs buv DNh rcpucou eo MN 0m P Omo cquot am any the producvrs U lt mwos s ww News chmotoosous 90 s Of C nromosomc W woolemwr and quot FHH Cr metapnase we thGOgous poms Segrcgme me styrcq chmwtidx remocm Togemr mm MR WW few amino e 39 humans have LL93 cmr0m050me D 3923 pours m pro hase 1 3 cwaas com cm cu omx 04 wt chromomm 39 Chmmox 6me Wequ we em moge mer out Chiagmc 39k mm Om oeiweux noo Sui er hows Moqu OW E quot Chmmwha wromosws quotquot39 U DstCrehces bemecn mcwms u mxmss39 39 DNP does not TQM whom b oa meosg1 39 m quotmoms 11 me smu Chromomm mm m be mermm We st 0 Chmmmomex M we equafwrxm 9w M mcmsu IS 1 17 The 9 0f 4am m H1054 W COS Cgu s n fouv hou mmd numc39x ncnenc Lomgaosmnn CHEECrs bcccwue 0 awnmg n reconomom cnrmands madam Segre rmm av OMMOQ39oxu pours The gramto me t of ChrOmoSomOf the grader W lt hooct of nowa ombmomoms 0 03ch mad671w Humans have 3993 poms 7 853835053 Omana mg poxsume rOM 1nd p12ndem wwwm Mme Unix I 3914quot quot X Mm1 Mcxov w LONG uson No mquonc s 0 chrmgm i gene c vetombmahon II v ww 09 ossan over f C Mv6m e quot X39 VW Mqums 13mm of CW WWMQ 3 LJ 5 ch roamms Syncqms 4v X X LangH r chromamc s Which DNA 5 pa r 0 L3 Humun Sequences our more GHKO Qs hum 9mm gsoLQmOSom es Chrome some 3 l DNA Magma Qtan 35mg ghase M39 39no39ceu tyne MM whoa wouxo N S hcunk VFW WVmi 4 W i At 01 amt q m can A 139quot SLSYEI Chromahds womd not mrqt Y3 The m ohc Munch mama no urn i C 39139quot GM womd 0 men I D W 17ch V39WW vemam ma aUNA A is 39 3931fgu39r39MW quot AW pmpnqv a mans Y5 MBWOnc se Of Moms Q3 unap q M WutOSLg quot 0 meHM 04 me on E vamw 0 me ms W i A 1 E Pro vcss of eukaryo c cc cV 5 0h quot re Sons m quot 0 new dem39xtcu Lem WC We Saw oq LCWWSomc KWquot amorcs ahaem 1 SV M V Pnd t FOVMS L Wcrow ovscs Shc r Cn s 3 50 Chroma Squawk L m ove ro OYOOSHP nde V39 Chm Mosom cs S rCJp momma S Md WC P quot Wuucs down a A e x PrommOJ39 S V WKW0 3 MMquot Dx crcmes39 510 w upxmd cc quot 4 i x M 08 s hbhgknaus pours amt qu CfOHmQ ov rcwqr Sm l I wxe up m mekkphw 0 0 Thanh ms 1Cn6hc stersuy 93 s 1 hean 9V de 35 a OYHV r 3939 3 Chm Vat d ovn AUM Mk quot6quot Mom o mer V2 9quot mid 11 He noun3 a L Moxd39va H 7v quotms mp Z k u0md3A 4 900 9 SS0A3 g 0 5 0 I39D S sm Jhg mun be 3mm thA 0030 ng Vibuxqmo 3 J Guide to Chapter Ten Cell Form and Function Important TermsConcepts 1 Types of cytoskeletal elements their characteristics and functions 2 Types of cell junctions their components and functions 3 Motor proteins what do they bind to and what direction do they move 4 Extracellular matrix components and their functions Material That Is Not in the Textbook 1 Neutrophil migration video 2 Experiment with cytochalasin and amoeba Guide to Chapter 11 Cell Division Important TermsConcepts Binary fission mitosis and meiosis 1 a Similarities b Differences c Major characteristics of each stage 2 Kinetochores 3 Sister and nonsister chromatids when do they separate and how many are there for a particular chromosome at each stage of cell division 4 Cell cycle 5 Synapsis 6 Haploid vs Diploid Material That Is Not in the Textbook 1 Cohesion 2 Segregation of organelles 3 Somatic vs germ cells 4 p21 5 Factors initiating cell division growth factors for eukaryotes Discussed in Lecture 16 Don t worry about these details for Exam 3 1 Sections 114 and 115 will be covered on Exam 4


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